hunger games clothes

im all for women being the protagonist in stories, but can we have a variation in personality?? “yeah my name is rebel girl 573, im skinny, white, cis, hetero, and i yell at guys because im a strong independent woman, but ill still obtain a male love interest by the end of all this because of the blatant heteronormativity in media”


I thought about covfefe mugs for a second and unsurprisingly they are everywhere already so I did a trademark search out of curiosity… 

I don’t know how it’s supposed to work when so many apply for the same mark in the same week but I’m guessing it will be be the legal equivalent of the hunger games. 

Most are for clothes, some are for coffee or beer. I like Covfefe investment from by Covfefe LLC. 

There’s even a cofveve misspelling. 


One day I want to go out to a book store or a convention or to a movie wearing my favourite fandom shirt. And I want to bump into a cute, awkward guy who either recognises my top or is even wearing a similar one and makes some silly cheesy pick up line to do with the fandom and then that’s it, we’ll fall in love. Why isn’t my life like this?