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This used to be my big passion - soapmaking! Not that melt-and-pour garbage you can get a hobby stores, but real soap made with lye and quality oils/butters, that needs to cure for 4-8 weeks because you can use it. Most of these are from 2011/2012, I got pregnant in early 2013 and didn’t want to breathe in the lye fumes. Then, well, babies/toddlers are needy! I’m hoping to get back into it now that I have made fragrances for Fallout 4 and Star Wars.

(Absolutely on my to-do soap list: Fancy Lads Snake Cakes and Abraxo)

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so i've been re-reading I had Rather (tbh i read it like once a month because im obsessed) and then i found ur tag with like extra stuff and you mentioned a WEDDING and i've been filling my mind with so many happy thoughts of them sorting their shit out and being together forever but Question: who proposes cause like both of them seem to have the same paranoia for being turned down i cant imagine it would be easy

I think it would be Louis. It’s Louis who is spectacularly cheesy and likes to do big blow out romantic gestures, and I think he’ll get to a point in that verse where he’s like, okay, this is who I want to spend the rest of my life with, and this is how that happens in relationships: you get married. He’s quite rigid in his understanding of those kinds of things, I think. It’s Nick who’s already accepted a long time ago that the chances of him ever falling out of love with Louis are fairly spectacularly slim, and he knows that this is the long term for him. He’s cautious of mentioning it to Louis, because Louis can be so terribly scared of what he’s feeling, but he’s in this for the very, very long haul. So Louis knows that it has to be him, that he has to be the one to ask, because he knows from bitter (and perfect) experience that Nick is terribly, terribly careful with him when it comes to things like this.

So it’s Louis who has to ask, and it’s Louis who has to have conversations with Harry about whether he thinks Nick will say yes or not, because nobody makes Louis more scared than Nick, Nick who he’s so desperately in love with that sometimes it makes his chest hurt. But they’re still so careful with each other in front of other people; sometimes people have to ask if they’re still together because they can be together and barely touch each other, barely talk. To other people their relationship still seems fragile, even if in private it’s got the kind of roots that will take a lifetime to untangle, they’re so fiercely entwined.

Louis knows that Nick loves a party, and loves having everyone he loves together, but he can’t imagine being brave enough to declare how he feels in front of everyone. He’s still fucked up, even though he tries not to be. He buys a ring anyway, and makes sure that Nick has the evening free after his birthday, the night after his party, and studies recipes so that he knows what he’s cooking for Nick’s birthday meal.

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  • Percy: I love you
  • Percy: you complete me
  • Annabeth: AWWW
  • Percy:
  • Percy: I was talking to my blue cake...
  • Annabeth:
  • Tobias Eaton: *claps quietly from the shadows*
  • Peeta Mellark: we taught him well