hunger games by suzanne collins

I’m the kind of person who is 100% okay with having a 4 hour conversation about a book.

  • People : I don't think books can hurt somebody emotionally.
  • J. K. Rowling : Oh
  • John Green : is
  • Suzanne Collins : that
  • Cassandra Clare : a
  • George R. R. Martin : challenge
  • Veronica Roth : MWAHHHHAHAHAHA
Rainbow books on a rainy day. ♡🌧
He said, ‘See that little girl? I wanted to marry her mother, but she ran off with a coal miner,’” Peeta says.
“What? You’re making that up!” I exclaim.
“No, true story,” Peeta says. “And I said, ‘A coal miner? Why did she want a coal miner if she could’ve had you?’ And he said, ‘Because when he sings, even the birds stop to listen.’
—  Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games