New Hunger Games Headcanon

Peeta’s fave color is sunset orange, Katniss’s is forest green. Gale is red/green colorblind and has trouble telling the difference. It’s not something that used to bother him - not much color to see in a coal-covered District. But in the Capitol when the Star Squad sets up camp, Peeta remembers Katniss’s favorite color and Gale sees the effect it has on her - how she spills out little details about someone Gale never paid attention to before the Games. And he realizes it’s another way he doesn’t know his best friend as much as he thought he did, and what color a heart is supposed to be when it breaks.


I didn’t want to do the WHOLE wedding dress skirt, and I REALLY didn’t want to have to build full black Mockingjay wings, so… I went with a dress halfway through her spin. 

When people asked me if I made the dress myself, I deadpanned, “No, my friend Cinna did.”

Best part of the day, though, was when little girls would run up and ask to take a picture with me, or hug me, or get my autograph. When one little girl told me she had a little sister, too, and she would always try to protect her sister just like I did with mine, I almost LOST IT. I’m still not quite sure how I managed not to burst into tears at that one. 

Welcome to the 60th Annual Eurovision Song Contest Games!

Hey all! I went onto the hunger games simulator and put in the contestants of the Eurovision Song Contest finals! Note, France, Germany, and Austria are not depicted as they came in the last three spots

Here are our contestants! Who will live? Who will die? Is this war for nothing?

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