i won’t judge you for being a fan of anything, but i will judge if you:

a) are only there for the looks

b) (if it’s a band) don’t like and appreciate every member

c) don’t actually care about the people’s feelings

d) say you’re a fan because everybody else is

e) don’t talk about it with a sparkle in your eyes

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and no one hates it more than Katniss Everdeen. She keeps receiving messages from a supposed secret admirer, who she’s positive is a nonexistent, horrible practical joke. Worse yet, she finds herself falling for her archery student and fellow classmate, Peeta Mellark, who is shy, sweet, sensitive, sexy… and assumably gay.

Chapter 8 has just been posted! You can read it on AO3 and/or FFN! Huge thanks to papofglencoe for prereading - I appreciate your help! :)

// who’s ready >:3

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have you ever wondered where you would be in life and what you would be doing right now if you hadn’t fallen in love with a book/tv show/movie/etc

Muttated Meme

Leave a Mutt in my askbox, and I’ll reply with a character answer!

Jabberjay:A voice they can’t forget?
Mockingjay: A voice they wish they could hear again?
Tracker jacker: A mental weakness?
Wolf mutt: A physical weakness?
Monkey mutt: Someone they would die for?
Lizard mutt: Someone they hate?
Insect mutt: Their most helpless moment?
Gold squirrels: Something that gives them hope?
Stinging butterflies: Something they find beautiful?
Pink birds: Their greatest failure?
The Beast: A recurring nightmare that haunts them?