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“Ghost hunger”, more like the phandom secretly wanting to see Danny vore

why is ghost hunger specifically an angst thing? like hell yeah i want to see Danny put a fuckin ghost in his mouth and devour it whole, like a carnivore

  • Gokudera: Did you see me pounding those daiquiris at the bar last night?
  • Gokudera: I was a maniac! What was I thinking?
  • Bianchi: You pounded one.
  • Gokudera: Well, I pound what I can afford.

One year in high school around this time, my brother ordered bags of this Dutch black licorice candy, Dubbel Zout. Dubbel Zout, for those of you who may not know, means “double salt”.

Me, I’m not such a big fan of black licorice in the first place, but this stuff was the absolute worst. It was, as the name implies, rather salty, and had a kind of rubbery taste to it, so I tried one piece and decided I wasn’t going to eat anymore.

However, for one reason or another, the bag ended up in my backpack, so I opened it up, and there it was. Now, I had thought to throw it out, because I wasn’t going to eat it, and I didn’t know anyone else who would, but I decided to finish up my work first before I tossed it, so I just sat it on my desk.

And thus the first victim appeared.

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November, eh?

I know a lot of people are in panic mode because we have to wait another 4 months before we can see the remaining 17 episodes of season 3, but consider this: The crew just started production on season 4 just a few months ago, and I’m assuming the Disney execs are making us wait so long for the rest of S3 so that the crew will have enough time to ensure 4 will be of excellent quality. 

If that’s the case, sure, we’ll wait as long as it takes! And besides, that’s what we’re here for, right? While we’re counting down the days til we finally see Star, Marco, and (hopefully) Tom do fun schenanigans, we sincerely hope that TIAFOE will satisfy your hunger like a Snickers bar, regardless of what your ship is! 


19 year old Kanye rapping. 1996.

The Joke’s On You [Joker x Harley]

What if Joker showed up to break Harley out of Belle Reve at a different time, before Suicide Squad, and saw what happened there? Based on this post.

Inspired by day 6 of @jokerxharleyweek​: Wrath

This ended up like a mixture of my previous fics Go Home and Death Throes, so you will surely recognize the themes if you’ve read those.
Warning: depictions of graphic violence, suggested/referenced non-con.

 The floor was underneath her again, cold and hard. She could feel the hard surface against her back, her empty stomach cramped as her eyelids fluttered shut.

“She’s just a little girl, come on! How could she overpower you?”

Her dry lips twisted into a smile and she felt the skin break, the warm metallic liquid spilling down her chin. The guards moved like dark shadows around her, distorted in her vision, enormous sharks surrounding her from all angles.

Someone was yelling; she must have broken someone’s back again. Harley traced the bars of her cage with her outstretched hand, feeling the electricity travel through her skin in sensations she couldn’t decide were uncomfortable or pleasurable. The sunlight that she had not felt on her skin for months filtered through the acrylic glass at the very top of the room, held back by endless metallic bars.

The sun had fought to climb all the way up on the sky and the work day had started. This place was a treadmill in constant motion, but the inmates remained unmoving. Day or night inside of this place had no meaning.

She had no clear memory of how she ended up there on the floor, only this time with a split lip and the taste of someone’s skin in her mouth. She was convinced she was so deep underground that no one could ever find her, as if this place was a rabbit hole, filled with endless tunnels and passages. Someone had stolen her away; an evil rabbit with big teeth and hilarious round glasses had grabbed her and taken her with him.

Sometimes, this room was the only thing she could remember. She was rootless, drifting alone at an enormous vast sea, no trace of land in any direction. Floating further away on a wave into the universe.

For a long time, her hope had kept her going. She survived for many cold, empty months on hope alone.

Don’t scream. You’ll only give the security guards a show. Now hold still.”

She knew that he would come for her. Puddin would not leave her there; he would find out where they kept her. He must be miserable without her.

Do you like that, hotness?” Heavy panting in her ear. Her limp body pushed against the dirty floor. She giggled when she pried his fingers off.

Anytime now. She kept repeating it to herself.

Grabby, sweaty hands on her skin, grasping. “We can do whatever we want, you’ll be in here forever.”

She sang a tune to herself and the laughter bubbled up from her chest.

Eenie meenie miney moe, catch a guard by his throat. If he screams, squeeze harder. Then bash his head out.

By gazing at the barred window far above she could determine what time of day it was. The light came and it went away again, and Mr. J had still not shown up.

He will come, something told her, fiercely, he will.

But he was somewhere else, on the other side of the universe, and she had lost sight of him as time passed by.

She had refused to eat – she didn’t touch the dog food they gave her. She wanted bubble gum and something sugary sweet, but the main guard had laughed at her until she broke his wrist through the bars. Hunger was a sign of life force, of energy, and she lost it as time progressed. A dying body does not want nutrition of any kind. So she slept instead, and her sleep got heavier and sometimes feverish, sometimes cold. The shadows danced at the edge of her vision, whispering to her when she hang upside down from the ceiling.

Letting her hair fall to the floor, rocking in the pieces of fabric she had strung together to create a makeshift trapeze, she let the slow movements soothe her for days on end. Like a spider in her nest, she waited for the next opportunity to strike.

As time passed by she had withered away until she was only skin and bones, and when she finally curled up on the floor and decided to shut the world out, she was happy. She was in her happy place with Mr. J and nothing could ever reach her.

Until one day when the guards suddenly showed interest in her again, and she was forcibly removed from the floor by the alpha guard and his men.

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I’ve noticed something about auties.

Life is so complicated and we like to have smaller scales to relate it to. T.V. shows or games. You ever play a game for a long time and start noticing patterns in real life that relate to the game? I’ve done it with Minecraft, Portal…

I always relate my life to the Sims 2 which I’ve played religiously for years. I imagine myself as a sim and think right now I’d be a young adult with the family aspiration. My lifetime aspiration would be “be the best parent I can be”. But since I’m not in the position to be a parent yet, my wants would be full of “adopt” stuff and whatnot.

I would be shy and a slob, but playful and nice. Lol.

I do always say my “hunger bar” is low irl.


Why is Daehyun honestly just so much more high maintenance compared to Youngjae. Like, his energy and hunger bar feels like it depletes sooner than Youngjae’s. And I also keep being sent to the entrance whenever I switch from Youngaje to Daehyun. Also he keeps waking up even though his energy bar isn’t fully restored. Daehyun why.

anonymous asked:

Hey, I'm the anon that suggested the fitness4all mod again... Just wanted to say that I've been using it since forever and I haven't found that it does anything undocumented, only some townies get fat a lot because they like eating with their hunger bars full at restaurants, but nothing else.

That’s good to know, thank you! :) But yeah, many townies getting fat because of my propensity for sending playables to restaurants to eat – and for having player-owned restaurants – might be a bit annoying to me. I’ll have to test it out, see what I think. But it’s good to know that there are no “extras.” :)

On that topic, completely unrelated to your ask, but in an attempt to kill two birds with one stone because I’m tired tonight after a long day spent hiking, I just want to say that my whining about the way that Pescado made and presented his mods isn’t really meant to be a criticism of him. I actually greatly admire him for his stance against paysites and, indeed, I contributed to the Booty he’s responsible for, back in the day, after T$R pissed me off. I’m just not a fan of how he presents his mods, is all. If I’m going to put something that alters game behavior in my game, I want to know everything it does, up front, before I put it in my game. 

I get that his way of presenting things is part of his overall shtick, his online persona that may or may not reflect who he really is and all that, and that’s fine as far as it goes. I just don’t like downloading something thinking that it will do what I want only to find that it does, sort of, but that it also does a bunch of other things that I didn’t expect or want. As I said, he and I just have very different definitions of what’s “awesome” when it comes to the game. We all do. Something that annoys the hell out of one player might be another player’s favorite thing ever that they’ll never get tired of. My feeling is that, if you’re going to share mods at all, you ought to be clear about what they do and don’t do. Pes obviously has a different opinion on that matter, and he’s entitled to that. It just means that I will always be leery of using his mods in my game, is all. It doesn’t mean I don’t like them or don’t like him. It just means that I approach his mods with caution, is all, whereas with other creators, who document fully…Well, there’s still caution because all mods should be approached with some degree of caution, but I am more likely to trust certain modders because in the past I haven’t been surprised by them. I have been surprised by Pes (and I think that’s what he wants, honestly), so…Yeah, caution. :)

I was playing the sims 3 trying to max out the athletic skill, I didn’t let my sim get off the treadmill for anything so I was using testingcheatsenabled when I was moving the hunger bar fully up my mouse slipped and it went all the way down… When the grim reaper came I was crying and felt so disappointed in myself 😭