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As much as I hate the joke about heavy being fat….really really hate it. I think of this more as a commentary of how lots of heavy players are stingy with there sandvitches or food like items and not share….with there medics mostly. As a person who plays medic it is really irk some. Heavy players share your food with medics please thank you. I try to share with medics when I play heavy and I hope one day more Heavies share. Please share with your medics.

10 Lies Meat Eaters Tell Themselves

1. “People have always eaten meat and they always will.”

Sorry, but not true. Throughout human history, many cultures have eschewed meat. And just because something may have been done in the past doesn’t mean we should continue to do it. Move on.

2. “If I stop eating meat, it won’t make a difference.”

It will to the more than 30 animals you save each year. All together, Americans ate 400 million fewer animals last year than we did just five years ago. Times are changing.

3. “We need to eat meat to get protein.”

No, we don’t. Protein is abundant in plant foods. From nuts and beans to tofu and seitan, you don’t need meat for adequate protein. It’s a myth. The end.

4. “Animals on farms are treated humanely.”

Not even close. Over 95 percent of animals raised and killed for food livemiserable lives on factory farms: crowded, filthy facilities where animals are crammed in tiny cages, mutilated without painkillers, and ruthlessly slaughtered. Don’t believe it? Watch this.

5. “I don’t like vegan food.”

So you don’t like french fries or pasta? What about peanut butter or chocolate? Please. You probably eat vegan food all the time and love it; you just don’t call it vegan. Click here for some amazing vegan recipes. They taste great!

6. “Being a vegan is unhealthy.”

In reality, studies show that vegans have lower rates of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Plant-based diets have also been clinically shown to be one of the best ways to lose weight and safeguard against obesity.

7. “Athletes need meat to be strong.”

Riiiight… unless you’re Olympian Carl Lewis, tennis champion Serena Williams, or ultramarathoner Scott Jurek. The list of vegan athletes is impressive and long. Forget about it.

8. “My body needs meat.”

No, it doesn’t. Re-read number six. Your body would actually do much better without it.

9. “If we stop eating meat, cows will take over the planet.”

Seriously? It’s called supply and demand. If people stopped eating meat, farmers would stop breeding animals. It’s that simple.

10. “Factory farming is the only way to feed everyone.”

Hold the phone. Not only is factory farming one of the leading causes of climate change; it’s also incredibly wasteful. It takes 16 pounds of grain to produce just one pound of beef. Imagine how many people we could feed with that grain.


There’s something to say about actors who lose an extreme amount of weight to play a role in a film. To become so thin that they look emaciated and close to dying, to be weak and irritable from the lack of food, and loosing whatever previous muscle tone they once had indicates an unflaggible dedication to their craft. To put their bodies on the line for the sake of realism so that we filmgoers can watch their deteroration happen before our eyes on the big screen and know that it’s quite possibly the only non artificial thing in the entire film shows a true passion for their art.