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I’ve been working on a slightly different style recently so I decided to try it out on Ivan and damn it looks good! I don’t think I’m going to answer asks in this style because its very time consuming but I might use it every now and again, I’m not sure. As I mentioned before, Grigori Rasputin is, quite amusingly, an almost perfect face claim for my Ivan and this was drawn using his face as a reference. This is pretty much what my Vanya would look like if I drew him as a person so feel free to used this as a reference if you ever wanted to draw him~


Давно надо было нарисовать комик про Сибирь родную. Сибирь развивалась отдельно от Руси, поэтому иногда в шутку говорят “Сибирь не Россия”. Как ящитаю, Сибирь должна быть женщиной с вечным ПМС или резко переменчивым настроением (да, погода тут не сахар. Утром может быть +10, а к обеду выпасть снег). В гневе она насылает пургу, умеет управлять погодой и еще шаман (бурятка если чо).
Сорри, мне было очень лень рисовать Николая Второго.

This is a chart that shows all the war declarations made at the beginning of the WW1.

Hope this will help someone, because I remember how hard it was for me to figure out who declared war on who back in high school!

“omg hetalia is so fun look at all these silly country hijinks! I luv history and teh yaoiz”

 “hetalia is a deeply offensive and stereotypical depiction of world history and himaruya is a nazi sympathizer and japanese imperialism apologist and anyone who engages with it is endorsing these harmful views”

 “Hetalia’s earlier, crude strips are indeed very inaccurate and insensitive to many world events, especially in its depiction of japan’s relationship with China and Korea. However, there is no substantial proof that Himaruya is a nazi sympathizer or imperial apologist beyond simply regurgitating general Japanese misconceptions of other nations.  Warlike and conquest-centric behavior is portrayed negatively and as the series has progressed the strips have ditched the WWII focus and onto more appropriate subjects of celebrating and exchanging fun facts about various cultural aspects different countries in a way that is more fitting to the light-hearted tone. Also, many (tho not all) of the most offensive jokes seem to originate originally from the Funimation dub, which inserted inappropriate nazi stereotype jokes and weird sexual references that were not originally in the Japanese version”

 “While Hetalia has moved away from its initial crude WWII-centric humor, the fact is that there are multiple issues with the portrayals of nations in the canon, and even if they are older strips, people’s concerns should not be dismissed. It’s completely understandable that due to various questionable content in the canon, as well as some of the insensitive, fetishizing, and historically inaccurate material created by fans in the wake of Hetalia’s popularity, some folks would want nothing to do with Hetalia, and fans absolutely need to respect that and be critical of the material they are engaging in.”

“There’s certainly been a lot of cringe-worthy content produced by both hetalia canon and even more so by the hetalia fandom that many of us are all too familiar with. However, people of multiple nationalities and ethnicities have been able to connect emotionally and intellectually with Hetalia, and have used the initial simple premise to research more about history and the customs of other countries, examine their own cultural identities, critically approach the way history is taught and presented to them by comparing nation character portrayals with international fans, and overall just become more aware of the world in a fun and engaging way. Fans have used their creativity to make historical headcanons to repair the inaccuracies and overlooked aspects of the canon, as well as OCs and character reinterpretations for countries and parts of national identity that aren’t represented fully by existing characters. Some people have even used the Hetalia premise of anthropomorphizing countries (which is an age-old tradition that was not initially invented by Hetalia btw) as a platform to launch their own original stories and historical approaches in a way that goes beyond the initial limited Japanese perspective of the original series. All of this is very exciting and it’s perfectly reasonable for Hetalia fans to be enthusiastic about the things being made in their fandom, whichever aspect they are a part of, because of this.”

“I can’t…. believe ……all these talented fan artists and writers somehow…. invest time and energy into making the low budget anime men attractive”