Hey, I need more yuri/shoujo-ai on my dash. I already have enough BL on my dash, I need more GL to equalize that. 

So reblog if u post GL of:

- Homestuck (I ship anything in this…)
- Hetalia (Seriously need more GL of hetalia, especially HunBel (HungaryxBelgium))
- Madoka Magica (Ship everything, but I seriously want more KyoSaya)
- Bubbline
- I dunno some Anime/Manga, doesnt have to specifically be a yuri/shoujo-ai anime. But I’ve been reading this awesome yuri manga called Renai Idenshi XX I would love it if you post some of that.

I need pure-GL. Not some gender bends of a male characters. I have enough of that from Hetalia…

APH- Precious Flower Babes by SmartasticalArt

The description:

So everyone snows that Steven Universe has a freaking beautiful coloring style. I couldn’t help but to take screenshots of some episodes and create my own color palettes out of it. For this one I used the episode We Need To Talk (Episode 62). And BelHun in flower crowns gives me so much life ;w;
Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya, I only own this artwork! Please give credit if you wish to use on another site!
Have a lovely day~ <3

Posted with permission.