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When a maniacal madness caused you to finish drawing a prologue for that black hole of a Hetalia x Fate AU…HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Hetalia New World Order Prologue 01-06
ABOUT: A Hetalia x Fate AU, where the world has now become borderless, boundaries has ended, and so has the existence of countries. The United Nations hold power, keeping peace and order in the New World Order, but somehow, some power has obtained the Holy Grail they kept in their (obviously “supposingly” ) high security vault, and numerous cults have taken it upon themselves to unleash the Holy Grail War for their own personal reasons. Six nations are summoned from the ashes, each as a role of Servant. To counter their unknown enemy, the UN has to enlist help of their own agents, n summon one Nation to help them too. Each nation kept their own personality and will interact with their summoner(also a Hetalia country), and display some of their traits from Hetalia,like, Ivan still wields a pipe n is Lancer, America stil wants to be a hero,and so on ….

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How many hetalia ships do you have?

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Aw! This is the question I’ve waited for. xDxD

Now let’s start with counting. xD
-) Prussia x Austria
The more I work on them, the more I fall for them!
-) Prussia x Hungary
Love the fact that I don’t know what Hungary actually thinks about Prussia and what exactly she wants from him.
-) Austria x Hungary 
Austrias kind to always think that Hungary would prefer Prussia more than him and actually would let her go for the sake of the two is too cute.

-) Prussia x Germany
As brothers… I hope. xD
-) Germany x Austria 
Because they actually are very close in the real world.

-) Russia x America 
Fighting ‘til the end but can’t live without each other… damn!
-) Russia x China
To NOT know what China is actually thinking about Russia and his love for him is absolutely gorgeous. 
-) America x China
Dark, so dark… both of them! Best game players who play games in a secret room nobody can enter.

-) Russia x Lithuania 
Love the fact that Lit is so damn afraid of Russia. Awww, so cute! I want Russia to make him cry. xD
-) Russia x Prussia
Because so many fans tried to convince me that this pairing is actually good… and… ok, the history really is and I can even make very good stories based on their history but no, I can’t accept any of them being an Uke. xD”

-) China x Taiwan
Simply complicated and I love complicated stuffs.
-) Japan x Taiwan
I heard Japan was a very big asshole?! xDxD
-) England x China
Because England is such a bad guy. xD

-) America x England
This is obvious but actually ship them more like England x America. xD
-) America x Belarus
Because Belarus is Russias sister and it’s just good when America gets her!
-) America x Japan

-) France x England
Ship them more than America x England.
-) Spain x Romano
They are too cute~

Looks like 18. These are HetaShips I would actually work on with passion… if I would have enough time. But for now let me continue working just on PruAus and Black Triangle… and sometimes Russia x Lithuania if I find time. xD

Day 08: Favorite anime couple

I can’t think of many anime couples that turn canon, and when I do, I usually don’t like those couplings anyways.

One of the only canon couples I like are Hungary x Austria from Hetalia. Okay, so they’re technically not a couple during the anime, but they WERE married. Although they’re no longer married, I think they still like each other <3

Hungary and Austria Watching Conchita Wurst
  • Hungary: Austria, you should dress like that.
  • Austria: Hungary that was mean. Do not make fun of that girl's choices in dress.
  • Hungary: I wasn't trying to be mean. Also I used to dress like a guy when I was little, remember?
  • Austria: I do, you shot me with an arrow. Why'd you stop?
  • Hungary: I grew up and people realised I was a girl. Instead of growing a dick I grew tits.
  • Austria: Oh, well, if you want you can wear boy clothes now.
  • Hungary: Too late.
  • Austria: What?
  • Hungary: I'm wearing your boxers!
  • Austria: Hungary!
  • Hungary: Mwhahahaha!

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Austria x Hungary sfw

Austria taught her how to play the piano. They play duets together.

Austria loves how strong and independent she is.

Hungary will hit anyone with her frying pan if they insult Austria in front of her.

They enjoy going to concerts and the opera together, it’s where they go the most on dates.

Austria isn’t a cheapskate when it comes to buying gifts for her.