hungary is a fujoshi

“I really hate it when characters like APH Hungary and Taiwan are reduced to being fujoshi.“

Fun Fact: At the start of my Hetalia fandom days, I used to hate Hungary because of this.  She was portrayed as a fujoshi to the point I wasn’t aware that that wasn’t her real personality.  Of course, after reading the strips closely, she’s not really as horrible as rabids make her out a self-insert fujoshi.  

Most rabids do this for creepy self-insert trash.

- Mod V

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anonymous asked:

I hate that hungary is always portrayed as this creepy fujoshi, who takes pictures of gay couples and ships/matchmakes everyone, like... that's not her character? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've never seen a canon(!) portrayal of hungary as a yaoi fangirl, so why would u make her one? This really pisses me off

you guys already know i hate yaoi but i also can’t stand aph hungary being characterized as a fujoshi??? bc like. if im in a same sex relationship, and someone was like following us and taking pictures of us kissing, hugging, etc. not only would that be really fuckin creepy , it would be insulting. like. gay couples do not exist to feed your fetish, they are not an opportunity to fuel your fantasies. they are normal people trying to have normal lives without being made into a spectacle.

magicalisabel  asked:

Where do they say Germany likes BDSM? I read Italy said it in Kitawiki so where is it? (Thanks also for putting the link where it shows Hungary was a fujoshi I didn't knew arigato)

Italy states that Germany has an interest in BDSM during the first volume of the printed manga, in the Axis Powers track. 

This scene from the published manga adapts and elaborates a scene from Hetalia’s first chapter, which does not include the BDSM line. 

This scene, as found in volume 1, was animated in episode 08 of Hetalia’s first series!