Vizsla saves it owners.

What a coincidence and how ironic that a dog named Sizlah, rescued its owners from a house blaze. The two-year-old Hungarian Vizsla saved her owner, Victoria  and her partner Isaac  from a potential fatality after the back garden of her home in Melbourne, Australia, was on fire and engulfed in flames.

Sizlah figured something was wrong and repeatedly barked, scratched, howled and jumped at her owner’s bedroom door at 4 a.m. Victoria initially ignored her dog’s cries for help, thinking it was just a squirell or bird bothering him.

After the noise and pestering went on for almost an hour, Victoria opened the door to discover her home was on fire, with flames reaching the bedroom window.

“She could obviously see what was happening and was worried about us, so the first thing she did was try to wake us up,” Victoria told Seven News, Australia.

Way to go Sizlah!