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American Gods Alphabet: Isten

I really love American Gods and mythology so I made an alphabetic list of every reference made in the novel.

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Isten (453)

Isten (Hungarian) The supreme god and the creator of all life. He is associated with the eagle, the arrow, the tree, and light. Isten is accompanied by two eagles, who led the Hungarian people to their new homeland. His name means “God.”

All names/terms are depicted with the page in which they first appear in the American Gods Tenth Anniversary Edition of the author’s preferred text.

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Hungarian Mythology =>Boszorkány

The evil and malefic beings believed to be as old as humanity itself. This belief that they were as old as humanity itself is one of the key components of the corrupt and powerful witch that is prevalent throughout most cultures. As Christianity spread the witch took the place of a servant of Satan, a position only held for those corrupt enough to take make a pact in order to harm mankind.

They were often attributed with corrupting animals and causing abrupt illness in humans while only operating after nightfall.

Witches in the Middle Ages were often described in two types:

  • Striga - Witches who knew the shapes of animals to further their beliefs.
  • Malefic / Maleficus - Witches and Warlocks that were more harmful and destructive than the Striga. These words were interchangeable with Succubus and Incubus in those times as well.

Witches were known for powers such as impression and binding. Often using incantations, herbology, and spell books to work their evil magic and further Satan’s grasp on humanity.

When I was a boy of seven or eight I read a novel titled “Abafi"—The Son of Aba—a Servian translation from the Hungarian of Josika, a writer of renown. The lessons it teaches are much like those of “Ben Hur,” and in this respect it might be viewed as anticipatory of the work of Wallace. The possibilities of will-power and self-control appealed tremendously to my vivid imagination, and I began to discipline myself. Had I a sweet cake or a juicy apple which I was dying to eat I would give it to another boy and go through the tortures of Tantalus, pained but satisfied. Had I some difficult task before me which was exhausting I would attack it again and again until it was done. So I practiced day by day from morning till night. At first it called for a vigorous mental effort directed against disposition and desire, but as years went by the conflict lessened and finally my will and wish became identical. They are so to-day, and in this lies the secret of whatever success I have achieved. These experiences are as intimately linked with my discovery of the rotating magnetic field as if they formed an essential part of it; but for them I would never have invented the induction motor.

Nikola Tesla

“Some Personal Recollections.” Scientific American, June 5, 1915.

witchsona mainly inspired by my country’s wear

a traditonal witch with their incantations and binding and eating people and souring the milk of the cows and turning into a dog and hiring tiny devils who do housework 

i was thinking about including hungarian mythology+religion from the pagan times (world tree, shaman ladder, hell knows how many kinds of spirits and animals and gods; this thing) because it has the most exciting creatures and beliefs but that’ll be an other project

I swear to god I remember reading about a Hungarian forest creature that was a nymph with long green hair that covered her body and when you gave her one consecutive boot she would get super confused and try to put it on both of her feet I don’t remember what it was called and I can’t find it on the Hungarian mythology page jesus christ did I hallucinate this

With her Greek tutor, Konstantinos Christomanos, a great admirer of ancient Greece, Sisi becomes not only perfect in the language, but she is also introduced to Greek mythology. The home of mythology becomes the “home of Sisi’s soul.” The ancient world is highly regarded at this time not only by the restless Empress, but is generally quite popular. Classical virtues greatly influence the mature empress’ worldview.

Trees have been revered as sacred monuments since the prehistoric era. Our ancestors may well have been inspired by their annual cycle of decay in the autumn followed by a luscious rebirth in the spring. To the primitive mind, these trees became symbols of life, death and rebirth. 

There was one tree in particular which achieved mythical status throughout all world cultures. It is known today as the ‘World Tree’ and according to our ancestors, it was truly epic in scale. Its branches were said to reach as high as the heavens, while its roots plunged deep into the abyss of the underworld. Because of their association with celestial realms, these trees were regarded by many priests as gateways to other dimensions.

• Yggdrasil was said to connect middle earth (Midgard) to eight other realms (some made of fire and ice, others of darkness and light)
• The World Tree of Mesoamerica was seen as a gateway (aka axis mundi) connecting the planes of the Underworld and the sky with the terrestrial world
• The 'Sky Tree’ from Hungarian mythology had a series of branches which reached out to seven worlds. Each branch was said to touch the sun, the moon, the clouds and other celestial spheres. 
• The Dawn Tree from Baltic mythology was depicted with a golden trunk, copper roots and silver leaves. The trunk represented life in the present, while the past was embodied in its roots (life that has passed). The branches, however, represented future choices yet to be made

It should be noted that in nearly all depictions of the ‘World Tree’, a great serpent is said to reside at its base. These serpents typically guard a forbidden knowledge which only a select number of mortals have ascertained:

• It was Adam and Eve who attained wisdom by eating fruit from the tree of Knowledge (Judaism/Christianity)
• It was under the Bodhi tree that the Buddha was said to have gained enlightenment (Buddhist mythology)
• The Kabbalah represents the tree of life (the other legendary tree of Christian mythology). Legend says that to learn the secrets of this mystic tree is to know the secrets of life itself
• The Druids were priests of the natural world whose name was said to mean 'knower’s of the oak’ (Celtic mythology)
• The Cosmic Tree of Latvia was a highly symbolic image. It was said to hold birds in its branches (enlightenment), mammals at its base (instinct) and serpents in its roots (wisdom)

The most common theme found in world mythology is the 'Tree of Life’ which is said to both create and prolong life. In many cases, our ancestors believed that these great trees gave birth to the Gods and even to to humanity itself. Many pilgrims have searched for this mythical tree throughout the ages, but only the most worthy have been able to find it:

• In Tengrinism, it is said that humans were descended from Trees, as well as other spirit entities and lesser gods who lived for hundreds of years.
• A tree of life belonged to the Goddess Iusaaset who was said to have conceived the lineage of Egyptian Gods through the trees life giving properties
• The Kalpavriksha tree from Vedic mythology was said to produce an abundance of life giving fruit for those who wished for it

Finger Theory

I have a theory that I think fits pretty well in the Gravity Falls’ universe and it deals with the Six Fingers on the books as well as the different fingers on the characters. I’ll start with how polydactyly is often represented. According to Hindu mythology, additional limbs are  a sign of strength, such as the deities known as the Asura, who seek constant power. Also in Hungarian mythology, the “Taltos” are shaman like people born differently than others, like being born with teeth or have six fingers. From childhood they are kept hidden in secret and act as healers and connection between God and the tribe. Probably one of the most well known multi-limbed entities can be found in the Bible from those such as the giants, more commonly known as the descendents of the Nephilim (often associated with the Annunaki)

2 Samuel 21:20,“And there was again war at Gath, where there was a man of great stature, who had six fingers on each hand, and six toes on each foot, twenty-four in number, and he also was descended from the giants”

The Nephilim are said to be fallen angels who formed relationship with humans and produced, “men of renown” a.k.a the giants from their union. In short, supernumerary are present in those in certain positions of power, and the more they have, the closer they are to the supernatural and/or control of it, bearing powers that are above natural ability (either physically or intellectually)

Looking at the people of Gravity Falls, we can see those who do possess more than just the traditional four (as is cartoon tradition), are more than meets the eye. Lets start with season 1 antagonist, Little Gideon. Loved (emphasis on the E D) by the town for giving them a taste of the supernatural through his fake seeing of the future. He has a charismatic power over people and know of the strange goings on of the town, seeking the journals for himself. Those who know Gideon most, more specifically his parents, know of his fake psychic game and still show a fear and submissive attitude towards him. When Stan turns on the portal, Gideon somehow senses it’s activation, awakening him from his slumber in prison. He has five fingers on each hand.

Soos is another person with five fingers on the show, but hes just a loveable goofball right? Nothing otherwordly about him…or is there? While mostly just performing maintenance of the Mystery Shack, it has been hinted that there is something about him more than human. Even though it could be played for comedy, as noted by multiple people, during the episode, “Time Traveler’s Pig” Soos uncannily reveals future events to Grunkle Stan. When fighting Bill Cipher in Stan’s mind, Soos’ attack (to me atleast) seems to hurt Bills most (aside from his own attack bounced back at him). If one’s mental capabilities make them stronger in the dream realm, Soos seems to be stronger than Mabel and Dipper. Bill also points out that they are more clever than they look, especially the “fat one”. When bitten in, “Scary-oke” by a zombie, while still craving brains, he is able to retain his personality while the rest of the undead are mindless monsters. A secret code revealed in the Gravity Falls game, “Rumble’s Revenge” states that,“The handyman knows more than you think.” The most unsuspecting (and only handyman) shown in Gravity Falls is Soos.

Others include Deputy Durland, Sheriff Blubs, Stan, and Old Man McGucket have five fingers and something to hide. Both policemen were entrusted with the secret of the founding of Gravity Falls that presumably only a few knew about (including the existence of the 8th and a half president), suggesting that the two have a higher position of power than simply town policemen, especially considering the fact that the location of the secret held a ton of more mysteries than just Quentin Trembley (such as a giant evil baby trapped in ice, santa claus being the real president, the real identity of Thomas Jefferson, etc). Stan Pines, as confirmed in the second season, knows of the supernatural entities of the town and seems to know about the power of the journals. His secret underground lab (possibly a testament to his intellectual prowess) has a portal that is able to go to different dimensions, though Stan seems to be looking for a specific one. Lastly we have McGucket, most might know of the leaked image which proves he is the author (or one of the authors) of the books. In this image we see him writing in the book with six fingers and no cast. Like some fans I speculate that it was later cut off by him or some sort of accident, which is why he wears the cast to begin with. In my opinion he is one of the most mysterious characters in the show. Constant hints indicate that he was in a constant struggle with something or someone (maybe multiple people) and eventually lost his mind. His youthful agility, high intelligence (shown in his multiple inventions), and construction of book 3 is evidence that he is probably the most connected to the supernatural and probably still is.

The power and control aspect of the six fingers fits in perfectly with Bill Cipher’s goal. Each book could be a way to control the supernatural creatures as it not only contains the habits of the monsters, but weaknesses as well. They also look like a key to multiple dimensions (possibly the origin of all that go bump in the night) shown when Stan activates the machine he has to put the books on a certain platform. This theme fits along with the frequent Illuminati references. One could say, “The fingers are simply an artistic choice” but when asked about the fingers, Alex Hirsch responded in the same way he did to a question he deemed would be a, “spoiler question”, distracting the audience with an hypnotic wheel to humorously avoid the question rather than give a straight answer.

anonymous asked:

How would you picture Transcendence!Relativity falls?

Wow, it is a long one. Let’s see:

  • At first, due to their connection as twins, only Stanley can see and hear Stanford. In their teen years, Ford would follow Stan around as a companion and protector. A companion to talk to because he’s doesn’t like hanging out with another dream demons (or anyone else for the matter) and A protector from the supernatural that would harm Stan and anyone else he encounters. 
  • Because it often looks like he’s talking to himself, while talking to his brother, Stan would often be ridiculed and be shun as a ‘weirdo’. Ford sympathizes with Stan seeing as he was often shun too for looking different with his six fingered hands before his time as a dream demon. 
  • As they got older, Ford would watch Stan get into numerous relationships, most of them ended badly, and eventually settling down and become a father to 3 kids. Whether he had more children prior to that is unknown even to Ford. ;)
  • Stan once tried to ask Ford a favor to use his powers to do weird magic tricks or conduct fake fortune tellings to trying to trick people into giving him their money. This did not end well.
  • To differentiate from the alias in the main AU, I rather not think Stanford and Stanley are named Alcor and Mizar. Instead, to me, Stanford is Táltos (named after a six fingered figure in Hungarian mythology) the Wise/Wanderer  and Stanley is Erélyes  (meaning strong in Hungarian) the Trickster/Thief.
  • When not busy protecting/looking after Stan, his descendants, or current incarnations of his friends, you would find Ford reading/researching a book or a scroll all about Dream Demons or the Magical Creatures whether he’s in the Archives of the Supernatural (one of the many Libraries in the Dreamscape) or in a regular library in his physical form. 
  • Ford is the kind of person who would work for the government if they needed him, even if it’s morally ambiguous. (Well he did created those tie prototypes in canon for the “President’s puppet masters”, so I don’t see why not here.)

And that’s just the tip of the relatively transcendent iceberg.

A Hungarian folk metal song about celestial mythology particularly the moon and Hungarian belief of Taltos and their use of celestial horses. Part by Korpiklaani’s Jonne Järvelä in Finnish is of a related piece of Finnish mythology. The ancient Fins and Hungarian share several similarities in mythology, folk art and the root of our ancient language Uralic.

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