“It’s Bucharest, not Budapest, Bruce”

Apparently, there is a campaign against the confusion of the Hungarian and Romanian capitals, as endorsed by a chocolate brand.


I swear this 15 seconds is my life.  Whenever I hear it I just can’t help bit smile like an idiot. Okay after a while this shouldn’t be so funny but somehow for me it is. 

Quick translation for those who would wish to get this ( omg if there are people like that :”DD )

Vidman: Could you please help me?  Is Is this an apple? apple. APPLE. Aapple. Apple Apple.  *kawaii eye,pointing* A-Apple~ *touches the other guy* Right? Q//v/Q

Guy: …

I’m sorry. But. All I have to say about this is….Apple. Alma.

Dolly,Dia,Toby,Levi. Feel the power of the Alma.