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i legit just typed this all out in the tags of a post i just reblogged but jejun/noren/jenren/nojun shippers do u guys remember in their ‘all about nct dream/dream 반’ vlive after jeno showed his eye smile on camera injunnie was like “i fell in love after seeing that(눈웃음에 반했다)” im
still to this day wondering whether he was reading a comment or just saying it bc honestly renjun is jeno’s number one supporter like legit when it was jeno’s turn he was like “finally jeno, finally jeno” like damn that’s cute my heart i love


Salvatore Sister

Imagine~ The first time Kai sees you and he’s already completely infatuated with you. 

Word Count: 1358 

“Someones here.” Damon groaned, interrupting the conversation between your brothers. You were the youngest of the Salvatores; you were Damon and Stefan’s little sister so when they turned they turned you as well; just so they wouldn’t leave you. 

You listened out hearing footsteps approaching the front door, and on cue three large knocks echoed through the boarding house. 

Damon stood up from his seat, approaching the door whilst you resumed your conversation with Stefan. 

“Why are you here?” you heard Damon say coldly making you and Stefan both spin around to see who the visitor was. 

A young man, around 22 was standing in the doorway. He had messy dark brown hair, scruff travelling down to his neck and a fairly built physique. 

“I was bored.” he said plainly as he strolled into the home, not noticing you or your brother. 

“Well you need to leave, like now.” Damon said in an attempt to distract Kai from seeing you. 

Both of your brothers were very protective of you and never roped you into any of the drama, so when their current enemy was standing in the house you lived in they became nervous. Most people didn’t even know you existed; only people who’d met you did, never anyone who could hurt you. 

“Why? Are you hiding something from me because we both know that isn’t a good idea.” the boy chuckled as he barged past Damon. 

You and Stefan were still sitting on the couch, watching the two men bicker. 

As soon as Kai barged past Damon his eyes landed on you, his eyes widened and his jaw dropped. You gave him a small smile, unsure what to do. 

“No need to stare, I know I’m perfect.” Stefan said jokingly, making you erupt in giggles. Kai’s eyes brightened when he heard your giggle, but he was still stuck in his position; his jaw still hung open. 

“U-um Hi I-I’m Kai.” he stuttered as he began to regain his composure. 

“Y/N. Pleasure to meet you.” you smiled, still giggling slightly from Stefan’s comment. 

“Oh god. Please don’t tell me you like her.” Damon groaned as he slowly closed the door behind him. 

“Yeah, better not because she’s already got a boyfriend.” Stefan said looking over to you making you give him a look because you both knew you were single. “Me.” he said. 

It took everything with you to hold in your laughter as Stefan wrapped his arm around you, but you still had a large grin on your face; making it look you and Stefan were happy together. 

Damon snorted in the back, desperately trying to hold in his laughter whilst Stefan put a large smile on his face. 

The look on Kai’s face fell and his eyes filled with disappointment. “Oh, I thought you and Caroline were a thing.” Kai said sadly. 

You pretended to be surprised, as if Stefan had been cheating. “Um, who the hell is Caroline?” you said annoyed, imitating a jealous girlfriend. 

“She’s nobody. I promise.” he said as he grabbed you. Damon was using all of his will power to not burst out laughing at the two of you. 

But your will power wasn’t enough to stop your laughter,  when you saw the fake desperate look on Stefan’s face you couldn’t stop yourself from erupting in laughter. 

Kai’s face was washed with confusion, as he turned to Damon for answers because you and Stefan weren’t going to be giving any as you both in tears of laughter. 

But Damon was laughing just as hard as you were, leaving Kai standing in the middle of the room; completely out of the loop. 

After a while you began to regain composure and said “I’m Y/N, Y/N Salvatore.” You wiped the tears from under your eyes as the confusion in Kai’s face was replaced with relief. 

“I didn’t know they had a sister.” Kai said as he glanced between the three of you. 

“Not many people do, they’re very protective and even though I’m just as old as they are; they still act like I’m a porcelain doll.” you sighed, looking at your two brothers. 

Kai couldn’t keep his eyes off you, taking in every detail of your face. Making sure he didn’t miss a single feature. 

“So.. you’re single?” he asked, a small grin beginning to form. You could hear Stefan and Damon groaning in the background at the fact that their enemy right now was completely infatuated with their little sister. 

“Yes, I am in fact single.” you giggled, a light blush forming on your face. You could hear his heart thumping in his chest from your presence and his face was redder than yours was. 

“Thank god, because you’re like really pretty.” he mumbled earning a glare from Damon. 

“You’re not bad either.” you replied playfully making his heart skip a beat. 

“No, I don’t give permission or blessing or whatever it is.” Damon sighed, standing next to the two of you. “No, please. Don’t tell me you like him." 

It was at this point you realized that Damon could hear your heartbeat and how it was constantly skipping a beat as the boy in front of you threw compliments your way. 

You looked at Damon sternly before he pulled you aside taking you into the kitchen. "What was that for?” you asked rubbing the wrist Damon had grabbed. 

“I could feel your heart beating when he told you you were pretty. You’re not aloud to like him, he’s the enemy.” he whisper shouted, not wanting to draw unwanted attention. 

“Damon, please. I mean he’s really attractive and he’s sweet to me.” you said with pleading eyes; you wouldn’t usually do this with a boy but something seemed rebellious about the enemy liking you. And in all honestly you really liked it. 

“No, he’s not sweet. He’s the devil.” Damon said, clearly irritated. 

“Damon please, just give him a chance. And if he uses me at all I give you complete permission to tear him apart limb from limb.” you said, looking into his eyes in hopes he’ll break. 

“Fine. But if he hurts you or even lays a hand on you, I will end him. I don’t care what you say. Understood?” he said sternly. 

“Understood.” you said, your face beaming. 

You and Damon entered the living room to see Stefan and Kai standing in an awkward silence. “Took you long enough.” Stefan sighed looking at the lanky boy standing in front of him. 

“Okay, listen to me Parker. You get one chance with my little sister and if you hurt her in any way, shape or form; I will tear you apart. Understood?” Damon said, his speech for Kai almost identical to the one he gave you. 

“Understood.” Kai said beaming as he looked back over at you. “So how does lunch sound?" 

"Sounds great, let me grab my purse.” you smiled, as you turned around smiling at your brothers; both of their faces plastered with a disgusted look. 

“Don’t bother, I’ll pay.” Kai said politely, clearly trying to make a good impression to you. 

“You sure?” you said, halting in your tracks. 

“Anything for you.” he smiled, clearly head over heels for you. 

Kai had felt like he’d known you for ages even though you’d only met about 10 minutes ago. He’d never been one to believe in love at first sight but when he saw you he was completely love struck. In all honesty he still was. 

Damon gagged, looking over at Stefan who was mimicking the amount of disgust which was on his brothers face. 

“Okay then.” you said, a smile plastered on your face. “I’ll see you guys in a bit.” you said to your brothers as Kai approached you. 

“Remember, if you touch her I’ll rip you apart.” Damon shouted as you both began to leave. 

“Not too sure if I can stop myself from touching her.” Kai said lowly to the boys, a smirk plastered on his face leaving the two of them in absolute disgust.

75 ways cis people asked trans people about their genitals

These are all real, and most come from screenshots on this blog. There are more out there obviously, and some of these are repeats / almost repeats. But… enjoy.

Feel free to reblog with your own experiences!

  1. Have you had the surgery?
  2. So what’s your genital situation?
  3. What do you have in your panties?
  4. How do you pee?
  5. So what are you naturally?
  6. Are you fully trans?
  7. Did you go all the way?
  8. Are you getting the bottom done too?
  9. So do you have a penis or a vagina?
  10. But biologically you are?
  11. Were you born male or female?
  12. What body parts do you possess / prefer to use for sexual pleasure?
  13. Do you still have lady parts?
  14. So you got pussy still? ;)
  15. Wanna trade pics?
  16. Were you born with a penis or vagina?
  17. Do you have a dick?
  18. What does your birth certificate say?
  19. Wait hold on; how many X chromosomes do you own?
  20. You don’t have a penis though, right?
  21. Is your transition complete?
  22. Just tell me if you have a vagina or penis, that’s it.
  23. What does your little clitty look like?
  24. How do you have sex? Like what do you do?
  25. As an FTM do you ever feel weird using your female parts?
  26. Can I see ur pussy?
  27. Like what is your current private part?
  28. So you have both male and female genitals?
  29. Do you have a duck or cagina you weird bitch?
  30. Hey your cute would like to chat and witch one do you have a cock or a pussy?
  31. Can I ask how big your willy is?
  32. I wanna no if your a dude with tits or chick with a dick.
  33. So, are you male or female? By biological and rightful definition?
  34. Do you still masturbate with your penis?
  35. Like do you pretend you have one or do you get surgery?
  36. Are you pre-op or post-op?
  37. Post surgery?
  38. U have a cock? Or u strap?
  39. Do you have a winky?
  40. U have a dick?
  41. Do you pee sitting down?
  42. So like do you have male or female genitalia?
  43. You already had the trans operation?
  44. Are you all done?
  45. Did you finish the process?
  46. Physically though your partner has male or female parts?
  47. You have a penis and a pussy?
  48. You had surgery? Or you a stud? How does that work?
  49. U have dick or pussy?
  50. Wanna swap dick pics?
  51. Describe your body for me please.
  52. And you don’t have sexual organs?
  53. What parts do you have?
  54. Are you have dick?
  55. Pic? Still have woman parts?
  56. What do you have?
  57. Can I see you naked?
  58. Do you have balls?
  59. U have a penis yet?
  60. So hot dog or hamburger?
  61. How far transformed are you?
  62. Does she have a dick now?
  63. So you’ve got a ding dong and a twit twat?
  64. Hey r u hung?
  65. So do you have both parts and which do you have on top and bottom?
  66. You have a cock how long is your dick?
  67. But anatomy wise?
  68. Soooooooo, about your genitals…
  69. How do you live dear, do you pee???
  70. So, what was it like getting castrated?
  71. Do you have a dick or a penis?
  72. Do you have a pussy or a vagina?
  73. So x you have. A y vahina?
  74. Trans as in you have a dick?
  75. Did you get a sex change?
On The Ropes - Part 6

Reader is a cop that was shot in the line of duty. As part of her physical therapy, she picks up boxing at the local gym in town, On The Ropes, owned by two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester.  She is drawn to the elder brother when Dean starts working with her on moving, coordination and finally hitting. Once they get in the ring, things don’t go as planned. Dean is just as taken with her as she is with him, but she thinks of herself as broken because of her job and injury. Can Dean make her see things differently?

Catch Up Now - On The Ropes masterlist

Word Count: 1498
Warnings: Hmm, Language, Dean shirtless…

Thanks to the ever amazing @just-another-busy-fangirl for being, well amazing, and @mamaredd123 for her help in pulling this out!

John Winchester had officially been charged with second-degree murder the day following his arrest.

Detective Redman was letting you ‘work’ the case with her. You were giving Dean the time and space he needed, so all the spare time you had was spent with her pouring over evidence at her home. Once or twice a week, you also picked up a pair of gloves and hit the gym, but it wasn’t the same without Dean; you just didn’t have the heart.

You sat at Dawn’s dining room table one night combing through the statements and forensic reports. Something wasn’t adding up. According to the coroner, the victim’s time of death, or TOD, was approximately 17:30, or 5:30 p.m., which matches the timeline that John had provided.

Nick’s statement was inconsistent with John’s timeline. Nick stated he picked up John up at four and dropped him off at Mary’s thirty minutes later. He also stated that he was nowhere near the vicinity at the time of death.

“Dawn! We need to pull traffic cam footage from near Mother Mary’s and the crime scene, as well as John’s apartment; this doesn’t add up,” you called to her as she carried a pizza to the table.

“I know what you are thinking, girl,” Dawn cautioned.

“No, you don’t. None of this adds up! The timeline’s are off. If we can prove one of them is lying, we can try to break one of them. And look at this,” you said excitedly as you pulled out the forensic report containing the fingerprints. “The pattern matches just like John said. And furthermore, the GSR report the lab ran did not find any trace on the passenger seat, only on the steering wheel, and Nick already admitted he was driving. So tell me, if John pulled the trigger, why isn’t there any GSR on the passenger door or the seatbelt?”

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Thank you, lovely! Sorry this took so long, I’ll try really hard to keep a regular posting schedule from now on! :)

▪when he gets really cold, sometimes he sweats??
▪so if your hands are sweaty he won’t bat an eye
▪he just kinda lets you sweat all over him
▪his hands are always naturally dry though, he goes through lotion like Mr Han goes through girlfriends
▪he absolutely will insult anyone who makes a comment about your hands being sweaty
▪like one day some guy was trying to hit on you at one of V’s photography showings
▪”Nice weather we’re having today,” he observes, glancing over at you
▪”Since we’re in a building, I can’t tell.”
▪”Yeah,” he laughs awkwardly. “Buildings will do that to you.” 
▪once he realizes that you aren’t interested, he quickly introduces himself as an art curator from Manhattan, New York
▪he explains that he had seen some of V’s pieces in a friend’s house a few years back and now never misses a single showing
▪he introduced himself to you and V, shaking both of your hands
▪he grimaced and pulled away from you quickly, making a slightly big show of wiping his hands off and muttering “ew”
▪V was NOT having it. He recognized the man as someone who was constantly hitting on any woman who’d talk to him, despite the fact that he was already taken
▪"You’ve never sweat before? Let me go get your girlfriend. I guarantee when she finds out you’ve been cheating on her all this time you’ll be sweating then"

▪he never sweats unless it’s really hot outside or useless he’s extremely nervous
▪but he lost an eye for you and thinks you hung the moon, do u think a lil hand sweat is gonna freak him out
▪nah babe you’re good
▪your first date consisted of you guys were playing a game on his old VVii and when you went to switch controllers, you realized there were literally puddles of sweat on the controller???? Oh my god????
▪you tried to wipe the controller casually on your hands, but it just smeared the sweat and you were panicking
▪but then you grabbed his controller and it was wet too wtf
▪Yoosung is crying inside bc he sees your look of confusion when you touch the controller
▪“oh my god mc i’m so sorry it’s sweaty”
▪he just wants to crawl under a rock and never speak to you again until he sees your controller
▪ you two bust out laughing because you were both so nervous about something that turned out to be nothing

▪he does joke about it frequently, but it’s not anything malicious
▪he doesn’t mean to actually hurt you by it!
▪when your hands get really sweaty, he just pulls you close and wipes them on his hoodie sleeve
▪he’s pretty indifferent so it’s safe to say that Saeyoung’s not really the kind of person who would be weirded out by it
▪especially since he’s either freezing cold or drenched in sweat
▪there’s no in between
▪he will always hold your sweaty hands no matter what

▪Jumin Han does not sweat
▪what is this concept???
▪like, he could be out in 100 degree heat in his dumb 3 piece suit and wouldn’t sweat one drop Jumin I’m sorry I love you but it’s just not weather conscious
▪however, he knows it’s a natural body function and doesn’t bat an eye to your sweaty hands
▪he always keeps a handkerchief in his breast pocket but he’ll start carrying another one just to wipe your hands with
▪your hands could be dripping and he still wouldn’t care
▪he just loves you so much

▪the first time he held your hand, he kinda started chuckling
▪"Nervous? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)“
▪no just excreting bodily fluids from my pores wby mate
▪he sweats an insane amount when he exercises, which is daily, so he’s honestly pretty used to it

▪she is always holding your hands at least 5 hours a day
▪during those 5 hours every day she constantly asks you if you’d like her to turn the air conditioning on
▪eventually you just have to tell her that you have sweaty palms and it’s Just A Thing
▪"oh okay”
▪she’s pretty nonchalant about it, I mean you’ve seen her in worse shape so why should she make a big deal out of it
▪she always carries Wet Wipes and a pack of tissues in her purse now for you though!!

▪he honestly was a bit grossed out at first, mostly because he didn’t know any better/didn’t think it through
▪"Why are your hands sweaty MC ew"
▪Saeyoung has to give him The Talk™ (no not that one) and explain that yes!!! sweating is a natural body function!!! but there are certain things you shouldn’t point out about someone, and that’s one of them
▪Saeran feels really bad when Saeyoung mentions that you may be insecure about it & commenting on it could make things worse
▪"MC I just want you to know that I don’t…mind if you have sweaty hands….I’ll still hold them"
▪Aw thanks babe
▪it’s also “”“”“totally a coincidence”“”“” that he just “”“”“magically”“”“” has extra tissues in his back pocket

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CAN U BELIEVE these dads with their sparkly instagram gifs planned it out and were like lets both put a lil star emoji as the caption and post it at the same time

it’s like when u plan ur cute posts with ur friends and everyone knows u hung out and r better than them :(

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Monster!Ohm is hung af. j e s u s

listen. listen pls

when i was drawing him, it didn’t matter ! i loved him, everyone loved him; it was all Good (:

until one day, a curious somebody decided to ask “how big is monster!Ohm’s dick?” –i thought & decided that i should just give the roughly average; as big as one’s hand, no big deal

then it occurred to me:

but the damage is done.

tl;dr: i love you guys but i can’t believe i let you guys make me do this

me: i enjoy sherlolly, but i understand the odds of it canonically happening are not high and so will not become discouraged if i do not see it on screen. i will continue to enjoy fanworks and my own headcanons and continue to live my life peacefully

sherlock season 4 trailer: *airs* *molly cries* *sherlock says ‘i love you’*


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