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livingforluhan said: Omg omg omg I love the EXO SC! Can I please have Tao ones~ maybe just cute little updates here and there from him while he’s working or something?? I couldn’t really think of a theme to go along with this 😅 but whatever you come up with I’ll love it! <3

A/N: You know I love you, right? ahah thanks, and this took me a lot of work bc the site that I use to make these just wasn’t having it but I managed to do it, so, hope you like it <3


Summary: You had always viewed Kai in a certain way, but it changed one night when he was seen in a different light. Based on Starlight by Taylor Swift.

Member: Kai x Reader

Type: Fluff

Length: 1,722 words

When I was younger, I went through a T. Swift phase, so I couldn’t resist writing about this. And to use Kai- this was a win/win situation for me (: I hope you enjoy it!

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“How about ice-skating?” You offered up, the blood rushing to your head as you hung off the bed. Kai stared over at you with bored eyes, flicking at your nose until you shooed his hand away. He sighed at your words, throwing his head back to stare up at the ceiling. Humming in thought, he mulled over your suggestion for only a moment before he shook his head in rejection. You smacked your lips in argument, sitting up and turning to face him. 

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“You-You cheated on me?” You asked. Kai hung his head, he’d felt guilt before but not like this.

“I need you to give me one more chance, (y/n).” He begged you, “Please.”

“Why should I, Kai?” You exclaimed, “You cheated on me with my friend. That’s not something I can forgive!”

“I’m sorry, please; you have to believe me. I’m sorry, (y/n). Don’t leave.”

Tears built in your eyes - he was sorry but you couldn’t forgive him, “Yeah, I’m sorry, too.” You murmured before walking out.