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SugarDaddy!Cal Pt.13

A/N: I wrote this whole chapter while listening to the entire Migos album and a huge bag of hot fries so I’m pretty satisfied with this. The way she reacts in this part is honestly mainly focused on how I would as well as my slang, so sorry if you can’t relate. The main character was supposed to be black anyway and Imma black girl soo…As always get this to 100 notes and feedback is appreciated. This is long as hell with a lot of dialogue too. Hope you like this part, sugarplums💕

**WARNING**: Lots of profanity and small makeout session

Parts: One/ Two/ Three/ Four/Five/Six/Seven/Eight/

~ Blonde Babe: Heyyy
~ Y/N: What do you need? I’m not in a playful mood.
~ Ahhh I see
~ *In your voice* “Who tf we have to fight?”
~ Lmaoo, your bestfriend
~ …Calum?
~ Ding Ding Ding
~ What did he do?
~ He got a fucking girlfriend…
~ Oh wow uh…
~Ice cream on me in 20?
~ Hell yes

You let out an animalistic growl, rolling in your bed until you could gently slither off the side of it slowly and land on the floor with a soft thump. The best way to describe how you were feeling this morning was shitty. Beyond shitty, actually. For starters you were hung over from consuming half a bottle of vodka with Felix, and to top it off you felt like you weren’t worth a damn. Having spent so much time with the bassist you couldn’t help but to fall for his cheeky charm and his kind heart. If only you knew that he’d just toss you to the side, you could’ve avoided this whole situation.

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This would be your first date with Kai Parker at The Grill. It took a lot for him to ask you and it wasn’t romantic either because he called you on your cell phone.
Kai: “Hey Y/N, do you want to eat food at The Grill?”
Y/N: “Eat food?”
Kai: “Yeah, like, you know. When two people sit down and eat together and talk, you know. And maybe gaze into each others eyes and-”
Y/N: “So a date?”
Kai: “Yes. Yeah that. A date.”
Y/N: “I-I’d love that, pick me up at 6:00.” You hung up from excitement.
Kai: Kai exhaled out of relief. “Feelings are hard.”

Damon and Kai were on their way to meet you at The Grill. Damon only allowed this date to happen if he was there to monitor or what you call, ‘babysit’. He was going to hang out at the bar while you and Kai have dinner at the booth. Damon even invited Alaric along as well. Great.

Damon was always the most protective compared to Stefan. Although Stefan knows of Kai’s wrong doings, he’s always looked at the situation as you’re an adult and you can make your own choices. Kai also doesn’t have a history of harming you either, he’s actually had a thing for you since you first met. It just took him awhile to try anything with you. He wasn’t used to being around a girl he likes. Being a sociopath and all, he had no real friends until you came along and changed that.

Kai couldn’t hold his excitement in, so he voluntarily told Damon about how the phone conversation went. “So yeah, I basically called her up saying ‘let’s go eat food’ and she was confused like what does eating food mean you know and then-”

“If you just as much talk Y/N to death, I’ll rip your throat out.” Damon threatened, cutting him off, because Kai being Kai, he can go on and on. “And no getting handsy either. Keep your distance, twerp.”

“Alright alright.” Kai put his hands up on defense. “Well can I at least check her out from behind?” Damon got annoyed by Kai’s constant babbling, so he snapped his neck, letting him fall to the ground as he kept walking.

Ashes Pt. 2 [M]

Genre: Angst, Smut, Vampire AU, horror

Pairing: None, yet ;-) 

Length: 5.8k

Warnings: Violence, mentions of drug use

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Final

Suho came rushing towards you. “Y/N, you’re here. It’s really you!”

You took a step back. “Don’t come near me” you warned.

You watched as the hurt spread across his face, “Why didn’t you contact me? Why did you make me think you were dead? The police even brought me in for questioning! They thought that I had killed you, Y/N!”

You didn’t know what to say. The anger was building up inside of you. You wanted to scream at him. To tell him he’s the reason that you’re dead. That you’re doomed to a life of eternal hell because you were waiting for him. Only to find out that he was with someone else. But you couldn’t. You knew that the moment you opened your mouth you wouldn’t be able to control what would happen next.

“I’m sorry” was all you could say. You stared at the ground in front of you. Counting to 10. Hoping the anger would subside.

He wasn’t happy, “I’m sorry? That’s all you’re going to say? You faked your own death and I almost got charged with murder. And all you’re going to say is I’m sorry?”

You looked up at him, “What else can I say, Suho? I don’t have a time machine. I can’t take any of it back. It happened. And I’m sorry”

You didn’t stop him this time as he moved towards you. He pressed his forehead against yours. The touch was hot. Too hot. “I just can’t believe you’re really here” he murmured, “We need to tell your parents. They’re going to kill you for doing this to them”

Except I’m already dead.

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Kai Parker x Reader

word count : 2 878
summary : Y/N and Kai ‘borrow’ Damon’s car for a ride.

*not my gif

*the day before*

Kai & Y/N went out to a party at Whitmore and later on stopped by the bar.
Y/N had a little bit more to drink and ended up climbing on top of the bar , laughing and dancing like nobody’s watching, her skirt twirling around her hips. Kai couldn’t take his eyes off of her … same for the other boys at the bar and he hated it.
“Whoa !” she screamed , starting to lift her shirt over her head twirling it in the air above her head as some guy’s hands suddenly found their way on her hips.
Kai’s eyes widened , jealousy taking over and he muttered a spell , the guy choked and fell over the bar on the ground. He rushed towards her pushing everyone daring stand in his way. There was no way he’d let any of those boys touch her.
“Alright princess , time to take you home.” Kai said tossing her over his shoulders and heading towards the exit.
“What ? No ! Let’s take Damon’s car and go somewhere fun , just the two of us !” she said slurring her words a little.
There’s an idea… Kai thought.
He drove to her house. Carrying her in his hands as he climbed the stairs to her room letting her gently on top of it. Y/N’s was semi asleep , just as Kai was about to leave she grabbed his hand.
“Stay with me.” she mumbled. “I want you to stay with me.” she said pulling him on the bed next to her , her head on his chest. Y/N tried to say something else but quickly drifted off. Kai wrapped his hands around her and spent the rest of the night awake , watching her sleep.

* * *

The doorbell rang and Y/N rushed outstairs to open it. It was nearly 11pm and there was no doubt in her mind about who it was outside.
She opened the door and just as she had expected - Kai was there , hiding one of his hands behind his back.
“Hi.” Kai said smiling , a devilish spark in his eyes. “Wanna go for a midnight ride to some dangerous place with a vampire witch heretic and have fun?” he said , showing her what he was holding in the hand he was hiding.
She had expected to find Kai at her doorstep , what she hadn’t expected was to find the key’s for Damon’s camaro in Kai’s hands. Her eyes widened.
“N-now ?” she asked. “How did you even get those ?”
Kai stepped inside , putting his hand across her shoulders.
“Not important.” he said. “I’ll drive if you don’t want to.”
Y/N fought off the butterflies in her stomach , it happened every time Kai touched her and she was pretty sure he was doing it on purpose … tho she’d never complain about it because as much as it drove her crazy , she loved it when he did that.
“Kai , we shouldn’t do that … Damon would kill us.” Y/N said nervously.One thing was sure - when Damon found out his beloved camaro was gone , all hell would break lose and rain on them for sure.
“Let him try. I won’t let him lay a finger on you.” Kai said , a serious look on his face and he pulled her closer to him for a second before letting go and taking a step towards the door. “Come on. It will be fun!” he said , danging the keys to Damon’s camaro infront of Y/N’s eyes. “Plus it was your idea. Don’t tell me you are getting cold feet now ?”
Y/N shifted on her feet uncomfortably. It was true , taking Damon’s car for a ride without him knowing was her idea but she had been semi-drunk when she had suggested it and didn’t think Kai would actually approve let along steal the keys himself. Then again a midnight ride with Kai in the car with her , it sure was going to be a lot of fun. There was no way she’d back out now.
“Lets go for a ride.” she said with a mischivious look in her eyes , grabbing the keys from Kai’s hands and headed for the car.
Kai grinned. “Who’s dri-?
“I’m driving. Get in.” Y/N said interrupting him , Kai opened the door for the passenger seat and stood there for a moment looking at her. “What ? Are you afraid I might crash the car ? I know I’m a girl but I can drive…” she said.
“No , no … its not that.” he said still looking at her.
“Then what is ?” she asked stuck at the cardoor herself looking at Kai who shook his head smiling and got in the car. Y/N sighed and got in too. Whatever it was Kai was thinking , clearly he wasn’t going to tell her.
She put the keys in the ignition and started the car , steering the wheel to the left and heading down the road. Suddenly Kai’s hands were on her , pulling her seatbelt on and locking it.
Unreal. she thought. When was he going to figure out that when he is around , nothing scares her. Not even death itself. Every time they went for a drive somewhere , he’d always make sure she wears her seatbelt.
“Thanks…” she muttered glancing at him. “… but -”
“Not ‘but’. You might want to risk your life dying in a car crash , but I don’t want to risk your life.” Kai said , his eyes piercing on her as Y/N fought to keep hers on the road.
She couldn’t figure out why he cared so much , but was happy that he did. Kai was always super protective of her , but he didn’t treat her as if she was a porcellan doll. He still let her make her own decisions , stepping in when things go sideways.
Y/N turned on the radio , her favorite song starting to play just a few seconds later.
“OH I LOVE THIS SONG!” she said blasting the music loudly , her fingers turning the volume up when suddenly the button fell off in her hand , the radio stopping. “Damn it.” Y/N sighed and hit the radio with her palm and the radio turned itself on. “Finally !”
Kai chuckled. “Damon would not be happy about this…”
“Shut up and sing with me , please ?” she said with a pouty face making him laugh.
“So rude.” he said winking at her. “You know I’d say yes to pretty much everything you ask me to do.”
Y/N glanced at him. What does that mean ? she thought.

“Where is your car?” Stefan asked. “It’s not outside…”
Damon took a sip from his bourbon before turning towards his brother.
“I gave the keys to Kai.” he said , Stefan’s eyes widened at his answer.
“Whyy would yo-?”
“Because he asked and because he wants to know if Y/N has feelings for him too… Which of course she does.”
“Ah… OK. Aren’t you worried they might wreck your car ?” Stefan asked a little amused. “Or that they might … you know ?”
“Shut up Stefan.” Damon said looking at the clock and heading towards the door.

*somewhere on the roads outside Mystic Falls*

“That’s the best idea you’ve had.” Kai said laughing. Y/N laughed too. “Can you imagine Damon’s face right now?”
Suddenly Kai’s phone rang. DAMON said the called ID. Y/N caught a glimpse at his phone.
“Speaking of the Devil …” she said.
“Oops.” Kai said mockingly , before declining the call. Damon kept calling tho.. “That guy’s persistant.” Kai said finally picking up. “He-llo ?”
“Where is my car ?” Damon sounded angry.
“I don’t know what you are talking about…” Kai lied.
“Are you kidding me ?! You do realise I can hear the humming of my car’s engine , right ?”
Y/N laughed. She turned towards Kai not looking at all at the road ahead.
“We’ll give it back , Damon.” she said loudly “By the way , I think I might’ve broken your radio … sorry.”
Kai laughed and Y/N laughed , they were just having so much fun.
The prospect of Damon’s reaction when he had discovered his missing camaro was one of the reasons why Y/N had gotten the idea , tho at the moment she was starting to have doubts about how good that idea really was.
“Listen to me -” Damon started to say but Kai hung up before Damon could finish.
“I think he is upset about you breaking his radio …” Kai said serious for a split second before starting to laugh again making her laugh instantly too.

They kept on driving , laughing and talking. Y/N loved Kai’s laugh so much it could make all her life problems just go away. His smile was the literal sun… and a thought crept inside her mind about him being goneamaking her feel nervous.
What are we doing? she thought , fear creeping in.
She knew the risk of taking Damon’s car without his permission , she also knew what he is capable of. Y/N glanced at Kai who had stolen the keys. Damon’s rage will rain on Kai and not her and even if did - she didn’t care something might happen to her , all she cared about was Kai. Damon would have no problem hurting him. She felt the panic grow inside her and her breathing getting uneven. She tried to calm down but it didn’t help , keeping her eyes on the road didn’t help. Her mind was drowning in images and thoughts of what might happen to Kai when Damon gets his hands on him (because with Damon there was if).
Kai noticed the change in her heatbeat and put a hand on her shoulder scaring her a little and she had to spin the driving wheel hard to the right to avoid hitting a lamp post.
“Y/N? Are you OK?” he asked concerned , all color had drained off her face.
She took a deep breath and pulled over on the side of the road , her head in her hands resting on the steering wheel, taking in deep breaths. Kai rubbing her back.
“Have you eaten today ? What’s wrong?” he asked. “I think I have a chocolate bar somewhere …” he said rummaging through his pockets. “Y/N?”

Y/N took another deep breath and bounced back on the seat , her eyes closed and her head towards the car’s roof. Where did she even get that stupid idea ? Putting Kai in danger… She should never have mentioned it to him.
“I’m so stupid.” she whispered , her voice barely audiable but Kai heard her. She opened her eyes and turned towards him. He looked so worried it was breaking her heart. If something happened to Kai it would be her fault and she would never be able to forgive herself or be able to go on…
“Y/N , what are you talking about? You are not stupid , you are the smarte-” she didn’t let him finish , opened the door and got out of the car sitting on the grass a few steps away. Her hands on her temples rubbing them slightly.
Kai got out of the car and sat down next to her putting his arm around her shoulder but she pushed him off.
“Oh-kay.” he said , a note of hurt in his voice. “Are you going to tell me what this is about ? You were laughing and having a good time one moment and then the next …”
Y/N turned towards him , tears starting to gather in her eyelids.
“It’s Damon…he is going to find us and hurt you and I just … I can’t even…” she said pursing her lips together , blinking fast trying to push away the tears , one of them escaping and she wiped it away quickly. “It’s all my fault…”
Kai sighed.
“There is nothing for you to worry about. I won’t let Damon touch you , or even look at you. I’ll always protect you.” he said softly.
“It’s not me I am worried about, don’t you get it? When Damon retaliates and trust me he will , he will go after you. He knows you took his keys , he won’t give a damn about it all being my idea. Where did I even get that stupid idea from ?” she said getting up , taking a few steps ahead and walking back towards Kai who was still sitting on the ground. She fell silent for a moment and then started rambling again. “I am so stupid , why can’t I keep my mouth shut ?!… ”
“Hey , hey , hey … just breathe.” Kai said getting up , Y/N didn’t even seem to have heard him and he grabbed her shoulders making her look at him. She seemed to snap back to reality. “Listen to me - nothing is going to happen to you. Nothing is going to happen to me. OK?” Y/N nodded and he let go of her , putting his hands in his pockets. “Why are you so freaked out about my safety anyways? I’m a heretic , not that easy to hurt or kill…”
Y/N looked at him. When they had first met , she hadn’t been afraid of him like her friends have been… She had been afraid that she’d fall for him and her fears were correct. Somehow from the very beginning , Kai had found his way into her heart. All her friends always acted as if she was made out of porcellan , thinking they knew what’s best for her. Kai didn’t , not for one moment.
“Because I am in love with you !” she blurted out without thinking , her eyes widening.
Kai smiled. “You love me ?” he said.
Y/N couldn’t move or speak , she felt absolutely paralyzed. This evening had turned out completely different than what she had expected and now she was terrified that Kai would reject her and tell her their friendship is over. Her head was spinning and the world was starting to turn black around her , she felt her knees buckle and for a moment she lost her balance. Suddenly she felt Kai’s strong arms around her.
“Maybe you should lay down a little…” Kai said worried. Perhaps he had pushed it too far.
“No , no … I’m fine.” Y/N said her eyes meeting Kai’s , her breath getting stuck in her throat. “Kai , what I said .. before , I..”
“Did you mean it ?” he asked , a hopeful expression on his face.
“Yes.” she nodded and Kai smiled. Why is he smiling? “Oh wow ! What …what are you doing?” she asked laughing after Kai had literally swept her off her feet and was now carrying her to the car.
“Sweeping you off your feet , isn’t it clear?” he laughed. “We are just going to ditch the car somewhere close to the Salvatore’s for Damon to find and then … I am taking you home.”
Home? she thought and felt broken. Kai had smiled when she told him she loves him but he hasn’t said a word back about hiw he felt ..and now he was taking her home? He didn’t feel the same way about her , that must be it.
“I’m driving this time.” Kai said letting her gently down on the ground. and opened the door for her , waiting until she got in to close the door before whooshing to the other side and getting in himself. He turned towards her , she was starring ahead and of course Y/N hadn’t put her seatbelt again. He let out a quiet sigh and put it on for her again. She turned towards him and their eyes met , both of them freezing in place. Kai could hear her heart beating faster than it had been a few moments ago.
“You are my light in the darkness Y/N. ” he said with a small smile, his hand on her cheek pulling her face closer to his. Her eyes drifting between his eyes and his lips. He could hear her heartbeat getting faster with each passing second. “I think … I’m in love with you too.” he said , a second before his lips touched hers.

“Not. In. My. Car.” Damon’s voice snapped them back to reality , his timing the worst possible. “I am angry enough about you ‘stealing’ my car , you do not want to get me angrier , trust me.”
Y/N and Kai pulled away from each other.
“Borrowed.” Kai said. “We were going to give it back …”
“Just get out.” Damon said. “I missed my car.” he said reaching to pull Y/N out of the passanger’s seat but Kai rushed out and pushed him away , holding out his hand for Y/N , helping her out. Damon looked more irritated than angry now , pushing his way past them and getting in his car.
“You are lucky I am not in the mood to fight right now..” he said slamming the cardoor shut. “Looks like you got your answer , twirp.” he muttered before driving off.
Y/N and Kai stood on the side of the road watching Damon drive off still unable to believe how calmer he had reacted.
“W-what?” Y/N asked confused. What had Damon meant with that comment ?
Kai smirked and wrapped his arms around her. “Hold on tight. I am taking you home …” he said winking at her.
Something told Y/N that by ‘home’ , he didn’t mean her house and her heart skipped a beat.


MASTERLIST March / April 2017



In which Jyn likes skateboarding down the school hallways

Cassian had been having an average day.

All classes had gone on normally with nothing new or exciting (something that Cassian would call abnormal in high school). There had been minimal traffic getting to school, he got an A+ on his history essay, and he finished the extra credit assignment for his chemistry class. Overall, Cassian would say he was having a good day.

He supposed he should have known that wasn’t going to last.

Cassian always had a free period in the early afternoon in which he usually spent with his best friend, Kay. Unfortunately, today Kay was at a doctor’s appointment which left Cassian sitting alone in an empty side hallway where he and Kay usually hung out during that time.

Sighing, Cassian opened up his chemistry textbook, relishing in the quiet of the less frequented hallway. All that could be heard was the voice of a teacher down the hall, drowning on about god knows’ what.

Just as Cassian was finishing drawing a particularly difficult molecular structure, he heard a loud laugh from down the hall. Looking up, Cassian was met with the sight of a petite girl skateboarding down the hallway.

As the girl moved closer, Cassian recognized the brown hair and bright green eyes to be those of Jyn Erso.

Cassian couldn’t really say he knew Jyn Erso very well. He knew she had started at Yavin High School in the middle of the school year two years ago when she moved to the small town, and that she sat in the back of his World History class, the teacher often having to bark at her to wake up when she dozed off in the middle of class.

Jyn continued to skateboard toward him, giving a few whoops of joy along the way. Suddenly, the small girl rolled to a halt in front of Cassian, eyes bright with laughter.

Giving a mock salute, Jyn greeted him, “Good afternoon, Captain Andor,”

For a second, Cassian was puzzled as to what she meant. Captain? Cassian then remembered that he was wearing his t-shirt from his summer learning how to pilot an airplane.

“Um…” Cassian mumbled, unsure of what to say, “…hi?”

Jyn seemed unfazed by his hesitation, “It’s a fine afternoon to skateboard down the halls, would you not agree?”

Cassian fidgeted with the corner of his textbook. “I suppose so,” standing up, Cassian mustered up all the confidence he could, “Isn’t is against the rules to skateboard in the halls?”

Jyn shrugged, crossing her arms, “There’s no sign that says you can’t,”

“Well,” Cassian eyed her wearily, unsure as to what to make of the girl, “I think it’s just a given,”

Jyn seemed to think about it for a moment before uncrossing her arms, “Fair enough,”

Jyn then positioned herself on top of her skateboard, “Nice talking to you, Captain Andor,” without a second’s hesitation, she took off once again, giving a whoop of joy as she sped away.

Cassian was left standing in the middle of the hall, completely bewildered by his strange interaction with Jyn Erso.

First Date

Imagine: Having a child with Kai, your daughter going on her first date, Kai meeting her boyfriend and almost losing his temper because he’s an overprotective father, it leads to you calming him down. (Requested ~smut~) We will say the daughter’s name is Evelyn, because I don’t wanna abbreviate anything haha. :)

It was the night, your beloved daughter of sixteen years of age was going out on her first date. You thought the young man was polite and the perfect suit for your daughter. They adored each other as far as you could tell about how they talked on the phone. Her father and your husband Kai, on the other hand, wasn’t too thrilled. You gave your daughter one last look, short shorts, a nice blouse and her purse around her shoulder hanging at her side. Her hair was done in little curls, makeup done to perfection all so she could impress her lover. 

You wiped your eyes and kissed her cheek softly. Kai sat in the corner of the living room, refusing to believe his daughter was going out with a boy. He could remember sitting her on his lap and playing peek-a-boo with her while she giggled and drooled all over him. Her eyes met his, making him realize he was definitely very proud of his beautiful daughter with the same blue/gray eyes and perfect white teeth. Sure he was paying attention to how she looked, not agreeing with the short shorts all that much. But she was very kind, very cheery and playful. She had a need to help people and could talk to people without murdering them, she definitely took after her mother in that department. 

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livingforluhan said: Omg omg omg I love the EXO SC! Can I please have Tao ones~ maybe just cute little updates here and there from him while he’s working or something?? I couldn’t really think of a theme to go along with this 😅 but whatever you come up with I’ll love it! <3

A/N: You know I love you, right? ahah thanks, and this took me a lot of work bc the site that I use to make these just wasn’t having it but I managed to do it, so, hope you like it <3

Serendipity (Kai Scenario)

Originally posted by luderella

Request: Can I request a Kai scenario for We Got Married? He and the reader actually fall for one another and some cute but not too fluffy stuff?

Genre: Fluff

Member: Kai

‘It’s not real… it’s not real…’ you told yourself every time he held your hand, hugged you, or performed any other type of form of skinship with you.

You were currently on We Got Married with EXO’s Kai. At first, you didn’t think much of it. The two of you were incredibly awkward with each other during the first meeting. You had never met him before, and you weren’t that experienced when it came to dating, or guys in general. So you were really nervous that you would just end up making a fool of yourself on the show with your inexperience. However, what put you at ease, was that you weren’t the only nervous one. Kai seemed really shy as well. At least both of you could learn together, you thought.

The two of you seemed to get comfortable with each other soon enough, a few days later and the two of you acted like you have been friends for many years. The point of the show was to act like an ordinary married couple, so that’s what you did. The first time he held your hand, you were surprised, but got over it quickly, and soon enough, hand holding had become a frequent “routine” , as you’d put it.

Everything went downhill for you after that. Mentally.

In addition to the hand holding, many other sorts of skinship was initiated. You couldn’t keep up. It’s bad enough Kai was a very attractive man, but it’s even worse that he was one of the biggest sweethearts that you have ever come across. You couldn’t say for sure though, since this was a TV Show after all.

You started having to constantly remind yourself that what Kai was doing was just for show. You tried your very best to keep your feelings on a platonic level, but one day on set, you realised just how much things you have begun to take notice of him. From facial expressions, to body language… even little habits he had that you weren’t sure that he was even aware of. You started taking notice of the little things he does during the day that made your heart swoon. Simple things like how he’d blow his hair out of his face, and the way his lower lip would stick out slightly as he did so, to the way that even his eyes seemed to smile when he was really happy.

You decided you needed to get a hold of yourself soon because it’s highly unlikely that Kai would even think about you more than just his on-screen-wife. 

Kai, on the other hand, couldn’t stop thinking about you. He didn’t know when he had fallen for you, it was just one of those things where he realised it out of nowhere and all the feelings came crashing down upon him in one fell swoop. 

He often thought about you when the two of you were not together on set. Most nights he was even tempted to phone you before he fell asleep, just to check up on you to see how you were doing. Being the person he is with his shy nature, he could never bring himself to actually do it, until one night, his band mate, D.O, insisted that he should just man up and do it since he wouldn’t want this to be a pretend love forever. Recently, Kai, had become a very distracted person, his mind plagued with thoughts of you, daydreaming what it would be like if the two of you really were a couple,, sharing a house, holding hands for real, being able to do all the things that the two of you did on the show, but this time, for real.

It had been about 2 weeks since you and Kai were on set again as both of your schedules became rather hectic the past few days. You were slightly disappointed, but work is work, and there was nothing more you could do about it. 

It was nearing midnight now and you had just gotten ready for bed. You were just about to close your eyes when you heard your phone ring beside you on your bedside table. You groaned, wondering who would be calling you at this time, while reaching over for your phone.

Your breath got caught in your throat as you saw Kai’s name on the lit-up screen of your phone.

Why is he calling? You wondered, since this was unusual. 

You took a deep breath and answered your phone.

‘Hello? Kai?’

‘H-hi, Y/N, sorry for calling you, I know it’s late at the moment. Were you sleeping? I can call back I’m bothering you.’ Kai’s voice sounded unusually soft, but sounded more and more rushed since he started rambling. 

‘It’s fine, I was about to head to bed. Why are you calling? Did something happen?’

‘Oh… no… well, I wanted to know how you were doing.’ you were taken aback. Your heart started racing and you suddenly felt nervous, even though he couldn’t see you.

‘I’m o-’

‘Actually, that isn’t the reason why I called you’ he cut you off quickly.


‘I was wondering if I could see you now?’

‘Now? As in like… now?’ you slapped your face as you realised how idiotic you sounded in a rush to hide your surprise and nerves.

‘Yeah, I know the way to your dorm. So… can I? I need to tell you something really important’

You agreed and told him that you would be waiting outside the building for him as it was already late and he wouldn’t know his way to your dorm by himself.

You wondered what he could possibly want to tell you as you leaned against the entrance to your dorms building, but you were broken out of your thoughts when you saw Kai running down the street.

‘Did you run all the way here?’ you asked him after seeing him leaning down with his hands on his knees and his face all sweaty.

‘Y-yeah. I ran, I didn’t want to walk, it would take too long and I really needed to see you.’

‘What’s the matter then? Are you okay? You look really pale.’

‘I couldn’t take it any longer, I needed to tell you this. It’s been on my mind for the longest time, and I think I’m finally ready to say it.’ He looked really nervous, you noticed his hands were shaking, so he pushed them into the pockets of his jeans. 


‘I… I like you, like, really like you. As in for real… I know I probably just made everything extremely awkward for you and you probably don’t want to see me again, let alone film the rest of our season together, but I can’t stop thinking about you. I know falling for you isn’t what was supposed to happen, but I can’t help it. Everything about you and everything you do just amazes me, and I can’t help but wish that everything we do onscreen together wasn’t all just pretend, that it could be real.’ 

You didn’t know what to say, or how to react. You stood there flabbergasted. Did you even hear right? Or are you dreaming? Kai likes me? 

Kai took your silence as a bad thing and immediately looked down to hide the disappointment on his face.

‘I’m so sorry Y/N, I’ve ruined everything. I hope you enjoy the rest of your night. You can forget I said anything,’ he mumbled and turned around to walk back to his dorm, head hung low.

‘K-Kai, wait…’ you tried to say, but your voice was too soft and he couldn’t hear you, and he kept on walking away. Only now it clicked that he actually confessed to you and now he was walking away, thinking that you rejected his feelings. Your feet moved on their own, running towards Kai’s retreating figure, and soon, you had your arms around him in a back hug.

‘Stop, Kai’ he stopped moving and stood dead still, not moving an inch… waiting for you.

‘Kai, I… no… Jongin,’ you said, you felt his chest rise as he suddenly took in a deep breath, this was the first time you had called him by his real name, except when the two of you were on set. ‘I like you too, I don’t know why I didn’t reply earlier, I guess I was just shocked. Honestly, I thought I was dreaming, but I’m not. I had fallen for you so long ago, I never thought you’d feel the same way about me.’ you put your head against his back and held onto him tighter, afraid that you really were dreaming, and he would disappear from your arms and you’d wake up in bed.

Jongin turned around and put his arms around you, bringing you closer to him. ‘Do you really mean that?’ he whispered to you. You could only look into his eyes and nod your head with a smile on your face.

‘So… can I kiss you? For real this time?’ he asked softly.

‘Yes,’ you whispered, and the world around you seemed to disappear the moment his soft lips touched yours. This kiss was different from the time he kissed you on set. This one was meaningful, but most importantly, it was real.

Nothing had to be pretend anymore.

A/N: Sorry if that sucked. I’ve never watched WGM before, only three episodes(?) So I’m not entirely sure what really goes on in the show, so I deeply apologise if I have made any mistakes regarding the show. 

I hoped you enjoyed it.


runa-storm  asked:

“I thought you were my friend so I slapped your ass in greeting” for the ask meme, with one of the pairings from the ML infamous love square maybe?? *runs away*

@runa-storm Ah, sorry this is so late! I ended up going a little more ham on it than expected ahahaha. And I wrote Adrinette, ofc. I’m putting most of it under the cut, and I’ll gift it to you over on Ao3 :D

It was a busy day in the shopping district of Paris, everyone eager to get out while the sun was shining. There were tourists and Parisians packed wall to wall, Marinette huddled in a corner as she lifted up on to her tippy toes to try and get a better vantage point. Being short below average height in a courtyard full of people was a struggle, to say the least, and it didn’t help that her shopping buddy was nowhere to be found. Her and Nathanaël had been planning this outing for a while since they hadn’t gotten a chance to spend much time together since the school year ended.

Theirs was a bit of an odd friendship. Though Nath used to have a crush on Marinette back in junior high, he’d gotten over it by the time they were entering the same arts school. The two stuck together, it was just them at the charter school and not anyone else from their old class, and ended up becoming close friends.

That day they were supposed to be hanging out, but it had been fifteen minutes and Marinette hadn’t seen hide nor hair of the boy.

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Summary: Damon’s love for you, his baby sister, comes into question when Kai makes him choose between you and Elena. 

Requested? Yes by an anon :) 

A/N: So I mention BTVS in this and in no way am I saying it’s a bad show. It is actually one of my all time favourites!

Damon, Stefan, and Y/N Salvatore. The siblings that should never be messed with because everyone knows that their bond is unbreakable.

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They see their Indian wife wearing a lehanga for Diwalin (EXO)

I hope this is the proper thing as the title!

Xiumin: -his breath caught in his throat when he saw you in your lehanga- “woah. You look so good”

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

Suho: -he always gave you a cute smile when you wore your festive garb. You look so good in his opinion- “perfect”

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Lay: -he was helping you pick it out and he was thrilled to see how good you looked in it- “yay! Another great choice”

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Baekhyun: -he’d be telling you how you looked so perfect in your lehanga- “perfect like always hun”

Originally posted by osehu

Chen: -he instantly started complimenting you about your look seeing how gorgeous you looked-  “you know I love when you wear those baby” 

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Chanyeol: -he got so happy he wanted to take as many pictures together as he could- “yeah baby you look so good I just want to take a bunch of pictures of us as we can”

Originally posted by essentyeol

D.O: -he’d stop whatever he was doing and look at you in your lehanga. He just loved how it all hung on you- *gif*

Originally posted by kyeonsu

Kai: -he loved when you wore your lehanga it was always so festive and gorgeous- “you look wonderful. Are you comfortable in it?” 

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Sehun: -he kept looking you up and down taking in the lovely garment- “you look perfect my dear”

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requested by anon

“You-You cheated on me?” You asked. Kai hung his head, he’d felt guilt before but not like this.

“I need you to give me one more chance, (y/n).” He begged you, “Please.”

“Why should I, Kai?” You exclaimed, “You cheated on me with my friend. That’s not something I can forgive!”

“I’m sorry, please; you have to believe me. I’m sorry, (y/n). Don’t leave.”

Tears built in your eyes - he was sorry but you couldn’t forgive him, “Yeah, I’m sorry, too.” You murmured before walking out.


Summary: You had always viewed Kai in a certain way, but it changed one night when he was seen in a different light. Based on Starlight by Taylor Swift.

Member: Kai x Reader

Type: Fluff

Length: 1,722 words

When I was younger, I went through a T. Swift phase, so I couldn’t resist writing about this. And to use Kai- this was a win/win situation for me (: I hope you enjoy it!

-Admin Gray

Originally posted by daenso

“How about ice-skating?” You offered up, the blood rushing to your head as you hung off the bed. Kai stared over at you with bored eyes, flicking at your nose until you shooed his hand away. He sighed at your words, throwing his head back to stare up at the ceiling. Humming in thought, he mulled over your suggestion for only a moment before he shook his head in rejection. You smacked your lips in argument, sitting up and turning to face him. 

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Broken Hearts Pt. 2

Part 1

I sat on the edge of my chair, bouncing my leg, filled with nervousness.  I was sitting in on my husbands, Sehun, meeting, and it wouldn’t have been as bad if Chanyeol didn’t suggest/beg Sehun to sit in on the meeting to take “notes.” I guess I understood why he needed to be here but why did he sit next to me? Sehun sat comfortably in his chair with his hand on my thigh and a pen in between his lips, listening to a man from an upcoming company ramble about how Sehun should invest in their merchandise.  

“If you put at least 2 million dollars into this, you will surely make your money back and more,” the man rose his eyebrows at Sehun, biting his lip, waiting for Sehun’s reply.

“And you said I get 25% of the company if I invest 2 million, is that correct, Suho?” his face was completely stone, no one could read any of his emotions.

“Correct, Mr. Oh,” Suho let out a shy smile.

Sehun’s face changed to a smirk as he hummed lightly, “hmmm, how about.. instead of 2 million, I put in 1.5 and I get 30%?”

Suho started rambling about how he couldn’t agree to that.  Sehun let out a small laugh, “Suho, you have to trust me.  If you give me 30%, I can ensure that your company will last for centuries.  I can ensure your kids, Sara and Julie, that is their name isn’t it? But anyway, I can ensure that they get into the best colleges, and who knows? Maybe they’ll be blessed enough to marry my sons.”

“Ho-How did you you know my daughters names?”

“Nothing is a secret, you must know that.  We’re a very powerful and influential company, having us as a partner would be in your best interest, think of your daughters,” Sehun’s face was back to being blank.

Chanyeol leaned over and spoke softly into my ear, “I love when he does this.  It’s a scare tactic, I have never seen him fail.”  

Suho looked at Sehun, trying to read his face.  “I will accept 1.5 milion in exchange for 30% of the company.”

Sehun broke out a huge smile, “brilliant choice, Suho.  I’ll have my people meet up with your people and we will have this signed by next Thursday so we can start production immediately.” Sehun squeezed your thigh and stood up.  He walked up to Suho and shook his hand.

“So, (Y/N), tell me the truth.  Did you really want to marry him or are you doing what your daddy told you to do, again?”  Chanyeol said quietly, the last part was filled with venom.

“It’s, it’s honestly none of your business..  We’re married and that’s final.” Why is he being like this to me?  It wasn’t my fault that we were separated.  

“Alright, I just have to ask though, do you miss when I had you quivering in my arms in pleasure?” my cheeks turned pink and I closed my hands into tight fists.  He chuckled as he watched my reaction. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

“(Y/N), come over here please?”  I walked up to Sehun and Suho.  “This is my beautiful wife, (Y/N).”

“Ah, yes! The daughter of the head of Naxus, I am so happy to meet you.  I’m sorry I couldn’t attend your wedding yesterday, my daughter had a piano recital,” he smiled at me, and I couldn’t help to smile back.  

“It’s okay, don’t worry about it.  Children come first, then business,” I smiled, I wished my parents had that priority.  It was always business than child.  

“So, what about you guys? Any plans for children or have you already started?” Suho let out a chuckle.

“Oh, well, we’re definitely interested in children, and we should probably get started soon, right, (Y/N)?”  Sehun laughed lightly.

“Right, honey,” I didn’t even think about children with Sehun.  I looked up at Sehun, I hope they get his eyes and his smile.  I smiled at him, but something in my mind was telling me to turn around.  I turned my head slightly and saw Chanyeol sitting awkwardly in the chair, with a scowl on his face, obviously hearing the conversation.  

“Well, it was great to see you today and I am so relieved we got this deal worked out, I’m going to leave and go tell my family.  Thank you so much, Mr. Oh.”  Suho said.

“Please, Suho.  We are partners, call me Sehun.”

“Okay, Sehun.  I’ll get going, have a great day, (Y/N).”

“You too, Suho,” Suho left the room.  Sehun grabbed my hand and started leading me towards his office.  

“Chanyeol, (Y/N) and I are going to be busy for a bit so please don’t disturb me with anything unless it’s very important.  And by important I mean, one of my parents died,” Sehun said nonchalantly.  

“Yes sir,” I turned to see Chanyeol standing with disgust written all over his face.  I didn’t understand why he was making that face, what was going on.

Sehun pulled me into his office and closed the door behind me, my eyes widened.  “Don’t get the wrong idea, we don’t have to have sex until you want to or are ready to.  But I think we should talk about kids..  We are a power couple, obviously, that is why our parents put us together.  But.. I understand if you don’t want them because you don’t love me.  We don’t have to.. If you don’t want to. Like.. Sex isn’t a issue and you know, I don’t have to have sex all the time, or anything.”  He was completely different than the man that was in meeting.  He wasn’t in control or manipulating, he was honest, sweet, and genuine.  It was super cute.

I laughed, “well, it’s exactly what you said.  We are a power couple.  Our companies need each other and for us to have children, it would be great for us.  Our children would be strong and are the future to both companies.  I want children.. With you.”

“Do you want kids with me because of business or because of me?” Sehun’s voice was low and soft.  

“Honestly.. I don’t know. I don’t know what I’m feeling towards you right now.  I think.. It’s because of you. I think I want you but I’m not sure.  But I know that I want kids and we should probably start before we get too much older,” I started taking off my heels, all of a sudden I felt heat start to build in my core.  I was ready for this.  It had been 2 years since I had an intimate relationship with anyone, 2 years since Chanyeol..  

“What are you doing? Wait, no, no! We can’t,” Sehun rushed to stop me from pulling off my dress.

“Why? What’s wrong? Do you not want to?” I looked up at him in confusion.  

“What? Of course I want to, god I want to.. But I want it to be special? I don’t think I want our first time to just be in my office, no matter how hot that would be to see you bent over my des-,” he let out a breathe.  “Let me just make it super special, okay? You deserve meaningful love making, not a quick fuck. I’ll give you that.” He smiled brightly at me.

I blushed and my heart started to beat fast, I walked up to him and wrapped my arms around his neck, burying my head into his chest.  “Thank you, Sehun.  It means so much to me.”  He wrapped his arms around my waist and I felt more of the cold barricade around my heart start to melt.

“You’re probably starving after that long meeting, right?” I nodded my head, “alright, let’s go out for lunch.  I know the perfect place.”  He led me out and I didn’t turn my head to look back at Chanyeol.  Chanyeol, I need to fall out of love with you, I need to love Sehun.. Please leave me alone, I prayed inside of my head.  

Chanyeol POV:

I watched her, the love of my life, leave out of the building hand in hand with that arrogant boss of mine Sehun. Why did he get to have her? Oh right.  He has money and I’m just an assistant.  I let out a growl and I brought my phone out of my pocket.  

I dialed a number and it rang twice before a voice answered, “what do you need, Chanyeol?”

“Nice to talk to you too, Kai.  Listen, do you and Kyungsoo still plant shit on people?”  

I heard a deep chuckle, “What do you need done, Chanyeol? Give me a name and a place and I can put the gun and drugs in.”

“No I don’t need that kind of plant.  But could you get ahold of women’s underwear? Like a thong?” I bit his lip.  It was a bit of an odd request but I’m sure Kai and Kyungsoo would do it for the right price.

“Thong? Are you planning on ruining someone’s relationship? This is great, I’ve never been hired for this kind of job before.”

“How much do you need?” I said in a low voice.

“For you, Chanyeolie, it’s for free.  Text me the information and consider it done.”  And Kai hung up.  I smirked, Sehun..  Oh, Sehun, enjoy the storm coming your way, and (Y/N) you will be mine, again.

After much demand, it’s finally here! Thank you so much for reading, it means the world to me.  So, who wants a part three?

Admin Cindi

Visiting Past

Part 2

By: dinrovachaos

Author Notes: This one is a little longer. It’s also kinda slow going due to the need of actually having a mystery to solve and such, but most detective type deals I’ve seen are slow at the beginning. Hopefully I can get the next bit up on Monday or Tuesday so you guys aren’t too bored.

Warnings: None. Unless you have an aversion to tea. If so, look away now.

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Kai : Angel, You're Back... [Requested - Mini Scenario]

“What are you doing now?” Kai asked as he stared out of the window where he could picture your angelic face with a hand on the glass – wishing he could just hold onto you but it’s been six months since you left to the states to help out under your father’s company. You were going to be there for a year considering your father needed help desperately and for Kai to be here alone, he was making him suffer day by day but thank God you were able to call him every day and he means it – every day you called him.

Even though certain days you could only talk for a few minutes or so, he was thankful that you could talk to him for a long while today – which made him very happy.

“I’m just… really tired I guess. I was sleeping a moment ago.” You meekly replied, causing him to smile at your cuteness, he could easily picture your sleepy face and how he would love to tuck you in, putting his arms around you just to keep you warm but he couldn’t. He had his job here as well – he had his own responsibilities too and he couldn’t just fly to the states and use the excuse ‘I miss my girlfriend terribly’. Although, that wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

“Kai?” You called him out softly, causing him to reply you with a soft, “Yes, angel?

“Do you miss me?”

He chuckled lightly, without hesitation, he answered truthfully, “I miss you every day, angel.

“How much do you miss me?” You cheekily asked as you walked towards the door.

“I miss you so much where I’m grateful if I see you in my dreams. Your voice, your face, just you, angel. I want you here so badly. Even if it’s just for a few days, a few hours, that’s all I want. I miss you so much, angel…” You found him answering you with all his heart that you manage to smile quietly, heart warming up to his words that never failed to make you smile.

“Then I have a gift for you, Kai. Go open the door now. You’ll see a gift you’d like very much.”

With that, you hung up and waited.

Kai on the other hand, furrowed his eyebrows, “Angel. Angel?” His eyes widened when he realized that you hung up, pulling his phone away from his ear he sighed. “I wanted to talk for a little while more…” He huffed softly but he pushed himself up, tossing his phone aside on the sofa as it hit the wall gently but he didn’t care, he just missed you so desperately. As he walked towards the door, he opened it and the moment he did, he felt his heart stopping when you were standing there with a light blue summer dress on that covered up to your knees while the sleeves covered up till your elbows. Your hair was swept to one side as you let it down naturally, bringing that glow onto your face that you’d always carry around. “Surprise?” You had your hands up at the side of your head, facing up to show him that you were the gift and he stared at you with his eyes wide open. The moment his lips curled up into a smile, he had already crushed you in his embrace, not believing that you were there.

“Angel, please tell me this isn’t a dream.” He mumbled in your hair, taking in the scent of you and you giggled, hugging him back as you wrapped your arms around his lean body. “It’s not a dream, Kai.” You assured him quietly and he didn’t reply a thing as he was just so busy hugging you - he didn’t know his day could get better but it already did.

He hugged you so tight, you could practically felt as if air was squeezed out of your lungs. “I missed you so much, angel.”

“You’re going to miss me even more if you don’t let me go…!” You managed to breathe out and he let you go immediately to let you breathe properly. He chuckled as he looked down on you happily – the dull colors in his life had brightened up just like that as you were finally here with him. He knew you would probably need to go back again, but it didn’t matter as long as you were back here for him to hold. He ruffled your hair when he could see how flustered you were because of that hug. “You really miss me, huh?” You joked softly, hitting your chest as he grinned at you, lifting you over his shoulder as he pulled your luggage in but right after that, he kicked the door shut. Your hands lightly hit his back, wanting him to put you down, “Kai! I’m wearing a dress!”

“It’s going to come off very soon, angel.” He spoke up with a grin, heading towards the bedroom that made you chuckle lightly. “Really, Kai? The moment I get back here and the first thing you want to do is this?”

He made you lie down on the bed with him hovering above you as he caged you in, hands pushing your dress up higher and higher to reveal your smooth skin. “Do you have anything against that, angel?”

You shook your head, arms going around his neck to pull him down, “Take me, Kai.”

“With pleasure, my angel.”