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Can you do Justlex and #2 please?

2. “I’m going to kiss you now.”

Justin and Alex sat on the hood of Alex’s car, eating the McDonald’s the blonde had brought them. Justin had never gone into a lot of detail about his home life, but Alex knew it all, Justin was stupid if he thought Alex didn’t know, so the blonde made sure he always paid when they hung out.

They’d been close for a few months. It started one night when they’d hung out with the boys, Alex voiced his concern over how high Justin had gotten recently. The brunette pretended to be angry, he got all sassy and defensive, but deep down he was just happy that someone finally seemed to care enough to show concern.

Justin tried to be subtle while clinging more to Alex. He’d always sit beside him at lunch, step just a little closer to Alex when someone else spoke to the boy, send him emoji texts from across the table as though they had inside jokes. He hoped no one had noticed, especially Alex, especially since he’d developed feelings for the blonde.

It wasn’t supposed to be like that. At first it was selfish, just taking what Alex gave, and using him to make himself feel better, to have one decent friend. But Alex wasn’t the guy you could use. He had those worried, questioning eyes, and those soft but reassuring hands. Alex was sweet, but he also demanded you let him help you, and that’s where Justin got trapped.

“I know we’ve known each other for a while, but talking from when we actually got close… it’s our three month frienniversary,” Alex broke the silence,


“Friend anniversary… or like, at least I think it’s been three months, something like that, or two, I don’t know…” Alex shied away when he noticed Justin had begun to stare,

“You’ve been counting?” Justin asked,

“No, I just… Facebook gave me a memory of a picture from the party that night,”

“I thought Facebook only did that yearly…”

Alex looked back over his shoulder, away from Justin as he blushed, “oh, yeah,”

“Alex, have you been counting? Justin wondered,

“It’s like… this stupid game thing,” Alex mumbled as he looked down to his fidgeting hands, “every time I get close to someone, I count the days until they leave again. Most people reach around 25, that’s the average. The highest was 53. Except for you, who is now on 92,”

“Why do you count?”

“Self-inflicted torture I guess,” Alex shrugged, “don’t act like you don’t do it.”

It broke Justin’s heart, but the little quirk of day counting was also just so adorable to him. He wondered if Alex put the start date on his phone, or if he had a timer, maybe he crossed off the dates on a calendar. The last thought made Justin’s stomach flutter. Would Alex really have evidence of him in his room? The boy had given off signals that he liked him, but was Justin just overanalysing?

“This is about more than a frienniversary, right? That’s where this conversations going?”

Alex nodded.

Justin smiled, “good… I’m going to kiss you now… and you better be prepared for me to further smash that record.”