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In the future, the super rich have achieved immortality for hundreds of years, granting more power than ever. They forgot one thing though, that one hero of the middle class 500 years ago who stole the serum for themselves…you.

Can i just say, any fic out there that has Victor taking a sleeping Yuuri’s glasses and putting them in his coat pocket or carry on or anything when theyre on a plane together so they dont get ruined automatically wins my heart. Thats the most sappy romantic shit to exist and i /love/ it

like in my heart I am the type of student who at this point in the semester is like “fuck it I don’t care”

but in my HEART OF HEARTS I am the type of student who misses one question on the final and I still have a 101% in the class SO OBVIOUSLY IT DID NOT HURT ME IN THE LEAST but i do an optional extra credit for two extra points anyway because it’s the goddamn principle of the thing

also three things are not yet graded so it might be necessary

Me: Anakin eats live bugs is a dead meme. I’m so sick and tired of it.

*trips and thousands of full color photographs of Anakin slurping up some Good Bug™ fall out of the pockets of my trench coat*

Me, sobbing and trying to collect them all as hundreds more fall out of my pockets: thESE AREN’T MINE. I’M HOLDING THEM FOR A FRIEND. I DON’T KNOW HOW THEY GOT THERE.

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What is this meme thing? I haven't been on in a few days and I'm confused lol

lol I can understand where that would be confusing it’s pretty much all tumblr is rn…

basically a video resurfaced (here) and it basically just shows liz and daniella saying how much ariana sings and then victoria is like “i think we ALL sing” because she is very clearly bitter that victorious was supposed to be her breakout moment but ariana was destined to be a pop superstar and she is just pretty mediocre.

then, the memes came. examples here and here they’re insane and if you look up “ariana victoria” on twitter you will find hundreds more and they are my life line and everything I didn’t realize I needed but now I can’t imagine life without

then, I found another video and gif-ed it and I’m assuming that’s how you found my blog lol

p.s. also ariana liked one of matt’s tweets about it which means they’ve definitely seen the memes and I’m crying i wonder which one is her favorite

deh hc where evan just loves to be held especially by connor because he has the warmest hugs ever and comfiest chest to lean on and snuggle into but often has an awful wrench of pot so connor usually has to wear lots of cologne or something flowery because evan likes the smell of flowers and just freshness. connor on the other hand loves to hold him because a happy evan means a happy connor plus evan giggling in his arms is the cutest sight to see.


i really like the 100% love theory ❤️💕

date someone who inexplicably is followed by a thousands and thousand of birds
Different species but all black. And when you ask where they come from, they’ll open their mouth, releasing a hundred more

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in australia. where are good bugs

Australia has the fattest heaviest cockroach in the world, the burrowing rhinoceros roach!

They live for over ten years (most roaches only live 1-3), the male and female raise a small litter of babies together in a burrow and they eat only dried eucalyptus leaves.

There was a boom in them as pets for a while, and they were nicknamed “litter bugs.” Australia’s export laws are so tough however, and these roaches take SO long to reproduce, that here in the U.S. a single live one is worth around a hundred bucks or more!

You also have access to some pretty large, impressive phasmids (stick and leaf insects), and of course all those excellent spiders.

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do you know any abused!harry fics? i mean, fics where the order or his schoolmates find out how actuallh difficoult it is for him to deal with the abusive adults around him like the dursleys or umbridge or idk pretty much anyone

i also got this ask at the same time:

Harry James Potter fic rec? (Basically your favorites in character fics with the main focus being on Harry and how he deals with stuff?)

so here’s some of my fave harry fics - sorted into ones that deal with abuse in some form and others that don’t:


  • these cuts i have by melindaleo - post-war recovery, weasley bonding
  • realizations by wishweaver - post-GoF summer au (incomplete)
  • reading the signs by goldencompass - first year, temporarily mute!harry, snape adopts harry (one sequel)
  • the guiltless by kilara25 - sixth year au, snape as mentor/guardian (one sequel)
  • claustrophobia by celebony - post-OotP summer au, weasleys adopt harry
  • helping hand by putmoneyinthypurse - fifth year insert au, trio friendship
  • family night by celebony - sixth year au, snape adopts harry, emotionally abusive remus lupin for plot purposes
  • broken dreams by shadowarwen - post-OotP summer au, sirius returns
  • recnac transfaerso by celebony - fifth year au, eventual sirius adopts harry (two sequels + companion fics)
  • a hero by celebony - post-OotP summer au one-shot, dudley pov
  • in care of by fang’s fawn - post-OotP summer au, snape-as-eventual-rescuer
  • dead men don’t bleed - orphaned on ao3, post-GoF summer au, sirius adopts harry (three sequels/companion fics)
  • a year like none other by aspeninthesunlight - sixth year au, snape adopts harry (two sequels - third fic is incomplete)
  • it’s a hollow play by stagnight - fifth year au wip, suicide attempt/recovery 
  • strength in weakness by littleforest - sixth year au wip, snape as mentor
  • the mark of a hero by littleforest - post-OotP summer au wip
  • whore - orphaned on ao3, post-PS/SS au but spans the entire seven years, major focus on sexual themes/involves graphic assault (two sequels + companion fics)
  • sticks, stones and broken bones by littleforest - pre-Hogwarts au wip, weasley bonding
  • after dinner discussions by aeramus - fifth year insert au one-shot
  • defensive magic by jocelyn - post-OotP summer au one-shot

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