hundredknights  asked:

I don't get why everyone thinks Mika's 'obsession' with Yuu is unhealthy, but when other characters like Mikasa (for example) are even crazier and more obsessed with a person, it's okay? (I love Mikasa, but it's true)

Both Mikaela and Mikasa have very good reasons for being the way they are towards their respective loved one what with the things they’re going through.

I’d say neither relationship is very healthy because (well, I’m not sure about Mikasa because I don’t read the manga, but) both are relationships of dependence.
Mika goes wherever Yuu wants and has no other option but do what he wants (even reluctantly) because he has nobody else and has no other reason to live.
That is not healthy, and if they were in a modern/normal situation the relationship would be pretty difficult.

But they’re not. They’re in a situation where Mika’s fears and paranoia over Yuu’s safety are 100% justified, just like Mikasa’s.

And let me remind you all this:

No relationship in Owari is actually healthy. All of them are pretty fucked up as of now, for obvious reasons.

So when I say “Mika and Yuu’s relationship is not healthy” I don’t mean it’s something abnormal or that they’re the only ones. No.
This blog is about Mika/Yuu for a reason. I’m not going to spend my time explaining why each and every single relationship in this series is unhealthy.

Now, do not make the mistake of confusing the words unhealthy and abusive.

Yuu/Mika is not an abusive relationship. It’s just unhealthy because the situation does not allow either of them to heal, but they’re not abusing each other in any way.
If anything, they’re trying to protect each other in the best way they can in their own way…

Obsessive relationships are not healthy. Believe me… I’d been in one.
Mika’s obsession is not that bad, though. He’s protective but at least he’s not possessive and he doesn’t expect anything from Yuu apart from his safety.