reminiscing about that time with my man, Benjamin Franklin, and I fed some mouths and looking forward to more adventures with him and all his millions of twins!!! I used to feel like it was bad to like money, but I realized, that if I want to have it in abundance, it’s necessary to like, feel good about it and also get excited about it! I get so excited thinking about how I can not only buy high quality food and items in my life with more money, but that I can bless other people’s lives the more I have… When I pay someone, I contribute to their quality of life in so many ways… I’m so happy to be a part of that. And in the same topic, what is up with hating on rich people? Don’t you want money? It seems hard to get what you want when you have a bone to pick with those who have what you want! And realistically speaking, rich people come in all flavors… sweet or sour. We can choose to do so much good with money and spend, invest and save with love! #benjaminfranklins #money #moneytalk #intheflow #manifestitbaby #cash #dollars #hundreddollars #goodvibes #blessingsonblessings

With the holidays right around the corner… It’s time you pick out a real gift for someone you care about… A real one of a kind kinda gift… You know. Well how about this #HarleyDavidson #Motorcycle #CoffeeTable. Nothing but rad #HarleyMotorcycle flicks, a nice sheet of glass over the photos and a fresh looking wood border to bring it all together. If you’re interested in purchasing this table, make a fast, secure and easy payment of $300 to thru PayPal and I will have it shipped out the same day. Payment includes shipping, insurance for the total $300 and tracking. You won’t be disappointed. Look thru the many photos of other people who have purchased a table from me… #InstagramCoffeeTable #HarleyMotorcycle #MotorcycleLife #Harley_Davidson #Harley-Davidson #HD stands for #HundredDollars #Cycle #HarleyWheelies #TwoWheelsForever #ForeverTwoWheels