supercorp goes to the fair
  • Lena: i will pay for the tickets, it can't be more than like $200
  • Kara: it is maybe forty at most and that it still a bit of a rip off
  • Lena: what that is super cheep
  • ``````````````````````````````````````````````
  • kara: do you want to get funnel cake
  • Lena: sure, it should only be what fifty dolars
  • Kara: no Lena no
  • `````````````````````````````````````````````````
  • Kara: we should go get more tickets for rides
  • Lena: what do those cost twenty a piece?
  • Kara: no just no
  • ````````````````````````````````````````````````
  • Kara: do you want dinner?
  • Lena: sure *pulls out four hundred dollars*
  • Kara: how many times have you actually been in the real world cause stuff usually costs under forty dollars Lena
BTS REACTS TO: Bringing them to Jamaica

Anon Asked:  Hi great blog can you please do Bts and got7 reaction to you bringing them to Jamaica

Anon Asked: Hi can you please do a Bts reaction to bringing them to Jamaica on honeymoon please

There’s a shit ton of Jamaica-based requests and i got a rising suspicion its from the same person lmao 

Read the Got7 one as well ya bums. - Admin Dayna


Being a couple of foodies require adventures on the streets of Concrete jungle. Vendors and Street merchants chanting on run down slippers and under the shades of wooden shacks.

“Coconut! Coconut!”

“Wata! Wata!”

“Bag juice! Bag juice!”

An older rasta man on the street side roasted fish and breadfruit over smoking banana tree branches, serving the meal together for a hundred Jamaican dollars. Seokjin enthusiastically pointed at the vendor, smacking your shoulder a little too hard. At this point you’ve gotten used to the abuse… it has become a staple in your honeymoon.

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He tries to be active and partake in the festivities, but it usually just ends with him running inside, showering off the saltiness of the island atmosphere and sea, and taking one long ass nap. You don’t necessarily blame Yoongi either. His attempts have blessed you with some great videos and candid shots of him – some of which he fights you on deleting, but you’ve kept safe in a locked album.

The honeymoon has exposed the dorkier side of Yoongi that was truthfully a side of him you loved to see the most. A day of frolicking at the shore side, drinking rum and sorrel, and goofy drunk Yoongi slip ups always ended with a bomb ass nap.

Good shit.

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Science in the United State of California

California scientists push to create massive climate-research program - Nature

Effort backed by the state’s flagship universities comes as US President Donald Trump shrugs off global warming.

California has a history of going it alone to protect the environment. Now, as US President Donald Trump pulls back on climate science and policy, scientists in the Golden State are sketching plans for a home-grown climate-research institute — to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars per year.

The initiative, which is backed by California’s flagship universities, is in the early stages of development. If it succeeds, it will represent one of the largest US investments in climate research in years. The nascent ‘California Climate Science and Solutions Institute’ would fund basic- and applied-research projects designed to help the state to grapple with the hard realities of global warming.

The project could be funded by revenue from the state’s cap-and-trade programme to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, but its political prospects are unclear. Advocates say they have received a warm reception from California Governor Jerry Brown, but a spokesperson for Brown would say only that “discussions are ongoing”. The proposal must also clear the state legislature.

people who have the time and money to spend hundreds of dollars on high-end makeup only to mash it up into shit looking piles of mess for stim videos are chaotic evil entities and will get the guillotine when the revolution comes

I love PTA Sans. No matter the AU. 


Helen: It looks like we’ll have to cut funding for the talent show. 

Sans: wait, hold up- what? that’s such crap! why? 

Helen: Well if we want to make the exchange for only gluten free lunches, we’ll have to. 

Sans: what? but there are, like, fifteen other lunch choices without gluten, and the kids can just bring their own lunch- 

Helen: Sans, you’ll just have to deal with it, okay? These lunches are more important than the talent show. 

Sans: Helen, for the love of god, i did not spend all night cutting out box tops just to hear the shit that spills from your mouth.


Daniel: Well I just think monsters and humans should be separated in the sports teams.

Sans: what? why the fuck would we do that? the teams are perfectly fine, fuckface.

Daniel: It’s unfair to some of the human players, Sans.

Sans: oh, just ‘cause your kid can’t kick a ball fer shit?

Daniel: *huffs* I’m just trying to make it fair.

Sans: no, it sounds like you’re tryna make it segregation.

Daniel: This meeting is for all of our children, not just yours. Just because Frisk works well with monsters, doesn’t mea-

Sans: who gives a fuck?! all your kids are shit!


Linda: *sees Papyrus* *smirks and walks over with Helen* Hello Papyrus. Sorry your plan for that field trip didn’t go through. 

Papyrus: *shrugs* eh. it happens. it looks like we won’t take the kids to the science museum after all.

Helen: We just don’t have the money to go to there. Maybe we can take them to the local library. That’s far more affordable and interesting to the childre-

Papyrus: the fuck? ha, no. we actually have over twenty thousand bucks for our field trip.

Linda and Helen: *gawk* What? How?!

Papyrus: my bro’s the head booster mom. they just had a fundraiser.

Sans: *bursts in through the door with arms full of cash* WE’RE GOING TO EUROPE! MWEH HEH HEH!

~Swapfell~ ~Fellswap~ ~Whatever the fuck you call the yellow one~

Sans: *looks at his clipboard* *storms over to Gloria* YOU! PARTICULARLY FLESHY HUMAN! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT?

Gloria: *blinks in surprise* Huh? What do you mean?


Gloria: It’s only how much my daughter could sel-


Gloria: Sans, we’ve already sold most of the cookie dough! We don’t-



Sans: *goes over to the snack table* Whoa. *picks up a pumpkin-shaped cookie that’s well designed* whoa. nice work, Sadie. been years since I’ve had cookies. *is about to eat one*

Suzanne: *rushes over* Oh dear. *snatches cookie away and sighs* I told her not to make those Halloween themed cookies! She knows we cancelled the Halloween themed party next week.

Sans: whoa, what? c’mon, why?

Suzanne: Well, we didn’t want to offend your people.

Sans: “my people”?

Suzanne: Why don’t you have some of my non-offensive brownies instead?

Sans: Suz, i’d rather starve than eat your brownies.

Suzanne: Oh yeah! I’m sorry, Sans. I forgot your people are all anorexic.

Sans:…….. hey, why don’t you and your family come over t’dinner, sometime? my bro’s cooking’s to die for. s’on me, pumpkin *winks*


Sans: *brought some of Asgore’s scones to the meeting*

Lillian: Oh, are these scones? *tries one* Bleh!? ARE these scones?

Sans: *sighs* yes, they are. is there a problem?

Lillian: Whoever made these needs a few cooking lessons. A few dozen.

Sans:…… *picks up phone and begins to dial*

Lillian: Who are you calling?

Sans: for your lesson. *the call picks up*

Toriel: Hey, Sa-

Sans: she insulted the scones.

*the call goes dead*

Toriel: *bursts through the window* WHO THE FUCK-?!


Helen: Alright, so far I am leading the sales with over two hundred dollars. *smiles to herself* I suppose my Suzy is just determined to help out our school.

Sans: *rolls his eyelights*

Helen: And Sans? How much did Frisk raise?

Sans: two thousand.

Helen: *sputters* Thousand?! How?!

Sans: candles weren’t doin’ it for us. we tried something else.

Helen: *hesitant to ask* What… did you sell?

Sans: well, we decided it was a good idea to post my picture up on craigslist and-


Sans: Paps and the queen were happy to help, too.

Helen: That’s illegal! It’s a crime!

Sans: boo, the only crimes here are your lemon squares and that getup.


Martha: It just shouldn’t be mandatory to vaccinate our children!

G: *sighs and rubs face* look, Martha, if you don’t vaccinate your kids, they’re gonna fucking die.

Martha: I am NOT letting those people pump those shots of retardedness into my child.

G: that’s not even a proven-

Martha: I’m sorry; what kind of certification do YOU have?!?

G:*blinks and digs into his pocket* huh? whoa. what’s this? *pulls out his PhD* whoa! huh, i didn’t even know that was in there. *looks at Martha* weird, huh?


Helen: My child has straight A’s.

Linda: My child made class president.

Sans: my child flew into outer space and freed an entire race. *puts on sunglasses* far out, bitches. *disappears*