Laser-engraved DOOM wood poster 

(Holy mackerel!!)

Dimensions: 390 x 290 mm x 16 mm (15.5 x 11.5 x 5/8 inch)

Pine wood


Doom is considered to be one of the pioneering first-person shooter games.
Our wood engraved poster has an impressive set of tactile details which only the woodcarving can give.You can actually touch the fearful Doom Monster and the shooter’s motorcycle helmet.
Make yourself or your dear one the most unique and original Doom poster gift you can find. It’s for a lifetime!

If you have a couple hundred of dollars you can get this baby right here.

“i know a lot of people hate tourist season, but it’s really not that bad. today, a little girl came up to me and asked if she could try my shoes on because she thought they were cute, so i let her. and so that’s basically the story of how an eight year old girl stole a two hundred dollar pair of shoes from me and how i ended up walking home barefoot. it was totally worth it, though, if you don’t consider how awful my feet feel now.”

oh dang i mightve actually found a legal loop-hole that might be an issue when it comes to the president nominating themselves as for the supreme court under normal terms

No person who holds an office, the salary or annual compensation attached to which amounts to the sum of two thousand five hundred dollars, shall be appointed to or hold any other office to which compensation is attached unless specially heretofore or hereafter specially authorized thereto by law,

Further commentary which is in all-caps can be found here. It appears that the Act of 1894 only applies to cases where both of the offices in question are accompanied by a fixed salary and that if one of the offices does not then the act does not apply. However both the presidency as well as membership of the Supreme Court are accompanied by fixed salaries set by Congress so this doesnt help. 

While we could of course just say that Congress can pass a law to allow the President exemption from this that would be too easy and anyway Im looking to try and find a legal case to utterly annihilate the system of checks and balances and usher in monarchical tyranny so we need to find a way to get this to work during a Senatorial recess when the President has full power to put in temporary appointments to fill vacancies in the Supreme Court. 

 What might potentially be save this noble cause is the following clause of the Act of 1894 

this shall not apply to retired officers of the army and navy whenever they may be elected to public office or whenever the President shall appoint them to office by and with the advice and consent of the Senate

So if you have a president that is a retired officer of the military then it does seem like the President will be able to nominate themselves  as that would count as a presidential appointment afterall. 

It also appears that there is substantial Common Law precedence giving the President the ability, via Executive Orders, to exempt members of the Executive branch from regulations pertaining to dual-office holdership. This study has the following quote

In January, 1873, President Grant issued an Executive Order which provided that, except as to certain minor offices such as justices of the peace and notaries public, the acceptance by federal officers of state or territorial offices would be deemed to vacate the federal offices held by them, and to operate as a resignation from such offices by such federal officals. 25 By Executive Order of May, 1927, President Coolidge modified the Executive Order of President Grant by the addition of a paragraph providing that any state, county or municipal officer might be appointed as prohibition officer of the Treasury Department to enforce the provisions of the National Prohibition Act, except in those states having constitutional and statutory provisions against state officers holding office under the Federal Government. More recent Executive Orders have limited further the Executive Order of President Grant. In 1933 President Roosevelt exempted Raymond Moley, Assistant Secretary of State, therefrom in order to permit him to hold the position of a member of the committee to collect facts relating to the present administration of justice in New York State (Commission on the Administration of Justice in New York State) . 2 0 By another Order he appointed the following persons, who were then already holding the positions indicated, to serve, without additional compensation, as members of the National Youth Administration: Arthur J. Altmeyer, Second Assistant Secretary; John Studebaker, Commissioner of Education; M. L. Wilson, Assistant Secretary of Agriculture; Lee Pressman, General Counsel, Resettlement Administration; Chester H. McCall, Special Assistant to Secretary of Commerce.2 7

Thus it appears that presidential self-nomination to the Supreme Court seems to be certainly legal if the President is also a retired military officer and possibly legal if they issue an Executive Order allowing this member of the executive branch to possess dual-office holdership

I think.

so many people are paying hundreds of dollars for their prom dress and it makes me feel so bad for some reason because i spent like $30 for mine? it’s like the dollar amount somehow makes something look better or worse. i really like my dress, and i wouldn’t trade it for another, but i just feel inadequate when i see my friends with their expensive dresses ugh

entering the realm of Owning a Domain is so surreal you get so many emails about it and ppl trying to advertise shit to you, like i got a few emails about ppl wanting to sell me custom logos for like hundreds of dollars and its like my guy i made my own logo for the low price of free and it still looks great  i’ll pass


So my sister got Mom an early Valentine’s Day present: betta fish #5.

His name is Daryl (as in Daryl from The Walking Dead), and his middle name is Scotty (from Star Trek). He is a Walmart rescue.

Oh, and speaking of Walmart. It’s not them you should be mad at: be mad at the people shipping the fish over to Walmart. 

Recently my sister’s Walmart switched to a new fish shipping company, and from what I heard and from what she witnesses, as to how they are still in business I have no idea. They lost 200 fish and hundreds of dollars in a week. They did not acclimate the fish at all; just dumped them into the tanks.

The managers are pissed about it, as am I.

Poor Daryl has fin melt from having his back exposed to the surface. But he is doing beautifully, and is a rugged little thing. Oh, and he’s *gasp* red. So I’m pretty sure I’m gonna be paranoid for a day or two. And he has won Mom over, too.