hundred thousand years

But think about Boy King Sam in a hundred years, a thousand years.

Hunters whispering dark tales of one of their own who got compromised, don’t dare raising their voices while talking about him, because He will send his Knight, and the Knight is said to stop at nothing to fulfill his King’s orders.

When they talk about what to hunt and where to be careful, He’s who they think about, without even mentioning it. The Boy King, a legend, a myth, just enough cruelty and blood on his name to make them back off.

They tell stories at the darkest hour of night, about a young man with a crown made of white bone, about his descend into hell and his rise to power. About his desperate brother and his failure to ever bring him back, about how instead of saving him he fell under his spell instead, and till this day, he’s his most loyal servant.

Be afraid of the dark, they say, you know who’s out there.

I saw Catfish for the 3rd time last night and every time they just get better and better. The first time I saw them last March they were playing a small intimate room and now they’ve sold out a full arena tour, I could not be prouder of them. Their future is so bright and I can’t wait to watch them conquer the world :’) 🐊

The Brain Scoop: How Bird Vomit Helps us Understand History

Owl pellets. Many of us dissected them in school, picking apart these congealed masses of regurgitated bones, fur and fluff – aka, bird vomit. But in caves across the world, massive accumulations of these vomit capsules are helping paleontologists reconstruct what ecosystems looked like, and how they changed, over periods of hundreds- to hundreds of thousands of years. 

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You want to see something absolutely ridiculous

it’s this

Thank you everyone for loving Mothman as much as I do.

the first time rey sings to finn he’s still sleep, his spine knitting itself together in the dark and dreaming. (skin is easy, it turns out. nerves are hard.)

(it’s nothing, a song she heard some trader sing as he was repairing his ship, the trader who flashed her a smile, a wink that made her feel oil-slick and foul, but he didn’t touch her and he sang, he sang about stars, and maybe that was what it was supposed to feel like?

                     ….she didn’t have a frame of reference, then.)

the second time, finn’s a hundred thousand light-years away, halfway across the galaxy—maybe more, she’s accustomed to measuring distance in relative terms, but she is not on jakku anymore, she is standing on the grey rocky cliff overlooking a wine-dark sea and longing, longing—

(luke was singing this song to himself, and she’d coaxed the words from him; major calonia startles, a lightyears and parsecs away, when the still-unconscious finn breathes a corellian lullaby.)

the third time she is dreaming and finn is there-not-there. hey, finn murmurs, his voice dipping low, a song in itself. you got a cute boyfriend?

rey hums against his mouth.

(in the interim, finn wakes, with a song half a century old and in huttese on his lips. why are you crying? he asks general organa.

my brother, she says, brokenly, and he pretends to know what she means.)

the fourth time, rey is there, she is clambering into finn’s hospital bed and wrapping her arms around his neck and singing, lover, go with me, into the clover—

what’s clover? finn asks.

I don’t know, rey laughs against his jaw, inhaling the sharp-sweat smell of him, the badly-mixed protein pack and antiseptic. let’s find out.

Picture an animal that is nothing but teeth, jaws and hunger pangs. And then, in the last few hundred thousand years of its evolutionary path, it said “Whatever” and decided to grow a body. Just as an afterthought. That’s pretty much what you get when you look at the goliath tigerfish, the horror movie mouth that evolved a body … a body that is 100 percent inconsequential because LOOK AT THAT MOUTH.

It’s a whole mouth made of Crocodile Dundee’s shark necklace, but if the necklace had a cloning machine and a Dahmer-like temperament. You might even say it’s a shark’s mouth – except it’s not. Because sharks are slick and lean. They may be deadly, but at least you know where you stand with a shark.

The goliath tigerfish of Africa, on the other hand, is practically sporting googly eyes and a cocked mesh trucker hat. Look at it – it’s like Lennie Small but with a mouth full of daggers.

5 Fish Clearly Designed by a Madman

Time travel is possible.

Look up at the stars in the night sky.

The light you see left those stars hundreds or thousands of years ago.

Look at galaxies in a telescope.

The light you see from those galaxies is over a million years old…sometimes billions of years old.

That atoms that make up your body were once at the core of a star that went supernova billions of years ago. The atoms responsible for that star came to be when the universe did.

You are connected to the beginning of time.

Time travel is possible. You already did it.

when is the NHL gonna do something about Tony De Angelo’s racist, sexist and homophobic ass? NHL out here preaching about how everyone is welcome at NHL games and that you fully support minority players yet you won’t ban players with severe records of racially abusing their own teammates and using homophobic slurs. (x)

Stop letting players who openly support Trump and racism on social media get away with their bullshit. Enough with the “in the heat of the moment” excuse for using slurs too. If you’re old enough to play professional hockey and earn a couple hundred thousand dollars a year, you’re old enough to take responsibility for your actions.

terrible wedding songs
  • voice from the back: Please play No Children, its going to be our wedding song!
  • john: That's a terrible wedding song
  • john: Ma'am I wish your wedding all the happiness, and I hope you stay married for a hundred thousand years
  • john: and the two of you, around the 90,000th year, are like "this is too long"
  • john: "I'm begging for the sweet release of death, but it won't come"
  • john: God damn that John Darnielle and the curse he laid upon this marriage, the hundred thousand year marriage
  • john: No one else is left on this burnt planet but us
  • john: This is called No Children, I want to discourage anybody from playing it at their wedding, even though people keep doing it and there's nothing I can do about it
  • john: I'm waiting for someone to say "we played it at our wedding, and the divorce lawyer was already there"
  • john: "he officiated the ceremony"

why are white supremacists telling water protectors to “go gome”… they are home…. thats why they dont want an oil pipeline there….. theyve been there for hundreds if not thousands of years………


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There’s something to be said about the beauty of the night.

Ever since she was a child Lily was fascinated by the night sky, the pinpricks of glowing light, hundreds of thousands of light years away. The stars were the first kind of magic she was exposed to, a different kind from the one she can create with just the flick of her wand.

And now-

Now she cradles Harry, his head tucked away carefully in the crook of her elbow as she points out the constellations for him.

‘-the big dipper, and the little dipper, and that’s polaris, the north star,’ she says, and he looks up at her with large green eyes, lip parted. It’s their version of a night time story, when they stand by the little window that overlooks the front garden, and Lily tells him all that she can remember.

‘Uncle Sirius is named after a star too,’ she says, watching as sleep begins to overtake him. ‘The brightest star. It’s fitting.’

His eyes flutter shut, tiny breaths tickling the inner skin of  her forearm and she turns to lay him in his crib. ‘I’d like to think we all are in some way. Not like the heroes- they’re just tragedies- but we all have that light inside of us, and you Harry, you’re my brightest star of all.’

She brushes a kiss across his forehead before tucking him in, and when she turns, James is there, leaning against the doorframe.

‘Done with tonight’s astronomy lesson?’ he grins, and she smacks him lightly.

‘Don’t be a prick,’ Lily sniffs, and he laughs lowly, slinging an arm around her shoulders.

‘I can’t help it, love, it’s in my DNA,’ he says, leading them back to their room.

‘Let’s hope it’s not in Harry’s then. Then we’d be in a right bind.’

‘You wound me, Evans.’

‘I try my best,’ she says sweetly, and he laughs again, drawing her close.

‘Merlin knows why I love you,’ he murmurs, ghosting his lips over hers.

‘I love you too,’ she replies, before kissing him soundly.

This is what stardust is, she thinks mildly in the back of her mind. This is a comet hurtling past earth, a supernova, all consuming in a way that she loves.

This is love, she thinks, and she sees James and Harry, Sirius and Remus and all of their friends dancing behind her eyes. This is a love too big for her heart, too painful to keep cooped up inside, but it’s beautiful and lovely and she’ll never once try to go without it.

This is her stardust, and those are her bright stars, the ones that fill up her night sky.

The Bigfoot mystery may actually be explained by this extinct creature

Bigfoot, also called Sasquatch, is a mythical human-like, hairy creature whose unproven existence has inspired reports of sightings for years. But there’s actually a long-extinct giant ape called Gigantopithecus that roamed the Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago. And while today’s Bigfoot sightings are probably just wishful thinking, Gigantopithecus was very, very real.

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anonymous asked:

so i'm sure you've heard the news that they've discovered a new organ, and i gotta say it makes me kinda insecure about all the medical knowledge that humans have.. like, how much do we really know? i know that's a bit over the top but i was curious to know if any med students or doctors might feel the same way or kinda get where i'm coming from

We didn’t “discover” a new organ. Mesentery is huge. We’ve know about it for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Trust me, you really can’t miss it when you do a dissection.

Instead of “discovering” mesentery, we reclassified it as an organ because we now understand it’s function more completely. This is specifically why I hate sensationalized news related to medicine, because no one takes time to read past the headline.