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Therapeutic Compression CRIB or TODDLER Size Bed Sheet for kids with Autism, ADHD and Insomnia
A Lycra Compression Bed Sheet stretches over your kids body and gives deep pressure to calm and soothe an over-aroused, disorganized and/or fearful nervous system. This Lycra Compression Bed Sheet will work wonders on children who have a difficult time unwinding, relaxing and calming her/ his body for sleep. Warm till hot polyester cotton mix washable and warm tumble drying program. Fits all Crib Mattresses with the dimensions 20 x 52.

Holy cow, so y’all. A lot of us have sensory issues. A friend of mine has a toddler who is basically me when it comes to this sorta thing. A lot of OTs recommend weighted blankets but those are 1. expensive to try (I mean WHAT IF THEY DON’T WORK?) 2. HOT. 

Now, I haven’t tried these myself because after decades of trial and error I have found what works for me (and I’m claustrophobic…so these frighten me as much as they fascinate lol), but I will tell you that my friend is RAVING about them on facebook. Her toddler has been sleeping through the night finally without getting under his fitted sheet with all his stuffed animals and blankets) and he is taking actual naps. A weighted blanket didn’t work for them (and they were fortunate to be able to borrow one), but these are much more economical. 

These are listed for Crib and toddler beds, but

They make up to a king size.

That’s right. 40 bucks compared to the hundred plus I see for most weighted blankets (and those aren’t even adult sized). 

Now, we know tumblr doesn’t like to allow linked posts in the search results so if y’all could pass this around that would be great. These sheets have already changed the life of a family I know, I’m sure they’d help others. 

Is it possible to dress up like a ghost and fool people into thinking they’ve seen the real deal? Happily there is published research to answer this question, research carried out at no lesser institution than Cambridge University. For six nights in the summer of 1959, members of the Cambridge University Society for Research in Parapsychology took turns dressing up in a white muslin sheet and walking around in a well-traversed field behind the King’s College campus. Occasionally they would raise their arms, as ghosts will do. Other members of the team hid in bushes to observe the reaction of passersby. Although some eighty people were judged to have been in a position to see the figure, not one reacted or even gave it a second glance. The researchers found this surprising, especially given that the small herd of cows that grazed the field did, unlike the pedestrians, show considerable interest, such that two or three at a time would follow along behind the “ghost.” To my acute disappointment, “An Experiment in Apparitional Observation and Findings,” published in the September 1959 Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, includes no photographs.

Several months later, the researchers revised their experiment, changing the venue and adding “low moans” and, on one occasion, phosphorescent paint. One trial was set in a graveyard right off a main road and clearly in the sight line of drivers in both directions. Here observers hid in the bushes not only to record reactions, but to “avert traffic accidents” and “reassure anyone who became hysterical.” But again, not a single person of the hundred-plus who saw the figure thought it was a ghost, including two students from India. “Although we are superstitious in our country,” the men told one of the researchers, “we could see his legs and feet and knew it was a man dressed up in some white garment.”

In their final effort, the research team abandoned traditional ghost-apppropriate settings and moved the experiment into a movie theater that was screening an X-rated film. The author of the paper, A.D. Cornell, explained that the X rating was chosen to ensure no children were traumatized by the ghost, as though that somehow explained the choice of a porn theater as a setting for a ghost experiment. This time the “ghost” walked slowly across the screen during a trailer. The phosphorescence was not used this time and presumably low moans were deemed redundant. No mention is made of the specific images showing on the screen behind the ghost, but clearly they were a good deal more interesting: The audience was polled after the film, and forty-six percent of them didn’t notice the man in the sheet. Among those who did, not one thought he’d seen a ghost. (One man said he’d seen a polar bear.)

—  Spook, by Mary Roach
Manufacture paperwork to fire me? Enjoy your liquor license audit!

I was working at a corporate sports bar at the time. Barely over minimum wage, no insurance, no raises, no future. New store management came in, and it was clear that they were “cleaning house” (I.E. firing all of the old staff to hire their people). Somewhat standard, labor laws in my area allow firing for almost any reason.

I had been down that road before. I needed a paycheck until I found a new job, so I played by their new rules. I did every stupid thing they said. I saw other, more dedicated people fall by the wayside. Eventually management needed a corporate policy violation to fire me.

Finally, one day, they changed the time clock an hour ahead, and fired me for being one hour “late” to work. OK, fair play, 100% legal anyways (they paid for the total number of hours worked), they were just fabricating the lateness for company policy.

[REVENGE BEGINS] After finding that they were fighting my unemployment claim, I filed a formal complaint with the liquor bureau in my state. Their clock said that i was an hour “late”, therefore their official paperwork said that they were selling alcohol an hour after last call. Hundreds per violation, plus automatic license suspension after X violations, and every bar transaction for that hour was a possible violation.

I QUICKLY got corporate attention. My last check was double checked for hours accuracy and overnighted to my front door. Cashier’s check, not standard payroll.I eventually signed a form saying that they were not selling alcohol after hours and they would stop filing frivolous appeals against my unemployment benefits.

The GM was replaced 2 months after I left, and they had repeated staffing problems trying to fill my shoes. Corporate still gives me a stellar job reference to this day.

Professor Turned Call Boy | Taeyong Smut

Can I have a call boy smut with Taeyong? He’s your professor in Uni and you’re stressed so you want someone to help with that 😏 You call and ask for the one under the name “Taeyong” not thinking it would be him despite the same name? You’re both surprised, but he found you a sexy student so he does so anyways (really rough, and daddy kink?) Please and thank you 😊😊

Character: Taeyong (NCT) / gender neutral reader (*ignore the fem in the gif, I swear this is gn*)
Word Count: 2989

Warning: well, smut of course. bad language, slight name calling, no condom, creampie, rough daddy kink, teacher/student kink, call boy?? can’t think of anything else :) enjoy!

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  • Favorite Couple #6 ~ Buffy Summers & Spike ❤

“A hundred plus years, and there’s only one thing I’ve ever been sure of – you. Hey, look at me. I’m not asking you for anything. When I say I love you, it’s not because I want you, or because I can’t have you, and it has nothing to do with me. I love what you are. What you do. How you try. I’ve seen your kindness and your strength. I’ve seen the best and the worst of you, and I understand with perfect clarity exactly what you are. You are a hell of a woman. You’re the one, Buffy.”

You shoot a few things and make it to The Last City (the first of many laughably uncreative names) only to find that The Traveler (told you so!) – this big moon thing in the sky – is badly hurt, or possibly dead, or whatever. The game assumes, perhaps rightly, that you don’t really give a shit.

The point is, “The Light” (double told you so!) is losing its battle against “The Darkness” (okay, I literally can’t keep this up), and it needs your help. You zip around from planet to planet, doing what are probably things for, surely, reasons – turn on a computer, absorb some crystal stuff, shoot a guy with pokey bits on his head – until you eventually meet a female robot, whose allegiances and origins are tantalizingly mysterious. She hints at a brutal alternate future, a team of time-travelling roughnecks breaking all rules to make things right, and a grand mysterious plot churning throughout the universe. It’s almost too tantalizing, but don’t worry – she is abruptly dropped from the game and never mentioned again.

Yes, Destiny somehow achieves the remarkable feat of being both too convoluted, as well as so oversimplified that it feels like a parent explaining the basic concept of morality to a very stupid toddler. But if you’ve already gone through all of the game’s main story – plus hundreds more equally confounding game hours, then ditched the game itself to invest a few weeks sorting out scraps of lore on the terrible website – you’ll find some pretty solid sci-fi hidden in there. And what’s more, it accomplishes a very tough trick: Tying actual game mechanics into the story in a way that both makes sense in the moment, and contributes to the overall world afterward.

How A Great Sci-Fi Epic Got Buried Inside A Video Game

This is the second and last part to the fake girlfriend blurb.


“Are you sure it’s just casual?”

Harry looks up from his phone to a closed door, assuring Y/N for the umpteenth time that tonight’s evening attire is in fact, just casual.

“Nothin’ too dressy, love. S’just the band out for a couple o’drinks. Nothin’ special, other than the fact they’ll be meetin’ ye’ as m’girl.”

“Oh wow, well yeah that certainly calms me some,” Harry can imagine her rolling her eyes, “y’know. Just introducing me as your girl. But yeah, nothing special. Way to make a gal feel good, Styles.”

He smile and nods to himself, “s’not wha I meant, love.”

Y/N can’t even recall how she came about to agreeing to this. The minute she felt Harry’s lips press against the corner of hers, she was putty in his hands. And all she remembers is that he didn’t have to beg much after that.

“Yeah yeah. Have I still got time to back out?”

He can hear her shuffling about in her room as he nears the door, phone tucked away in his jeans pocket the second he pushed himself off the sofa.

“Not a chance,” he leans against the door frame, a hand tugging at the door knob only to find it locked, “almost done? Feel like I’ve been waitin’ ages.”

“You don’t get to rush me,” he feels her voice closer to him than she’d been previously.

“A’right, a’right.” Harry runs a hand through his hair before clasping them together, thumb fiddling with his rings.

A good five minutes pass by before he finally hears Y/N twisting the knob to pull the door open.

“Casual, yeah?”

She steps out in a twirl, the question asked more or so in search of Harry’s approval of her attire rather than to once again clarify if it was casual wear.

“When ye’ gonna stop askin’ me tha’?” Harry pushes himself away from the wall, smiling down at her before tucking away a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

“Until we get to the restaurant. And that’s only because the last time-“

“Who doesn’t know wha’ dressy casual is?” And Harry laughs at the memory, the smirk on his face earning him a playful slap to his arm.

“Harry! I showed up in jeans. Had you said it was a black tie event I would’ve worn something more proper.”

With it having to be told, Harry takes her coat from the hook in

“Nobody noticed, love.” Harry takes her coat from the hook on the hallway wall and follows her to the door, holding it open for her after she retrieves the home keys from her purse.

“Only the hundred-plus models giving me the death glare. You’re lucky I even agreed to this after that!”

“There weren’t tha’ many people,” he goes down a step and pinches her waist playfully when she turns to lock the door, “but ye’ didn’t really put up tha’ much of a fight.”

He catches the roll of her eyes as she turns around to face him, placing a hand on each shoulder.

“Just make sure you can sell this.”

The corner of his lip pulls up cheekily, “not gonna ‘ave a problem on my end. Ye’ good for this, love?”

If Harry recalls correctly, this might be the first time he’s seen a mischievous glint in her eyes.

With no hesitation, Y/N leans down to press an open mouthed kiss to Harry’s lips before retrieving her coat from his grip and leaning down to whisper into his ear.

“M’good, babe.”

If he must admit, Harry’s a little shocked at that. Plenty times, he was the one initiating the flirting, and most often than not, Y/N would sort of shy away. He would touch her in ways a best friend shouldn’t - ways a boyfriend would. It was as if he had to have some sort of contact with her at all times. Whether it was a lingering hand on her waist, her knee, her hair, Harry would find himself gravitating towards her. That’s probably why his band mates assumed they were together.

He pushes the thought to the back of his mind when Y/N calls out for him to unlock his car, making his way over to her then.

“Cat got your tongue, Styles.” Y/N teases from her spot next to him.

He’s been unusually quiet, but Y/N doesn’t think it’s because of the kiss, he just looks like he’s in deep thought if his knitted brows are any clue. She notices the way he seems to be chewing on the inside of his lip, the skin moving every time he bites and releases.

“Hmm?” He takes a quick glance her way. And had she not been paying attention already, she would have missed the way Harry relaxes back into the driver’s seat, muscles constricting as he readjusts his grip on the steering wheel. “This is insane, innit? Why did I even ask? Could ‘ave just gone on my own.”

This catches Y/N off guard, Harry’s never really been one to back out of things, or double think himself for that matter. He’ll get nervous yeah, but he doesn’t doubt himself. Then again, this isn’t really a normal thing to do.

“You’re backing out on me now? Am I not a fun date?” She can’t deny that she’s been feeling wary about the whole thing herself, but Harry already told his friends and Y/N knows he’ll be kicking himself if he doesn’t go through with it.

When his demeanor doesn’t change, Y/N reaches over the console and takes his hand in hers, fingers intertwining, “we’ll be fine. You said your friends already think we’re dating right? So really, we just have to be our normal selves.”

By the time Harry comes to his senses, he’s already got the car parked. He thinks Y/N has a point. Mitch had even asked him when he was planning to propose, which - if he’s being honest - wasn’t as much of an awkward question as it should have been for Harry.

“You’re right. Jus’ hav’ta be ourselves.”

Y/N nods reassuringly, and Harry squeezes her hand once before leaning over, a smile on his face.

“What’re you doing?” Having Harry this close the past couple of days brings a new kind of feeling, one that Y/N neither knows what it is, nor how to deal with.

“Kiss me,” he whispers, “need t’get used t’it don’ I? Ye’ blindsided me back there.” He juts out out his lips in an adorable pout.

So she does. Three small pecks before she feels his hand on the back of her neck, pulling her in for a deeper kiss.

When he pulls away, she finds herself completely lost in his eyes, “not bad, Styles.” It’s all she can think of saying. She doesn’t wanna read into it, they’re just friends after all and this is just a favour.

“Thank you,” he whispers as he pulls away and takes the keys out of the ignition, a smile playing at his lips.

“Don’t.” Harry interrupts her movements, and Y/N’s left confused at that as she looks at him exiting the car and making his way round to her side.

He pulls her door open, “if we’re g’na do this, we’re g’na it right.” He jokingly extends his arm out in a gesture for her to step out of the car and take his hand.

“Are we really playing the sappy couple? Is that what you’ve decided for us?” She takes his hand regardless, poshly stepping out of the car so Harry can shut the door.

Her question’s pretty much answered when he halts her walk and pulls her around to face to. He smiles down at her before placing a kiss to her forehead.

“S’the only kind we could be. B’cos m’so smitten with ye’. I make you breakfast in bed and give you foot rubs.”

Harry begins to casually walk then, his hand intertwining with Y/N’s as he leads the way, cautious in taking slow strides as to not forcefully pull her along.

“Do you now? I don’t recall any of that.”

He eyes her playfully when she passes him when he opens the door and they enter the restaurant, Harry taking lead again and making his way to the table his band mates are already sat at.

“‘Arry!” Adam chimes, standing up to give Harry a short hug and a pat on the back.

“And Y/N.” This time he looks at Harry knowingly, winking at his friend as he leans in to offer Y/N a kiss on the cheek.

“Hope we didn’t make ye’ guys wait too long. The missus here took ages t’get ready.”

Y/N playfully slaps his chest at that, her her heart missing a beat at the sound of the word missus.

“Yeah, well you drive like my nana Harry. Could’ve been here sooner if ye’ didn’t,” Y/N quips back.

“Oi, she’s got you there, mate.”

Harry shoots Adam a playful glare, “ye aven’t even been in the car with me when m’driving ye’ git.”

“Don’t ‘ave to.”

Harry chooses to ignore Adam, turning his attention to Y/N who’s just placed her coat round the back of the chair. “M’lady,” he pulls it out for her to sit, making sure she’s seated properly before moving around the table to greet Sarah and Clare with a kiss on the cheek, and Mitch a pat on the back.

“So,” Mitch starts, a mischievous smirk playing at his lips, “you and Harry? Finally eh?”

“Oiiii,” the simple exclamation has Mitch putting his hands up in defence, a sense of accomplishment creeping on him when he notices Harry give him the stink eye as his cheeks tint a shade of pink.

And Harry should have seen that coming. Mitch has been utterly blunt since day one, but it was instinct to stop his friend from saying too much. Don’t take him wrong, he doesn’t mind getting teased about liking Y/N when she’s not around, but when she is, he feels like a child for hiding his feelings from her.

Y/N doesn’t think too much of it, just nods her head in amusement and intertwines her hand in Harry’s when he offers his palm a top the table.


“We don’t really get t’hang out with you guys much,” Clare comments as she stands up from her seat and leads the group out of the restaurant.

“Yeah, cos you guys are all so high and mighty, always hanging out with the big names. Barely have time for me,” Y/N teases.

Sarah isn’t far behind to put the blame on someone else, “well tha’s because your boyfriend here is tryna take on the world.”

“Didn’t hear ye complainin’ when we booked Shanghai,” Harry shoots back, eyebrows quirked as if asking for her to retort.

“Oh okay, Mr. I-wanna-go-back-home-to-my-Y/N.”

Harry can’t help the lopsided smile that creeps on his face, “shut it.”

He ignores Y/N’s confused look, wraps his arms around her instead when he notices her shivering from the cold despite having her coat on and smiles to himself when he feels her nuzzle into his neck and wrap her arms around his torso.

“How’s about we head over for a few pints then?” Adam pitches, nodding in the direction of the pub across the street.

And Harry doesn’t know if it’d be too much to keep up appearances any longer. Thinks maybe Y/N’s had enough of lingering kisses and hand holding for the night. But there’s a part of him that hopes she says yes. A part of him that wants to keep holding her hand and kissing her and hugging her, cause if he’d be able to admit, it feels quite normal. Like he’s meant to be doing all this couple stuff with her, even if it’s all pretend, he can’t help the feeling of wholeness he feels in his heart when she looks at him a certain way. And when she rests her head on his shoulder, or feels her body lean closer to his, he’s thankful he can reciprocate the affection - even under the circumstances.

He looks down at her for any sign of approval.

“Could go for a drink,” she chimes, “maybe it’ll help me warm up a bit.”

“Ye sure?” He asks. Maybe she didn’t m want this to end quite yet? Harry sure doesn’t.

“Mhm,” she smiles up at him, “maybe I can get a nice guy to buy me a drink.”

“I’d like t’see someone try,” Harry contradicts, throwing his arm around her shoulder as they begin to cross the street, “drinks on me,” he hollers to the rest of the group walking in front of them.


It wasn’t long after that Harry spotted Grimmy making a complete fool of himself out by the bar. Already half drunk, he’d nearly thrown himself at his friend in excitement when the group of men approached.

“Wha’ now?”

“Ye’ didn’t know, mate?”

“Oi, Styles. Thought I would be the first ye’ would tell,” Grimmy sure knew how to be a drama king, waving his pint left and right, drink sloshing around the glass almost spilling onto the floor.

Harry had nearly spewed out the beer from his mouth, in fact, he had to wipe his chin of the bitter liquid as his ears processed what Adam was gonna to say before he said it. Leave it to him to open his big mouth and tell the whole world. How is he going to get out of this one? It’ll only be a matter of time till Grimmy rings up his mum and tells her. Pretending Y/N was his girlfriend was only supposed to be for dinner with his band mates. But now that he thinks about it, how was he going to explain to Adam and Mitch and Sarah and Clare that Y/N and him had broken up. Broken up a relationship that was made up to begin with.

“Was about time, ‘Arry. Ye’ been pining over the girl since the day ye’ met her.”

Was it really that noticeable?

“Grimmy,” he wasn’t so much surprised that he knew, rather that he’d never said anything in regards to it before.

“Wha? Were ye’ tryna hide it, mate?”

Harry looks over to Mitch for support, but his friend merely smirks and holds his hands up defeatedly.

Harry rolls his eyes and nods his head in amusement, the thought that maybe he does like Y/N as more than his best friend sending shivers down his spine. And it crosses his mind that maybe, just maybe, they don’t have to fake break up at all.

“Ye’ think she likes me back?”

It’s a question he’s been too afraid to ask. And it throws off his friends some. They’ve always seen Harry as a sort of superman. By the looks of it, the guy can take on the universe and be scared of little. He walks around like it’s his world and they’re just living in it. It’s utterly confusing to think Harry would ever worry about someone liking him back.

He ignores the weird looks he’s being given, the question resonating in his brain.

It’s not until he feels Adam’s hand colliding with his back in a light pat that he snaps out of it, “reckon she does, mate. She said yes t’ye’ for Christ sake.”

“Oh, please. ‘Ave ye’ seen the way she looks at ye’? S’like-” Grimmy pauses to take a chug from his pint, a hiccup emitting from his body before he continues, “-ye’ hung the moon or summat. Knew she was smitten with ye’ since day one.”

“Even your mom knew Harry,” Mitch cuts in, “truth be told, man. We all knew you guys would end up together.”

“Yeh.” Harry smiles to himself at the sound of it all.

Could his Y/N actually have more than just best friend feelings for him?


“S’really nice seeing you two happy, y’know?”

Y/N smiles over at Sarah, the comment coming practically out of nowhere.

“He’s always talked about ye’ like you’ve got the stars in your eyes-“ she continues, elbow on the table and hand supporting her chin, “and his face always lights up when he talks about ye.”

“Do you notice how he looks at you?” Clare adds.

“What do you mean?”

And Y/N really doesn’t know if she wants to be hearing all this. A part of her is wishing it would all be true. Maybe Harry really does have feelings for her - but then, why hasn’t he ever said anything?

“When we met Anne, she told us she doesn’t think he’s ever looked at anybody the way he does at you. Of course Harry had cleared up that you guys weren’t dating at the time, but that’s how we knew you two would end up together.”

At that moment, Y/N looks over to Harry, and she’s beginning to think it’s never been a coincidence how whenever she would look at him, he would appear to have already had his own eyes on her. And she notices then, how brighter his face gets when her eyes meet his, dimple prominent and in full display as his smile widens.

“I’ve got myself a keeper then.”

She watches as he turns back to the guys and says something before he’s setting down what’s left of his drink and waving off his friends.

Her tummy knots at the sight of him approaching their table.

“How’s m’favourite girl doing over ‘ere? Sarah and clare treating ye’ well?”

He leans down to kiss the top of her head, and Y/N’s sure the look of pure adoration Claire and Sarah give her are what cause her face to go read.

“Reckon we like her more than you.”

Harry’s eyes go wide at Clare’s comment, his hand on his heart as he feigns mock offence.

“M’actually not hurt by that at all. Everyone does.”

After plans for Y/N to join a couple of tour dates because ‘we’re outnumbered and we would really like for you to visit us on tour so we can do girl stuff’, Y/N and Harry make their way out of the bar.

When Harry opens the door to the bar, the sudden wave of cold air hits Y/N like a freight train, and though she’s got her coat on, she shivers and shrink into herself, instinctively gravitating towards Harry’s warm body.

He gives her a chuckle as he wraps his arms around her shoulders, and when he thanks her for how great of a fake girlfriend she was tonite she feels herself deflate. Feeling self conscious about the situation - and the sudden reminder that Harry’s been so touchy feely simply because he had a roll to play - she wiggles herself from his hold, offering a weak smile before she begins the walk across the street where his car’s parked.

Harry notices the shift in her mood, and he knows if there’s ever been a time to take a chance, it’s now.

It’s now or never.

He stalks up to her as quick as he can, taking her arm in his hand the second she’s in reach, and spins her around.

He pulls her in close by the waist, looking down at her, he moves a hand to her lower back, his palm applying the gentlest of pressure, but enough that he closes the space between their bodies. And he looks into her eyes only for a small moment before he’s leaning in, something about this particular moment sending shivers down his spine.

She feels his warm breath on her skin, his half hooded eyes flickering from her eyes to her lips, and when she finally gives him a small smile, his eyes close, lips attaching to hers in a what starts as an innocent peck. When she wraps her arms around his neck and takes a fist full of his hair, Harry can’t suppress a moan from slipping. He’s dipping his head forward in a desperate attempt to capture Y/N’s lips fully, and her back arches enough that Harry has to bring around his other hand to rest on the middle of her back to keep her in place. Meanwhile she takes his bottom lip in between her own, and she can feel her body reacting to Harry’s needy kiss when she feels his tongue slip past his lips and over hers in one swipe.

It’s when she starts feeling a burning sensation in her lungs that she breaks the kiss, Harry’s lips ghostly following hers as she pulls away to breathe.

“Ready t’go home, angel?”


The drive to her place has been silent, the sound of cars passing and the occasional car honking being the only sound that echoes in her ears as they pass street lights.

But all Y/N can think of is how Harry’s touch lingers everywhere he’s put his hands or lips on. How it looked so natural to have his arm around her. How it felt so natural.

She doesn’t know whether to bring up what Sarah and Clare had said to her earlier in the night.

What if it’s nothing? She can’t be the only one that seems to brighten him up, right? And talking so kindly about her? It’s a Harry thing to do, because that’s who Harry is, so Y/N can’t possibly think she’s the one that changes it all. And what about that kiss outside of the bar? Was that really Harry wanting to kiss her? Or did he do it because they were still in Clare and Sarah’s eyesight and it was the last hand he could play to actually sell their act?

“Something on your mind, angel?”

Harry’s been silently worrying in his own head about how the after math would affect their relationship. He wouldn’t want it to be weird, doesn’t want her to pull away if she realises it all felt too real on his part.

But how could it not? He loved kissing her cheek, or her temple randomly, squeezing her hand in the process as he talked with his friends. At one point, he was doing it all absentmindedly, and it wasn’t until he saw Clare and Sarah smiling at them from his peripheral view that he realised it.

She gives him the fakest smile she’s ever given anyone.

“Not a thing.”

And at that moment, neither of them know just how much their silence has shattered two hearts.


This hurts me. But sometimes, silence is our worst enemy.


Bellamy Blake x Plus size!reader

Word Count: 829

Warnings: Murphy is a dick, sorry *shrugs*

    Summary: Reader is mute and Bellamy has a soft spot for her so he always brings her things and tries to make her as comfortable as possible.

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What is this?

———————————————————————————————————You hadn’t spoken a word to anyone since you stepped off the drop ship. At first, no one had thought anything of it, but that was four days ago and your silence was starting to bother Bellamy.

The king wasn’t easily bothered but something about the way you sat with your back against the base of an oak tree with your knees pulled into your chest made him uneasy. You looked so vulnerable, finally he huffed before making his way over to where you were perched.

“Hey” he greets, slowly taking a seat down beside you. You said nothing but you didn’t move away from him, which he took as a good sign. “Are you alright?” He asks once again getting no reply, and after a few moments he stands, leaving you alone once again.

You watched him go only for your head to fall back down again after he left. You jump at the sudden feeling of another layer being placed on your shoulder, the same dark haired boy crouched in front of you. The strange weight on your shoulders turned out to be a jacket, made of some sort of wind breaker material. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you” he hurries, almost afraid of how you would react.

You made a shrugging motion with your small shoulders and slowly pulled the material tightly to your frame making the boy smile slightly. “I brought this too” he says, pulling a small pouch of water and a skewer of meat from his bag, which he handed to you gently.

You reminded Bellamy of a small animal, you were so timid and skittish, he worried you would break if he were to touch you. He watched as you drank from the pouch quickly, he wondered when the last time was you had a drink, he hadn’t seen you have a sip of anything since you got down here.

You looked up shyly, almost embarrassed as you set the water down in the dirt, your eyes finding his as you did so. You opened your mouth to try to thank him but you couldn’t make the words leave your lips. “It’s okay, you’re welcome” he says, giving you a kind smile before leaving you to whatever you had been doing before he showed up.

You were grateful to him of course, but you were shocked. You had never even seen Bellamy up close and you couldn’t what he cared so much for. You knew how the others talked about you and you also knew that Bellamy was basically the man in charge around here so why would he care about you at all.

In truth, Bellamy couldn’t put god finger on what exactly it was about you that captivated him, all he knew was that he wasn’t going to let a thing happen to you.

The rest of the day went pretty smoothly, for the most part they all left you alone-that is until Murphy got back from his hunt. Apparently, the hunt didn’t go well because he plopped down next to you and smirked wickedly.

“Hey doll face, cat got your tongue?” He teases but his laughter quickly turns to rage. “Hey, didn’t you ever learn to speak when you’re spoken too?” He bites, grabbing your face roughly between his fingers to force you to meet his eyes.

“Stupid slut” he growls, tossing your face to the side making your stomach tighten. You could feel the tears welling up in your eyes but you couldn’t bear the thought of crying over Murphy. “Get out of here Murphy!” Bellamy yells, his voice dangerously intimidating as he made his way over to where you still remained seated.

Murphy looked like he wanted to say something back but he didn’t dare. He stormed off leaving you alone with Bellamy once again, making you really nervous. “Are you alright?” he asks, kneeling down to your height, his now caring eyes searching yours, looking for any sign of pain. He seemed satisfied after checking every square inch of your chubby face and smiled at you slightly. “You know, you really should talk to someone-You don’t have to, of course, but you should” he says and you nod, reaching out to take his hand in your own “i-I don’t know what to say” you stammer, your voice low and weak, so much so that he almost didn’t hear it.

Bellamy’s jaw dropped at the sound of your voice, the sound was amazing, and sweet and he never wanted to stop hearing it. “It’s okay, it’s fine” he assures, squeezing your hand gently as a way of making you feel better. “thank you, B-Bellamy” you stuttered slowly, giving him a hug, squeezing your arms around his neck, kissing the side of his cheek for a second before rushing off toward the camp. He was trying his best to keep his badass composure but he couldn’t possibly handle the way he was feeling.

“Buried” (Chapter Twelve)

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Excited to hear what you guys think of Bucky!


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“Damn it.” Steve put his head on Tony’s shoulder. “Damn it. Tony I have to–”

“Yeah.” Tony ran a shaking hand through Steve’s hair. “Yeah, no you have to get that. Could be Buck.”

“Could be Buck.” Steve repeated, but then he shifted on top of him and Tony groaned and wound his arms around Steve’s neck again and Steve bent his head to kiss him–

–and the phone kept ringing.

“Go.” Tony pulled away, closing his eyes and throwing an arm over his face. “Fuck. Go answer it.”

“I don’t want to answer it.” Steve nuzzled into his neck. “They can call back.”

“Steve.” Tony tugged at his hair. “Real life time. This is fun but we have got to get out of here, remember?”

“Real life time?” Steve stared down at him and Tony ran light fingers over his jaw, smoothing through the dark hair on his beard and the want in his eyes faded to something like resignation.

“Real life time.” He repeated. “Time to get out of the jungle and back to the world.”

“But Tony–”

“Answer the phone.” Tony said firmly, and just like that, the moment between them was over, relegated to something not real so they could focus on more important things.

Steve knew if he moved, if he rolled off of Tony and answered his phone then whatever this might have been would be over. Real life time.


“Please.” Tony whispered, and sounded so fragile that Steve thought he might actually break. “Please answer the phone.”


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John Murphy x Plus size!reader

Word Count: 1,128

Warnings: none

     Summary:  Reader is super sweet and gentle so the 100 take advantage of her and Murphy doesn’t like it

Your name: submit What is this?


Your name was Y/N, but somehow you had been given the nickname Sunshine and everyone called you that. You were easy to get along with and funny and kind, which is why it was such a shock when Murphy took a liking to you in the first place. He would never admit it, but everyone saw how he looked at you and if you were being honest, you had noticed the boy too.

“Hey Sunshine” Bellamy greets in passing, his little lackeys tracking behind him like dogs, including John Murphy. “Good morning boys, do you need anything before you head out?” you ask sweetly “Just a few rations and water bottles” Bell tells you, setting his pack down on the ground as you busy yourself with getting what he asked for. The boys all scattered as they waited- except for Murphy.

“Good Morning John” you greet, smiling at him with your big, beautiful grin. “Whatever” he says, rolling his eyes and looking away from you “I packed an extra bottle for you, incase you need it” you tell him, handing him his pack, but in your task you missed the shocked and quite admiring look that crossed his face. “We’ll be back later” Bellamy announces before he takes his hunting party out into the woods.

“What was that?” Octavia asks, her voice teasing and high pitched as she smiled at you “Nothing” you hum in reply, as you repack all of the rations. “You’re so cute, you like him don’t you?” the young Blake asks, turning to face you  “John? No” you assure, and while it crossed her mind that her friend was lying, O didn’t think so, you were just that oblivious.

The two of you just kind of hung out until the guys got back, and then it was your job to put all of their stuff away. You had volunteered to keep track of the rations and supplies, mostly because you wanted to help and no one else wanted to. As the other guys tossed their bags on top of the pile, and went about their day, you noticed that one of them was missing “Hey Bell, where’s Murphy?” you ask “He’s coming” Bellamy yells in response, gesturing to the gate. Sure enough, not only a second later, Murphy was standing in front of you, an unamused look on his face.

“How was the hunt?” you ask taking his bag from his hands “We didn’t bring anything back did we?” He asks under his breath but you just let it roll of your back, he must have been in a bad mood. “Alright, well, I’ll see you later John” you smile, taking the rations packs back into the dropship, leaving a once again shocked and confused Murphy in your wake.

Later that night, you were sitting in your tent, sketching a drawing on the side of the weatherproof material with a piece of charcoal. “Hey Sunshine, will you take my guard shift?” Miller asks, peeking his head into your tent and you, being the way you were didn’t want to say no, so you nodded. “Alright great, you’re up” he says exiting quickly. When you finally got outside, the camp was basically deserted, save for a body by the fire. “Took you long enough” the voice says, and you immediately recognized the gruff tone as Murphy.

“Sorry, had to get dressed” you apologize making the boy turn around quickly, his eyes wide at your appearance “I thought you were Miller” he explains scooting over on the log to make room for you “It’s alright, he asked me to take his watch” you say making Murphy sigh aggressively “What’s wrong?” you ask, worried you had bothered him with something you said “You shouldn’t let them walk all over you” he says “I don’t, I just want to help” you level, your voice even more gentle with his increasing agitation.

“No, don’t you see, they take advantage of you” He points out, his face illuminated by the fire “I know, it’s okay” you assures him but he groans at that “Would it kill you to be a bit more aggressive?” he asks, turning all the way to face you now. “I don’t know how” you say and while he would never admit it, the tone in your voice and the way you looked up at him made Murphy want to just wrap you in his arms and never let go. “Well then you must be too weak” he says trying his best to be cruel, but you didn’t even seem phased.

“How do you do that?” he asks, running his hands through his hair, his frustration evident “Do what John?” you question, turning your body to face him now, so you were both eye to eye, straddling the log by the fire. “You are nice to everyone even though you know they take advantage of your kindness and I’m always cruel to you and you still talk to me and act like I’m great” he says, acting like he wants to yell but had to keep quiet.

“Honestly? Because I know you need me to let you and I don’t believe people are bad” you whisper, staring up at a dumbfounded Murphy, his eyes scanning your face before he pulled you into him, his lips smashing onto yours quickly. It caught you off guard because you really didn’t think he saw you like that but it didn’t take long for you to started kissing back.

Your lips were soft and plush against his which were chapped and rough. It wasn’t long before Murphy had you pinned against the ground, his large frame almost hiding yours from view as he continued to kiss you. You hummed happily into his lips before the two of you were interrupted “You two are supposed to be keeping watch” Bellamy says, clearing his throat to alert you of his presence.

“Sorry Bell” you try but Bellamy puts up a hand to silence you quickly “Just get to bed, both of you” he says, sending you off, taking your place with Clarke at the guards post. You walked in silence back to the tents, until you neared your own “Hey John?” you ask turning to him gingerly, he hums in reply urging you to continue “Don’t be so hard on yourself okay” you smile, standing up on your toes a bit to place a sweet kiss on his lips “Good night” you wave, ducking into your tent “Night” he says a smirk on his face as he watched the tent flap close.

christianandaspergers  asked:

Hello again! Another question, did the seven human souls have to be extracted from the humans, or could seven living humans link hands and skip out, breaking the barrier? If it's up in the air, why didn't Asgore try that before killing children who reminded him of his own little ones? (Also, love the blog, I'm new and I didn't say it in my other ask cuz I ran out of characters)

(undertale spoilers)

It’s unlikely that seven living humans could break the barrier simply by walking through. The waterfall writings specifically mention a huge power needs to attack the barrier to free the monsters. When Asriel frees the monsters in the underground, he doesn’t pass through the barrier to do so. He uses “everyone’s power” as he releases their souls, evident by the shaking and subsequent crack in the barrier.

However, the answer to why another alternative wasn’t sought lies in what Asgore did.

In a fit of anger, I declared war.
I said that I would destroy any human that came here.
I would use their souls to become godlike…
…and free us from this terrible prison.
Then, I would destroy humanity…
And let monsters rule the surface, in peace.

This declaration cemented Asgore’s position against fallen humans. He promised freedom for his people at the cost of human lives. His rage may have blinded him at the start, evident by his regret and guilt when he faces Frisk. However, he stays true to his word in order to give his people hope.

reioka  asked:

Speaking of Florist/Tattoo Artist: Florist Tony moves into the vacant building next door and Steve takes over some cookies to greet him. Steve nearly face-plants when he sees a very beautiful Tony setting up a bouquet and blurts out "can I buy that?" to save face. Tony is flattered and tells him it's a hundred and fifteen dollars. All of the blood leaves Steve's face but Tony doesn't notice because he's putting the final touches on. "What the fuck" Bucky says when Steve lugs the flowers back.

“What. Is that?”

Steve ignored Bucky and hauled the vase deeper into the shop, heaving it up with all his might and nearly pissing himself when the whole thing threatened to topple off the counter. It would’ve killed him if the damn thing broke now, after he’d hauled it all the way over with his own two skinny arms.

“Steve. What is that?”

“It’s a pack of PBR.” Steve groused, stepping back to stare at the massive bouquet. Even just seeing it again, only slightly worse for wear for being pressed against his face, made him grin like a dope.

“Why the hell would you bring this here? Why did you even buy this thing? Wait, have you got someone I don’t know about? Someone on the side? Stevie, we promised we’d share.”

“I don’t have someone on the side. I told you I was going to say hi to the new florist next door.”

“And he gave you half his shop?”

“I…I might’ve made an impulse buy.”

Bucky turned from the desk where he did the books, and raised one, very loud eyebrow at Steve. “How big of an impulse was this?”

“Uh…um, fifteen.”

“For that whole thing.” Bucky looked nonplussed.

“Fifteen. Plus a hundred.”

“A hundred and fifteen dollars, Stevie!”

“Shut it. I know.”

“A hundred and fifteen dollars for a bouquet that doesn’t even match the decor, Stevie?” Bucky gestured dramatically to the wrought iron gate at the front of the shop, the deep red walls and the diamond black-and-white floor tiles. “This is a tattoo parlor. What were you thinking?”

“You didn’t see the florist, Bucky.”

“Bullshit, you big softie.”

“I’m tellin’ you. Walk over there and say hi before you judge me.”

Bucky stood right up from his seat, and Steve had known him long enough to know he was going to do just that. “I’m going to go over there and say hi. Like you said. And when I get back, you’re gonna rub my feet for an hour because there’s no way whoever this is could be worth a hundred and fifteen dollars.”

“What do I get if I’m right?”

“You ain’t gonna be right,” Bucky tossed over his shoulder as he walked out the door.

“A blowjob then?” Steve could just see Bucky flipping him off.

Ten minutes later, the sound of the shop bell roused Steve from his sketchpad. He laughed so hard he nearly passed out when he saw Bucky carrying not one, but two massive bouquets.