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Seven concerning traits in a suitor

1. They are always at the start of every list, curling around the number one like a playful snake. You first found them on the compass rose of an old map. They leave ink in your bed at regular intervals and smell slightly of mildew.
2. You are unable to talk about that day you playfully pulled open their trenchcoat and found that they were in fact seven piglets standing on top of each other. Dinner has become especially awkward. Once a week you order sausages from the local takeaway and spend an hour silently looking at them.
3. Her pockets are always full of damp gravel. You cannot meet her parents, because she was born from the scarred rock of the nether mountains, and they are under a glacier at the moment, and (as she is fond of telling you) this is as clear a do not disturb sign as they will ever give.
4. He has a succession of suspicious great-aunts; although you have never met them, whenever you discover something dead in his vicinity it was always one of the great-aunts who was responsible. You have tried calling one of the aunts; she appears to run a pizzeria and cannot come to the phone right now.
5. She likes to wear a cloak three hundred kilometres wide, under which you have reason to believe she may be hiding a substantial portion of Greenland. You have talked to her about the risk to the Earth’s albedo of doing this, but she remains unbothered.
6. They are an alien being on a desparate mission from a distant planet and find the Earth’s atmosphere distressingly toxic. You believe they may only be snuggling up close to you on a night out so that they can breathe your exhaled carbon dioxide.
7. They do not listen to what you have to say. In fact, they do not listen to what anyone has to say. In part because of this worrying trait, they are about to crash into the Earth and destroy the human race.

The Guide to Moon Lovers Deleted Scenes

It includes deleted and extended scenes, but also different camera angles that were shown in the previews, but not in the actual episodes.

(Warning: EXTREMELY LONG POST WITH PICSPAM! It took a lot of time and effort to create this list so please refrain from stealing and reposting!!!)

Episode 1

Riding to Songak

The various previews and trailers show many shots of Wang So riding to the Goryeo capital which never made it into the aired episode.

Episode 2

Beating a Prince

This is not a deleted scene, just a long shot shown in the preview, but not making it to the aired episode.

The Royal Apology Part 1

The episode 2 preview shows Wang So making a disbelieving sneer, similar to the one he makes in the actual episode after he hears HS demanding an apology from him, but the background behind him is different just as is the camera angle – so it’s either a deleted scene, a deleted part of this particular scene or simply a different version of it.

The Royal Apology Part 2

Talking about different camera angles, it’s clear that the PD used different camera angles in the previews and in the aired episodes. Just compare these screencaps – in the drama version the PD changes camera angle when he shows WS’s reaction after HS avoids his „apology“, however, in the preview we see his reaction from the previous camera angle.

Eun’s Black Eye

The episode 2 preview shows Jimong, BA and Won laughing at Eun’s black eye – while the scene stayed in the aired episode, this particular moment never appeared in the final cut.

The Queen and the 3rd Prince

An undescribed scene between Queen Yoo and Yo.

The Wolf Killer

The flashback showing WS surviving his fight with the wolves ends with him throwing the torch while standing on the slope of the hill with the Kangs below; however, the released stills reveal that the scene actually continued with Wang So making it down the hill and confronting the Kangs about their attempt to kill him.

Episode 3

A Stolen Look

Just before Wang So leaves Soo and Wook in the bamboo forest, he steals a look at HS and while the moment stayed in the aired episode, we only see him look away from her, not actually the moment of him slowly, almost secretly looking at her. That moment is only shown in the previews and you can see a hint of something more, something deeper in So’s eyes there.

Wang So’s Nightmare

The moment with little Wang So tied up as a hostage shown as a memory in episode 14 was originally a scene deleted from episode 3. Hae Soo came to his room to return his butterfly hairpin, but left when she saw him having a nightmare about his childhood. Supposedly the Chungju Yoo clan and Shinju Kang clan had a feud between them, so when the Yoo army was attacking the Kangs for some reason, they put So up there to stop the attack. In episode 3, So wakes up and follows Hae Soo to the stone piles and they have a discussion about motherhood (a scene which was added in the rebroadcast version) that leads So to eventually decide on covering up his mother’s plot.This is also why when Wang So tells Hae Soo that he’ll be living in the palace, she tells him to stop having nightmares. It would be such a poignant scene because it’d show that even his nightmares are actually real because So’s life has been one huge nightmare until he met Hae Soo.

The Ride to the Monastery

Originally, Wang So’s ride to the monastery in episode 3 was supposed to be slightly longer, just like his ride to Songak in episode 1.

Burning It All Down

The final cut of episode 3 shows Wang So only in the aftermath of setting the temple on fire; however the previews, stills and the way how the camera follows him after he kills the head monk reveal that the entire scene of So setting everything on fire was filmed.

Even the aftermath scene outside of the temple was longer, revealing more of Wang So’s reaction to what he has done. In the drama, we only see him completely destroyed and numb. However, based on this preview still it’s clear that while he initially felt rage and satisfaction after leaving the temple, as everything he did sunk in he started to feel remorse and numbness which is shown in the aired version of the episode.

Episode 4

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mockturtle8  asked:

If you don't measure driving distances in kilometers, what unit do you use?

1) to be clear, on road signs and such, we use kilometres. they’re the official measurement of unit. BUT…

2) TL;DR explanation: if you’re in New Zealand and you ask someone how far away somewhere is, they will tell you in time, not kilometres (let alone miles), unless you ask for that specifically. They may very well not know the actual distance.

Longer explanation: we’re a mountainous, long, narrow country separated into two main islands with a small population, so we don’t really have American/European-style highways/autobahns/M-roads/etc; we have….like, at best American state highways or British A-roads. Because of the terrain and varied road size (you can go fifty kilometres in some places without a safe place to pass), a hundred kilometres over the Desert Road between Waiouru and Taupō does not equal a hundred kilometres from Wellington to Masterton over the Rimutaka Hill Road does not equal a hundred kilometres from Kaiapoi to Ashburton over the Canterbury Plains. If you Google Maps these journeys Google will tell you they all take roughly the same time. Google is lying to you. Rental car places in NZ specifically warn tourists not to pay attention to Google’s journey estimates. 

So we basically always discuss distance in hours. It’s two hours’ drive to somewhere, this road re-opening has cut an hour off the journey, Australia is three hours’ flight away. I regularly drive from Taupō to Wellington and it’s…more than 300 kilometres and I think less than 400…but I’d describe it if asked as a five-hour drive; those are the units that matter to me. 

This also applies to walking. A walk is a two-hour walk or a two-day tramp, not X kilometres, because pretty much anywhere you’re likely to be taking a scenic walk, hills will make distance meaningless. Official signs in national parks and so on quite often only give lengths for routes, rather than distances. They tend to be on the conservative side because they’re estimated for families with small kids and unprepared tourists, but they’re still more useful than a distance would be.

As for flights - well, literally ~everywhere else on the planet~ is several thousand kilometres away, so really what’s the point knowing the distance; it’s a Long Way, and a three/nine/twelve/twenty-four hour plane flight.

last night was one of those truly remarkable summer sunsets. After a long day of middling success chasing a beast of a multi-cell system a couple hundred kilometres I grabbed some dinner and when my golden hour alarm went off a bit after 8pm I wanted no part of it. 

but then this. 

I came home with 150 or so images that make make my heart happy. I saw stuff that makes me glad to be alive. glad to be so lucky that my body works (kinda okay) and I have the luxury of living this life. not everyone can. not everyone gets to spend at least a part of every day doing the thing they get out of bed for. 

I’m reading “evicted” right now and it brings me back to living in a shithole in the city in constant conflict with drunk, or crazy, or just asshole neighbours and in constant flux because of slum lord landlords. my life is so very different now than it was. I can do laundry without the risk of a fist fight over the dryer. 

I have my little hail bulleted kia wagon and a phone that nags me every single day to make more. do more. see more. feel more. 

sometimes I don’t even know what to do with the bounty. 

ps. don’t read evicted unless you want to be equally parts depressed and frustrated. 

Ptygmatic folds

We are all familiar with the shape of squished and baked rocks, that occur at every scale from the centimetre up to the hundreds of kilometres, illustrating the fractal nature of geological processes. When a single layer of harder rocks (called more competent by geologists) is squished amongst softer ones, the latter often get melded into each other, and don’t reveal clearly what happened to them during their metamorphism, information vital for the understanding of the tectonics of a region and such processes as mountain building. Enough data points like these folds in a calcite vein eliminates local variations and allows an assessment of the pressures and forces that shaped a region.

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Parents of transgender children that get all their information from doctors and other parents: ya know you’re getting a filtered story, right? you’re listening to second-hand observations, with a significant amount of bias in there. 

Consider listening to transgender children and yes: consider listening to transgender adults. We know what it’s like, we were transgender children once. Even if we weren’t open about it yet, we were still transgender children. 

I see transgender parents travelling hundreds of kilometres to meet doctors and parents but never speaking to the transgender group full of transgender adults right in their own city. 

And think that is a shame and I also don’t think that’s innocent. What is it about our stories that you don’t wanna hear? Our non-passing voices? our pride? that we might point out the ways in which you are not respecting your child? that we might call your child by their prefered pronouns even when you don’t? 


Pelican and Herbig Haro 555 in mono by Sara Wager
Via Flickr:
IC5070 (the Pelican nebula) is located in the constellation of Cygnus at approximately 1800 light years from Earth. You can see on the right of the image a large pillar of gas and at the tip of this is a Herbig-Haro object. Herbig-Haro 555 is a narrow jet of gas and matter, ejected by newly born stars at speeds of several hundred kilometres per second. It collides with nearby gas and dust in the interstellar medium, producing bright shock fronts that glow as the gas is heated by friction while the surrounding gas is excited by the high-energy radiation of nearby hot stars. Details: M: Mesu 200 T: TMB152 C: QSI683 WSG with 3nm Ha filter 26x1800s Totalling 13 hours

Scientists hope damage to Larsen C ice shelf will reveal ecosystems 

A team of scientists is planning an expedition to examine the marine ecosystem revealed when an enormous iceberg broke off the Larsen C ice shelf earlier this year.

In July, the iceberg known as A68 broke off the shelf, leaving the area at its lowest recorded extent. Researchers are now hoping the event may lead to novel revelations from their investigations of the area opened up, which had been hidden under ice for up to 120,000 years.

Scientists from the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) will embark on the research ship RRS James Clark Ross in February 2018 to take the first look at the newly exposed ecosystems under the ice – if the conditions work in their favour.

“You can never predict the ice,” said mission leader Dr Katrin Linse. “There are still several hundred kilometres covered in sea ice which has to move and melt. Fortunately this often happens now during the Antarctic summer, so that is why we are hopeful for February.”

If everything works out, the scientists will have the chance to look at 5,800 sq km of sea floor that had been shielded for tens of thousands of years. Planning for such expeditions normally takes several years, but urgent funding schemes are available during such unpredictable natural events, like the volcanic activity over Iceland in 2010.

The crack in the Larsen C ice shelf. Researchers will look at the newly exposed ecosystems under the ice next year, if conditions allow Photograph: IceBridge/NASA

Imagines Joe Sugg || Drunk dare ||

Anonymous said: 

Hi-hi! I have a request for you…. kinda like the bet imagine you once wrote, except Joe is dared to date the reader by Casper or one of the guys! And can you make it angst–unless that isn’t your forte ☺️? ?

- - -

“You’ve gotta tell her, I mean – you’ve gotta tell her.” Caspar pointed out as he sat on the couch, watching Joe pacing back and forth on the living room floor, pulling at his hair in stress. “Can you shut up? Please?! PLEASE!” Joe snapped at him as he stopped pacing for a minute, looking at Caspar with a glare, who held his hands up not speaking another word.

“Caspar is right…” Oli spoke from the small kitchen, screwing the cover back on his bottle of water, the entire apartment was filled with a bad tension, as Joe agonised about the whole situation he’d gotten himself into. “This is all Caspar’s fault to start with!” Joe pointed out.

“Hey, I just made the dare … You didn’t have to actually do it.” Caspar spoke but very carefully, really not wanting Joe to lash out at him anymore then he had done the last couple weeks. “Shut up.” Joe groaned, throwing himself into the desk chair, letting out another groan, using his forehead to hit the desk lightly a couple times trying to clear his mind.

“All you can do is tell the truth before it goes on any longer. She might be able to forgive you now, next week it might be too late.” Oli was trying to be the supportive one, this wasn’t even his problem but he felt guilty by association,

“yeah – great Oli, sure she will… Or she’ll slap me and never wanna talk to me again.” Joe’s voice was very bitter. “Joe.” Oli wasn’t taking the way he was acting as personally as Caspar was. “If she does… And, that’s the case – you can’t blame her. She might not wanna talk to you for a while though.”

“No, she’s gonna hate me.” Joe moaned, “why did you even ask her out on a dare if you knew you’d end up liking her?” Caspar found a few drops of courage again standing up, getting a little angry at Joe himself.

“I DON’T KNOW!” Joe yelled at him, dread written across his face. “Why’d you have to come up with a stupid dare?” He interjected back to Caspar and as Caspar opened his mouth, knocking came from the front door of the apartment and all three of them looked at it…

That’s the dumbest dare I’ve ever heard.” Joe was pretty tipsy as he looked at Caspar. “Fine, fine.” Caspar put his drink down and thought a little harder. “I dare you to ask out (Y/N).” He said simply.

“(Y/N)?” Joe asked with his eyebrows knitted together and a half  'what kind of dare is that?’ tone. “She’ll say yes, I’m hot as fuck.” Joe was a touch cockier when he was drinking and Oli started to snicker. “Hell yeah you are!” Caspar held his hand up and Joe reached over giving him a hard high five.

Text her.” Caspar held up Joe’s phone and Joe looked from Caspar to the phone, he grabbed it quickly…

“Are you going to answer it?” Oli wondered seeing Joe still staring with a dead expression to the door, but his eyes were filled with regret and panic. “Oh my god.” He muttered walking across the floor, he unlocked the door and opened it. “Hey!” He said brightly.

“Hey.” You smiled seeing Oli, giving him a quick hug, walking into the apartment and you stopped, “what?” You wondered what you had missed by the looks on Caspar and Joe’s face.

“Nothing.” Caspar said a little too quickly for comfort, it made you uneasy, only having been seeing Joe a little over a month and, while it started with a random text message in the middle of the night, you really liked him.

“Ohhhkay.” You said awkwardly. “Are you ready?” You glanced to Joe who seemed frozen. “Uh, yeah.” He said clearing his throat, nodding patting his pockets for what you assumed was his phone and keys.

“Great.” You smiled. You were dressed (feel free to change it) in some simple dark blue jeans, with a crimson thin long sleeved V-Neck shirt under your buttoned up navy peacoat. It wasn’t a super-specially planned date night, you were just going to get some hot chocolate and take a walk around in the coolness of the fall night upon you and, that was perfect by you.

“Lets go.” Joe said giving you a quick smile as you both headed out the door, “Joe…” Oli caught his attention on the way out giving him a serious look and Joe waved him off out of your view…

“So, you’ve been really quiet.” You noted to Joe, as you walked through worn dirt pathway of a park, coming to a trash bin you dropped your empty cup into it. Turning to glance at Joe who had stopped walking and slipped his hands into his pockets avoiding your gaze.

“Joe!” You half snapped at him to catch his attention, “sorry.” He admitted, exhaling his breath visible from the crisp night air. “What’s going on with you?” You asked crossing your arms tightly. “(Y//N)…” Joe sighed, his sneakers were noisy against some loose dirt under them as he turned entirely away from you.

“What?” You asked quickly, that uneasy feeling coming back up your throat from your stomach. Groaning Joe turned back to look at you, his expression was a twist of regret and agony. “What?” You asked again, your heart starting to beat harder.

“I fucked up…” Joe whispered and you swallowed roughly, “I don’t understand…” You whispered. “Please don’t hate me…” Joe kept the same tone and you started to panic from the inside. “What happened?” You carefully asked, taking half a pace backward as he stepped a little closer.

“(Y/N)…” He reached out for you, but you kept your arms firmly crossed and your distance. “What did you do?” You felt yourself asking, even though you weren’t entirely sure you wanted to know, a million thoughts and assumptions rushing through your mind at a hundred kilometres an hour.

“Please, let me explain.” He sighed, dropping the arm that was reaching out for you. “I never meant for this to happen.” He started talking rapidly, fiddling with his hands. “It’s Caspar’s fault… He, started it…”

You stood in silence, shock, hurt, and confusion mixing together throughout your whole body as you listened to Joe spill the tale of how he asked you out based on a drunken dare from Caspar Lee, each word leaving his lips hit you harder and harder.

“You have to know, I never meant to hurt you… I never thought you’d even say yes and when you did say yes… I didn’t think… I didn’t think…” Joe sucked in a breath, letting it out slowly, “I didn’t think… I’d end up, falling for you.” He finished.

Looking away from him quickly, toward a light post above you, you hoped the harsh yellow light would some how dry away the tears glazed over in your eyes so they didn’t have a chance to fall.

“(Y/nickname) … Please say something,” he spoke carefully, your jaw set tightly, sniffing softly turning back to focus on his nervous expression. “I was a drunken dare?” You asked him almost unbelieving with an angry undertone in each word.

“I’m so sorry! It’s been eating away at me for weeks, please you have to believe me, I didn’t mean to cause you hurt.” Joe said pulling at his hair anxiously, his scalp aching from all the pulling he’d done to his hair earlier.

“I was… A DRUNK DARE!?” You finally snapped, your yelling echoing across the empty space around you. “ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?” You kept trying to sound angry, so the hurt didn’t take over – you refused to cry in front of him.

“Please…” Joe stood inches from you, “I’m sorry.” He put his hands gently on your upper arms but you finally uncrossed your arms and shoved him away from you. “Don’t touch me.” You glared.

“Baby, I’m sorry.” Joe kept trying to apologise and it made everything worse. “I’m not some dare, Joe! I’m a person with feelings!” You snapped, swatting in his direction as he kept trying to come closer to you, you kept stepping backwards.

Until a dip in the dirt you weren’t expecting caused you to misstep and you felt yourself trip, throwing your hands behind you to stop yourself from going flat on your back you sat there on your ass, a little surprised about what just happened.

“(Y/N)!” Joe said ignoring your shouts to leave you alone, as he went to grab you and help you up, you pushed yourself up, standing quickly. “I said stay away from me.” You glared.

“I’m just trying to help you!” Joe exclaimed. “I don’t need your help, I don’t need you! Go find someone else to mentally fuck with, leave me, the hell, alone!” You put as much sting into your words you could as you spoke them.

You turned around and rushed away, as fast as you physically could, leaving Joe standing alone, with his fists curled tightly against his palms, he groaned. “Joe you’re a fucking idiot!” He snapped at himself.

Wanting to go after you, he knew the damage was done, “fuck!” He snapped, kicking at a rock, sending it across the dirt into the grass…

do you remember?

Summary: It’s the night before their wedding. Izuku and Shouto did a little throwback. 

Tags: Dating, Dates Gone Wrong, Fluff, Pure fluff, Late night talk, wedding, big day, proposal

Note: This is to make up for yesterday angst. A prequel to Shoe Game@tododeku-week Day 6 | memories | quote


‘Do you remember our first date?’ Izuku’s soft murmur broke the silence of the night.

Shouto, who was starting to drift off to sleep at the lull of the conversation, blushed crimson on reflex. He always blushed whenever Izuku mentioned dates.

'The official one or the first first one?’ He asked. Because Uraraka and Tsuyu had told them first thing when they started dating for real that it felt like they had been dating for ages, with how many times they did things with just the two of them.

'The official one,’ Izuku replied fondly. It was too dark to see but Shouto was certain Izuku was smiling softly.

'Yeah. Why?’ He answered. Looks like he was not going to sleep early tonight.

'Do you remember the movie we watched?’

'Yes, yes I do.’ It was a special outdoor showing of Jaws. Widescreen on the bank of a lake at the dark of the night. They were taken out to the middle of the lake on a rickety old wooden boat to enjoy the movie. The movie was old, 19070s old, but it was surprisingly engaging. Izuku languidly dipped his arm elbow deep into the lake, not really watching the movie, but watching Shouto watch the movie. His left arm, which was thankfully dry, made an excellent head rest for Shouto.

That would have been a perfect night out if it had been a normal, innocent show.

As it was, there were people swimming around, grabbing arms and legs and scaring people out of their wits as the climax hit.

Shouto didn’t know about that. Neither did Izuku.

When the scene with the shark dragging itself up the half-submerged boat rolled around, Izuku let loose a terrified scream. Shouto, already on edge, was startled enough to set himself on fire and burn the wooden plank underneath him.

Izuku jumped onto him and clutched at his neck, face bleached white in fear.

Their combined weight on one side of the boat sent them both toppling over into the dark water.

'You climbed onto my head and refused to climb down while I swam us back to shore.’ Shouto deadpanned, looking at the luminous stars and galaxy painted on the ceiling. Luckily it was a warm night so he had hardly any difficulty guiding himself and Izuku the deadweight to the shore.

Izuku sputtered near his head, rustling about in the blanket.

'I did not!’ He protested indignantly.

'And you were convinced that there were sharks. In a sealed off fresh water lake. One hundred kilometre inland.’

'There are fresh water sharks!’

'Not native to Japan.’

Izuku huffed in annoyance as he had no comeback for that.

'Well, at least I don’t fall asleep in an IKEA wardrobe.’ He steered the conversation in a completely different direction. Shouto didn’t need to turn around to see how madly Izuku’s eyes were twinkling.

They had agreed to never talk about that again.

‘We had an agreement.’ Shouto reminded, a bit peeved but mostly embarrassed.

There was a reason why they never mentioned that.

Dripping wet and soaked to the bones, they left the movie unfinished to hunt for new clothes. The nearest store they could get clothes from was a thrift shop, which had them some rather interesting choices.

Within five minutes, Shouto picked a white polo shirt and a pair of surprisingly comfortable black jeans. Not much different from his initial clothes.

Izuku, on the other hand…

His eyes literally lit up when Shouto drove them into the parking lot of the shop and he was out before Shouto even released his own seatbelt. It took him nearly ten minutes to locate Izuku, standing in front of a bookshelf, head bent a 90 degree to look at the title on the back of the books. Water made a pool at his feet. He looked so much like a downed rat, hair plastered to his head, clothes stuck onto his lean muscular frame. Shouto was probably not much better but it was so endearing to see Izuku like this. He had to physically drag Izuku away from the books to search for clothes.

(He made a mental note to have one of the biggest bookshelves and most comfortable reading nooks installed when they moved into a bigger apartment. If his room was smaller because of that, then so be it; as long as he could see Izuku’s dopey smile all the time, any sacrifice was worth it.)

Izuku was too distracted to pick his own clothes so Shouto had to do it. And he did it well. Izuku offered no objection whatsoever, still too distracted, so Shouto believed it was a job well-done.

His boyfriend only paid attention to what he was wearing when they were driving away from the thrift shop.

‘Shouto, what am I wearing? Why am I wearing All Might merch? Oh my god I’m not 10 anymore! Wait, why are we at IKEA? What are we doing at IKEA?’ His voice was an octave higher than it had been in the beginning, face flushing crimson.

‘I am hungry.’ I want to check out the bookshelves.

‘We can eat somewhere else,’ Izuku nearly begged.

‘They’re too far,’ Shouto said. ‘I’ll be quick.’

‘Can I just stay in the car?’ Izuku changed tactic when begging didn’t work.

Shouto merely shook his head.

He didn’t understand. They wore each other’s merch all the time. An All Might hood T-shirt and matching pants were not as outrageous as Izuku made them to be. And how could his boyfriend not see how cute he was in those? The yellow things sticking out from the hood would be absolutely adorable if Izuku decided to pull the hood up.

‘I have an image to uphold!’ Izuku whispered into his ears scandalously, trying in vain to hide behind Shouto as they walked to the restaurant section of IKEA.

‘There are few people around. They won’t pay attention,’ He said while prying Izuku’s hand away from his shirt so he could take it in his own hand. ‘You look cute in them.’

Shouto would never get bored of watching Izuku’s face flame up. So, he pushed the hood over Izuku’s face and pressed a soft kiss on his covered head. Izuku’s hand felt hot in his hold but he didn’t try to push the hood down so Shouto took that as a win.

He left Izuku alone for a few minutes at the restaurant with the pretense of looking for doormat since theirs showed wear of time while in reality, he meandered over to the bookshelf section.

Then he got distracted and lost track of time.

He found an interesting wardrobe. Wooden, tall, mystical. Kind of like the one in Narnia movie.

The inside was equally Narnia-inspired with demo woollen sweeping-the-floor coats and off white fluffy carpet. It was also big enough for him to sit comfortably. A little bit too comfy as he felt his eyes start to droop and he lost the fight against sleep.

When he woke up again, it was to Izuku’s half-panic, half-dying-of-laughter face.

‘I almost called for a hero agency before I realised I was a hero. And I did a spy move to get away from the security guy while running around searching for you. We actually spent a night in IKEA. I was having a panic attack and you were sleeping away in a wardrobe!’ Izuku howled uncontrollaby, shaking so badly the bed shook with him.

Shouto endured the embarrassment as Izuku laughed himself to a coughing fit. He half-heartedly pounded on Izuku’s back to ease it.

‘I will not mention Jaws night again if you never bring up IKEA wardrobe in the future,’ Shouto bargained.

‘Deal,’ Izuku agreed easily, shaking his hand once before going back to giggling.

What a load of dung. They both knew they would bring those up again at any given chance.  

They lapsed back into silence, broken only by Izuku’s intermittent snorts. The luminous stars on the ceiling shone brightly, almost heavenly in the absolute darkness of their room.

‘Do you remember the time we danced in the rain?’ Izuku gently snuggled up to his side, whispering into his ear.  

‘Of course.’ How could he not? It was the first time he ever felt so alive. He hadn’t smiled and laughed so much since ever.

A visit to cat island. Sun shower. Before Shouto could run to the eaves of a nearby house, Izuku yanked at their joined hand and swung him around.

It was not much of a dance since they were just doing whatever moves they felt like doing. Moonwalk, robot, tap-dancing, arm-waving. At one point, they held hands and swung themselves in circles, until they both could not stand up straight. Izuku straight up lay flat back on the middle of the road. Shouto leant onto the lamp pole a tad too far.

Luckily for them, there was no one watching, only a band of ten or so cats all huddling together on the porch of a house, eyeing them attentively.

Which somehow reminded him of something completely unrelated.

‘Do you remember when you proposed?’ Shouto turned the silver band on his left hand around.

‘How can I forget?’ Izuku chuckled. ‘Our moms are our best fans.’

‘Your mom said, what, ‘there are two beautiful engagement rings in your bedroom, Izuku. Do you mind if I show them to Shouto?’’

‘Exactly that. And I almost choked to death.’ Izuku laughed. ‘I bet your mom planned that too. She kept eyeing my mom with a smile throughout dinner.’

‘You went so red that a ripe tomato cannot be any redder.’ Shouto recalled fondly.

‘As if you were any better.’ Izuku placed his head on his chest to stick his tongue out at him.

‘You popped the question right then and there.’

‘And you said yes.’ Izuku dragged his arm across Shouto’s chest to stare at the ring on his left hand. Shouto pulled his arm out from under the blanket and placed his left hand next to Izuku’s. ‘Best day of my life.’ Izuku intertwined their fingers and kissed them gently.

Shouto ran his right hand through Izuku’s fluffy hair rhythmically. He felt Izuku’s breath deepened.

‘We should sleep. There’s a big day ahead of us.’

‘Uhm, good night Shouto. I love you.’

‘Good night Izuku. I love you too.’
Pandemonium - Critters, monsters, and demons. A British graphic novel set in Finland with a cast from Hell.

A close personal friend of ours and moderator of this blog, Pilotfish, is working on a graphic novel!

Ten years after a failed demonic invasion, the tunnels below Helsinki are riddled with demons, monsters, and occasionally, tourists.

Pandemonium is the tea-driven fever dream of the Michaels France & Hunter, and it’s a bit of a blender-job. A near-future spooky underworld-beneath-Helsinki, with scruffy mercs and grinning traders. Bits of horror, lots of adventure, tonnes of weird critters. Many bright and vivid and varied characters. A vibrant world with rich detail and observable mechanical function. We have verisimilitude out the wazoo. Also, forgotten magics.

We’ve got bustling human settlements and Demon Markets that look like something out of Hellboy or the conjurations of Eoin Colfer. Further in, there’s land-yachts rattling through wind-cut tunnels hundreds of kilometres long, and vast subterranean lakes lit with glowing algae, all full of strange underground critters.

It’s all brought to life through a story of adventure, intrigue, squabbling, and socks. Wet socks. It does make sense when you put it all together, unless we’re crazier than we think.

Mother and daughter on the streets of Milan, Italy, a few weeks ago.

Caterina, the daughter, started to dance when she was 3 years old. “I always said to my mother that I want to become a ballerina.” And Barbara, the mother, always supported her.

They both moved to Milan from their small town so Caterina could fulfil her dream and study ballet from an early age in one of the most prestigious schools in the world. Her brother and her father had to remain home, a few hundred kilometres away.

Art requires huge sacrifices, years of hard work and difficulties, but great things never come easy.

Just imagine how Barbara feels today when she sees Caterina dancing on one of the most famous stages in the world: the stage of La Scala.

sometimes is better than forever

based on the new pottermore video, i hope u enjoy this drabble i made while putting off homework rip

also !! this is kind of based off a thing i just reblogged where someone had explained all of this and ohhhh my god i needed to write it

anyways !! hope u enjoy !!

After Phil had answered the question, Dan couldn’t sit still. Honestly, he hadn’t a single clue why he was so affected by it - after all, it was supposed to be a game of going with your instincts and not thinking about your answers. So why was Dan so upset about the initial answer Phil had to the question?

Sometimes or forever.

The second Dan read the two words on the screen, he almost laughed. He knew what Phil would choose in a heartbeat - Phil was never one for change, and he thrived off of organization and routine. Why in the Hell had he answered that way? Why was his initial reaction /sometimes/?

Did that mean he only liked Dan /sometimes/?

Dan thought they were a /forever/ kind of thing. Was this Phil subtly trying to tell him he only liked Dan /sometimes/?

He was looking into this way too much.

His heart thumped rhythmically in his chest, and the blood rushing in his ears wasn’t putting his already racing mind at ease. Maybe he was overreacting- no, he was /definitely/ overreacting, but when Dan got into a dangerous mindset, there wasn’t really a way to get him out.

“A siberian cat!” Phil exclaimed. The camera was now shut off, and it was just the two of them, the deep-blue shining on their faces and an awkward kind of tension Dan was obviously majorly committing to. “I can’t believe I got a cat. You got a, what, fancy eagle? I get a /cat/. How symbolic.”

Dan only half-smiled. “Yeah. I mean..whatever, it’s cute. Can’t retake the quiz. Your answers are set in stone, right?” He turned back to the computer and stared at closing the tabs, one by one. It was rhythmic for the few seconds it lasted before he had to shut down the monitor.

Phil squinted over at his boyfriend with a confused glint in his eye. Dan was literally fine before? He seemed..a fair bit more quiet and softspoken right now. “Did something happen? You’re..quiet.”

Shortly, Dan shook his head. “No,” he laughed, as if trying to brush the whole topic off, “it’s stupid anyway.”

There it was.

“I’ve no idea how many times I have to tell you, Dan, nothing that makes you feel bad is /stupid/. What is it?”

Dan hesitated for a moment. A long moment. How was he even supposed to bring this up? God, he was dramatic. Why did he even care so much? It was /a silly question/. So damn insignificant, yet it seemed to be impacting his life pretty heavily right now. What gives?

He looked over at Phil. May as well not beat around the bush. “I..I guess one of the questions..”

“Dan? Dan, they were nothing-”

“See, I told you it was stupid!” Dan let out a laugh, and Phil slapped his arm. “I’m serious, it’s fine. I’ll be fine.”

Phil nibbles on his lip for a short minute. “What question was it?”

“Uh..the one about forever, or if you’d rather sometimes- I’m sorry, I know-” Dan really wasn’t usually so apologetic, and immediately, that let out a significant red flag off in Phil’s head.

“Elaborate?” Phil stood from his chair and slowly walked behind Dan’s chair, sighing silently. “What’s got you so bothered? What about the question?”

Dan shrugged. He really /didn’t/ know why he was so fucking bothered by it. “I don’t know. I just don’t want to be a sometimes for you. I thought we were forever.”

“Oh my God, no- no, no, Dan-” Realization hit Phil like a fucking truck, as if he were standing in the dead middle of the road and it just /appeared/, flying two hundred kilometres an hour. He was metaphorically knocked to the ground and bleeding, unconscious.

“I didn’t mean it that way! It’s just, I don’t know, forever is so /restricting/. I don’t want to eat cereal /forever/, I don’t want to listen to my favourite song /forever/. Sometimes cereal is tasty and sometimes that song is really good. I- and sometimes holding your hand is nice, but sometimes I like cuddles better. A-and sometimes I like giving you kisses and sometimes I like playing with your hair and sometimes I like looking at your tummy and sometimes I like staring at your freckles and..I don’t know. These- they aren’t forever kind of things. Sometimes I’ll want to walk the dog and sometimes I’ll want to sleep in despite the babies crying. Sometimes I’ll be staring at your hand with a band on your finger and be thinking, ‘damn, I got lucky as Hell,’ and sometimes I’ll be kissing your beautiful chapped lips and sometimes I’ll think about how astonishing you are. I can’t do these things for forever…I’ll get too busy, y’know? Lots of amazing tiny things happen and sometimes you just have to…step back and take it all in, little by little. Focus on good things sometimes.

“Sometimes is so much better than forever. Sometimes cereal is /way/ better dry than with milk, right?”

HOME STRETCH! Our Kickstarter still has a little over one day left to go. We’re funded, but we would love to reach our stretch goal so we can pay all the hardworking folks who volunteered to help us make it possible. People like our artist, (@theoutsidervevo) sound engineer (@shapechangersinwinter) and musician (@sounddesignerjeans).

During our campaign Andrea Klassen (our Certified Journalist on the team and co-writer/producer for Station to Station) did interviews with the creative teams of all our shows. In case folks on the tumble missed it, we’re also posting it here! 

Below the cut: Station to Station writer’s room insider with Alex Yun and Andrea Klassen on inspiration, horror, and representation in genre fiction. 

When Dr Miranda Quan embarks on an 10-week research cruise in the Pacific Ocean, she expects two months of no-nonsense experiments, bad Titanic jokes and marathoning Grey’s Anatomy. Instead, her lab partner has vanished, leaving nothing but a notebook full of illogical ramblings, a voice recorder, and a half-finished maths problem she has to solve. With a storm moving in and something sinister lurking below decks, Miranda must untangle the conspiracy surrounding her or be consumed.

AK: It’s really satisfying to write women who get to be flawed heroes in all the ways male protagonists do too. With moments of bad judgement and moral conflict and selfishness and stubbornness. Also as a queer woman it’s… just nice to get write characters whose stories aren’t tied to homophobia — where someone can have a crush on another woman, but that’s not the source of conflict the way horrifying science conspiracies are.

AY: Exactly. And the reason that we do this — the point of PPN — is to create narrative space for ourselves in genre fiction, be it horror or sci-fi or fantasy, where we are allowed to take up that space and drive that narrative. We deserve to be front and centre, to have our stories not end in tragedy, to have stories that doesn’t just mimic the current way the media treats marginalised identities. It is not niche to put non-white, non-straight bodies into narratives that have been historically excluding of them.

The idea that diverse stories are less appealing is based on constructed ideas of what “the norm” looks like - it’s tied to the experience of what it means to be the “default” and what it means to be the Other.

The rest is below the cut!

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anonymous asked:

Does Mike have favorite things to make? Does he pretend that Liam's are his so that he doesn't have to admit he's making them for Liam?

Very apropos question, since the Mike part of FTNS heavily takes place over meal prep and eating (while Liam scandalizes his poor boyfriend with, you know, enthusiastically admitting to committing a felony).

He tends to cook very healthy (I mean, minus the baked goods), which he says is as much for him as for Liam. And he’s not LYING, exactly, but there are definitely things he could eat that don’t fit Liam’s nutrition plan, and Mike’s meals JUST SO HAPPEN to always be perfectly in line with Liam’s nutritional needs. 

Anything that he wants to cook that isn’t? For when Liam’s away or, if complicated enough to feel weird to cook for himself, when he’s visiting his mom or brother, or they’re visiting him. (50/50 they visit when Liam’s there and when Liam’s not – Liam appreciates it. He likes seeing them, but he REALLY likes someone looking out for Mike when he’s hundreds to thousands of kilometres away.)

Mike’s not a hugely picky person, so he’s happy to cook what Liam likes and excise stuff he does not for  marital harmony, though admittedly cauliflower absolutely makes its entrance when Liam is away.

Honestly, as skittish Mike is about love, affection, admitting he has human emotions, etc, etc, he’s never really hesitated to cook Liam his favourite things. The way through a man’s heart is his stomach, whatever, Mike shows his love through his insistence on feeding Liam’s.

victuuri week | day six - soulmates

first time using paint tool sai; i’m relatively happy with the lines, but i’d like to redo the colouring at some point. not today, though, bc i’ve already spent far too much time on this, haha.

so I had this idea of a soulmate AU based on flowers. not sure if it’s been done before, but i kind of like this idea, actually! elaboration under the cut because this got a bit long

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The apartment is quiet when Andrew gets in, but it’s late enough that that isn’t a surprise.  Neil had been playing tonight the same time as Andrew at home, but Andrew’s additional three-hour drive means it is well after midnight now.  King mrrps quietly to him when he puts his keys on the bench, winding between his ankles while he pours himself a glass of water.

Andrew leaves the glass in the sink rather than putting it in the dishwasher for the express purpose of causing Neil to be pissed at him in the morning.  It’s one of life’s simple pleasures, that narrow-eyed glare.

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Lava tubes: Hidden sites for future human habitats on the Moon and Mars

Lava tubes, underground caves created by volcanic activity, could provide protected habitats large enough to house streets on Mars or even towns on the Moon, according to research presented at the European Planetary Science Congress (EPSC) 2017 in Riga. A further study shows how the next generation of lunar orbiters will be able to use radar to locate these structures under the Moon’s surface.

Lava tubes can form in two ways: ‘overcrusted’ tubes form when low-viscosity lava flows fairly close to the surface, developing a hard crust that thickens to create a roof above the moving lava stream. When the eruptions end, the conduit is drained leaving a tunnel a few metres beneath the surface. 'Inflated’ tubes are complex and deep structures that form when lava is injected into existing fissures between layers of rock or cavities from previous flows. The lava expands and leaves a huge network of connected galleries as it forces its way to the surface. Lava tubes are found in many volcanic areas on Earth, including Lanzarote, Hawaii, Iceland, North Queensland in Australia, Sicily and the Galapagos islands. Underground networks of tubes can reach up to 65 kilometres. Space missions have also observed chains of collapsed pits and 'skylights’ on the Moon and Mars that have been interpreted as evidence of lava tubes. Recently the NASA GRAIL mission provided detailed gravity data for the Moon that suggested the presence of enormous subsurface voids related to lava tubes below the lunar 'Maria’, plains of basalt formed in volcanic eruptions early in the Moon’s history.

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