You know what i love?
I love when you find that one character. Thar character that is your absolut favorite. The character that, just by thinking of them, makes you incredibly emotional. You know that character is the one for you. They are your number one. And you know you will never love another more.

imagine if one day louis goes for a wee in the middle of a concert and harry goes with him and they happen to let their micros on and we casually listen to them making out and whispering sweet words to each other, then they come back and everyone is dead

the signs as late 2015 memes
  • aries:hello... it's me
  • taurus:emo kylo ren
  • gemini:*devilish grin* the possibilities are endless
  • cancer:steve harvey at miss universe
  • leo:tubbs the cat
  • virgo:other memes being the star wars opening section
  • libra:concept meme
  • scorpio:the entire hotline bling video
  • sagittarius:™ (trademark)
  • capricorn:why you always lyin meme
  • aquarius:poot
  • pisces:brain: you gotta