I wonder if Morrigan ever mentions the Warden to the OGB, if the Warden isn’t his father. 

I wonder if the OGB hears lots of outrageous stories about the Warden’s heroics, because he asks about them incessantly, and because the adults at court bend over backwards to indulge such a good sweet charming child who is just so precious and naturally compelling.

I wonder if Morrigan eventually gets fed up with this and tells the OGB some real stories about what things were like back when she and the Warden were sisters.

I wonder if Morrigan immediately regrets sharing when the OGB starts asking why his mom has to be a lame arcane adviser and not an adventurer like cool aunt Warden.  Maker, the Elluvian is so boring, when are they going to go see a ghost dragon??

I wonder if Alistair ever meets his kid and things are excruciatingly awkward until Alistair tells OGB about his grey warden action figure collection.  And Morrigan briefly considers what she would have done if Oghren had been conscripted before the archdemon fight.

I wonder.

What I know about Throne of Glass characters based on Tumblr
  • Because I love it when people are doing this with The Raven Cycle. Also there is a guarantee that several names are spelled wrong.
  • Caelena Sardothien / Aelin Ashryver Galathynius:basically the YA-heroine with the weirdest name so far. some sort of lost faerie princess. super-badass who will probably murder you when you are looking at her too long. was in a relationship with like every male character.
  • Dorian Havillard:gorgeous - has black hair and blue eyes, I think? everyone loves him. prince with a lot of charme who doesn't deserve anything bad done to him? his father the king is a jerk - Dorian probably has daddy issues.
  • Chaol Westfall:Dorian's best buddy and also his guard? everyone is fae but he is human..? fandom loves him. sassy but also sweet. can be super-wise.
  • Rowan Whitethorn:Aelin's current lover. super confident and bossy. has white hair and is probably hundreads of years old (fae magic, boho)? super protective to those close to him otherwise he is cold as ice.
  • Manon Blackbeack:Either she is Aelin's best friend or worst enemy? everyone who sees her has to pause for a moment because she is so stunning, idk.
  • Aedion Galathynius:Aelin's cousin. Probably the only male character she hasn't made out with. Aelin and Aedion = best buddies?


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