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Q1: What’s your hobby or something you’re into recently, how do you spend your holiday?

A1: I just do ordinary things in my holiday. Going to the coffee shop alone or meeting with friends, or doing nothing, that kind of everyday life is important to me. Rather than doing special things because it’s a holiday, I think relaxing and enjoying it is more important.

Q2: Tell us your fashion style or preference!

A2: I’m the type to stick to my favorite type of clothes and use for a long time rather than having various types. I think I have worn my type of clothes and also expensive clothes tons of times from debut. I want to look special even when wearing ordinarily, so I choose simple clothes now. Other than that, I don’t like exposing my skin so I wear long sleeves even in summer.

Q3: Favorite perfume?

A3: I like sweet scent but since I only use sometimes depending on my mood that day, I never use all of one kind. I like drinking coffee and I feel calm smelling the scent. Coffee’s like the substitute for water to me so I can’t live without it.

Q4: Favorite work among Japanese movies, dramas, mangas?

A4: The best manga of my life is Slam Dunk! I read my favorite work over and over so I have read it more than a hundread times. Most of the animes I watched when I was young are Japanese animes.



I first met rapping and made my bond with music in elementary school, and I’m still active and making music now. Music is the only thing that I, with no particular hobby, can do. It’s the existance that can’t be taken away from me.


The word that represents me. (laughs) I rarely look for attention, I’m passive, quiet and like being alone. I’m not that active and like lying down too so. (laughs)


My way of thinking before was to seek the answer out of either 0 or 100. For example, if someone doesn’t like me, I would ask myself “Why?” or show my emotions. But through various kinds of experiences, I have come to understand each person’s sensibility and value. I have learned to think that “every thought is possible” and open every possibility to myself.


from JIN

“Lamb skewers, furniture, goods… He’s interested in a lot of things but when he goes shopping, he only buys music equipments. This is an exclusive information only I, his roommate, knows.”

from V

“Yoongi-hyung’s really interested in Japanese lately so I often see him studying hard. And I think the way and the things he talks about have become more interesting than before. (laughs)

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KRN - ENG © ktaebwi


I like, they just kinda seemed to fall into place, no rush no pressure. No one pushing them to get with each other, They fell in love with the little things about each other,They fell in love with the small things that make them unique ❤

After season 1 of Penn Zero we had a new challenge to face. The studio that had animated the first season, Mercury, would not be animating season 2 and so we had to go on a search to find a replacement.
I felt strongly about going back in to “animation development” and trying to define more for the new studio, whoever that would be. We took a month or two to create model sheets, diagrams of making strong poses, and even animating some character based walks as a starting point for the vendor studio.
I animated this walk for Sashi. For me characters are always fun when they have built in contradictions. We all do for sure! Sashi is this anger fueled ninja that has the appearance of a cute preteen. I wanted her walk to feel cute and innocent to contradict her more vicious side.
In terms of it technique I needed to be conscious of the limitations of time and method. Being that this was TV production I couldn’t animate a walk that would be impossible to replicate on a TV schedule but I also wanted something that was a step above for TV. I was also trying to take in to account what would work for the design aesthetic of the show and what Harmony is actually good at doing. It’s tricky, take a lot of thought.
Penn Zero Season 2 premieres in 4 days! Once it is done in it’s run I will post some of the literally hundreads of poses, retake animation, and animation reference that we spent 2 years doing. It was a long haul with some of the best people I have ever worked with but I am proud of what the show achieved.

Bts react to you being sick

Yes this is my personal imagine, as i have explained here im starting off with it because ive been sick for fifteen hundread years and i just wanna be taken care off, lollolol,so here’s my debut i guess. i hope it offers you a scope of my writing and how i would portray each member please tell me if you like it, or if you have any comments (IT WOULD MEAM THE WORLD TO ME) and hit me up for more Requestsss im readyyy!! Thanks in advance for all the support, i am literally s excited to wriTE IT ALLLLL

  • Seokjin

Low-key freak out, does a bad job of hiding it, starts  nervously Pickering with you instead. ‘I TOLD you to take a jacket!’ *huffs* Tries not to hover, but cant help it, starts on that chicken broth IMMINENTLY, has to feed you himself. Scary mama bear. Loses his shit whenever one of the guys teases you, ‘Jungkook if you don’t put her down this instant…’*glare* although he himself cant stop the teasing ‘You just want a kiss to make you feel better, don’t you? *smooches you as you laugh and try to push him away* ‘I am sick, you dork!’

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  • Rapmon:

Monie wouldn’t really know what to d He’d pull you against his chest while simultaneously reaching for his phone. “Do you have a fever? are you feeling dizzy?” Instantly cancels all daily activities to be with you. Insist on dragging you along when you refuse to go so you won’t get in the way. Wouldn’t stop trying to self-diagnose you. Unsatisfied when you tell him you just need some rest. “just get in the car babe, for me? i know a really good doctor close by” keeps your hand his at all times.

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  • Suga:

Being the most observant member, he would probably notice that you are tired before you do. Instantly picking-up on your depleted energy levels. "Are you feeling okay baby?” He’d ask while running a palm along your side. You’d sigh, realizing that you are leaning at little heavily on him, you borrow closer into his warmth. That would be all he needed to see before he pulls you to a couch and runs for some Aspirin. He’d keep-up a quiet light discussion to intimately keep tabs on you without making a big deal out of it. Keeps a hand on your hip, a few fingers just under the hem of your shirt to measure your body temp. Takes you to a pharmacy before you even realize where you’re going, insists you at least drape his jacket on your solders when the cold air hits you, cuts off any protests with a kiss. 

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  • JHope:

Hobi would f r e a k out. He would baby you with everything. Asks Jin hyung what to do, unconsciously gets super quiet and sulky without realizing it, chin on your shoulder. Scandalized once you call him out snaps instantly out of it, jumping up and exploding into a silly dance to make you feel better, not stopping until you crack a smile. *100 watt smile on*  He would calm down at the sound of your laughter, keeping up a light overly dramatic attitude acting like a kid until you’re clutching your sides from laughing. Gets super clingy and touchy, starts off any conversation with ‘Y/N is sick, BTW’. Won’t stop no matter how embarrassed you get. Pats your back as you hide your face in his shirt.‘Laughter is the best medicine after all’. *Nodes *

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  • Jimin:

Next to Suga, this mochi will be the most aware of it and definitely the most attentive. He won’t be softer than usual because he’s Park Jimin and it doesn’t get softer than that. He’d know how to take good care of you, being the caretaker of Bangtan, it comes naturally to him. I also feel like he’d be the one of the most mature about it, Calmly tucking you to bed and putting the kettle on. He’d keep an overall serene and healing air, that would calm you down like palms on a burn. Already big on PDA this sneaky fluff ball would abuse the situation to the extreme, caging you in his arms and clinging to your waist. He’d let you pat him and spoon him more willingly though, knowing that it makes you feel better. Shamelessly nuzzling up to your chest and neck, leaving sloppy kisses as you giggle ‘Sweetheart, you smell just so good!’ 

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  • Taehyung:

Tae would be a lost puppy i’m afraid. He is very sensitive though, so i feel like he might mistake your sudden calm for distance. Consequently getting hurt. He’d try to get a read on you discreetly, reaching for stuff around you or stretching to test whether you flinch or pull away. He would keep dancing around it, pulling on your shirtsleeve, gaze unable to meet yours , until he can’t stand it and has to know. ‘What’s wrong?’ he’d ask roughly, voice dropping. once you throw your arms around him though, he would instantly know, despite your muffled "nothing". Melting into your touch, he’d wrap your thighs around, as he heads for the bathroom. ‘Let’s find a thermometer yeah?’ Get ready to be showered with affection once everything settles down tho.

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  • Jungkook:

Jungkook would unconsciously pick up on it, offering his physical support more than often but it might take him a bit to realize. Being one to value personal space. He’d chalk up your quietness to something mundane, and try not to get in your way instead. It wouldn’t really hit him, until later in the day when you wont’t finish your food and stay silent through dinner discussions, thinking back to how out of it you seemed the entire day, his worry takes root. He would stew in silent turmoil, stamping out his uneasiness as best he could. He’d think carefully about what to do, opting out of teasing you. He’d gently rub your thigh, knowingly. You’d hold out as long you could before giving in and slumping down against him, with a heavy sigh. He ducks down catching your eyes before you think to look away. Understanding glints in his , and your sigh turns into a groan. You could never keep anything from those doe eyes. He leans in pressing his lips to ur forehead and a twin pair of callused palms descend on your neck and upper arms eliciting a myriad of emotions, not stopping until you’re halfway sat on his lap. He run his fingers at the nape of ur neck “Is your throat acting up again? Im pretty sure we still have some medicine left from last time”. Mmmm is all you can muster in an effort not to moan under his heavenly menstruation. 

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You’re body’s so loosed up that you barely register the effortless lift, his arms and he’s suddenly skipping from room to room, asking the hyungs and collecting things. ‘Remember what was it called? Something that sounds like a Pokemon?’ Finally at he end of the impromptu treasure hunt, he’d sit you in his lap, back to his chest, as you two sort out the mess his haul. Where did a fully functional hot water bag come from? And why does it feel so good against the back of your neck. After a bit of experimentation. And Jk’s protective instinct you would end up more burrito than human, sort of cocoon filled with all manners comforting gadgets with kookie holding it together. Cuddles Cuddles Cuddlesssssss

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lmao sorry i couldnt wit the laundry mountain on the last one

Someone had to do this for god sake

They say stupidity is contagious but damn some hinata fans never stops amazing me.

First of all is canon that hinata fell in love while whatching naruto on his misery. They never had contact and this is proven by his statment the first time hinata was introducted.

Ever since Hinata was little, she has been using Naruto as some kind of a resource to boost her confidence. Sure, this seems fine, every person is allowed to have a role model to help them progress in life. But the problem with her is that despite knowing Naruto’s pain when they were kids, while Naruto was there struggling and suffering all alone, she stands there watching him, building her confidence from him, and drawing her strength from him to make herself better. She could’ve said some kind words to Naruto as Hinata was one of the few who weren’t blind to Naruto’s agony, but she always just stood there watching him.

“He helped her become a better person”

How did she gain inspiration while sawing someone being broken? That so selfless for her omg. Oh but we always knew she was selfless.

That’s just creepy as fuck

We aren’t putting her in a pedistal. In canon she is the strongest kunoichi bae.And at the end of the filers she is just a chunin whose best archiviement was to use he same move as neji. Something that he masterd when he was 12. While sakura already surpassed tsunade, the so called strongest kunoichi. You can use your brain to figure out what it implicates , don’t you???’

The difference it’s obvious

Isn’t it cute she almost managed to scare him , while sakura was killing hundreads of them. All this after healing the whole alliance, saving naruto’s  life , getting stabbed by madara, saving sasuke and punching a fucking god.

Lmao if hinata is still a chunin and sakura is already a jonin there is a reason you know

And this actually made me laugh so hard

For shitting on sakura fans you sure understimate too much the other girls. Hinata is still one of weakest in her generation and the so called powerless INO saved her ass , while she couldn’t protect even her own child.

Ino and ten-ten are way stronger. Let’s not even mention temari

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can I request a headcanon what's the guys reaction (+ashkore) would be when they go in a haunted house?

i’m answering this like a hundread years late but here you go:


thinks the whole concept is stupid, but he agrees to make Gardienne happy

- tries desperately to remain composed to save face

but when someone covered in fake blood scares him, that plan goes out the window

- Gardienne has a death grip on his shirt the whole time while he tries to nope the fuck outta there



- he’s super excited at first bc ‘yay he can be the hero and hold Gardienne when she’s scared!!’

- boy was he wrong

- pretends to be cool the whole time until someone dressed as an axe murderer jumped out

- He doesn’t run or anything, but his eyes say Death™

‘W H A T   T H E   F U C K   I S   T H A T’

- death grip on gardienne’s hand the whole time


- MC hides behind his tall ass whenever she’s scared and he just finds it adorable tbh

- thinks it is so weird that people like to be scared for fun

- keeps Gardienne close to him the whole ride

- he is pretty calm the whole time tbh his eyes widden a little when there is a jump scare but that’s all 

- although he almost punches one of the actors after a particular loud jumpscare one time lmao


- Nothing phases this guy

- ‘Do they know that all this fake blood and murder scenes are seriously inaccurate?’

- Ashkore pls

- Talks shit the whole time

- laughs at the fake dummies and he’s having so much fun scaring the crap out of gardienne omg someone stop this little shit

- thinks Gardienne’s reactions are cute though

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Stefano's photographs still drew hundreds of curious viewers to the gallery, & more of his photographs were accepted for display. You wanted to surprise him to celebrate the good news. When Stefano returned home, he found you in the bedroom, wearing lacy red lingerie. never saw a man take his clothes off that fast before. LOL

After the first exhibition in Union, Stefano’s ‘art’ started to steadly attach more and more people.

For you and expecially Stefano it was like a miracle, like a sudden light in the dark, and you had to admit yourself, you weren’t expecting things to take such a turn.

But the most important thing for you was that Stefano was finally happy and he never ceased to loudly expres it.

Every time he had to go to an interview or something like that he stated that it was his responsibility to take you and show you of to the whole wide world.

But one time when Stefano’s exhibition went particulary well which brought his art hundreads of new fans, you wanted to do something special for your beloved fiance.

So when he asked you if you’re going to his interview about his new art works you politely declined saying that you weren’t feeling well and playfuly added that you don’t want to steal Stefano’s spotlight with you mesmerizing beauty.

Stefano chuckled at that, but still took your face into his hands and kissed you tenderly onto your lips saying that if you would starting to get sicker, the only thing that you’d have to do was to call him and he’d be right back.

“(Y/N) my dearest, are you really sure that you don’t want me to stay with you? You know that I could make an excuse and-”

You quickly silenced Stefano with a kiss and smiled at him.

“Yes my love, I’m a grown adult, I’ll surely be just fine. And now go or you’ll be late to your own interview.”

You practically threw a very confused Stefano out of your mansion and just as the door shut, you leaned against it and grinned mischeviously.

Time to realize part 2 of your plan.

You knew that the interview would be no longer that two hours maximum and Stefano would surely rush it to make it home as soon as possible so you had to act quickly.

You went into your shared bedroom and opened the large walk-in closet and looked at the red lacy lingerine. You smirked and took it before walking out and going straight for the bathroom, oh you would have so much fun tonight~


After two hours of annoying reporters, boring talk and a ton of fake smiles Stefano finally made it into his home and really hoped to spend some you-and-him time, if you catch my drift.

Also, the other thing was that he couldn’t even concentrate on the interview because the only thing on his mind was you, were you feeling well? What if you passed out?

“(Y/N)! Dearest I’m home now!”

Stefano shouted but his call was left unanswered which made him very worried, but he dismissed it and decided to look in your shared bedroom, maybe you were just sleeping?

As he made his way towards the room and just as he opene the door his jaw literally met the floor because- wow.

The only thight he saw was you, lying in bed surrounded by red rose petals with the dim light of scented candles illuminating your beautiful face and wearing lacy red lingerine while sexily arching your back and biting your bottom lip.

The only thing you saw, was that you never saw a man take his clothes off this fast.

Let’s just say one thing led to another and it was truly an eventful night~


87. Getting real tired of my own bullshit.
43. Don’t look at me in that tone of voice.

@ijspn​ Thank you so much for the sweet words! Hope you’ll like it! :)  💙💙 

So there are days in which birds fly and everything is great, clear sky, shining sun, hearts everywhere and happy unicorns who shit rainbows and stuff like that, yeah? Well! This day in particular is not one of these.

Let me tell you why. You know how in the movies when the kid goes to his grandma she stars asking him questions and more questions about school, life, your parents, DID YOU EAT? Yeah things jump from one to one hundread really quick.

And she won’t stop until you eat all the food she prepared you and she probably spent the whole morning doing so, and you can’t just come here and refuse because who will eAT the food? Hm?

So that situation is…well not what happened today, but equally annoying! You had to force yourself to stay calm and composed, while Mr. Telepath here was continuously acting like an old fart.

You were supposed to go and meet your friends tonight, instead he persuaded to to go and accompany him to this “little chitty chatty private thingy” and watch his back.

“Oh you just wait until we get home Charles, I will chitty chatty your ass!“ - your thought god him out of concentration for a second and he had to clar his throat. You narrowed your eyes at him and clicked your tongue on the top of your mouth, as he rubbed the back of the Fairy.

“You better get your hand away or I’ll break her legs!” - the sight of his hand slowly disappearing from your sight and from her lower back was probably the first alright-thing that happened tonight and you gulped down your shot of tequilla almost satisfied.

You remember the grandma reference about the questions? Yes, apparently this “soft interrogation” as Charles calls it, is taking far more time tne expected so by the end of the second hour in this bar, you were annoyed to the point of wanting to smash a glass bottle in anyone’s head for the sake of it.

The clock was ticking and honestly by that time you would have wooed her and got all the information you needed twice, or maybe three times.You quietly murmured some curses to yourself and drank next shot of tequilla. Being fed up with it all, you paid the bartender and made your way over to Charles’ .

Before wither of them knew it, you already had your balisong out and in a few swift and fast motions of your wrist the blade showed. Just as his eyes grew wide and she opened her wings to fly away you tossed the blade at her and pinned her to the chair.

Fast enough so no one would hear, you put your hand over her mouth, kicked Charles, who tried to protest and asked “Listen Birdy, you’ve got three seconds to tell me who are you giving our information to.” - the girl’s eyes were wide, but it seemed like she didn’t fully understand the idea of having a knife in her wing so you twisted the blade to the left.

“I don’t care with whom I’ll have to fight, nor do I care about what you think is right, also baby, I won’t try to woo you like my friend over there. –” you tilted your hair in Charles direction, who was looking at you, impressed, but with a scrunched nose.

“–So you better start talking, ‘cause the clock’s ticking and I don’t have time for any of this crap.”

You slammed the front door behind your back, the faint moan coming from behind was music to your ears. “You didn’t have to actually put a knife in her wing you –” he shut up once your boot made contact with his surprised face. 

“You don’t look at me in that tone of voice!” - and then the other boot followed, hitting it’s mark again. “Hey! Hey! Let’s talk about it okay!” - he was laughing! Oh, the bastard! You turned around sticking your finger in his face “You don’t get to tell me what to do, you grumpy, manipulative man!”

You were stomping from one room in another, just like a tornado, with him closely following you. “Manipulative? When did I manipulate you exactly?” the tone of his voice was too happy for your liking so grabbing the first thing under your hand you started chasing him around.

“Ah you, you lying moron! You manipulated me to come with you and watch your-shitty-self pick up girls while I was supposedly watching your back.” continuously you were hitting him with the heavy book, until your arms felt like they were about to fall off.

“You need a break? The books seems really heavy–” you immediaelly dropped it on his foot, wiping away his smirk as he reached down to pet his foot, you slapped him on his back and he arched it, trying to rub it.

“Aye! You hit hard!” - he hissed, with a wide smile on. You were grumpily walking around the kitchen. Seeing one of the drawers’ door open you hit it hard with one hand, but unfortunaletty it ricocheted and hit you flat on the face. 

Stars were spinning around, as well as black dots and what seemed like a smiling unicorn… Ah no, that was just Charles. “Fuck off!” - you shooed him away. One hand rubbed your forehead, you saw the blood dripping from your nose. 

You grunted and laid back on the floor, head falling on his lap, eyes closed. You dramatically exhaled:  “I’m getting real tired of my own bullshit.”


1)It’s actually cute how hinata fans blindly believes that such a mediocre movie could actually be successfull, let alone the best.
Nope deae the movie was quite a flop. Also the fact that the studio made it the same as a scam, by not refunding the hundreads of people who weren’t interested after the FULL TRAILER WAS OUT. Yes the same trailer that was basically a HUGE bait for Sasuke, and kakashis fandom. Damn even Naruto since he was almost a secondary character, considering his screen time.
And I’m not even gonna talk about the fans who actaully left the cinema at half movie, or the seiyuus reactions at this crap that basically ruined the whole Manga, for a fucking side character.

2) I found the picture in a japanese blog, And I DON’T REMEMBER CONSIDERING IT A FACT SINCE I WAS ALSO SUPRISED. This is why you should ask to be certain of things instead of blindly believing everything dear.
Have a nice day

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did you see simsecret about you?

Yup. I did see it. And it made me feel sad but then I realized that people are mostly jealous. The first one (about game gifting) was taken out of context completely. They didn’t want to add the ask where I explained why I don’t buy my own games or they didn’t see it, I don’t know. But yeah, anyway, the comment I read later made me feel worse than the secret itself. Apparently I’m a bitch for using adfly and a donate button. As if adfly gives me hundreads of dollars, sure lol (for anyone interested you get 2$ for 1000 views so it’s not some big money but it’s enough for me to buy meds and not have to ask my parents for money). Donation is for people who want to donate, I don’t force anyone to do so. And most people who gifted me the packs didn’t even want anything in return even tho I said I would make cc for them. They were just so amazing and greateful for cc I already made and I was so so happy because of them, you have no idea. So seeing people who are hateful, judging me for it like it’s the worst crime ever wasn’t the best feeling in the world. But I guess they just don’t know the idea of gratitude and that some people want to be grateful for my cc. And I am grateful too, for my amazing followers. I never imagined so many people would like my work to the point of gifting me. I love you all! <3
And the second secret is the usual stuff, like always “your sims are ugly af” so I’m used to it. :P

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None of the Bebe accounts are reporting that she said anything about Eleanor. Now Amy just got an anon that said that they watched the livestream and that she never mentioned Eleanor and that people are lying. There are literally posts with hundreads of notes already about how the Bebe stream proves Eleanor is a beard and it's all based on a LIE. This is what constitutes larrie proof right now! Something that was made up and they all just pounce on it and spread it as fact.

Really good point about Bebe update accounts because they would know (well, I admit I sideeye Bebe update tumblrs created only after the Louis collaboration was announced bc i have the capacity for memory but that’s another story)! For once Amy’s penchant for posting every ask she gets proves useful. And yet that lying post by heterophobiclouis has roughly 1k notes and no doubt growing. Reblogged and approved by big larries with hashtag critical thinking skills.

If we’ve learned anything from Louis’ promo tour, it’s that larries are not remotely concerned with what is real and verifiable. They’ve outwardly stated that they are fine with clinging to falsehood in defiance of what Louis has said about his life, and they have blatantly fabricated and alternately omitted things he’s said about that life to preserve the illusion that their fandom isn’t a clusterfuck of anxious, desperate crackpot conspiracy theorists who believe they’ve been given secret messages by teddy bears.

The truth behind HIV medicine scandal!

You’ve probably all seen the countless articles about Martin Shkreli being the ‘’most hated man in the world’’ for rising the price of a new HIV medicine called Daraprim. There are many networks that immediately began to bash and ridicule Shkreli for what they thought it meant to rise the price of a drug that could save the lives of sick patients in agony; but very few people took the time to read and educate themselves on the matter. 

The truth is, Martin Shkreli is no different from any other pharmaceutical company out there. It turns out that  Daraprim (the drug in question), is not at all the most expansive drug in it’s category! There are many other drugs of the same variety that cost in the thousands as opposed to the $750.00 Matin’s company imposed. 

The reason for the drug going from ‘’a few bucks’’ to a few hundreads of dollars is also common practice for Pharmaceutical companies. There are laws and economic behaviors to expect from pharmaceutical giants when it comes to new drugs. The price normally goes up a few hundread percents to turn a bigger profit; the BIG difference between most companies in the field and ‘ Turning Pharmaceuticals ‘, Martin Shkreli’s company, is that most of these other companies wont re-invest the vast majority of their profits into research for the drugs they profit off of. 

Now, we can understand that Martin’s team had to turn a certain profit off of Daraprim to bring more research effectiveness but why go from $13.00 to $750.00; that seems like a tough one to swallow! The fact is that in actuality only a few thousand people in the world really need that medicine and it has to be carefully prescribed by a specialized doctor. Shkreli has been quoted saying that ‘’less than 0.1% of the HIV patients in the world actually need that drug’’! So it’s no wonder the cost per unit sold has to be high in order to bring substantial research to the drug itself.

After Martin Shkreli has been depicted as ‘’the devil himself’’, it might shock a few people to actually know that despite all the negative press and all the slander he recieved on national television; his company actually GIVES 60-70% of the drug away FOR FREE! Indeed, if a patient get’s prescribed Daraprim for their illness, Turning Pharmaceuticals will verify if the patient has insurance and if not; they give the drug away FOR FREE! 

This entire crisis has actually brought alot of light towards how little we are informed on pharmaceuticals and also how calculated and full of lies the news can be! 

See Martin’s interview at the Breakfast Club - Very informative and fun!