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Q1: What’s your hobby or something you’re into recently, how do you spend your holiday?

A1: I just do ordinary things in my holiday. Going to the coffee shop alone or meeting with friends, or doing nothing, that kind of everyday life is important to me. Rather than doing special things because it’s a holiday, I think relaxing and enjoying it is more important.

Q2: Tell us your fashion style or preference!

A2: I’m the type to stick to my favorite type of clothes and use for a long time rather than having various types. I think I have worn my type of clothes and also expensive clothes tons of times from debut. I want to look special even when wearing ordinarily, so I choose simple clothes now. Other than that, I don’t like exposing my skin so I wear long sleeves even in summer.

Q3: Favorite perfume?

A3: I like sweet scent but since I only use sometimes depending on my mood that day, I never use all of one kind. I like drinking coffee and I feel calm smelling the scent. Coffee’s like the substitute for water to me so I can’t live without it.

Q4: Favorite work among Japanese movies, dramas, mangas?

A4: The best manga of my life is Slam Dunk! I read my favorite work over and over so I have read it more than a hundread times. Most of the animes I watched when I was young are Japanese animes.



I first met rapping and made my bond with music in elementary school, and I’m still active and making music now. Music is the only thing that I, with no particular hobby, can do. It’s the existance that can’t be taken away from me.


The word that represents me. (laughs) I rarely look for attention, I’m passive, quiet and like being alone. I’m not that active and like lying down too so. (laughs)


My way of thinking before was to seek the answer out of either 0 or 100. For example, if someone doesn’t like me, I would ask myself “Why?” or show my emotions. But through various kinds of experiences, I have come to understand each person’s sensibility and value. I have learned to think that “every thought is possible” and open every possibility to myself.


from JIN

“Lamb skewers, furniture, goods… He’s interested in a lot of things but when he goes shopping, he only buys music equipments. This is an exclusive information only I, his roommate, knows.”

from V

“Yoongi-hyung’s really interested in Japanese lately so I often see him studying hard. And I think the way and the things he talks about have become more interesting than before. (laughs)

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I like, they just kinda seemed to fall into place, no rush no pressure. No one pushing them to get with each other, They fell in love with the little things about each other,They fell in love with the small things that make them unique ❤

Someone had to do this for god sake

They say stupidity is contagious but damn some hinata fans never stops amazing me.

First of all is canon that hinata fell in love while whatching naruto on his misery. They never had contact and this is proven by his statment the first time hinata was introducted.

Ever since Hinata was little, she has been using Naruto as some kind of a resource to boost her confidence. Sure, this seems fine, every person is allowed to have a role model to help them progress in life. But the problem with her is that despite knowing Naruto’s pain when they were kids, while Naruto was there struggling and suffering all alone, she stands there watching him, building her confidence from him, and drawing her strength from him to make herself better. She could’ve said some kind words to Naruto as Hinata was one of the few who weren’t blind to Naruto’s agony, but she always just stood there watching him.

“He helped her become a better person”

How did she gain inspiration while sawing someone being broken? That so selfless for her omg. Oh but we always knew she was selfless.

That’s just creepy as fuck

We aren’t putting her in a pedistal. In canon she is the strongest kunoichi bae.And at the end of the filers she is just a chunin whose best archiviement was to use he same move as neji. Something that he masterd when he was 12. While sakura already surpassed tsunade, the so called strongest kunoichi. You can use your brain to figure out what it implicates , don’t you???’

The difference it’s obvious

Isn’t it cute she almost managed to scare him , while sakura was killing hundreads of them. All this after healing the whole alliance, saving naruto’s  life , getting stabbed by madara, saving sasuke and punching a fucking god.

Lmao if hinata is still a chunin and sakura is already a jonin there is a reason you know

And this actually made me laugh so hard

For shitting on sakura fans you sure understimate too much the other girls. Hinata is still one of weakest in her generation and the so called powerless INO saved her ass , while she couldn’t protect even her own child.

Ino and ten-ten are way stronger. Let’s not even mention temari

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did you see simsecret about you?

Yup. I did see it. And it made me feel sad but then I realized that people are mostly jealous. The first one (about game gifting) was taken out of context completely. They didn’t want to add the ask where I explained why I don’t buy my own games or they didn’t see it, I don’t know. But yeah, anyway, the comment I read later made me feel worse than the secret itself. Apparently I’m a bitch for using adfly and a donate button. As if adfly gives me hundreads of dollars, sure lol (for anyone interested you get 2$ for 1000 views so it’s not some big money but it’s enough for me to buy meds and not have to ask my parents for money). Donation is for people who want to donate, I don’t force anyone to do so. And most people who gifted me the packs didn’t even want anything in return even tho I said I would make cc for them. They were just so amazing and greateful for cc I already made and I was so so happy because of them, you have no idea. So seeing people who are hateful, judging me for it like it’s the worst crime ever wasn’t the best feeling in the world. But I guess they just don’t know the idea of gratitude and that some people want to be grateful for my cc. And I am grateful too, for my amazing followers. I never imagined so many people would like my work to the point of gifting me. I love you all! <3
And the second secret is the usual stuff, like always “your sims are ugly af” so I’m used to it. :P


Jacob Frye x Reader

Notes: Well, I told ya I was in angsty mood. And now I am paying my consequences, dammit. Anyway, I hope I didn’t mess around with Jacob. It’s hard to write about a character you still don’t know very well…

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You felt, truthfully, awful.
The air was slowly taken away from your lungs, you were shivered and your shoulders were pressed on that dirty and cold wall for what seemed centuries.
You were poisoned and apparently no one couldn’t find a proper antidote, so you asked to be locked in your room, that actually looked a lot like a prison cell, to you.
You were conscious, but you started to wonder for how long.  Even if you didn’t want to let that thing win over you, you couldn’t do anything. Hell, you barely could keep your eyes opened, how were supposed you to move? You sighed rougly, wished that all of this would end sooner. 

At this point, you didn’t care anymore.

You tried lazily to open your eyes, when you heard his voice.
Jacob was standing in front of you, his top hat in one hand and a bottle in the other. When you saw it, you managed to laugh.
“Alcohol? Even in this situation? You will always be you, Frye”
He tried to crack up a smile, but he looked like he had a toothache.
That situation wasn’t easy for nobody, especially for him.
There was something between the two of you that you couldn’t actually explain.
You know that you would miss Evie and the others, but looking at Jacob at that time time was one-hundread more painful. It was like your chest was stabbed and suddenly your heart was bleeding. Still, even if you didn’t want him to see you like that, you were grateful for his presence.
“Seriously: what are you doing here?”
“Looks like I would abdoin you? Especially right now?”
It all needed your strentgh to look at him. Jacob was tormented, you could easily tell. His features were dark and there was pain in his big brown eyes, like he was a lost puppy. You tried to smile at him, but you start coughing.
You felt his hands running on your back immediately.
“Easy there. You have still time, love.”
You smiled and lean your head over his shoulder, closing your eyes.
Your breaths were always more tired, and despite your high temperature, you were shivering.
“I do? Honestly, I feel like shite”
He laughed, saying nothing at all. At some point, still holding you, Jacob handed you the bottle.
“One last time?”
You turned around to hide your face from his, a tear rolled down your cheek, followed by another one.
“Actually I wanted to drop this, you know.”
He led out a humorless chuckle, drinking a bit of the whiskey.
“Yeah, this stuff will kill you one day or another.”
You faced him, a little smile on your lips. His eyes softened at you while you accepted the bottle in your hands, taking a sip.
The bourboun burned down your throath, and for the last time you felt warm.
You felt good, peaceful, just like the old times.
It was just you, him with a bottle, and the silence of words that’ll never be spoken between the two of you. Never again.
You felt good until the very end.

The truth behind HIV medicine scandal!

You’ve probably all seen the countless articles about Martin Shkreli being the ‘’most hated man in the world’’ for rising the price of a new HIV medicine called Daraprim. There are many networks that immediately began to bash and ridicule Shkreli for what they thought it meant to rise the price of a drug that could save the lives of sick patients in agony; but very few people took the time to read and educate themselves on the matter. 

The truth is, Martin Shkreli is no different from any other pharmaceutical company out there. It turns out that  Daraprim (the drug in question), is not at all the most expansive drug in it’s category! There are many other drugs of the same variety that cost in the thousands as opposed to the $750.00 Matin’s company imposed. 

The reason for the drug going from ‘’a few bucks’’ to a few hundreads of dollars is also common practice for Pharmaceutical companies. There are laws and economic behaviors to expect from pharmaceutical giants when it comes to new drugs. The price normally goes up a few hundread percents to turn a bigger profit; the BIG difference between most companies in the field and ‘ Turning Pharmaceuticals ‘, Martin Shkreli’s company, is that most of these other companies wont re-invest the vast majority of their profits into research for the drugs they profit off of. 

Now, we can understand that Martin’s team had to turn a certain profit off of Daraprim to bring more research effectiveness but why go from $13.00 to $750.00; that seems like a tough one to swallow! The fact is that in actuality only a few thousand people in the world really need that medicine and it has to be carefully prescribed by a specialized doctor. Shkreli has been quoted saying that ‘’less than 0.1% of the HIV patients in the world actually need that drug’’! So it’s no wonder the cost per unit sold has to be high in order to bring substantial research to the drug itself.

After Martin Shkreli has been depicted as ‘’the devil himself’’, it might shock a few people to actually know that despite all the negative press and all the slander he recieved on national television; his company actually GIVES 60-70% of the drug away FOR FREE! Indeed, if a patient get’s prescribed Daraprim for their illness, Turning Pharmaceuticals will verify if the patient has insurance and if not; they give the drug away FOR FREE! 

This entire crisis has actually brought alot of light towards how little we are informed on pharmaceuticals and also how calculated and full of lies the news can be! 

See Martin’s interview at the Breakfast Club - Very informative and fun!

Is Pearl just a sad homesick lesbian, or is she batshit insane ?

Or is she both ?


First we have Space Race

“I am totally gonna bring you back  to your dad.. in fifty year

“Is this noise spaceship selfdestroying or is it just the voices in my head ?” 

Also let’s put a big cross in the frame like we are in The Departed

Then Rose’s Scabard

This is clearly the face of Sanity.

You are right lady let’s leave the kid climb by himself the hundread-foot-high cliff. He needs to excercize a bit.

And then we end on this optimistic note

This is not a vacant stare 

There is a bunch of other  moments that striked me as possible foreshadowing of  the darker aspect of Pearl’s personnality, but i am not gonna spend my sunday doing screencaps. 

My point is: they went kinda far with and we are not done exploring it.

What I know about Throne of Glass characters based on Tumblr
  • Because I love it when people are doing this with The Raven Cycle. Also there is a guarantee that several names are spelled wrong.
  • Caelena Sardothien / Aelin Ashryver Galathynius: basically the YA-heroine with the weirdest name so far. some sort of lost faerie princess. super-badass who will probably murder you when you are looking at her too long. was in a relationship with like every male character.
  • Dorian Havillard: gorgeous - has black hair and blue eyes, I think? everyone loves him. prince with a lot of charme who doesn't deserve anything bad done to him? his father the king is a jerk - Dorian probably has daddy issues.
  • Chaol Westfall: Dorian's best buddy and also his guard? everyone is fae but he is human..? fandom loves him. sassy but also sweet. can be super-wise.
  • Rowan Whitethorn: Aelin's current lover. super confident and bossy. has white hair and is probably hundreads of years old (fae magic, boho)? super protective to those close to him otherwise he is cold as ice.
  • Manon Blackbeack: Either she is Aelin's best friend or worst enemy? everyone who sees her has to pause for a moment because she is so stunning, idk.
  • Aedion Galathynius: Aelin's cousin. Probably the only male character she hasn't made out with. Aelin and Aedion = best buddies?

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I think this is necessary for shipper like you, who believe kaisoo is real. Read it thoroughly and don't judge until you read all of it. At some extend, i do agree with this c92*tumblr*com/post/144896818448/why-shipping-kpop-members-is-wrong

Hi may! I was scrolling through tumblr when I came upon this: c92*tumblr*com/post/144896818448/why-shipping-kpop-members-is-wrong I’m not really sure what to think about so I was curious about what you thought? (another anon).

Hello anons! First, I would like to say that this post kind of reminded me of this post that, instead of mentioning kpop shipping, it talks about homoerotic fanservice between kpop idols. Oh, and there’s this one talking about the same topic.

I agree with her point of view in some points, and I disagree with others. Shipping, like anything in kpop industry, became sellable, which means that is a way for a group to get fame and recognition. Ofc the idols can sing and dance, but every idol out there can do the same. So, how a specific group will stand out from others? Using the ship/fanservice, for example. It’s a great way of promote a group and feed people’s fantasies. So, for companies, ship can be a great thing, since that, in most cases, it’s an encouraged behavior in concerts and reality shows.

I also agree that, in most of the cases, shipping can be harmful. The same way that drinking and smoking can be harmful as well. But people just simple stop and quit?

I know that the comparison doesn’t make much sense, but my point is: everything needs to be done using good sense. Everything. Including shipping. So, one thing is write fanfics using real people and this will be percieved as a work of art. But other thing is make this work visible to the artist himself to see, promoting it in their SNS accounts, even if doesn’t match with his real life activities or real personality. A fanfic or drawing of an otp can be a work of art. But cross the line and spam the idol with one hundread fictions of him and his bandmate and thousand of fanarts of them fucking is a wrong use of this work of art. So, common sense is fundamental, and the bad use of this work of art will lose it’s original purpose.

It’s funny how this specific post questions, why people ship gay members, almost wondering “what’s the traumatic phenomenon that lead people to dedicate themselves to this”. It kinds of reminded me of how people like to question why people are transexual, for example. What leads them to see themselves as the opposite sex as they were born? Why are them like this?  This is so wrong and twisted, wtf! It’s interesting because we don’t see a research about why people ship straight couples. Maybe, because it’s more ordinary, so it’s obvious and “normal” that people will like this kind of arrangment. But with gay couples, it’s important to have a reason to explain it, to make those people look less insane and crazy. 

I personally think that, independent of the reason or the shipper’s sexual orientation, shipping, like everything in life, it’s a matter of taste. Shippers can like one specific couple, or more than one in different ways. They can like the idea of friendship and companionship between two specific people. And what’s wrong with that?

Now about the theories/analysis. I know that some people here on tumblr are functional analphabets and I’ll waste my time doing this, but I thought it was relevant to put the definition of those two words below:

  1. Theory is contemplation or speculation; a way of explaing a phenomenon;
  2. Analysis is basically get important parts of a phenomenon and examine it.

It’s important to point out that everyone that writes this kind of posts don’t know them personally. We never lived with them, we never actually talked to them and we totally didn’t instal cameras in their dorms to know what they do there. This can seem dumb, but it’s extremely relevant because, different of what people may think, we use subjectivity to write those posts. And why is this important? Because we don’t use the real people, but the vision we, as fans and admires, have of them.

In my perspective no one will ever know the idols. Not sasaengs, not fansite masternims, not theory writers, not ficwriters, not haters, not specific stans or shippers, no one. Each one of those people have a vision of the idols, but it doesn’t mean that this is the whole picture of their individuality, it doesn’t mean that we are right. It doesn’t mean that sasaengs are queens of all knowledge only because they can invade the idol’s privacy and are close to their oppas. They won’t never know who are the people behind the idols they admire, the same way it happens with us. What doesn’t surprise me, because we don’t know who people close to us are, not really. We only have a glimpse; an idea formed by our minds about them. But know their deepest secrets, dreams, aspirations, flaws? If you think you know any of these things about someone, it doesn’t matter if you have contact with this person or not, you’re being naive and dumb.

This being cleared up, and now that everyone opened their eyes about the fact that we are normal people that don’t read “oppa’s minds”, I question you: since everyone is using  subjectivity to talk about a point of view of an otp, why would this end with the idol’s image or career? Damn, I saw a comment that mentioned how a guy has a voice of a cat being killed and this won’t change his fame and his image in front of the public! So, how subjective theories and analysis of an otp will make them look bad and awkward with each other? This content, as any drawing or fanfiction is made to fans for fans and admirers (that’s why I wonder why haters waste their times reading this, tbh). Like those, it isn’t made to reflect the reality. It’s just a point of view of a situation or relationship. Of course that the same example of fanfics and drawings will be applied here. One thing is to share this content with fans only. Another is to rub this or any aspect of their relationship in their SNS accounts, in places they can read about it. Again, good sense is important.

But someone will say: “but who the idol dates is not of your business! Go away!!”, and I totally agree. This is not of our business. But remember that kpop in general is more than music. People are not into kpop only because of the songs or talent. Most of their fans are into kpop because of beauty standards, concepts, fashion and, ofc, interaction between the group with other groups and among the member themselves. It’s hard to let this sink in, but they were created to be like that. Created to be seeing as products more than human beings (that aren’t, necessarily, straight), created to let other people’s inspirations and dreams reflect on them, created to feed their public’s fantasies in any way, even in ways they don’t want. Kpop is built with those pillars and, let’s be honest: a lot of fans love and live for the drama; live to have something to talk about. And kpop (like western music industry too with their dating and drug scandals) is full of it, wanting to dissect idol’s private life and girl types. That’s why medias like Dispatch exist. The difference is their role in it. Some only observe. And others write about it. 

Another thing that I disagree is when the post mentions how people that write theories make posts and when someone disagrees with them, those people will attack them. Really? From my experience is not what I see. It’s clear that have a lot of shippers who can’t accept others opinion and I won’t ignore that. But, from my reality, I see that everytime people write a post about their ship, haters will appear, not to offer productive discussions or positive criticism, but to actually hate on the bloggers. So, there are immature shippers, but there are a lot of imamture haters that don’t accept different opinions wrote in posts that weren’t made for them. It exists in both sides, not just one. 

And the last part I would like to mention: I loved when the post mentioned how is impossible for two people from the same group to date, when media already reported that a gay couple between the same group actually exists and it’s dating for five years now. It can be hard for two same sex people from the same group have a relationship, but not actually impossible. Even if we don’t know who those idols are, they’re a reality. They exist. And the idols in question, until further notice, can be your bias.

~Loki Laufeyson Imagine~

You’re playing with your gun, throwing it in the air, catching it and then rethrowing it.

You walk into a room and you face a big glass wall. And behind it you find a man lying on a bench, looking rather bored.

“Good evening Loki.” You say with a smirk. “Looks like you and I will spend some time together.”

When you speak, Loki looks up. He returns you the smirk.

“Well, well, look who’s here. You are more talkative than the other guards.” Loki says and he sits up.

You shrug. “Other guards are probably scared of you.”

“Oh, they are.” He grins. “At least I was able to tease them when I was bored… But how are you here anyway? I thought you were an agent. How did you get assigned with such a task?”

“I volunteered.” You say simply.

“Why?” Loki asks, confused.

“Christmas is tomorrow. People want to be with their families, at least for the day. I volunteered to stay here, to give some of the other agents a chance to go home. But it’s a good thing, ey. If you try anything, I want to be around to stop you.” You grin.

It’s true, Nick Fury was very surprised when one of The Avengers, especially you, asked him to be a guard. 

You are the hyperactive genius of the team, after all. Your brain works a hundread miles per hour, your speciality is observing, noticing details and solwing crimes. You’re not very well known for sitting around and doing nothing.

“So, you’re stuck with me for a few days.” You state.

However Loki’s next question completely surprises you. “What is Christmas?” He asks.

You stare at him for a few moments before you say: “Why do you ask?”

“You mentioned it, I don’t know what it is and I want to find out. It’s as simple as that. Just like you said, (Y/N), we are stuck with each other. The least we can do is try to initiate a conversation.”

You stare at him some more. Then you shrug. “Christmas is the day that people who believe in Jesus Christ celebrate as the day of his birth.”

“Who is he?”

“He’s a god. Well, The God, according to christians.”

“I don’t understand…” Loki says, frowning.

You sigh. “Humans and their religion. I don’t understand it either. All in all, Christmas is all about being with your family, forgiving those that hurt you, making up with those that you fought with… Stuff like that. Also, people seem to be more romantic on Christmas.”

Romantic.” Loki spits. He looks at you. “So, why aren’t you with your family?”

You look away. “None of your business.” You say firmly.

Loki chuckles. “Come on, tell me. Amuse me with your human problems.”

You shoot him an angry look. “As if I would share my life with you. You’re just a cold, soulless creature.”

Now Loki’s getting pissed as well. “There is no need for that, (Y/N). I thought we were having a conversation.”

“Sorry…” You mutter almost inaudibly. “But you were being noisy.”

“Well, you know everything about me and my family, It would be fair if I knew something about you.”

“I don’t know everything about you…” You say.

“Really? Tell me, now, what do you know?”

“Well, I know you come from Asgard. I know you’re Odin’s adopted son and Thor’s brother… in a way.”

“But you know what I am?” Loki demands to know. He’s looking at you with a smirk. There’s a spark in his eyes, something that sends a clear message- you’re talking to someone dangerous and possibly crazy.

“A frost giant…” You say carefully.

“Congratulations, (Y/N)! You have my personal confirmation- you know everything about me.”

“That can’t be all.”

Loki just shrugs. “Now, let me get to know you better.”

“Alright…” You say doubtfully. “You want to know why I’m not with my family?” He nods. “Well, we’re just not in a very good relationship. I can’t stand being around them and they don’t really care if I show up on a family dinner or not.”

“Your family doesn’t care about you?”

“More like despise me.” You say bitterly.

“And why do you think that?” Loki stands up and he approaches the glass wall.

“Well, they never… supported me in anything.” You start playing with the edge of your sleeve. You’ve never talked to anyone about this and you’re realizing how hard it is. Also, you never imagined that you would be saying all that to Loki. “They think that every one of my choices is wrong, they hate my personality… Stuff like that. Oh, and there’s always the fact that they compare me to my older sister. They think she’s so much better than me and that I should be just like her, because the way I already am is just so wrong.”

After saying all that you make yourself shift your gaze and your eyes meet Loki’s. He’s looking at you differently. The spark from before is gone. He’s smiling at you, but kind of bitterly.

“I know exactly what you’re talking about.” He says softly.

You frown. “No, you are in denial. Thor loves you despite everything you’ve done. He wants to give you a chance. It hurts him to see how much you hate him.”

“Interesting how everything always turns out to be about Thor.” Loki says and he starts walking around his cell. His anger is starting to come back. “He is always right, I am always wrong. He always ends up a victim. He’s so great and divine. And me? I am a villain, right? He always wins, I always lose. Does that sound familiar!?” Loki raises his voice slightly. You blush against your will. “B-but, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you.” You stutter.

“Well, maybe your sister loves you too.” Loki states.

“But… But it’s not really about her, is it? It’s about my parents!! They’re the ones that drive me insane!”

Loki crosses his arms and he stops pacing. “I think we have just established that not everything is what it seems. If you talked to them, maybe you would…”

“No! Nope, no! That is out of the question! Hey, why don’t you try ‘talking’ as well, then?”

Loki frowns. “It’s different.”

“How? How is it any different??” You almost yell.

“I am already here, (Y/N)!! No one will give me another chance!” It amazes you how upset Loki looks.

“Thor will.” You say simply. “Alright, let’s make a deal: I go talk to my parents and you try it with Thor.” In that moment, something hits you. As if you’re waking up from a dream, you remember who are you talking to.

A murderer. A criminal. A prisoner. A god.

And your offer suddenly seems so silly.

But before you got the chance to mentally scold yourself, you hear Loki saying:


* * *

You re-enter the room. You cross your arms and you look at Loki through the glass.

You just returned from Fury’s office.

“Well?” Loki asks.

“I was given a day off. You’ll be hanging out with someone else.” You answer.

“Oh, joy.” Loki says faintheartedly.

“Aaawwww. Are you going to miss me?” You pout jokingly.

“Our conversations, perhaps.” Loki smirks in your direction.

“Oh, and, I was just informed that you’re returning to Asgard tomorrow. They said that ‘Thor will handle it’. I don’t know what it meant.”

Loki doesn’t responde, so you proceed to say:

“Well, wish me luck.” You say. You’re about to return to your hometown, after a long time.

“Good luck.” Loki says genuinely.

“Good luck to you too. And, hey, Merry Christmas!”

“Merry Christmas, I guess.”

* * *

You’re driving on a highway as your phone starts ringing.You sigh and you place it between your head and your shoulder.


“(Y/N), it’s Phil. Loki just broke out.”

What? How? When? Did anybody see it??”

“He killed the guard. It wa all very well planned, like he was going to do it all along.”

“Dammit.” You mutter. “Do you need me to come in?” You ask, a part of you hoping that the answer is ‘yes’.

“No, You have a day off and that’s it. But I actually called you because Loki left a note, and it’s for you.”

You feel the heat rushing to your face. “What…?” You mutter.

“It says: ‘Dear, (Y/N), I am sorry, but I can’t go to Asgard, not like this. I will, however, do what I have to do. Yours sincerely, cold, soulless creature.’ (Y/N), what does this mean?”

“Loki, you bastard…” You mutter, smiling.


“Just find him, Phil.” You say and you hang up the phone.


AU where everything is much simpler…