What I know about Throne of Glass characters based on Tumblr
  • Because I love it when people are doing this with The Raven Cycle. Also there is a guarantee that several names are spelled wrong.
  • Caelena Sardothien / Aelin Ashryver Galathynius: basically the YA-heroine with the weirdest name so far. some sort of lost faerie princess. super-badass who will probably murder you when you are looking at her too long. was in a relationship with like every male character.
  • Dorian Havillard: gorgeous - has black hair and blue eyes, I think? everyone loves him. prince with a lot of charme who doesn't deserve anything bad done to him? his father the king is a jerk - Dorian probably has daddy issues.
  • Chaol Westfall: Dorian's best buddy and also his guard? everyone is fae but he is human..? fandom loves him. sassy but also sweet. can be super-wise.
  • Rowan Whitethorn: Aelin's current lover. super confident and bossy. has white hair and is probably hundreads of years old (fae magic, boho)? super protective to those close to him otherwise he is cold as ice.
  • Manon Blackbeack: Either she is Aelin's best friend or worst enemy? everyone who sees her has to pause for a moment because she is so stunning, idk.
  • Aedion Galathynius: Aelin's cousin. Probably the only male character she hasn't made out with. Aelin and Aedion = best buddies?
Is Pearl just a sad homesick lesbian, or is she batshit insane ?

Or is she both ?


First we have Space Race

“I am totally gonna bring you back  to your dad.. in fifty year

“Is this noise spaceship selfdestroying or is it just the voices in my head ?” 

Also let’s put a big cross in the frame like we are in The Departed

Then Rose’s Scabard

This is clearly the face of Sanity.

You are right lady let’s leave the kid climb by himself the hundread-foot-high cliff. He needs to excercize a bit.

And then we end on this optimistic note

This is not a vacant stare 

There is a bunch of other  moments that striked me as possible foreshadowing of  the darker aspect of Pearl’s personnality, but i am not gonna spend my sunday doing screencaps. 

My point is: they went kinda far with and we are not done exploring it.

Heile, heile, Gänschen,
es wird ja wieder gut.
Das Kätzchen hat ein Schwänzchen,
es wird ja wieder gut.
Heile, heile, Mäusespeck*,
in hundert Jahren ist alles weg.

Heal, heal, little goose,
everything will be alright.
The little cat has a little tail,
everything will be alright.
Heal, heal, marshmallow*,
in hundread years, everything is gone.

German nursery rhyme, sung when a child is crying after being hurt.

*Originally, marshmallows were made from an extract of the marshmallow plant (Althaea officinalis, in German Echter Eibisch), which has soothing, painkilling and anti-inflammatory effects.

The truth behind HIV medicine scandal!

You’ve probably all seen the countless articles about Martin Shkreli being the ‘’most hated man in the world’’ for rising the price of a new HIV medicine called Daraprim. There are many networks that immediately began to bash and ridicule Shkreli for what they thought it meant to rise the price of a drug that could save the lives of sick patients in agony; but very few people took the time to read and educate themselves on the matter. 

The truth is, Martin Shkreli is no different from any other pharmaceutical company out there. It turns out that  Daraprim (the drug in question), is not at all the most expansive drug in it’s category! There are many other drugs of the same variety that cost in the thousands as opposed to the $750.00 Matin’s company imposed. 

The reason for the drug going from ‘’a few bucks’’ to a few hundreads of dollars is also common practice for Pharmaceutical companies. There are laws and economic behaviors to expect from pharmaceutical giants when it comes to new drugs. The price normally goes up a few hundread percents to turn a bigger profit; the BIG difference between most companies in the field and ‘ Turning Pharmaceuticals ‘, Martin Shkreli’s company, is that most of these other companies wont re-invest the vast majority of their profits into research for the drugs they profit off of. 

Now, we can understand that Martin’s team had to turn a certain profit off of Daraprim to bring more research effectiveness but why go from $13.00 to $750.00; that seems like a tough one to swallow! The fact is that in actuality only a few thousand people in the world really need that medicine and it has to be carefully prescribed by a specialized doctor. Shkreli has been quoted saying that ‘’less than 0.1% of the HIV patients in the world actually need that drug’’! So it’s no wonder the cost per unit sold has to be high in order to bring substantial research to the drug itself.

After Martin Shkreli has been depicted as ‘’the devil himself’’, it might shock a few people to actually know that despite all the negative press and all the slander he recieved on national television; his company actually GIVES 60-70% of the drug away FOR FREE! Indeed, if a patient get’s prescribed Daraprim for their illness, Turning Pharmaceuticals will verify if the patient has insurance and if not; they give the drug away FOR FREE! 

This entire crisis has actually brought alot of light towards how little we are informed on pharmaceuticals and also how calculated and full of lies the news can be! 

See Martin’s interview at the Breakfast Club - Very informative and fun!