Friends, please spend even just a short time to check if the art you’re reblogging is from the op, a lot of people are reblogging repost of SteveTony art lately and it’s alarming, even done by my beloved stony friends who I adore. Maybe you are just in a hurry or busy or honest mistake, I understand completely, it’s ok to check again :) please respect artists’ original post 😢

btw I’m not a fan of shaming people, we should be more compassionate and kind in this site, maybe they didn’t know or is unaware of fandom etiquette… so just try to inform them that to respect artists you have to ask permission & only reblog their original post :) Fellow artist friends, I suggest maybe putting your full tumblr url in your art, I know it’s an eyesore but you deserve credit for your great work!

anonymous asked:

i really hope theres a s13, im too selfish plus it just seems like a good number to end on. i love this cast so much

There’s a tweet where Jim Michaels said there hasn’t been a talk about s12 being the last season, its just that the CW hasn’t renewed it yet. (bc honestly its too early to confirm s13) 


An ISIS attack in Kabul, Afghanistan today has killed at least 64 (May they rest in peace) and wounded more than 250. A peaceful gathering of the Hazara minority (Shi’a Muslims) were targeted.  (Sources: x / x / x  )

I ask everyone to reblog to remember that Non-Western countries, POC, Muslims, and more specifically Muslim Minorities are not to be swept under the rug and forgotten while everyone pours attention and support on selected European countries.