I…have some regrets

Day whatever of sickdays   I think it’s day 5? But I honestly can’t remember lol

Prompt: Your character did something, but now it’s coming back and biting them in the butt. 

This is so much longer than anything I’ve written lately lol enjoy my peeps.

Shiro and Allura had been flirting back and forth for months now.  It was obvious to everyone that knew them and saw the two interact, that they liked each other very much.

Finally, after weeks of psyching himself up and convincing himself that she most likely wouldn’t say no, he asked her out.  To his relief (and surprise, honestly), she said yes.

Since they were both college students, and their schedules were so different, it took them a while to nail down a day that worked for both of them.  

Shiro had been looking forward to it the days leading up to their date.  

School had been beyond stressful these past few weeks - between all of the projects, papers and tests that his professors had assigned, he had gotten very little sleep.  His immune system had suffered - his apparent penance for all the sleepless nights - and he woke up the day of the date, head pounding and throat aching.  

“No.” He groaned, hiding his head under the pillow.  Not today.  Not now.  Not when he was finally, finally, going out with her.

He had been waiting so long for this.

Typically when he got sick, he could feel it coming on for days in advance, but this had come completely out of the blue.

He felt weak, and heavy and achey and cold.  It was then that he noticed he was shivering, and no matter how deeply he burrowed into his blankets, he still couldn’t get warm.  

He needed to kick this thing before he saw her, because there was no way in hell he was canceling.  

Shiro forced himself out of bed for some medicine.  

“Good morning…well, afternoon, sleeping beauty.” Hunk greeted him, looking up from his laptop when Shiro walked in the kitchen.
“What time is it?” He rasped.
“One…are you okay?”
“I’m…uh…not feeling too great.”
Hunk slammed his laptop shut.  “Do you need a doctor?”
Shiro rolled his eyes. “I’m fine.”
“I just…you never admit when you don’t feel well.  It’s gotta be pretty bad then.” Hunk frowned. “You’re shivering too.  Fever?”
Shiro rubbed his forehead.  “I think.  I was going to grab some medicine and go back to sleep.”
“Hey, isn’t your date tonight? You gonna cancel?”
Shiro scoffed.  “No.”
“You look like shit.  Sound like it, too.  She’s going to be so pissed if you show up sick when you should be in bed.”
“I’ll be fine.” He said, waving Hunk off.

Luckily, he wasn’t coughing or sneezing, and he hoped it would stay that way.

Shiro took some DayQuil, and then walked back into his bedroom and collapsed into bed. He sent Allura a ‘Looking forward to tonight ;) I’ll see you at seven’ text, set his alarm, and then promptly fell asleep.

When he woke up, he didn’t feel any better. While that sucked, and he was hoping he would have felt a greater improvement, he didn’t feel any worse.  So that was okay, he guessed.

He glanced at the clock, rubbed a hand over his face, and forced himself out of bed.  He would have rather stayed in bed, and he knew that he should have postponed, but he had been waiting to take her out since the moment he met her.  He wasn’t going to let his stupid immune system screw with his plans.

Shiro stepped into his bathroom, pressing a hand to his face to gauge how warm his skin was - he was no longer shivering, which was an improvement.

Thirty minutes later, he was standing on her stoop, waiting anxiously for her to open the door.

“You look beautiful.” Shiro breathed when she finally did.  He handed her the bouquet of wildflowers, and she immediately blushed and shot him a shy smile.
“Thank you. These are gorgeous.  I’m going to go put them in a vase - would you like to come in?”
He nodded, stepping inside as she walked back into the kitchen.  He watched as she walked away, his eyes drifting down to her slim waist and then down to her ass.
She looked over her shoulder at him, a smirk on her face and he flushed. His eyes immediately snapped to the ceiling, and she just laughed.  “Shiro, you naughty, naughty man.  Were you staring?”
“Who? Me? No, never.”
She chuckled, and disappeared into the kitchen.  When she returned, she wrapped her arms around him and nuzzled into his chest.  “I’m really looking forward to tonight.”
“Me too.” He rasped, wrapping his arms around her.  
She frowned and looked up at him. “Are you alright? You sound…off.”
“I’m okay.”
Her eyes searched his face, and her frown deepened. “You’re pale.”
He sighed in defeat. “I’m a little..under the weather, but I’m fine.”
Her face fell.  “If you’re not feeling well, we can always reschedule.”
Shiro shook his head frantically.  “No.  Really, Allura, I’m fine.  I don’t feel that bad, promise.”
Allura eyed him warily.  “You’ll tell me if you start to feel too bad, right?”
He nodded, but had no intention to do so.  “Yeah, I promise.”
She let out a sigh.  “I don’t know…we can always stay in.  I don’t want you to get worse.”
“Allura, I’m fine.”
“Okay, okay! I’m sorry.  I’ll leave you alone.” She grinned.
He grinned at her.  “Are you ready to go?”
She nodded, a smile crossing her face.

They had gone to dinner.  Shiro didn’t eat much, and although Allura noticed with a pinched expression, she stayed silent.  Then they went to see a movie - Shiro definitely kept nodding off, and again, Allura noticed but said nothing. Currently, they were currently grabbing a cup of coffee.  

Shiro had steadily felt worse over the course of the night, and he was doing a terrible job of hiding it.  

“Shiro.” Allura said softly, reaching forward across the table to put her hand over his.  “You’re looking really miserable.  I really think it’s time to get you home.”
He wretched away from her, burying his nose and mouth in a napkin. “Hhh…hiiH’TSHH! Hih’tSHH! Hihh’ktSHH! *snff* I’mb finde.”
She shot him a sympathetic look, and stood up from the table. “You’ve been sniffling and sneezing all night.  Come on, you can’t be feeling well. You promised you’d tell me if you felt worse.”
He sniffled, eyes filling with tears.  “I’mb sorry.”
“Why are you sorry?” She frowned, standing up.  
He blinked the tears away and then cleared his throat.   “I ruined the date.  I’mb sohhh…hih…hiiH’TSHH! *Snff* Sorry.”
Her eyes softened.  “You didn’t ruin the date.  I had a great time, I’m just sorry you’re not feeling well.”
He just sniffled.  Allura put a hand between his shoulder blades, and he stood up.

She moved her hand so it was on his lower back, and they walked out of the coffee shop.

“Oh shit. It’s raining.” She hissed, crossing her arms. It wasn’t just raining, no, it was a torrential downpour. It was cold out, too, and Allura hadn’t brought a jacket, instead she was just in her jeans, boots, and short-sleeved, flowy blouse.  
“Here.” Shiro croaked, and draped his jacket over her shoulders. She looked up at him with wide eyes.  
She tried shrugging “Shiro, no.”
“Dond’t fight mbe ond it, Allura.” He sniffled.
“You’re sick. If you get caught in the rain, you’re going to get really bad.  Let me go grab the car and bring it around.”
He shook his head.  “Ndo.  I’ll be finde, if we have to end the date early, please let mbe have this. Besides, I dond’t wandt you to catch andythindg.”
She sighed, an uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach. Despite how awful he looked, he was wearing such a hopeful expression, and looked so cute, that she couldn’t say no.  “Okay…but I’m wrapping you up in a blanket and making you tea and soup when I get you home.”
He nodded, pinching the bridge of his nose and stifling a flurry of sneezes.  “*Snff* Deal.”
“I don’t like this.  I really don’t like this.”
“It’ll be finde.” He promised.

He took a deep breath, and then stepped out into the pouring rain.  Immediately, he was soaked, his black shirt clinging to his body.  His hair was plastered to his forehead, droplets of water falling into his eyes.  

He regretted his decision instantaneously, but made the two minute walk to his car as quickly as possible.


Allura’s place was closer, so they went there instead of going back to his place.  She immediately sent him upstairs to take a hot shower, and then called Hunk.

“Hey, Allura!” He greeted her.
“Would you be able to bring Shiro some clothes to my place?”
“What have you two crazy kids been up to?” He asked suggestively.
She rolled her eyes.  “We got caught in the rain, and he’s really not feeling well.”
“Shit, is he okay?”
“Uh…not sure? He will be, though.  He just needs some dry clothes.”
“Yeah, I’ll be there soon.”

Shiro was too exhausted, and felt too weak to stand upright in the shower.  He found himself sitting on the floor, his back against the tiled walls with his head back as the hot water hit his body.  He was shivering hard, his teeth chattering as his body trembled.  He wanted to get out, dry off, and bury himself underneath a mountain of blankets, but he was too achey and heavy to stand. He had been coughing almost incessantly, and it was making his chest burn.

Ten minutes later, the water had gone cold, but still, he couldn’t bring himself to stand up. The congestion had gotten worse - both in his head and his chest, and he felt miserable.

There was a knock on the bathroom door, and then Hunk poked his head in.

“Hey, man.  How’re you doing?”
Shiro frowned, confusion going through his fevered brain.  “Hundk? I thought…amb I at Allura’s?”
“Damn, you’re really out of it, huh?” Hunk asked, eyebrows furrowing together. “Yeah, you’re at Allura’s, she just asked if I could bring you over some clothes.  Ready to get out? You sound like shit, I could hear you coughing from downstairs.”
Shiro just groaned.  Hunk shut off the water, and hissed when some of it hit his hand.  “Why is the water so damn freezing? You’re just making yourself worse, what the fuck, man?”
Shiro sniffled.  “It was hot at first.”
Hunk helped him out of the shower, and wrapped a towel around him.  “Okay, are you able to dress yourself? I’m really not down for doing that.” Shiro nodded dazedly after a beat, and Hunk nudged him towards Allura’s bedroom. 

A pair of sweats, long sleeved shirt, hoodie, underwear and fuzzy socks were folded up and sitting on her duvet.  

Hunk left to give him some privacy, but told him to call for him if he needed help.

“How is he?” Allura asked anxiously.
“Not…great.” Hunk sighed. “He was sitting on the floor of the shower with icy water beating down on him.”
She groaned, pinching the bridge of her nose.  “I knew that it was a bad idea for him to give me his jacket.  Do you think he’s feverish?”
“Oh, absolutely.  I didn’t check, but I was helping him out of the shower and I could feel the heat radiating from him.  He’s really out of it, too.”
They heard a weak and raspy “help” coming from her room. When Hunk opened the door, he burst out laughing.  

“What?” Allura asked.
“I feel bad for laughing, but…hey, buddy.  You good?” He asked, crouching in front of Shiro.  

Shiro had managed to get his underwear on correctly, but that was it.  He had pulled one of his sweat pant legs over both of his, trapping them.  His shirt was around his neck like a scarf, and his head was trapped in the sleeve of his sweatshirt.  

“Help.” Shiro croaked, swaying lightly in his spot.  Hunk and Allura pulled Shiro to his feet, and then sat him on her bed.  Hunk fixed Shiro’s sweats, and Allura fixed his shirt and sweatshirt.  He immediately flopped to his side, coughing miserably.

“He sounds really bad.” Allura grimaced, putting a hand on his cheek. “Oh shit.  Yeah, he’s burning up.”
Hunk glanced at the time on his phone.  “I would stay and help, but I need to get to work.”
Allura put her hand on his shoulder.  “It’s fine.  Thank you, Hunk.”


When Shiro opened his eyes next, he glanced around the room blearily.  He had no memory of anything after parking in Allura’s driveway at the end of their date.  He was in her bed, he presumed, buried underneath a thick pink duvet. He pushed himself to a sitting position, and slumped back into the pillows.  

He felt worse than he remembered, so much so that it nearly brought him to tears. 

Everything felt wrong. 

His entire body hurt, as if he’d been been ran over by a semi truck, and then dragged through hell and back. His head was aching, in fact, he was pretty sure he was getting a migraine.  He was stuffed up, too; it felt like his head had been filled with sludge, and he had a constant, deep-seated itchy tickle in his sinuses. He could feel the congestion in his chest crackling with each inhale, and he felt an incessant urge to cough.  He shouldn’t have gone out in the rain yesterday, he should have just let her bring the car around.

“Shiro?”  Allura asked softly. “How are you feeling?’
He whimpered pitifully, lying back down, closing his eyes.  “I have sombe regrets.”
She got onto the bed next to him, and he immediately cuddled up to her and put his head in her lap.  She began carding her fingers through his hair.
“Yeah, I’ll bet you do.” She sighed. “I’m going to go get you some medicine, okay?”
He shook his head, grabbing onto the bottom of her shirt.  “Ndo…dond’t leave.”

“Okay.  I’m not going anywhere.” She said softly.  They lapsed into silence, the only sound being his congested and ragged breathing.