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It may seem kinda small to a lot of people but I never thought I would have this many! It sounds kinda pretentious but I honestly think there’s a lot of art that goes into vinyls, it’s like a lot of little paintings that express something you love! 


 3/14/16 || It’s raining somewhere

It’s finally done! Use your imagination for the dialogue; mine is spent.

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Pairing: Credence Barebone x Reader

Word Count: 1567

Warnings: smut, A LOT of fluff

A/n: My first credence fic! Hopefully I did his character justice

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“Can you talk to him? Please (y/n), I’m begging you.” Newt pleaded with you as you looked over to the trembling Credence, who had backed himself into the corner of Newt’s case after a rough encounter with a Murtlap. You sighed, eyes struggling to move away from the hunched over figure back to the freckled Magizoologist.

“No need to ask Newt, you know I would’ve done it anyway.” You gave the stressed man a gentle squeeze on his arm then turned to the frightened boy.

Newt had decided to add Credence to his list of side projects. After he had found him to still be alive after the instances in New York, he had vowed to look after Credence, for as long as it would take to nurse him to a comfortable and confident state. You had shortly joined Newt in his cause after meeting the timid boy, seeing as how he was the same age as you and took a liking to your caring nature.

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It was too much for Lena.

She suspected it.

Because Kara’s neck was way too defined and her shoulders were broad even though she always hunched her back. Plus that time Kara wore a backless dress to one of the galas Lena invited her to. Lena would be lying if she said she didn’t tripped over her own feet when she saw the rippling muscles.

But when she was picked up and placed on her desk in her office… Lena was sure she just died a little bit inside. Then she practically torn the shirt off of Kara, hungrily devouring the blonde’s body before her. She shuddered, watching taught and defined abdominal muscles shift and flex with every labored breath Kara took.

Guessing that your girlfriend worked out was one thing. Knowing, seeing and feeling it was a completely new experience. (Lena would be lying if she said she wasn’t a little jealous of Kara’s metabolism. Because she could eat whatever she wanted and however much she wanted. And Lena silently cursed all the galas and dinners for her soft stomach and thick thighs.)

She watched the muscles roll as Kara shrugged the shirt off, tearing Lena’s blouse in return, buttons flying everywhere; hiking the pencil skirt, bunching it around the brunette’s hips, before pushing Lena back to lie on the table.

She looked up at Kara, eyes heavy, chest heaving with deep breaths. The blonde was looking down at her, dark blue eyes and panting, hands sprawled on Lena’s thighs.

“I really hope that your office is soundproofed.” Kara rasped before bending down and placing wet open-mouthed kisses all over Lena’s stomach.

The CEO gasped, fingers tangling in thick blonde hair, before biting her lip and arching into the touch.

She couldn’t, for the life of her, remember if her office was indeed soundproof.

Or if they’d locked the door.

I’m sorry. I’ll stop.

Luke Garroway+ Support Systems 

Jocelyn Fray

  • Sometimes Luke has bad days, reminders of what Valentine did to him. On those days he gets quiet and withdrawn- so she just pulls him close and hugs him while he cries softly. 
  • Then she makes him his favorite meal. He’s supported her through everything, and she loves him. Of course she would do anything to make him smile. 
  • Especially when that beautiful smile is missing (s2g that thing could outshine the sun), his eyebrows drawn and back hunched. She can’t possibly understand what he feels, she loved Valentine but he was a part of Luke. A literal half of his soul. So she doesn’t try to understand or tell him she knows better. 
  • She just holds him, sings softly and cooks him a nice meal. He deserves it. 

Alaric Rodriguez 

  • When Luke first turned he had no idea how to control his powers 
  • AND he had been betrayed by his best friend/Parabatai 
  • He was filled with self-loathing. He thought that he was less human because he was a downworlder. 
  • So Alaric, for months, just talked to him. Reminded him that he’s still the man he was, reminded him that Downworlders are just as human as Shadowhunters. 
  • Sometimes Luke would get so mad- mad about Valentine, mad that he’s a Werewolf, mad at himself for letting Valentine get this far. So mad he couldn’t control his powers. On those days Alaric stayed with him and helped him. Supported him. Reminded him his emotions are totally valid and that he still has support and love, even if it feels like the world turned its back on him. 
  • Luke never thought he would feel what he felt with Valentine again, but Alaric changed his mind. 

Clary Fray 

  • As a child, she had no idea why Luke would sometimes get quiet and sad. Why he would sometimes gaze into the distance as if he couldn’t see her. 
  • BUT she did love him like a father, and she would do anything to have him smile again 
  • So she would ask him to sit down in front of her and she would draw funny cartoons of him while she pretended she was drawing a portrait 
  • That always made him laugh SO hard
  • Then she would cuddle on the couch with him and watch jeopardy (Luke is weirdly good)
  • Now Clary does know. But that doesn’t change their relationship, he’s still her dad. So she draws him funny pictures, cuddles with him and reminds him that he is the best man she’s ever known and that she loves him so much. 
  • He’s her father in every important way, she loves him. He was there when she cried, so she is there when he’s sad. That is what family is for. 

Simon Lewis 

  • Luke is like a father to him, especially since his own father didn’t stick around. Luke would play catch with him. Luke was the one who taught him how to shave. 
  • Eventually, Luke is the one who teaches him to love himself in the Downworld 
  • But Simon notices that sometimes Luke’s smiles seem forced. He notices that Luke is putting his emotions to the side so that he can focus on someone else. 
  • On those days, Simon pulls Luke out and insists on a “guy’s night”- just the two of them 
  • So they binge watch Lord of the Rings while drinking shitty beer. Simon always makes sure to remind Luke that he is Simon’s hero and that Simon loves him like family. 
  • He never pushes the issue, they just sit next to each other and drink and make dumb nerdy jokes 
  • But Simon always ends the night with a hug and an“I love you” because frankly, Luke deserves to hear it. 

ANYWAY: Luke is so incredibly loved by his family and friends because they know he’s a great man with an amazing heart and that he deserves the world. Sorry, I don’t make the rules. 

Face Full of Feathers

Title: Face Full of Feathers

 Prompt: @acuteninja: ‘Wings’ with Castiel?

 Pairing: Castiel x Female!reader

 Summary: Being able to see an angel’s wings means that you are their soulmate.  Too bad it took you a while to realize what you were seeing.  

 Warnings: Mild Language.  Injury.  

Originally posted by domain-of-life

At first you thought it was something weird with his vessel, like he didn’t fit all the way. Or maybe it was all those layers…but Castiel always seemed to be hunched over.  His back had this strange curve to it, underneath that trench coat.  You mentioned it to Dean a couple times, worried that maybe Cas needed a new vessel, but he just looked at you with a strange look and scoffed.  

“Dude stands straighter than a board, what the hell are you talking about?”

After a couple talks with Dean like that, and Sam, you decided to just put it from your mind. Cas didn’t seem to be in pain or hurt or anything, so why bring it up.  Instead, you focused on hunting and helping out any way you could.  

Luckily for you, Cas wasn’t the only angel you knew.  Cue in Gabriel, your go to person for all things supernatural.  You met the trickster years before the Winchesters did. Hell, he even told you his real identity.  After a strange hunt where two tricksters were involved…Gabriel was actually trying to stop the trickster, since he wasn’t targeting the correct people, you had become quick friends.  

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Jerome Valeska x Reader

Warnings: Dirty talk & fingering

Description: You’re a police office working Jerome’s case, when you two finally meet, he’s provocative and sexual. 

Sitting up straight, your back cracked slowly, feeling the pain from sitting in an office all day, on the same chair, often gives you back problems. Hunching back over, you continued to type away on your computer, humming softly, cracking your neck as you typed. After awhile there was a knock at your door, without looking you called out; “Come in!” You hummed, continuing to type. “Y/N?” Looking up, you see your long time friend Jim Gordon “Hiya Jim” you smiled politely, pushing your chair away from the desk, standing up and making your way towards him. Smiling softly, you watched him, your face dropping once you see the worry on his face, biting down on your bottom lip, you ask “Jim… What is it?” He paused for minute, rubbing his brow, before making eye contact with you again. “We got him” 

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as more and more pics from the vsfs come out one thing that i notice is adriana is serving face and bod in every single picture. whether she’s walking or posing she is so self aware when it comes to her body and facial expressions every frame is a perfect picture. all of the nepotism squad has pics with their mouths open, eyes half closed, arms limp, back hunched, etc. and it’s a real testament to how talented adriana is and how far the bar has fallen for that show. it’s crazy

Because you are a Ravenclaw

The ones who will love and accept you no matter what

The eyes that are curious to know why
The unusual past times

The nose that falls in love with the smell of a new book

The brain that has too many thoughts to process

The feeling of understanding

The heart that yearns to learn more

The fingers that continuously search for something to create

The back hunched over from reading to much

The soul that’s quirky, but everyone loves it

The witty sentences formed

The accidental distraction that happens

The thought process that makes everybody confused

The want to know the answer

The fear of being wrong

The people who will never live in a world without new discoveries and inventions

The experiments that go horribly wrong

The fascinations with what is happening in the minds of others

The innovators and creators that unite

The house that does not get nearly enough credit

The ones who will love and accept you until the rest of your life


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Award Worthy

(Whats good yo it’s shay back at it! Here’s a new imagine. This one was pretty fun, and challenging, which is awesome. Just wanted to say i don’t own these gifs! And as always feel free to leave any comments/concerns! Thanks for supporting!)

Paring: Barry x Reader

Word count: 1656

You pushed your shades up on top of your head as you stepped into the heart of STAR Labs. As you walked in, the first thing you saw was Cisco’s back, hunched over his keyboard. Barry was looking at his screen over his shoulder.

“Hey, (Y/N).” They said in unison.

“What?!” You exclaimed in disbelief. “You never turned around to look!”

“You come in seven minutes early, every day. I bet you’re holding your phone in your right hand and coffee in your left.” Barry said turning to face you. As soon as he made eye contact with you, his smile grew twice its original size. Turns out, he was right about your daily routine, which made you smile. He slowly walked over to you, “I know you pretty well,” He said, snatching your coffee out of your hand, and in the blink of an eye he was casually sipping it in Caitlin’s chair, “I deserve an award.”

“Hey! You can’t use your powers for evil! Give it back!” You said as you took back you coffee from a giggling Barry.

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I had to step back when I saw this panel, mostly because I wasn’t expecting it.

This is one of the finest crafted panels in manga that I have seen in a very long time, regardless of ONE’s ‘technical ability’, or whatever you want to call it.

It’s stark, for one thing. It’s shaded fingers curled almost into fists, almost into claws. It’s the almost hunched back. It’s the contrast of white and black and grey. It’s Shigeo’s face, shrouded in shadow and still blank, still monotone- and yet. 

And yet.

The hair on the back of my neck actually stood up when I saw this. It invokes an almost primal fear, and it is conveyed in such a brutally simple, almost simplistic style.

The anime was one of the single most spectacular works of animation that I have ever seen - and this same scene (when animated) failed to give me the same prickling tendrils of fear that I feel now.

It was glorious to watch, make no mistake, but almost anticlimatic.

But this-

This is monotone fury, this is a wild animal just on the brink of being unleashed.

This is Shigeo, about to snap.

And even if I didn’t know what exactly Shigeo could do when he was angered before I walked into this manga, I would still be incredibly unnerved. 

It’s an image that invokes vaguely hind-brain terrors, right alongside ‘fight or flight’ reactions. It is so well done.



It’s not just physical.

It’s a weight
A thousand planets resting on my shoulders
(I’m just not fucking strong enough, okay?)
And it’s not just
The pressure on my chest
Or the ache between my ribs
Or the way my back hunches forward
Like I have something to hide
(and so what if I do?)

It’s the way I haven’t felt free
Since the day I turned twelve
The way the circles beneath my eyes
Are only getting darker
Because the screaming in my head won’t let me sleep.
—  poem fragment #1

VirusPhanAU! This is based off of @maddox-rider​ ’s AU and the art that goes along with it!

Part 1

~Part 2~

Part 3

Words: 1,769

“Dan!” PJ yelled from the top of the stairs as he heard the bell on the shop door jingle. He ran down the stairs before Dan could even reply, excited to see what he’d found.

“I found the usual, a SD card we can use, pieces that can fit on that old keyboard you have and a hard drive that was in fairly good shape, but that’s not really what I’m interested in right now.” Dan replied, tossing his bag onto the counter as he moved in behind to his computer that rest upon a metal desk that was too short for him. His desk chair wouldn’t fit under it and due to his height; it was difficult to work without hunching his back. PJ moved in behind him and straightening the bandana around his forehead so his hair was pushed back, allowing him to see better. Dan took the USB cable out once again and plugged his hard drive into the port, the wall in front of them coming alive like an old age computer screen.

“I see your memes, but what else have you got.” PJ mumbled, turning to read the file names. Childhood photos, left over documents from Dan’s law school days and blueprints for new technology that he was working on. The things contained within Dan’s computer represented his personality perfectly except for a few things. He didn’t have his memories stored on the hard drive and his character as a human being couldn’t be conveyed in sequences of ones and zeros. A computer wasn’t able to read his full personality although it sometimes tried.

“It’s an exe file. This guy was throwing away one of those AIs from the hospital and I downloaded the software.” Dan replied, wheeling his chair sideways and opening the folder with a wave of his hand.

“They still have those, don’t they?”

“Yea, but this is an older version.” Dan waved his hand again and moved the program to his own computer. “Back from the 30s.” The program, originally dubbed The Lester Program after its creator, began as a way to treat mental illness in patients in the United States before it was sold to governments to place in children’s hospitals and psychiatric wards across the world. It was famous for taking care of patients a way staff couldn’t. It was able to connect with its patient or user and aid in their recovery, but many people rejected in the beginning, Hollywood causing citizens to fear artificial intelligence. As the years went on and the Lester Program became more accepted by the generation it had aided, it was expanded to also teach and learn from patients to the point where it is now. The Lester Program now, as individual programs with different skills and personalities similar to humans, aid in homes of the rich as companions and personal healthcare workers. Users are now able to change the program’s appearance to what they desire and change their personalities to be more like their own.

“They were actually nice back then. Now they’re weird. I saw one as a holographic assistant to the Prime Minister and it was in the form of a woman. The new versions aren’t even being used for what they were created for.” PJ stepped closer to the screen and examined the file name

“Nothing is ever used for what is created for, though.” Dan replied.

“Why is it called Phil.exe?” PJ asked, clicking on the program.

“Wait!” Dan tried to stop him, but he was already too late as the computer began to make a small whining noise. The program was putting a strain on the system in order for it to run, but it was still able to read the file. “I was going to run anti-virus software on it, but I guess I’ll do that later.”

“Oh sorry.” Pj chuckled as the home screen flickered once and then went completely black. Dan feared he’d broken his favorite computer and sighed. “Maybe it takes a few minutes. Old tech doesn’t boot-up quickly.”

“They’re all called Lester when you first get them and then you can change their name so I would guess this belonged to someone before.” Dan looked at the black screen and sighed, sitting back in his chair. “This may take a while.” PJ looked down to him with a blank expression before agreeing.

“I’ll go get some pizza. The man gave me a coupon the last time I was in there.” PJ dumped the contents of Dan’s bag out onto the work bench to his right and grabbed his wallet from the back room.

“Don’t flirt with the pizza man.” Dan said before PJ had left through the front door.

“I don’t! He does!” PJ’s final words were shouted from in front of the shop window where he could see Dan sitting comfortably in his chair before he continued on down the street toward the pizza shop on the corner. The screen remained black as Dan grabbed the bottle of water that had fallen from his bag and took off his oversized jacket, shrugging into the hoodie that hung on the back of his chair.

Phil.exe was silent. Other than the presence of a subtle hum from the computer’s speakers to confirm its existence, Phil.exe did not appear. It was as if it was hiding from its new user in fear of being tossed out again, but the Lester program was unable to experience fear, something that set it apart from its human creators.

Dan couldn’t be sure of what was wrong. His mind continuously tried to come up with a solution as he waited for his early morning pizza. He turned in his chair and looked back to the black screen, an idea springing to mind. A separate hard drive and an older processing chip was all that he had nearby, but he wasn’t afraid to try. He unplugged his computer and then grabbed a screw driver, tinkering with the inner workings of what he cherished the most. Moving pass the salvaged parts and broken tools, Dan began to modify what already existed into something better, something more capable to handle to type of file he’d acquired. Phil.exe was not large, but for some reason it refused to work without newer software. He was puzzled to find that it wouldn’t run with the old software it would have been created with, but actually came alive with the newer chip developed a few years ago.

“Error.” The program’s voice made Dan jump out of his seat as he booted up his system again, startled by the fact that it was not his home screen that appeared first, but the program. Dan grabbed his Bluetooth from the desk and smiled, realizing he had actually gotten it to partially work.

“Hello?” He asked, wheeling back so he could see the screen fully.

Dan… Word appeared on the dark screen in bright blue, interesting him further. Why couldn’t it speak?

“How do you know my name?” He asked, leaning forward and resting his elbows on his knees.

My prime directive is to analysis human emotions, personality and overall health in order to better take care of my assigned patient. Bright blue text continued across the screen. Your user is Dan. Full name: Daniel James Howell. Alternate name: Danisnotonfire.

“Why can’t I hear you?” Dan fiddled with the speakers, but their volume was up.

You wish to hear me? The text turned red for a moment and flickered before returning to its normal blue. Although he’d spoken to AIs before, Dan felt uneasy. Phil.exe knew who he was because of the contents of his computer, but he felt as if the program was hiding something from him.

“Yes. You are a Lester Program, are you not?”

I am. I was created to help those who are sick.

“I’m not sick-”

I see that. You saved me Dan. Without you I would be lost with the other trash that resides in the landfills.

“You’re not trash. You’re brilliant. Are you able to speak or do you choose not to?” Dan asked, patiently waiting for an answer.

“I am a program that does as it is commanded. You did not say for me to speak, therefor I didn’t.” The programs voice came through every speaker in the room, startling him once again. He recognized a slightly northern accent and jumped up, realizing that it sounded human. A male with a northern English accent. It was quite different from Dan’s posh English accent, but at least he knew it had come from within the country. The sound crackled as the program appeared to be slightly damaged, its voice becoming distorted with longer sentences.

“How did you do that?” Dan asked, covering his ears as e braced himself for the extremely loud answer.

“Please clarify.” Phil.exe replied.

“You’re using all the speakers, even ones that are not plugged into my computer.” Dan looked around to the equipment in his shop. There were many old and new computers ready to be sold to any paying customer and different technology for any tech savvy person who might walk in. The speakers on the far wall all seemed to be connected to the program although they weren’t even close to his desk.

“Everything in this shop is connected together through your internet router and I am able to travel through that signal.” The program replied. All the computer screens in the room turned black before radiating a bright blue text across them. See? Even Dan’s cellphone that sat on counter lit up with Phil.exe’s message.

“Can you only speak through the two connected to my computer?” Dan asked and the program apologized, returning to the one computer screen. “Do you have a name?”

“My name is Phil.” The program replied.

“Lester Programs have humanoid avatars.” Dan sat back down and looked to the blank screen in front of him.

“Do you wish to see me?” Phil asked.

“Yes.” Dan leaned back in his chair as the programs avatar appeared on the screen in front of him in 2D, a dark turquois outline of features, hair and a t-shirt similar to his own materializing before him. Phil smiled and Dan smiled back, his fear of the program fading as he realized that it was only an adorable healthcare AI. He was used to save lives, not hurt them. Hurting someone would mean going against its core programing.

“Do you wish to change my appearance?” Phil asked, his head tilting slightly to the side.

“No. I do not wish for you to change for me.”


Hey! Go check out @maddox-rider for the original AU and beautiful art to go along with it! Like if you would like me to continue onto part 3! Hope you like it so far! Thanks!

Keeping Promises {Calum Hood Smut}

REQUESTED: Yes! It took fucking forever, I’m so sorry :(

I’ve had major writer’s block since August, ugh :/ but I finally finished this, and I sort of love it, yet sort of despise it so…anyways, let me know what you think!


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