hun i have a new nickname

Okay So I was tagged by entire-galaxies! Thank you hun bun! 1. Nickname(s): Flower, Coco, Noelle, Peach, there are more but these the main ones. 2. Brown eyes hypnotize babe. 3. dark brown with this reddish brown on the ends… 4. I am really shy around new people, but I’m actually very talkative. 5. Green :) 6. I’m not sure..  7. Don’t really have one but I would say Rihanna she don’t give a fuck. 8. My cat her name is Prim like from the Hunger Games. 9. Right now BBHMM x Rihanna but it can change at any time. 10. The entire Sophie Katz series. I tag fluorescentblue-sky  xo-retrosweet ehmpress wronglynamedbonnie  And whoever else wanna do it…. I can’t even think of 20 tumblr names

Mariokart with the Boys
Author: Hbslavings

Original Imagine Link: Imagine playing Mariokart with the boys

Warnings: Death, Fire, Some Language

Word Count: 2940


            You sneezed loudly as dust shifted around you. Peering into the darkness beneath the entertainment center, you identified the grey power cable that was attached to the wonderful box resting mere inches above your head. In a moment, you had the cable plugged into the power strip that powered the other electronics that made the living room the perfect retreat after a day of hunting the newest monstrosity that plagued some poor people. You slid out from under the entertainment center and stood to face the 60-inch TV that graced a wall in the bunker.

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