Az érzések hirtelen, a semmiből törtek rám, kitöltve az addig bennem tátongó ürességet. Olyan volt, mintha sok év kihagyás után, először dobbant volna újra a szívem.
Mintha feltámadtam volna, a halálból.

Hello!!!! My name is JB and I am from the areas of Midwest United States. I stan multiple groups (practically all of them out there) because i love to watch them grow and flourish. I have a lot of energy like CHAN and i l o v e to talk so feel free to hmu if you need anything. I bias my boy Donghun because he’s pure amazingness but I also bias everyone else because ITS HARD NOT TO. I found them because of my friend and we fell for them almost instantly. Their music and vocals are intensely amazing. I’m lowkey suffering watching them on mixnine and the unit but they are s l a y i n g. These boys are PURE TALENt and amazingness (um have you seen their predebut stuff?????) I love them dearly and I can’t wait to see them do great things. I don’t know how a group could be so perfect. Anyway S t aN talent s TAn Ac E