I just realized I have a pile of Humus I never posted here!

So, here you go! In addition to an alien fungus eye, she also has freaky vine arm. It was a bit of early self experimentation, and as such is a little..less well put together. A prototype to the kinds of limb enhancement/replacement she can manage now.
It’s a little fussy when it’s not tightly strapped into form..

Her eye on the other hand is a bit newer, and a pretty impressive little piece of work! Essentially made a new eye out of Mostly alien materials. It’s a little weird to look at though, as it swivels around independently from the other..much like a chameleon, or mad-eye moody

ALSO, A CAMEO!! ft @pythosart ’s darlingest dr worms, since they both have some funky eyeballs

Become a Biodynamic Gardener, and grow your own. Learn about “the buddy system” and “companion plantings” as well as composting and crop rotation. Certain plants benefit by growing near other plants: tall crops can provide a canopy for shorter crops; leeks will repel carrot flies; include flowering herbs and perennials to attract beneficial insects. 

Illustration:  Genevieve Simms 

SO here’s a First Pass at the new Humus and Lime

Humus is a scientist and a…. Doctor
She was originally on the planet to study the local fauna n whatnot, and was Particularly interested in how well certain types of “fungi” were able to adapt and grow on/in other living organisms

Her facility (now empty of most of the original scientists and guards) is where most of our Current Cast lives! She helps with the grafting process where she can and she’s very good at it, very knowledgeable. Maybe a little too excited about the fact you lost a couple fingers and she gets to test out a few things on you, but other than that, a delight,

I don’t know much about lime yet

Here are some meal ideas for Litha, you can prepare them for a picnic or just eat at home. I don’t know for you but here in France it’s very hot and all I want to eat is fresh dish. 

Salads : 

  • Cucumber, tomatoes, quinoa, strawberries and a touch of Mint, for the Non Vegan you can add Feta cheese. 
  • Tomatoes, Melon and Mozzarella ( If you are Vegan , I know fake mozza exists). 
  • Pastas, crushed Avocados and Cherry tomatoes.

Toasts : 

  • Humus with sliced cherry tomatoes. 
  • Crushed Avocados or Guacamole with sliced cherry tomatoes or sliced radish.

Drinks : 

  • Lavender Lemonade : for 6 glasses you’ll need : 500 ml of water, 200g of sugar, about 10 flowers, 12 lemons and sparkling water. Put the Lavender, the Sugar and the water in a saucepan with low heat until the sugar has completely melt. Let the syrup cool and put it in the fridge. Then put 1/3 of lemon, 1/3 of the Syrup, 1/3 of sparkling water in a glass. It’s ready, you can add a slice of lemon.
  • Mint Infusion with ice cubes ( with edible flowers inside).

Eat a lot of fruits, watermelon, melon, cherries, strawberries, raspberries, peaches and apricots. 

today i learned that humanus, -a -um (human) and humus (earth) and χαμαί (on the ground) and ἐπιχθόνιος (on the earth/mortal) all have a common root because i guess we all agree that humans are the people of the dirt

I want to reinstate a respect for soil. We must touch the soil. How many times do we touch our mobile phone every day? Maybe 100 times. How many times do we touch the soil? Hardly ever. We must give dignity to peasants, farmers and gardeners.

We are all part of this healthy web of life maintained by soil. The Latin word humus means soil. The words human, humility and humus all come from the same root. When humans lose contact with soil, they are no longer humans.

—  Satish Kumar, “The Link Between Soil, Soul and Society

This is specifically for that anon who said we weren’t going to get to sit and eat with the members and that they wouldn’t attempt to speak English with us. BJoo apparently had made dinner the night before (it looked like a curry dish?) and he was showing it to us, because he didn’t like the western food as much (he really didn’t like the humus he tried lol)

The members also rotated tables and we got to sit with each of them. I have stories!!! I got to show them things (A Tom actually took my iPod twice and went through my music lol)

Updates to come, we’re just getting back to the hotel from Gangnam!