actuallyamoose  asked:

jeff i'm not going to have internet for 3 weeks pls tell me what hot memes i will miss ty

1. An anime butt. Text: “welcome to mcdonald’s may I take your order please?”
2. Cat looking annoying #27. Text: “you want it WHEN?”
3. animated gif of zombie, dancing
4. Unpopular politician with Humpty Hump nose. Text: “I’m the one who said just grab ‘em in the biscuits”
5. Describing things as being “on crack” will inexplicably come back into style.
6. Boy in bed, crying. Text: “I got it from my mama.”
8. A picture of Duke Nukem with a button below it and when you push the button a fart sound is played.
9. Hall & Oates album covers with Lil Yachty photoshopped over all the faces.
10. Drunk baby sings the alphabet song and poops on photos of celebrities.

Hope this helps!