The Humpty Dumpty poem never mentions that he is an egg so why do we think that? Maybe H.D. is a person. The wall, an impenetrable object, like love, and even though the wall can’t fall, those using it as support – can. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men perhaps are H.D.’s friends and their horses are the ways that they try to fix the problem. But try as they might, the person is broken.
Humpty Dumpty (angst)

Dedicated to @baebaejooheon . You don’t know me or anything but I was reading your scenarios and reactions and ohmygod they’re so great! I read Lucky Me Chris Brown and it was sad and cute!

Anyway, you brought my fuel back and you got me listening to the songs I used to listen…how I miss them! Thanks!

Title: Humpty Dumpty (Jungkook)
Genre: Angst
Words: 1373
A/N: I’ve noticed that most of my ‘imagines’ of Jungkook have happy endings and I don’t see a sad one (besides Confession but it had a part two) so here! And also, most of my sad stories are about suicide or parasuicide so here’s a ‘little’ change. Enjoy!

p.s. Dowoon is my bias from Day6 and my little drummer boy is too cute! Aish! I hope you like the alternate universe Dowoon here! I couldn’t think of a boy’s name.

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Lights on, stage set. Fake a smile.

Jungkook is used to this. It basically consumed 5 years of his life. It stressed him out just thinking about it. He felt like Humpty Dumpty who was sitting on the wall. Everything was on the thin line and Jungkook feared that one day the weight of it all would send him crashing down. His breaking point. Jungkook would be scattered around…unable to be put together again.

He stared at his reflection in the mirror then continued dancing.

But, still. He had to do something, everyone had their eyes on him. They were all depending on him that he had no one to depend on. He had to be better than before. He twisted. Better better better. Better.

Taehyung suddenly walking in with his phone buzzing broke him from his thoughts. He was slightly annoyed but when he saw the phone and the ID name, he went rushing back and forth.

He had forgotten. Again.

You deeply sigh, your heart tearing itself apart. A waiter walks toward your table to inform you that they will be closing in an hour. You smile and watch the waiter go back to the counter with the other staff looking at you with sympathy. You had been waiting for five hours.

Jungkook’s heart was rapidly beating. It was already past midnight. Would you still be there waiting for him?

His heart clenched with pain and worry once he thought of this. He knew you’d wait. He runs even faster than a while ago. He had to get to you.

His running faltered when he saw the coffee shop was already closed. All of the lights inside were turned off. The only light was a nearby lamppost, illuminating your sleepy feature. You were sitting on the pavement, hugging yourself tightly to keep yourself warm. Your eyes were starting to close when you see a very familiar figure walk towards you.

“Jungkook,” you softly say, your senses suddenly waking up. You don’t ask him why he was late anymore. You already knew.

“Y/N…” Jungkook half-whispers. “You must be cold, let me help you up.”

Once Jungkook holds your hand to pull you up, it was surprisingly cold. His heart tingled at this, mentally cussing at himself. Why did he forget?

Both of you walk to a nearby park, sitting on a bench in awkward silence. The atmosphere was heavy with disappointment and sadness. You were tired of him already. You hated having to put up with everything.

“Do you want to go out somewhere tomorrow in the morning?” Jungkook breaks the silence. The question that was supposed to cheer you up and lift the atmosphere of sadness up only irritated you. Your anger was boiling and it was ready to spill.

You clench your hand and abruptly stand up, “Jungkook, let’s split up.”

Jungkook didn’t stand up although he wanted to stand up and hug you, “Y/N…no. You’re just stressed out.”

“That’s right! I’m stressed with everything! It’s making me insane! Lately, you’ve been spending more time in practising rather than being with me and resting. You’ve been awfully late in our dates. You’ve been making empty promises,” you claw on your chest, your torn heart beating rapidly. “Jungkook, I’m tired of this all. It’s like you don’t love me anymore.”

Jungkook stands up and looks at you, finding the words to tell you. He doesn’t find any.

Softly you say, “You should focus on your career more. Or you can find yourself an idol girlfriend. Without me, you’ll be happy.”

You wait for him to stop you but nothing happens. Your brain screams at you for what you’ve done…for being selfish. You weren’t understanding enough for Jungkook. Sticking to that Peter Pan saying about not saying goodbye because it meant never seeing each other again, you leave without saying goodbye.

You walk away, silently vowing to never ever date stars anymore. You walk away, leaving Jungkook alone.

Jungkook stares at your figure getting smaller until it turned into a dot. He didn’t understand why he let you go. He felt down and heavy. You were gone already. You who balanced everything around him, left him hanging.

Don’t be foolish. You’re a super star, you have everything, he silently chides himself.

“Jagi, where are you taking me?” you laugh, you couldn’t see since Dowoon had covered your eyes with a blindfold. You didn’t feel scared walking in the streets with a blindfold on. You trusted Dowoon. His strong arm was wrapped around you and he held your other hand. You could feel his smile.

“Secret! It’s a surprise!” he says, his deep voice making your heart flutter. You met Dowoon five months ago at a rock cafe. He was playing the drums then it turned out to you asking him how to play the drums. He tried to teach you for a while until he finally asked you out. You giggle at the memory.

Dowoon suddenly stops. You could feel that something happened. Something might be wrong.

“Oppa?” you say, he only hums. “Oppa, I’m taking these off. Okay?”

When he didn’t reply, you slowly unknot the tie and remove the blindfold. What you saw made your heart momentarily stop.

“Jungkook,” you say before you stop yourself. Jungkook was standing in front of you, his eyes unreadable. He still looked as handsome as ever, your heart fluttered at the sight of him making you breathless. God, you still missed him so much. Turning to Dowoon, “Is he…he your surprise?”

Dowoon wakes up and shakes his head, “N-no.” Then he squeezes your hand, turning to Jungkook, “Jungkook, may we take a picture with you? I like BTS’s music!”

“Ah, yes. That’s nice to know! I don’t see fanboys often,” he quickly forces a smile. Was this ‘oppa’ your boyfriend? He looked handsome for someone who isn’t an idol. He must be even more handsome than him.

Dowoon looks at you, but you shake your head, “No, I don’t want to join, I’m not a fan of BTS but I would love to take a picture of you and your favourite!”

You couldn’t bear to stand near Jungkook. It was too much. Your stitched heart might tear open and spill itself again.

You take Dowoon’s phone and look around you. It is only now that you realise where you were. You were in the park where you and Jungkook broke up. You take a picture of them together, holding back the tears. They both admire the picture and talk for a while.

“Thanks for that,” Dowoon smiles at Jungkook and they both hug. Once they break the hug, Dowoon says, “You’re very lucky to be very popular, Jungkook! I wish I was lucky like you. It was nice to meet you!”

“Me too. But I think you’re luckier than me because you found her,” he gestures at you who was scrolling through your phone. His heart was heavy right now but he had to keep it all up. He had to smile.

What Dowoon said next broke Jungkook’s heart.

“Thanks but it’s not luck. It’s fate,” Dowoon giddily smiles at you and nods at Jungkook saying goodbye.

Jungkook watches the fanboy walk to you and ties the blindfold back. He watches him lead you towards the Han River. He watches you giggle and hold onto him for support. It was him who used to do that. It was him who used to be the one to wrap his arms around you. It was him you used to trust. It all used to be him.

Dowoon sits you on a bench facing the river. You, still blindfolded, and Dowoon sits and talks about random yet meaningful things. Once the sun started going down, Dowoon unties the blindfold and you coo at his sweetness.

Jungkook runs a hand through his hair and turns back. He sighs deeply as if his heart was sinking. He had to be better. But how long will he keep sacrificing for him to be loved by everyone? When?

Still, even when his world was falling down. He had to wear a smile. He was the idol, after all

“Lucky me,” Jungkook bitterly chuckles to himself, his shoulders sagging at the weight of the world.