humpty dumpty



egghead; a stupid person; an anti-intellectual epithet, directed at people considered too out-of-touch with ordinary people and too lacking in realism, common sense, virility, etc. on account of their intellectual interests.

Etymology: Americanism, based on Greek ōio (combining form of ōión, “egg”) + cephalus (from kephale, “head”).

[Sandra Arteaga]

I literally can’t! XD

Just look at these:

First we have Humpty Dumpty’s freakin’ face in this one:

And then we have Rufus with a freakin’ pillow that has Sheryl’s face on it and says LOVE:

And to complete the Trinity, we have Leo and Jabberwock (freakin’ Jabberwock’s face!) :

I am laughing waaay too much at these three! XD


They all came from the Golden Wondlerand PH site