Dan saw a mouse creep through his room today. I always had a roommate with a cat so I never had this problem. I just double cleaned everything so if it crept through again it would hopefully decide not to stay. :( NO U CAN NOT BRING YER TEDDY.

on going places you aren't trying to get

i don’t believe
my folktale begins
with an admonishing
manifesto of strict
discipline is singled
rather in on one act
drawn in loud
through the nose
of a growing lovable
a tad bit lazy
at first her plot
moves slow
enough for
compassion to
catch up
as the active ingredient
to accent love
then excitement brings
absurdity and creeps in
generosity gives
a trippy landing
on dance steps you
enter a whole new world
both unknown and
eerily down home
where you forget you might be
so stop trying to learn things
meaning comes
discerning on jaunty
in the end the unexpected
lesson you already knew
but are glad to have
heard again anyway