Humpback whale breaching from below and above the water


Video of a dinosaur-sized alligator in Florida is going viral — and people are freaking out

  • On Monday, Lakeland, Florida, police uploaded shared video colossal alligator at a wildlife sanctuary, and it’s sending the internet into a fit.
  • The gator’s size has led some to suspect that the footage is fake.
  • But, in keeping with all that makes Florida bizarre and great, of course the gator is real — and locals call it “Humpback.” Read more

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Oh look awesom-AAAAAAA


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Apparently the disturbance in the water at the beginning is called a footprint. More:

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Humpback season off the Hawaiian Islands

Dolphins are some of the most beloved marine mammals on the planet, but Hawaiian spinner dolphins like this acrobatic individual in Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary need our help!

Hawaiian spinner dolphins feed offshore at night and return to Hawai'i’s nearshore waters to rest and recuperate during the day. Research has shown that frequent interaction with swimmers and boaters in their habitat can negatively affect the dolphins’ heath. Although a single disturbance may seem harmless, these dolphins face these stressors multiple times a day. And each disturbance takes time away from the dolphin that it may have used for resting, nurturing its young, or socializing with other dolphins. 

When visiting dolphin habitats, help keep these dolphins safe by giving them plenty of space to rest and recuperate. Even those of us living far from dolphin habitats can help – spread the word to your traveling friends and help promote responsible recreation habits! 

(Photo: Ed Lyman/NOAA, under NOAA Permit #14097) 


animated gals - The Tsar-Maid (Царь-девицу)
Конёк-Горбуно́к (The Humpbacked Horse)

Soviet Union
Ivan Ivanov-Vano

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