“Why are you being so nice to me?” Jesse asked as she glanced up at you through the bars of her cell and placed an ace of spades over your now insignificant king of hearts.

“It’s just cards.” You shrugged, flashing her a quick smile before pushing the previously played hand toward her to collect.

With a snort, she placed another card on the ground and said, “It’s more than that… I mean, your dad’s kind of a dick and here you are bringing me shakes from Big Belly Burger and sneaking me out of my cage to stretch my wings every once in while.”

“I thought you’d appreciate it.” You teased, tucking your cards beneath your legs and leaning back on your hands to get a good look at your dad’s prisoner.

“I do but… You’re just so different from him.” She shrugged before pulling her knees to her chest and pinning you under a knowing stare. “I guess I don’t buy into you being daddy’s good little soldier.”

Huffing, you shook your head and stared down at the cards between you before finally meeting Jesse’s gaze once more and saying, “You’re one of the good ones and I guess if circumstances were a little less confusing, I’d have asked you out by now.”

It was quiet for a little too long and even though you suspected Jesse might have had a thing for you, you knew you probably should have left well enough alone considering you were the last guy on earth that would ever be good enough for her. You weren’t exactly the bring-home-to-meet-my-father type, especially since your old man was public enemy number one… She was quiet because she had to be and that was totally fine because you got it. The whole situation was one big mess and the last thing either of you needed was to complicate things further by playing young bloods in love and go running off into the sunset with one another.

“Look, forget I said anything.” You breathed, now fixating your stare on your cards as you hunched forward and tossed one on the ground. “Lets just keep playing…”

(X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine being Zoom’s son and sharing a mutual attraction with Jesse*

Request: (@you-made-me-the-bad-guy) Hi i know you’re o Hiatus but Can I have an Imagine were you’re Zoom’s son and you and Jesse like each other but she’s hesitant on saying something to you? Thank you If you do do this P.S your blog was one of my biggest inspirations so keep it up!