I Don’t Speak Meow Language (final chapter!)

Last chapter is up, “And Then There Were Eight”.




“Toph!” Katara hisses. “You can’t just demand food from people.”

“What?” A careless shrug. “Gramps is cool. He won’t care, and I don’t particularly care if Prince Dramatic gets upset.”

Now Zuko just blinks. “Prince Dramatic?”

“Yeah, I know it’s not very good,” Toph admits. “Don’t worry, I’ll come up with something better for you.” She punches him on the arm. “Oh, and thanks for looking after Sweetness. I hear she was a real handful.”

“What?” Katara responds, going red in the face and turning to Uncle. “Is that what you told them?”

“No, I—”

Toph snorts. “Knew she’d fall for it.”