Golden Times

Note: A very speedy flash fanfic inspired by a headcanon by @tibo30 which I wanted to do that so badly which goes like this “ Geralt and Yen attended one of the duchess banquets together, Syanna was flirting all the time with Geralt. Later on, Yen kept throwing sexual innuendos here and there to make her message clear that this man is taken. Geralt was grinning like an idiot the whole time and he was so turned on. “so this is my stress relief fic for today as to the adjustments at work. And yes I have the loves version which I want to work on that headcanon XD

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The Creative Industry Translation Guide.

Guest Spot for HYC

Part One by Darren Kimble.

“Just have fun with it”
“I am hoping I’ll work out what I’m meant to be doing from your work” 

“What’s our social idea on this?”
Translation: “Client asked us for an integrated idea, we promised them that we’d make sure it was, however we just blew the budget on a location”

“Our target market is everyone”
“We really have no idea who uses our product or service”

“Our target market is millennials”
“We really have no idea who uses our product or service but we know baby boomers makes us sound old and we’re not sure what term comes after millennials.”

“We don’t have a budget in mind”
“We have a budget in mind but want to see what you’ll do if you think we’ve got unlimited budget”

“We’re the home of the big idea”
“We make big TV adverts”

“This will be a very social focused campaign”
“We’re putting the TV advert on Facebook.

“Design experience is a focus for us”
“Some of our designers have dribbble accounts”

“We don’t do advertising, we create things people want to see”
“We do advertising”


Dunkirk’s Next Top Model