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I love how some parts of a story are meticulously planned out. 

And then sometimes the main character’s hometown isn’t surrounded by a wall because saying that the fences beside the gate ended abruptly, allowing the farmland to spill into the outskirts of the metropolis just sounded really cool, and you’ll be damned if you ever need the town to be attacked later on, but the perfection of that one descriptive sentence was worth it.

1. Kiss Me
Oliver and Felicity kiss to blend in when being followed.

2. Charades
Oliver and Felicity are great at games together.

3. Undress Me
Felicity has to undress and wash Oliver after he’s exposed to a toxic drug.

4. We Weather the Storm, You and I ‘Til the End of Time
Teenage best friends Oliver and Felicity face their feelings when boarding the Queen’s Gambit.

5. Kiss Me Hard Before You Go
During a heated argument, Oliver declares his love for Felicity.

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I hear a patient verbally abusing one of my coworkers...

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Pizza and Weed by AngelWilliams
By Organization for Transformative Works

Pairing: Egobang (Arin/Dan), Mentioned Rubberdoop (Ross/Barry)
Rating: Explicit
Length: 9,692 Words
One-Shot/Chaptered: One-Shot
Genre: Fluff, Humor, Smut
Warnings: Drug use

What’s a stoner to do when there’s a cute delivery guy on his doorstep? Order more pizzas and confess his love, of course!

…And maybe smoke some weed and do gay stuff with him, that works too.