Yes I do spams, and don’t worry, I’m always in need of some chanbaek (Or baekyeol? I don’t really know what the name is) Anyways…-

[Omg the height difference tho]

[I get that this is cute and all, but whAT IS SUHO DOING?]

[What even?… Still cute tho]

[The way they look at each other, they could at least try to hide it]


[Why was that so in sync???]

[At least they tried…]

[THEY HELD HANDS!! It’s official Guys, they’re getting married]

[I have no words…]


btw, this is my first spam, so I’m sorry if it’s not that good.

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what did Marie Antoinette say to her husband when she realized they needed to flee Paris?

she said 

“Louis, Louis, oh baby / Said we gâteau go” 

Gender Neutral Names to Call Your Significant Other
  • Obtuse
  • rubber goose
  •  green moose
  • guava juice
  • Giant snake
  • birthday cake
  •  large fries
  • chocolate shake