Hillary & Donald: Separated at Birth?

The two candidates who love to hate each other are surprisingly alike.

By Chelsea Handler and Susanna Wolff

She’s a diplomatic wonk in a pantsuit; he’s a foul-mouthed billionaire. Could two candidates be more different? Actually, they could. From their age to their millions, their hair color to their home address, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have a startling amount in common. And if you think about it, it’s even sorta kinda funny. To guide us through the highly intersecting Hillary-Donald Venn diagram, we invited two of the funniest writers out there: Chelsea Handler, the comedian and host of the Netflix talk show “Chelsea,” and Susanna Wolff, the CollegeHumor editor turned TV writer. Of all the absurdities of this election, what if the real absurdity is that our choice this fall isn’t much of a choice at all?

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