I don’t particular like a lot of Deadpool humor (Not offensive, just meh) and parts of his fandom is incredibly annoying, but I have to admit he’s a pretty interesting character with some interesting relationships.

Deadpool and Shiklah are great because neither of them conforms fully to gender stereotypes. Deadpool loves his dresses and Shiklah has a male-looking demon form.

Hydra Agent Bob is so painfully obviously a submissive who loves being bossed around and humiliated. He likes when Deadpool calls him his pet, and has been seen sitting by Deadpool’s feet when resting. Only way to make their relationship more obviously BDSM would be if Bob called Deadpool master.

I love how cheesy-romance-novel levels of romantic Death and Deadpool’s romance is.

Cable and Deadpool’s relationship is so heavily implied it might as well be canon. Cable is canonly Deadpool’s deepest darkest desire, Cable appears among Deadpool’s canon female love interests in Deadpool’s mind, it is being heavily implied they often share a bed because Cable knows what kind of dreams Deadpool usually wakes up from, and the list goes on.
Irene and Cable’s relationship is also only implied, except for one time Deadpool said that because Irene is Cable’s lover she should have a say in things too. So it would seem he and Irene have agreed to share Cable and respect each other’s place in the relationship, even if Deadpool would like it to be everyone with everyone.

Deadpool loved and accepted Eleanor as his daughter from the moment Carmelita angrily put her in Deadpool’s arms, and ever since then he has been trying to make it up to them both by helping in any way he can.

Deadpool’s one-sided attraction to Spider-Man is very VERY canon, considering he accidentally jizzed in his suit when they were tied together crotch against crotch, and Peter didn’t stop insulting Deadpool despite being told it is one of his kinks.


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“I’m such a dumb ass,” you muttered to yourself, furiously wiping away your tears. “I should just - I should just quit relationships! With this economy, you’re better off single sometimes anyway…”

“Not if you’re in love with a superhero!” someone shouted from above and you jumped, letting out a shriek as the man landed in front of you. “Did the author just call me a superhero? I really don’t think that’s the right term. She needs to rethink her writing process - or watch the movie again. Ah, Ryan Reynolds. A man after my own heart.”

“Who the fuck is Ryan Reynolds?” you blurted out and from behind the mask, you swear you saw him blink before he threw his hands over his face.

But then he dropped them and let them hang by his sides. “The hell if I know? But apparently I’m a superhero and you’re in distress! Tell me the fucker who did this and after I remove their head from their body, we can sprinkle their blood all over their parents’ yard!”

“I…don’t think that’s any of your business. Oh, God, I’m talking to a delusional stranger in a suit. I - I should head home.” You made to walk past him, wiping at your nose to try to ease the urge to sniffle.

“I’m a hero! I’m obligated to help - obligated? Heroes aren’t obligated! Go talk to Mr. Spangly Pants!” You had no idea who he was looking at. All you knew was that this guy was really into monologues. And was creepy…very creepy. “Wait, I’m supposed to make them laugh?” He looked back over towards you before letting out a sigh and grabbing your wrist. You began protesting, not liking this one bit, especially when he dragged you into an empty alley.

“Be warned: I’m going to run into that brick wall now at top speed.”


He charged at the looming brick wall, not bothering to slow down as his body collided with the wall. For a moment, you were grasping for your phone, ready to dial 911, but then he started singing some random, idiotic song, and you were doubling over with laughter. Maybe it was the fact that you were tired from all the crying, or maybe it had to do with the fact that this man was creepy as fuck and seeing him in some type of physical pain made your ‘stranger-danger’ alarm cease. Whatever it was, you were now crying tears of laughter.

“Gee, Miss Author-Priss,” he groaned out as he shakily stood to his feet, “you’ve got a weird-ass sense of humor.”

Why Tony Doesn't Let Spideypool Babysit
  • Peter: Someone else should drive!
  • Wade: Alright, you win. Hartley, you drive.
  • Peter: Are you serious?
  • Wade: I don't know. A little voice inside of me is saying, "This is a bad idea." But I can barely hear that little voice, because an even louder little voice is screaming, "Let the twelve-year-old drive!" Now punch it.
  • Harley: This is awesome!
  • Peter: Tony's going to kill me.

1. Which OC is the most likely to break the 4th wall?

Jaides more than likely. He’d have the same cryptic and dry humor as Deadpool. XD 

2. One OC will protect you, and the others will try to kill you. Which OC would you pick to be your defender?

Dolan. My first instinct would have been Reianna or Darsha, but Rei has her weaknesses and flaws, and Darsha doesn’t protect anyone but her (not even me). 

Dolan though is loyal to a fault and more than willing to sacrifice everything to protect those who need it. And he’s more than capable of backing it up. 

10. If you could tell your OC one thing, what would it be?

 “Noveus- fuck off you little bitch. Stop killing my babies.”

15. f/m/k: OC edition:

Fuck: Rorik / Marry: Caiden / Kill: Sophia

( @thunderlightandfire )

suffering-vevo  asked:

take. all my fav fruits., raspberry, mango, grape, blackberry, coconut, watermelon + dragonfruit :'))) i enjoy many fruits (PS IDK IF THIS SENT TWICE TUMBLRS BEING WEIRD)

Raspberry: I already answered this buuut baby’s breath or lavender!

Mango: My trademark is probably either my shitty one liners or the doodle I make of myself on ANYTHING when im bored 

Basically this. Short, sweet, and to the point! 

Grape: A vacation…… hm, i’ve always wanted to travel like Europe as cliche as that is, and i’ve also been having a HUGE crave to go to japan because i’ve been watching more vlogs on it, BUT the first place i’d ever go ever is Dublin to meet @junkraatt  

Blackberry: UGH my life would probably be classified as like…..I guess whatever you would call Deadpool. Tragedy, humor, and a lot of dick jokes

Coconut (Unfollow me now for ur shit taste in fruits): My fav (and only) is baby’s breath. I like simple and soft fragrances plus I don’t wear perfume all that often! 

Watermelon: Working on it! My dream job is to go into crime scene investigation, but grinding for that college summer job my man

Dragonfruit: I am the tender age of 19 in America, so no. I did have like 1/3 of a fuckboy drink which was chill but due to a lot of family shit with alcohol im not too invested in trying

Deadpool/Harley Quinn FanFiction!

Below is the information for my new FanFic that I am writing featuring a Deadpool/Harley Quinn ship! I have provided links to the sites you can view these on versus posting the entire text here. Enjoy!

You Complete Us

Summary: It has been three years since Harley Quinn broke it off with The Joker for good and has been exploring the other side of the fence with Poison Ivy in Brooklyn, but will a run-in with the Merc with a Mouth throw her world for a loop or will it be love at first arse grab?

Chapter 1 - I Want To Know What Love Is


Artwork Composed by krispybee12

Fanfic Author Appreciation Day

Happy Fanfic Author Appreciation Day to my fellow writers!  We have such a great, supportive community of readers, artists and writers.  This has been an amazing journey for me, and I’m so glad to get to be a small part of fandom experience.  

In honor of the day, a few authors and recs for you!

@elise509‘s In the Stillness of Remembering is the first fic I read that made me really sit up and take notice.  I love the slow build, the way Steve and Tony grow and change, how Pepper is not simply ignored and all the little details that make her writing something special. 

@sineala All sineala’s works are amazing, but two of my favorites are Think of This as Solving Problems (That Never Should Have Occurred) and Double Time.  Honestly, her versions of Steve and Tony from the comics are just how I think of them now.  I wish comic writers understood their characters the way sineala does, but, until then, I’m so glad we have these stories!

@orbingarrow‘s Good for You.  Not just because it was a gift fic for me, but because it is so well written and deals with Tony’s issues in particular in a realistic and mature way that you don’t often see in fic.  It gives their relationship real strength and weight, and her Clint is always the best Clint.

@kaesaria‘s Blink.  Smut, but really good smut, with a hint of deeper things between them that just eases to the surface.  Good smut is a lot harder to write than most people think, and this is a welcome refreshing twist on it.

@robintcj‘s Breathe, which is porn, but, again, the good kind, with Steve and Tony really enjoying each other, being sweet and kinky.  Lovely descriptions are what set this fic apart from others, and the Steve and Tony voices are dead on.

@blossomsinthemist‘s works are always my go-to for how to write good smut with feelings 101.  It’s like a masterclass in getting Steve and Tony’s characters right while delivering on great smut that somehow manages to transcend porn and give you something more.  I have read and re-read pretty much everything by this author, but the one that always comes to mind is Bare, because Tony and Steve are really baring themselves in so many ways in that fic.  It has all these layers, when it could’ve just been great porn (which it IS), but ends up being something that stays with you.

@awesomeavocadolove‘s Prisoner’s Dilemma.  A great idea, wonderfully plotted, and Steve and Tony being their awesome selves.  They work together!  They both bring important skills to the plot!  They develop trust!  The writing, pacing, and execution are so good.  I was on pins and needles reading it, waiting to see how they would figure things out.

@imafriendlydalek‘s Across the Bridge.  Maybe its the Venice setting, or the PDA, but I just love this fic.  So sweet and fun, and full of fake relationship goodness.

@kiyaarontherun  Well, what can I say about Sins of Omission? Its the fic I stayed up all night reading and then re-read again the following weekend because I couldn’t believe I’d read something that good?  It is dark, but with so much goodness shining through from Steve and Tony.  How kiyaar deals with the aftermath was almost harder than reading about Tony’s trauma when it was happening, but that made it feel so real, because people are truly terrible at dealing with the fallout, even good people. It is complex, plotty, not for the faint of heart, and absolutely brilliant.

@winterstar95‘s This is the Battle, This is the War series. All winterstar’s fics are always so full of worldbuilding and strong, capable Steve and Tony, but I love this series because it imagines a world where Steve and Tony enter into a BDSM relationship in the MCU world.  So often, you see fics where someone is a sub or dom and that is just how th world in that fic works, but this deals with them developing a relationship and how it impacts the team and them in a world where this type of thing is still taboo.  Slow build, did you say?  Yes, and plenty of great porn, but it is the complicated two steps forward, one step back relationship between Steve and Tony that makes it truly worthwhile reading

@stark-spangled-lovers.(ann2who)’s Say When series.  Hand’s down, one of the best Stony series out there.  I think I’m responsible for half the hits on the first story in the series, since I was obsessively checking for updates and then re-read it I don’t know how many times.  She could’ve stopped it there,and it would’ve been a classic, but the whole series is amazing and such a great reimagining of the MCU-verse.  A Second of Totality is one of those rare high school fics that I loved. It dealt with their issues so well, and gave great service to the other characters, too.  Highly recommend all her works.

sara_holmes’ Bond Has It Covered.  One of those perfect, amazing reads that gives you everything, including Steve and Tony making mistakes and figuring it out, plot, Deadpool (!!!), humor and a perfect denouement.

@everybodyilovedies (Amuly)’s Worthless, which is just my headcanon for how messed up things got in the comics.  They are in such pain, and it is terrible and wonderful, and no matter what, they can’t stop themselves or everything that’s about to happen, but you get this feeling, like something out of the corner of your eye, that they were so close to being happy.

I could honestly go on and on about all of these authors and so many more.  We are truly a lucky fandom.  Share some love today for all the hard work your authors put in all year long for the joy and privilege of entertaining you!  A huge thank you to everyone, readers and authors, who make this fandom such a fun and supportive community.