this site has gotten much worse in a whole lot of ways over time but at least there arent any more popular humor blogs who just found out what inspect element is claiming that kim kardashian tweeted about how much she loves their blog

The Dragon Age Cast Does Blogging. (Part 1/3)

Alistair Theirin: the teenage boy with an adorable and sometimes-angsty personal blog that has just a few dedicated followers. His posts about his crush are the cutest things ever.

Morrigan: alternates between her nature photography (actually really impressive) and a wide array of misanthropic personal posts (which can get pretty off-putting).

Leliana: a freewheeling travel blog with musical recordings and videos; has thousands of followers. Like “The Road is Home” but with less babies and more music.

Zevran Arainai: lots of selfies and cheesy love poems. Most of his followers insist that all of the selfies are for them, and all of the love poems are for them, too. Unlikely, considering the sheer number of followers he has. 

Oghren: nobody knows what this dude’s blog is supposed to be about. He only posts while he’s so drunk, the typos make it nearly impossible to read.

Wynne: a kitschy little DIY blog. Lots of knitting projects and home-cooking. Seems sweet, but gets surprisingly sassy in defense of her followers if any of them are being harassed. Looks out for her friends.

Anora Mac Tir: pure politics. She’s relatively progressive and clearly extremely intelligent…although maybe not always 100% principled or honest in pursuit of her agendas. Probably run by somebody planning on going to law school.

Nathaniel Howe: personal blog chronicling a series of misadventures in the life of a college dropout. Surprisingly insightful at times. 

Sigrun: a cutesy anime blog.

Velanna: a personal blog run by a girl who’s pretty much a walking tsundere trope. Except, you know, occasionally she posts stuff that makes you wonder if she’s ACTUALLY killed someone (or maybe a lot of people) before. 

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I am sick of seeing so many humor blogs run by people who also make great art and music. This is the only skill I have!!! BUG OFF!

the--world-is-ugly  asked:

Pocas veces encuentro un blog con humor, vaya que lo suicida y depresivo cansa, pero un poco de sarcasmo no hay nada de malo; ¡me ha encantado!, no he parado de reír JAJA, hasta me reí cuando encontré el ask donde te decían que eras un pendejo más, es tan evidente que se trata de la envidia. Tu blog es muuy bueno, lo acabo de encontrar y ya eres de mis favoritos.

Que lindo mensaje, ¡muchas gracias! <3

How it Probably Happened

Bob the animator: “Ok, so, there’s gonna be a broken piece of a sign that says ‘KL’ on it. Can you draw that?”

Frank the animator: “Yeah, sure, how’s this look?”

Bob the animator: “Well, if it was ACTUALLY a broken piece of a sign that says ‘Klondike,’ it wouldn’t have a big gap after the letters, but whatever. We can fix it in the closeup.”

Frank the animator: “Uh… ok. Shouldn’t I change it in the first shot?”

Bob the animator: “Nah, leave it, but give the new one some wood texture, and make it smaller… oh, and change the lengths of the spikes. The kids won’t notice.”

Frank the animator: “More like this?”

Bob the animator: “Yeah, yeah! And for the final scene, make it REALLY big, and remove the texture, and… heck, make it two spikes instead of three. Two is better.”

Frank the animator: “Alright, it’s done. Are you sure no one will ever notice all these haphazard, illogical changes?”

Bob the animator: “Yeah! I mean, what, do you think someone’s gonna take photos and put them on a blog with 21,227 followers some day? That would be ridiculous.”

Professional art director Alan Lawrence created a photo series that imagines his 4-month-old son as the Elf on the Shelf, and he’s posting them on Instagram as a countdown to Christmas.

Baby Rockwell is quite mischievous.

He’s not been put in any danger, because his daddy has many photo-editing tricks up his sleeve. 

But you can’t edit in that natural-born cuteness!

I now want to imagine that all elves are exactly like this.

I’d also like to imagine that the following incidents happened in succession…

…Because this is exactly what happens whenever I get drunk.