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[[ So for the past few weeks I’ve completely forgotten to hold up my promise to do little promos to other OFF related blogs I’ve been spotting around. Today I’m going to make up for that by featuring several blogs together!

Hold on to your hats, my friends, there’s some fun content to be shared~

If you like fast paced updates and quirky flash based humor, this is the blog for you. The mun behind the blog sticks to a simplistic style which allows them to make a variety of visual based puns and animated gifs to keep the blog lively and, admittedly, freaken hilarious.

Look at that snout! Here’s a fun bad batter blog that switches between both text and art based replies to messages. Something I really like is that they’ve been answering messages with traditional art lately. That’s not something I see often. Definitely worth a follow if you like silly bad batters~

Here’s a blog that started up rather recently, just about a month or so ago. This Batter seems to have found himself spawned into the game with a mouth on his stomach, if it weren’t obvious from the blog’s name. An interesting body horror based twist for the purifier. A definite follow for anyone that likes monstrous malformations involving maws that are sentient beyond the consciousness of their host body.

What’s cuter than an Elsen desperately tagging along after The Batter? One that’s wearing an adorable cat hat. This is another new blog that sprouted up within the last month. Entertaining content mixed with cute art. Definitely an A+.

The blogs were featured in no specific order. I found them through the off tags or via interaction with other blogs I follow and felt they were worth mentioning to increase their chances of getting some attention which will help them continue making interesting content. Do go give them a look-see, maybe send some questions and follow.

I’d like to thank sharkytoof for suggesting some of the blogs for featuring and thus helping me out with this week’s promo post. ]]

anonymous asked:

I thought op was serious. I didnt think it wasa joke. 0:

idk yhey could be serious actually btu most of the posts on their blog are jokes (i think?idk i looked on their blog and it ss a humor blog im p sure) so it waas probably a joke?? i honestly dont kno if it was serious or not but im kind of leaning towards joke more idk i dont follow htemm either was its fukcing disgusting tho

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