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Things about the Mcelroys and The Adventure Zone that I love

- Griffin will cannonically use they/them pronouns for NPC’s in their campaign and the others will try to correct themselves to do the same
- Justin corrected himself while trying to seduce a monster so he wasn’t being heteronormative
- “Didn’t even trip” when Taako wore a skirt
- Griffin made a point to ask if Merle had a husband OR a wife in the past
- Griffin has included two cannon non-sexualized sapphic couples in the campaign
- “We know that if we fuck up a more capable woman will appear”
- Justin plays Taako as a gay character because he wants to try different perspectives than that of his cishet white male experiences
- All of them being very inclusive and supportive of POC headcannons (Travis saying he had multiple different iterations of Magnus in his head, and Justin encouraging people to picture Taako however they please)
- The humor on the podcast is still hilarious without being offensive or condescending
- The Mcelroys are so good and do their best to be inclusive and forward-thinking and and care so much about the people listening to what they do and I love it

I love when you’re first trying to get someone into podcasts and you watch them listen to it and you’re just like

One year ago, Barack Obama was winding down his final term and Donald Trump was … a candidate for President?

Muhammad Ali, Juan Gabriel and Philando Castile were still standing, and Standing Rock, N.D., wasn’t on most people’s maps. The term “alt-right” required an explanation; the phrase “hot sauce in my bag” did not.

And the Code Switch podcast was born.

Over the past year, our discussions about race have been shaped by pop culture and fine art; academia and activism; tragedy and humor and politics and food. And we’ve been shaped by you, our audience — the questions and ideas that you bring to us every day.

So for our anniversary, everyone on the team wrote about some of the stories and ideas that changed how they thought about race.

From Mourning to ‘Moonlight’: A Year In Race, As Told By Code Switch

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Incorrect Ugin Quotes
Flavoracle and Gen
Incorrect Ugin Quotes

Thanks to everybody who responded to my request for Incorrect Ugin Quotes! And an ESPECIALLY big thanks to Gen at @voiceofallmtg for taking my voice work and making it sounds so cool! Seriously, I’ve never sounded so good. (And if you’re not subscribed to the Voice of All podcast, you should be.

I thought about waiting and posting this when the podcast episodes with Ugin are released, but since that will be several months from now… I just couldn’t wait. 

Hope you enjoy them!! 

(See below for submission text and credit) 

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The Adventure Zone: Balance

(Spoilers for Petal to the Metal)

I love The Adventure Zone. It’s one of the best podcasts I’ve listened to and while it has an exterior lined with crude humor and silliness, at its core it’s a podcast about family and choosing hope.  

The Adventure Zone is a D&D podcast run by the same brothers who do advice podcast My Brother My Brother and Me and who run the gaming site Polygon—the McElroys. It started out as a one-time episode as a, “Ha, let’s show my dad how to play D&D! That’ll be hilarious!” for My Brother My Brother and Me and then elongated into a 69 episode series. At first it is very reminiscent of the humor of their advice podcast but as it goes on it grows surprisingly somber and sincere. It explores themes of family, sacrifice, nihilism, combating hopelessness, and it weaves them in naturally with 420 jokes and their bizarre sense of humor. 

The main characters are Taako, Magnus, and Merle, three adventurers recruited by an organization called the Bureau of Balance who are tasked with retrieving dangerous artifacts. Specifically, seven of them.

The McElroys also do something many others don’t—they listen. The arc Petals to the Metal was centered around a lesbian couple, one of which had fallen to the temptation of an artifact. At the end of the arc, they are both near death and turn into an oak tree. So, in the vein of bury your gays. Griffin McElroy, who DMs the podcast, wasn’t aware of this trope and when he found out how it hurt people he genuinely apologized. Later on, they do make a come back, therefore unburying the gays. This is more effort put in than 90% of other content creators. 

About three-fourths of the prominent couples on the podcasts are queer. We have Taako and Kravitz, an idiot wizard and the reaper. Killian and Carey are a fan favorite lesbian couple. There is also a trans woman and, at the beginning of the episode where they introduce her, they talk in length about how they’re trying to portray her properly.  

While they often stress how the race of the characters is up for interpretation, the leader of the Bureau of Balance—the organization our protagonists work for—is canonically a dark skinned black woman and arguably one of the most interesting characters of the podcast. Her actions set up the entire plot and her relationship with the three main protagonists grows more and more complicated as the show goes on.

But the main reason everyone should listen to The Adventure Zone? It’s light-hearted and happy, it stresses found family and love, it declares that in the face of being devoured by hopelessness (rather literally) it will not lose that joy and belief that things can be better. It says there is always a third, better option. In the face of a world that seems more and more depressing by the day it is refreshing to see media being defiant of that rather than wallowing in it.  

It’s also just very funny.


Episode 6, feeling bewitched? 

Catch a new installment of my supernatural/slice-of-life podcast, now with 20% fewer Echoes of the Damned!

Let me know what you think, and thanks for listening! 

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Watch past episodes here:


Episode 4 of Ethan Sees All materializes before you and posits an arcane riddle. You get it spectacularly wrong, but Episode 4’s willing to compromise. “Just watch me,” it says, “And we’ll forget this whole embarrassing kerfuffle.” 

I’ve still got to lock down an upload schedule, but episodes will, at the very least, be weekly. Thanks for listening, guys! 

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“Lapis is in general an awkward person”

“Lapis appreciates Steven’s silly sense of humor”

- the recent Crewniverse podcast

YEEEES thank you for saying this crew, so many people forget this about her. She’s super awkward and dorky and tactless and loves dumb fart jokes, and I love that part of her so much. Give me the content of Lapis being a big dorky weirdo that loves dumb jokes, give me Lapis being awkward and saying things that are unintentionally rude or blunt. There’s so little of that Lapis compared to the “smooth, suave, cool” Lapis that fanon seems to love.


♥ it’s time to spread your podcast palette ♥

A very happy and hot July day to all of you audio drama fanatics out there! There’s so much to look forward to during the summer: the beach, the barbecues, and the bountiful amounts of free audio drama seeking out new listeners to tell their stories to.

Strap on and dive in, saddle up, and stay Scottish if you haven’t already because my selection will keep your summer’s filled with the most delightful sounds available. 

Looking for something fresh to please that sudden thirst for audio storytelling? Look no further as PodCake has six more podcasts you’ll certainly love. 

1. A Scottish Podcast

When washed up radio DJ Lee finds himself “between jobs” he decides to launch a paranormal investigative podcast series, inspired by the likes of The Black Tapes, The Message, and Limetown. Enter The Terror Files. Aided by his long suffering sidekick, struggling musician Dougie, the pair embark on their first investigation - by heading down into a newly uncovered vault underneath Edinburgh’s old town. 

Comedy and horror is a combination I barely see in audio drama and A Scottish Podcast is the answer to just how well the two can combine. With our host Lee, we get a look into a protagonist that functions his own show, providing some fascinating insight into the woes of audio drama management…albeit with some more supernatural elements sprinkled in.

For those who enjoy more adult humor, A Scottish Podcast is guaranteed to give you your fill of tasteful yet vulgar comedy all wrapped up with some genuine heart and dedication to producing a one of a kind podcast.

2. The Haven Chronicles

The Haven Chronicles follows the mysterious events that have unfolded on Haven.

Step into the Haven and the Haven chimes back with a fascinating sci-fi adventure story. This follows the mission of a group of soldiers responding to a distress beacon from a backwater planet and getting a little more than they bargained for in the process. 

Complete with some excellent acting chops, atmospheric sound editing, and a gripping tale containing an underlying mystery, suspense, and just the right amount of comedy, The Haven Chronicles delivers and is bound to be a fun ride.

3. Wynabego Warrior: The Tale of John Waynnabe

A modern day old west tale, wrought with peril and danger, redemption, and renewal. The tale of a man determined to find the old west that he remembers from the silver screen of his youth. 

A very overdue recommendation on my part though Wynabego Warrior, one of many shows in the works by Audioblivious Productions, is the western podcast you never thought you were missing from your feed.

A unique contender drawing inspiration from old fashion cowboy tales, our lead John Waynnabe pursues a journey of self discovery with some bumps in the road as he finds both friends to stick by his side and foes interrupting his happy trails. 

4. Spines

Two months ago, Wren woke up covered in blood, suffering from memory loss, and surrounded by the remnants of some strange cult ritual. SPINES is the story of her search for answers, and the deadly, powerful people she encounters along the way. 

We’re all due for a summertime scream fest and Spines is here to deliver. With our lead Wren acting as narrator, we follow them through a twisted tale filled with all the icky, eerie details we seek in the best of horror podcasts.

If you’re eager to learn about bloody attics and creepy cults and can’t get enough delightfully gory mysteries, Spines will grant you a very spine tingling listening session.

5. MarsCorp

From the creators of The Bunker podcast - MarsCorp is a 12-part scripted comedy podcast about Station Supervisor E.L. Hob’s first year at MarsCorp, a terraforming colony established on the red planet in 2070. 

From the same minds behind the audio drama original The Bunker by Definitely Human, we have a sci-fi serial comedy for those looking for stories on Mars beyond The Penumbra

For fans of Wolf 359 dreading the beloved show’s conclusion, MarsCorp is a fresh and intriguing selection that is sure to give you that right fill of comedy and tragedy in a delightfully fun and futuristic setting. 

6. Under Pressure

A near future podcast about life aboard the underwater research station Amphitrite featuring deep sea scholars, love, oblique literature references, and chaotic neutral kraken.

Now diving twenty thousand leagues into a fresh podcast published this year. Those who may like aquatic themed tales such as The Bridge and Passage may find some common sea ground here as Under Pressure dives into the audio logs of Rebecca, a member aboard station Amphitrite alongside crew mates seeking information about the deep mysteries of oceanic life. 

One part survival story of both the dark depths of the ocean and survival boredom from being in said position, Under Pressure promises light comedy and sea creatures that will hopefully make listening something more sweet than salty.

now, get to listening.