humongous moth


So me and my sister were talking and having a laugh in her room when a fricking HUMONGOUS moth flew into the window and sacred the living bejesus out of me. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking:

Hold the hell up!! A moth?? Stop being such a frickin’ pussy.

In any other situation I would agree with you, but this moth was HUGE. It scared the life out of me, and I’m sure you would have crapped your pants too if it had happened to you, so don’t judge me okay??!!

The funniest and probably strangest thing was the noise I made when the moth flew into the window. It sounded something like this:


This strangely reminded both me and my sister of Miles Edgeworth from Phoenix Wright the noise he makes sound like Ngoooooooo!!! and Gnrrrrrrk!!!).

Flame, I’ve tagged this to you because I thought this kind of thing would make you smile ;D