hummus and pretzels

100 Days of Productivity: 1/100
My non-studying study essentials:
• Snacks: I tend to go for healthier snacks. I love hummus and pretzels, Annie’s organic snacks, KIND/Clif bars, or a salad.
• Earphones: These are a must have for me, especially when the leaf blower is going at 8 am on a Friday morning.
• Planner: I use my planner for everything, it’s where I document my workouts, how I know when a club event/meeting is, and obviously it’s how I keep up to date with my school work. I love this one by Kate Spade!
• Laptop: While it’s not essential, it helps a lot!
• Coffee: I’m not completely addicted to caffeine, so I let myself have 1-2 coffees a week. Coffee keeps me productive and gives me the energy I need to get through a tough chapter or assignment.
• Water: I have a one liter water bottle that I have with me all the time, it really helps to ensure that I’m well hydrated!

I am very proud of my grocery shopping skills :) This is pretty much the type of stuff I buy all the time, so take a look if you’re just getting started and need some ideas! The total cost was about $60 and this should last me through the month and into May!

Aldi: Unsweetened vanilla almond milk, chipotle chicken sausage, goat cheese, spinach, grapefruit, garlic hummus, salsa, pretzels, peppers, chicken breast, eggs, frozen mixed veggies, frozen asparagus, frozen Brussels sprouts, frozen mixed berries

Trader Joe’s: Whole wheat bagels, avocados, pear champagne dressing, and a steam-in-bag whole grain mix