you guys seemed to like my chill music recs from about a week ago, so i thought i’d share some more of my music tastes!! the purpose of this tag is to ‘explore your personality and your likes through the 10 first songs you get through shuffle’! thanks to @soymilkstudies​ for tagging me ;u;

  1. gfriend, compass
  2. ns yoon g, what do you know
  3. kyuhyun, moment of farewell
  4. taeyeon, rain
  5. shinee, replay
  6. clazziquai, blessed
  7. humming urban stereo, scully doesn’t know
  8. owl city, rainbow veins
  9. aaron yan, 只看见你
  10. yukari, yule

it’s a good mix i think haha, i hope y'all discover something new! i’d definitely recommend all of these songs. i’m too lazy to tag people but i tag you if you’re reading this!!

2AM Playlist: 11 k-indie jams that are bound to keep you up at night.

01. Neon Bunny - Plastic Heart  // 02. Clazzi - How We Feel (ft. Seulong of 2AM) // 03. Yukari -  8pm (Remix by Shin Hyun-Jin) // 04. Achime Rainbow at 2 AM // 05. Glen Check - Pacific, // 06. GOGOSTAR - God Of Snowy Fields,  // 07. WHOwho - Her (Studio Live ver.)// 08. Neon Bunny -Oh My Prince // 09. Humming Urban Stereo - Bullshit (ft. Narsha), // 10. The Koxx - 12:00, // 11. Glen Check - Racket

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  • Humming Urban Stereo feat. Brown Bunny & Ashley of Ladies' Code

HUMMING URBAN STEREO (허밍 어반 스테레오) feat. BROWN BUNNY & ASHLEY (애슐리) of LADIES’ CODE - Hawaiian Couple