humming love songs

Can the Marauders sing?
  • <b> Sirius:</b> can sing and will sing, all the time, everywhere.
  • <b> James:</b> can't sing, but still sings till your ears screech
  • <b> Remus: </b>can sing, but won't sing in front of anyone
  • <b> Peter:</b> can't sing, won't sing
  • <b> Lily:</b> can't sing, but knows all the lyrics and will correct you

So an anon wanted to know about cuddling pre-death and post-death Kyle Spencers and ohmygod yes cause Kyle is precious and I love him and oh my goodness ya’ll it’s my first NON X Men thing! This bean is moving on up!


  • Kyle likes being both the little and big spoon
  • He holds your hand and whispers about what life is gonna be like
  • “I’m gonna marry you so hard and we’re gonna buy a house and have so many kids and I’m so excited Y/N.”
  • He blows raspberries on your neck and stomach
  • His favorite thing is when you fall asleep and he can just hear your breathing
  • He hums 80s love songs to put you to sleep
  • He wraps his entire body around you because all he wants to do is protect you forever and ever and ever
  • He is utterly in love you with
  • The first time he tells you that is when you’re cuddling and he thinks you’re asleep
  • “Y/N I’m such a dork and I don’t know how to tell you this so I’m gonna tell you now but I am just completely in love with you.”
  • “Love you too Kyle.”
  • He literally makes a squealing sound


  • He is always the big spoon, although sometimes, when he’s very confused about the world around him, he’ll be the little spoon
  • Now you listen to his breathing when he sleeps because he’s really truly alive
  • He grunts in his sleep and it’s honestly the cutest thing ever
  • He still hums those 80s songs, even if he doesn’t know what they are or why he’s doing it
  • Sometimes you wake up from a nap and you’re on top of him wrapped in his arms
  • He loves you but doesn’t know how to say it so he just holds you, hoping you’ll understand
  • Since spoken language was getting difficult you taught him some sign language
  • When the two of you are cuddling and holding hands he signs “I love you” into your hand
  • You end up crying because you love him too

jeibaka  asked:

Heya! Can I get UF/SF bros with a super cheesy SO who often writes cute little notes to the boys everyday, humming love songs often, and is pretty big on physical affection like holding hands, smooches, and cuddles?

Sure thing darlin!

UnderFell Sans: he’d appricate the affections. Being deprived of it his whole life, it’s nice to finally have someone to give him some love. He’d probably try to return the affection, and fail miserably, ending up a blushing mess. Confront him about the blushing? He’ll deny it. Tsundere little child, he is.

UnderFell Papyrus: he’d boast about it. Getting all this attention really boosts his already large ego. Give him enough, he’ll end up blushing, which is pretty rare from him.

SwapFell Sans: much like Fell Paps, he’s boast about it. “OH, MY DATEMATE GIVES ME ENDLESS AFFECTION!” Probably not the best. But hey, if you’re up for dealing with his ego? Go for it.

SwapFell Papyrus: he’d probably return the affection more than the other three. He’d be a bit more of a blushing mess, and compliment his S/O as much as possible.

((Aaaaaahh, my first ask. How’d i do??))


From glen to glen, and down the mountain side
The summer’s gone, and all the flowers are dying  ♫

imagine slow dancing in the kitchen with calum late at night with your head on his chest and his head resting on top of yours as he runs his hands through your hair and is softly humming every love song that comes to his head because lately that’s the only thing he finds himself listening to, love songs that make him think of the person that got him to love in a way he never thought was possible

randomfluffybird  asked:

And you know what? I saw the sentences and I just knew I had to do this. “What’s going on here?” Iwaakakurocee ô u ô

“What’s going on here?”

Akaashi was used to seeing weird stuff being done by his datemates. Setting the tips of Kuroo’s hair on fire to get the split ends done, trying to paint Iwaizumi’s nails, putting face masks on that vaguely looked like toxins. Nothing surprises Akaashi anymore when it comes to the three of them.

That is, until tonight, roses draped from the front door all the way to the bedroom where his three lovers lie down on the sheets also strewn with rose petals, softly humming some love song Akaashi wrote a few years back for them.

The thrum of Iwaizumi’s deep voice causes Akaashi’s hearts to do flips, as you guide him with one hand on his waist all the way to the bedroom.

Kuroo kisses one cheek, you kiss another, and Iwaizumi presses his lips to Akaashi’s forehead.

“Nothing,” Kuroo eloquently explains. “We just love you.”


Your handsome Ra-PD for VIXX TV2, Episode 49

Imagine living near the ocean and meeting a Merman named Gabriel

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  • Gabriel pulling pranks on the fishermen because he hates how they treat the fish
  • Gabriel going on land often to check out the humans even though his father and brothers don’t approve
  • Gabriel seeing you one night and flirting with you
  • Then seeing you again later in the week at the beach, you ask him what he is doing there and Gabriel replies he is going home
  • You watch as he canon balls into the waves, seeing shimmering gold scales under the water
  • You find out that his father is Poseidon, God of the Sea and he has several siblings: Michael, Lucifer, Raphael, Castiel, Balthazar, and Anna
  • You become fast friends with him and he visits you daily
  • His brothers notice that Gabriel is smitten when he starts to hum love songs and picks underwater flowers
  • You swim with Gabriel, though you are much slower, but he takes your hand and helps you to keep up
  • You earn your scuba certification so you can stay under longer to be with Gabriel
  • Gabriel shows you all the best places to see fish and they don’t swim away because they trust Gabriel
  • Swimming with whales and dolphins while Gabriel tells you their names and stories
  • Gabriel saving you as you get caught in a riptide
  • You making Little Mermaid jokes, with Gabriel not understanding
  • Watching the Little Mermaid and Gabriel pointing out all the mistakes
  • When ‘Kiss the Girl’ starts to play Gabriel tells you “I’m not making the same mistake as pretty boy.” and kisses your lips, tasting like chocolate and salt water
the signs in public bathrooms
  • Aries: urinating but still lookin af
  • Taurus: "fuck it" *sits on toilet seat*
  • Gemini: talks to the friend outside the stall
  • Cancer: crying urine
  • Leo: texting while shitting
  • Virgo: carefully wipes the toilet seat, before putting toilet paper over it and only then sitting down
  • Libra: mentally complaining about the disgustingness of the stall
  • Scorpio: carefully times the urination with people talking so they are not heard. no one can know.
  • Sagittarius: "it's not THAT dirty"
  • Capricorn: humming a fucking love song as they're taking a shit
  • Aquarius: does something really cool so as not to touch the toilet seat
  • Pisces: daydreaming


“May your home always be blessed with music and poetry, lilting and whimsical, comforting and familiar, passionate and heartrending. May you find peace, love, and delight within your home with every passing day.”

To his credit, Yixing has always tried to live up to these words since they were uttered to the two of you at your wedding. You have woken to sweet melodies which wrapped around you and held you as lovingly as a hug. You have laughed until you couldn’t breathe and ended long nights secure in his arms as he whispered words of love and hummed tuneless songs into your ears. Your every day filled in with light and joy and Yixing, even when he was away from home.

- Admin J

Russia fluff-Your name

Russia/Ivan Braginsky:
In truth, anything not in his native tongue sounded like a blessing. But especially so when you responded to it. When he uttered the usher of letters and it brought your attention to him, it was like a spell. He thought of your name every time he hummed a love song, occasionally slipping it into the lyrics. He was stuck with the random assortment racking his brain. Some nights it was so bad he stared at his cell phone, his eyes only focused on your contact. He loves your name, with all of his being, just as he loves every other thing about you. And one final time he uttered the calling before falling into sleep, you the only thing on his mind.  


Hiddlesweek: 4th Day

Physical Attribute

His eyes… 

He has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. With every shade of blue and green, they color different each time. Like rays of sunshine they beam pure happiness and joy…  The stars in the sky are envious for his eyes shine brighter… They steal my soul and make my little heart hum a love song… 

- Nat