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reaction compilation #77

Some very passionate reactions to page 38! Chara finally catches up with Frisk.

Never bring a snowball to a knife fight.

Was there ever any doubt?

I’m an adult!

No matter how dire the circumstances, true comedians never miss a pun.

* Can’t move your body.

Ah, that comment about the cover makes a lot more sense now!

I knew you were trouble when you walked in!

From personal experience, I can attest that adrenaline plus running at a full sprint will prevent you from feeling the cold.

(This is brilliant.)

Even though a bunch of Chara’s misdeeds are listed here, it’s interesting that the one thing not mentioned is the time they stabbed Frisk (twice).


if aneksi was a mermaid;

being a mermaid was, to aneksi, a dream. not only was she a bookworm on land where she could barely contain her curiosity, but under the sea she was so much more: able to explore the life under water, the history and remainings after tragic incidents. collecting ancient and recent artifacts was something she did every day as she dived deeper into the blue, swimming alongside fish-animals. her huge, red tail and glowing red eyes was something that brought the attention of many animals, and sometimes, unfortunately, of men and women on the shore.

“red: this color is a warm and positive color associated with our most physical needs and our will to survive. it exudes a strong and powerful masculine energy.”
Empath - shulkie - Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan [Archive of Our Own]
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Mature, ~5.5k words, ereri

Eren had been like this for as long as he’d remembered. Whenever a baby in the daycare would start crying, Eren would wail along with them. He remembered passing by old men telling bawdy jokes as a child and he would laugh along with them without knowing the punchline. When his friends hit puberty that was an awkward time for him. But it made him a better brother to Mikasa, because he knew exactly how she felt when a boy was mean to her (and…maybe he used his fists to settle that). And when Armin was cramming for a test, he was stressing right along with him, poring over notes for a final he didn’t even have.

This way he had, of feeling what others were feeling, grew. He became more aware of it. He knew when Jean had a crush on Mikasa. And he knew before Jean when he had a crush on Armin. Sometimes it was a blessing. Most times…it felt like a curse. Because when you’re a child that cries when someone else cries, they just call you sympathetic. But when you’re a grown man who has just watched a child drop their ice cream on the ground, it’s weird to cry too. But then, there were days he couldn’t help but enjoy. Passing by an older couple still holding hands and so in love with each other had Eren humming old love songs all day.

More often than not, these feelings lasted for a long time. It wasn’t just like a flash and then it was over; they lingered, floating around in his head, turning over and over. It was like running your tongue over a jagged tooth, or a song on the radio that you just can’t get out of your head. They were persistent. They were overwhelming. They were confusing. But he dealt with them.

That is, until the man in the elevator.

Domestic Destiel

Sam notices it. He notices the way that Cas’s eyes get just a little bigger when Dean walks into the room. He notices that when Dean wishes them goodnight, his hand stays on Cas’s shoulder just long enough to be more than a friendly pat. He notices the way that when Dean does leave, Cas’s eyes follow him all the way until he’s out of sight, and even then some. He notices the way that Cas starts smelling like the soap Dean uses. He notices when Dean is cooking in the morning that he begins to put chocolate chips in the pancakes, and he’s never done that before. He notices how Cas always volunteers to wake Dean up. How Dean gets into the habit of sleeping in since this started, never waking before Cas. He notices the way that the time between finishing a hunt and calling Cas to let him know they’re safe diminishes to nearly nothing. He notices the way that Dean stops going to bars and coming back in the morning covered in red lipstick kisses, instead dragging ‘the whole gang’ along when he wants a beer. He sees how the waitress hits on Cas, and the way Dean looks at her, almost a glare. He notices when Cas sits down right next to Dean, their thighs pushed against eachother despite the booth they share being big enough for both to have plenty of space. He sees the way that Dean doesn’t move away. He sees how Cas is always ready to hand a napkin or hot sauce to Dean, before he even asks. He notices how when Dean jokes with sam, he smiles more than usual. He notices the way that Dean doesn’t smack his hand away when he goes to turn the Metallica song down. The way that he drives with his right hand, the left one hanging down, hidden from sam’s view by the seat and the rest of Dean’s body. He takes note of the way that whenever he does this, Cas always seems to sit on the left side of the back, his hand hidden too. He notices the way that Dean hums love songs as he cleans. He notices the way that Cas gets them stuck in his head too, even though he’s never paid attention to the lyrics before or gone out of his way to hear it. He notices the way that Dean leaves his bedroom door open at night, 'in case there’s an emergency’. He sees it when Cas starts making the coffee extra black, instead of with lots of sugar the way he prefers it. He hears it late at night when Cas walks across the hall and into Deans room. He sees when he goes to bed, the two of them lying in deans bed, Castiel Curled up and looking small for the first time. He sees the way that Deans arms curl around him like a shield. He hears them snoring together, tangled together under the blanket Cas must have brought from his room. He notices in the morning when he finds Cas back in his own bed, with his own pillow. He notices the way neither mention it. He notices when Dean doesn’t complain when Cas steals his bathrobe, or when he uses his shirts without asking. Sam notices when Dean and Cas bump into eachother while making dinner, both crashing to the ground. He notices when Dean looks at him, and then back to Cas (who is still in his lap from the fall). He sees it when Dean grabs the angel’s hand. He notices it when Dean opens his mouth to tell him, and Sam just shakes his head and smiles. He notices when the two start holding hands in public. He notices when Cas sits down on Deans lap and smiles more than ever. He notices the sparkle in Dean’s eyes when he looks at Cas, always like he’s seeing him for the first time. Sam notices it. And Sam is happy with it, because truly he’s okay with anything if it makes his brother happy. And God above, he’d never seen his brother more happy or more in love than with Cas.

Can the Marauders sing?
  • <b> Sirius:</b> can sing and will sing, all the time, everywhere.
  • <b> James:</b> can't sing, but still sings till your ears screech
  • <b> Remus: </b>can sing, but won't sing in front of anyone
  • <b> Peter:</b> can't sing, won't sing
  • <b> Lily:</b> can't sing, but knows all the lyrics and will correct you

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StarkQuill: Tony and Peter bond over Asshole fathers and their moms/love of music

A/N: Very minor spoiler for GOTG Vol. 2

Fooled Around

Peter’s hands roved under Tony’s shirt and touched muscles that were hidden by a well worn ACDC shirt that should have been thrown out months ago, but Tony refused to toss it. Lips pressed against his, with just the right amount of pressure and a hint of tongue to tease Peter. He groaned and ground his hips against Tony’s. The action kept Peter away from his bunk, while also pushing Tony’s back against the wall.

Peter loved that his bunk could just barely fit two. It gave him the perfect excuse to press up against his partners as much as possible.

Tony broke their kiss and chuckled. The smell of alcohol was strong on his breath. It was equally prominent on Peter’s.

Tony’s lips drifted to Peter’s neck as his fingers tangled in Peter’s hair. “I’m going to need you to change the music.”

Peter’s alcohol addled brain needed a few extra seconds to process Tony’s request. “Dude, you don’t like ‘Cherry Bomb’? What kind of heathen are you?”

Tony fingers fiddled with the waistband of Peter’s pants. He hummed lazily. “Love the song, but can’t get it up if I’m picturing my dad walking in on me with a girl and the shouting that followed.”

Peter winced in sympathy.  The memory of Yondu walking in on him when he’d been masturbating floated to the surface. Yondu had taken him to a whorehouse after that. It had been both an awesome and traumatizing experience.

Peter leaned over Tony and pressed the button on his tape player in the wall and skipped the song. “Right, no daddy issues allowed while we’re making out.”

Tony quirked an eyebrow and feigned surprise. “Just making out?”

Peter grinned. “I wouldn’t want to presume.”

Tony chortled and kissed Peter.

Peter and Tony fooled around, shedding their shirts and unbuttoning their pants when “Brandy” came on.

Peter instantly rolled them over so Tony was under him. Tony let out a sound of delight and surprise, but the sound was short-lived when Peter jammed his finger into the skip button.

Tony whistled appreciatively. “So… not a good song?”

Peter tried to keep things upbeat. He smiled. He splayed himself over Tony and stole a quick kiss. “I’d be breaking the daddy issues rule if I let that one play.”

Tony made a sound of understanding. He ran his hands up and down Peter’s spine. “We need to make a new mixtape for you, or you could let me install a whole new music player into your wall. Set it up so you could have every song on Earth come out of these speakers.” Tony patted one of said speakers for show. “We’ll make playlists. The first one being a sex playlist.”

Peter laughed at that and relaxed on top of Tony. He interlocked their hands and kissed Tony’s knuckles. “Yeah? What songs would we put on it?”

“Marvin Gaye and Barry White.”  


“There’s a reason for that.” Tony wrapped his arms around Peter’s shoulders and pulled him down into a long and languid kiss.

The soft melody of “Fooled Around and Fell in Love” trickled into the background, and Peter slipped his hands under Tony’s waist and hips, hugging him as they made out. The slow song just felt so right.




Enchanted // Moon Bin


the prompt: may I please request the mermaid/enchanted voice au with Moonbin of Astro??
(from this au) “I’m a mermaid/merman, and you’ve fallen in love with my voice. How do I break it to you that you don’t actually love me, you’re just enchanted?”

words: 3922

category: fluff + angst

author note: have you guys heard the new astro songs yet? the aroha song is so sweet! for this scenario i decided to make moonbin the mermaid rather than the reader, which i feel like was the best decision bc now i’m in love with this mermaid au. also, i might do a spin-off of this for eunwoo?? or a sequel for bin?? probably both?? anyway, pls enjoy merman bin~

- destinee

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So an anon wanted to know about cuddling pre-death and post-death Kyle Spencers and ohmygod yes cause Kyle is precious and I love him and oh my goodness ya’ll it’s my first NON X Men thing! This bean is moving on up!


  • Kyle likes being both the little and big spoon
  • He holds your hand and whispers about what life is gonna be like
  • “I’m gonna marry you so hard and we’re gonna buy a house and have so many kids and I’m so excited Y/N.”
  • He blows raspberries on your neck and stomach
  • His favorite thing is when you fall asleep and he can just hear your breathing
  • He hums 80s love songs to put you to sleep
  • He wraps his entire body around you because all he wants to do is protect you forever and ever and ever
  • He is utterly in love you with
  • The first time he tells you that is when you’re cuddling and he thinks you’re asleep
  • “Y/N I’m such a dork and I don’t know how to tell you this so I’m gonna tell you now but I am just completely in love with you.”
  • “Love you too Kyle.”
  • He literally makes a squealing sound


  • He is always the big spoon, although sometimes, when he’s very confused about the world around him, he’ll be the little spoon
  • Now you listen to his breathing when he sleeps because he’s really truly alive
  • He grunts in his sleep and it’s honestly the cutest thing ever
  • He still hums those 80s songs, even if he doesn’t know what they are or why he’s doing it
  • Sometimes you wake up from a nap and you’re on top of him wrapped in his arms
  • He loves you but doesn’t know how to say it so he just holds you, hoping you’ll understand
  • Since spoken language was getting difficult you taught him some sign language
  • When the two of you are cuddling and holding hands he signs “I love you” into your hand
  • You end up crying because you love him too
Greaser Girls Headcanons


  • shes quite tall. around 5′10 or 5′11 and doesn’t hesitate to wear heels no matter how “intimidating” she looks. her legs always makes a statement when she walks into a room.
  • is dark skinned and has green almond eyes. she resembles young naomi campbell. 
  • velvet material clothing, fishnets, and leather jackets. 
  • loves strawberry milkshakes but doesn’t like anything else strawberry flavored.
  • her hands are always cold and dallas complains when she touches him but she knows he likes it.
  • she always smackin on some bubble gum 

Kathy : 

  • she styles her hair like sharon tate 
  • lashes and glossy lips 
  • mostly wears short, flowy dresses and high platforms
  • she’s really intelligent student and graduates to be top 10% in her class and gets a full ride scholarship 
  • she’s also good at volleyball and managed to be captain her junior year 
  • get detention a lot for talking and passing notes too much 


  • her hair is worn in loose curls and she’s always doing these edgy styles with it and her eyes are violet like elizabeth taylor 
  • shes the only one in the family with eyes like hers 
  • loves dark colors like deep reds, blues, and black. she often cooperates  the colors with her style of clothes 
  • she has a secret love for  photography 
  • one time she a small town band gets a gig at buck’s to play and shes one of their go-go dancers. 
  • her nails are always painted red 
  • left handed but doesn’t have so good of hand writing 


  • latina 
  • her hair is worn in curls 
  • she wears neck scarfs most of the time with her outfits 
  • has these big dark brown eyes that is filled with so much emotion so its hard for her to have a poker face.
  •  really talented at sewing. she makes her own clothes and they are to die for. most girls in the neighborhood has at least one outfit made by her. 
  • she’s basically the trend setter of the north side.
  • she’s one of the few kids in the neighborhood that has both of their parents. 
  • one of her brothers is apart of Shepard’s gang
  • wishes she had a sister because she’s the only girl out of 4 boys 


  • her china blue eyes come in handy. she can get and get out of anything in any situation. 
  • voice is silvery 
  • she hums songs 
  • loves red velvet cake and is good at baking.
  • before she left tulsa, when her and soda was together she wasn’t the “ weak one”. she just didn’t stand there and let girls flirt with him. 
  • she showed a lot of pda and was touchy when girls were near and made sure they knew he was hers. sylvia taught her that. 
  • they go on little break-ups but not as often as sylvia and dallas. 
  • doesn’t feel sorry for soda once she leaves but does wish him the best. her baby gives her maturity, strength, and determination. she focus on her and her baby and leaves tulsa behind. 

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What's your take (hcs) on a rather shy s/o who starts humming/ lowkey singing love songs while their sweetheart is seemingly asleep (head on s/o's lap)? Let's face it, in situations like these, they're never asleep, right?! For Sidon, Yunobo, Revali, Teba and Link, pretty please? oh and if you want an idea of what kind of songs they'd sing, here are two: "You raise me up" (Josh Groban) and "Boats and Birds" (Gregory and the hawk). Thank you!!! Sorry for the super specific request!

Shy s/o humming love songs (BOTW)


  • He doesn’t really nap; he’d much rather be awake to enjoy his s/o’s presence, but those finger gently tracing over his head make sure his eyes stay shut out of enjoyment.
  • As such, isn’t asleep when they start singing. He thinks that’s them showing affection, so he keeps his eyes shut and smiles, letting them finish their song.
  • As soon as they’re done, he opens his eyes and tells them how much he liked their singing, only to hear their words hitch, and that’s when he realizes they thought he was asleep. What a preciously shy s/o he has!


  • Shy bb nearly died at the fact that his s/o was okay with his head in their lap, but eventually did manage to fall asleep after a while of nerves. 
  • When they start singing, his breath hitches and he hopes they don’t realize it. He doesn’t know what to do- wake up, stay asleep-?
  • Eventually decides to wake up, and looks at them incredulously.
    • ..Did.. you really mean it?”


  • Fell asleep beneath their ministrations. Their fingers running through his feather softly, warm lap- if he stayed awake, it would be nothing short of a miracle.
  • Knows its them singing, and that if he wakes up they’ll stop, so he stays “asleep.” Does get a bit of a smirk on his beak though.
  • If his s/o stops singing at any point, be it because the song is over or because they’d rather hum then:
    • Stopping so soon? I was hoping there’d be more!”
    • Asshole.


  • Genuinely did fall asleep on their lap after a lot of coaxing into falling asleep on top of them. Teba can’t even remember the last time he was this peacefully asleep.
  • Though, he can’t explain the humming in his dream- oh. Oh, it’s not a part of the dream. Unlike some of the others though, he continues to pretend he’s asleep because between their comfy lap, and their very shy affection, he’s in paradise.
  • Doesn’t bring it up, knowing if he does they might stop doing that in the future.


  • He was never asleep. The nervous boy- even if his s/o offered their lap for him to rest on, he’d still be so shy and blushy about it he couldn’t sleep. But he hadn’t wanted to worry/insult s/o, so Link closed his eyes and did his best to pretend to be asleep.
  • Then his s/o starts singing very softly. And boy-o eyes instantly flash open because omigosh is that song about him??? Since when can they sing?? It’s so pretty!!!
  • Both of them are left flushing, blushing messes.

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So I had a bad week And My Best friend blocked me everywhere Can I have some reinhardt x reader And 76 x reader fluff ? (fem!reader plz)


He lifts you into his arms, pressing kisses all over your face as you giggle. His large hand rested on the small of your back as he hoisted you up higher. You wrap your arms around his neck and press a kiss to Reinhardt lips.

“Mein liebling,” he cooed, his voice surprisingly soft, “today’s a good day.”

“It’s still morning,” you said as he pressed a kiss to your temple.

“Everyday is a good day when you’re here,” he simply said, nuzzling his nose against your cheek.

“Slow her down there, smooth talker,” you said, lowering yourself to the ground, “time for breakfast.”

Soldier 76

You looked up from your book as Jack came into the house, clearly exhausted from working. You put a bookmark in, sliding the book onto the table. Quickly rushing over to him you wrapped your arms around him, starting to hum a song.

“I love you!” you cooed as Jack rubbed your arm.

“What brought this on,” he said, clearly amused by this.

“I just wanted you to know,” you said, a playful smile on your face, “Is there anything wrong with letting you know how I feel about you.”

“Nothing,” he said, closing his eyes as he revelled in your embrace.

City of Love

Pairing: EXO Baekhyun X Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1468

A/N bon anniversaire à mon français anon! I hope you have a wonderful day and that this scenario is okay 😊


Watching Baekhyun experience Paris was like watching a child unbox the gift he’d always waited for. You loved the way his eyes lit up, sparkling as he marvelled at the historical buildings. His lips would spread into a beautiful smile as he’d point and laugh at even the simplest things. Baekhyun’s awe was mirrored in you. Instead of admiring the city as he did, you admired him. You studied the lust in his eyes and couldn’t escape the feeling of love almost hurting your chest throughout the day. Not that you wanted to. Anyone would think it was his birthday, as if you’d treated him to today.

While in fact it was yours. You’d both agreed on a trip to Paris, the famous city of love. Baekhyun had treated you to a posh 5 star hotel. You had a large room with a four-poster bed; an en-suite and a balcony overlooking the city. You entered the bedroom; it was almost 7 o’clock. You took refuge on the large bed and let out a long sigh.

You briefly recounted the day. You’d twisted through cobbled streets with your fingers entwined, like the vines that snaked up the walls of the buildings leaning down and smiling at you. He’d bought you an ice cream, dotting the vanilla ice on your nose. There was also a pile of shopping gifts sitting by the door to your hotel which had made you feel incredibly guilty, but Baekhyun had insisted that today was your day and you deserved it. Your eyes fell on the A3 sketch propped up against the wall. It was a drawing of Baekhyun and yourself. He was smiling with his eyes almost fully closed while your cheek was pressed against his. After spotting a rugged artist wandering the streets, Baekhyun had tugged on your sleeve and pulled you over the cobbles. The artist had sketched the two of you together, and you could clearly see the budding love he’d captured in each line.

“Thank you so much for today. It was beyond perfect.” You smiled. Baekhyun looked at you fondly, taking off his shoes.

“That’s alright. Anything for you.”

He disappeared into the walk-in wardrobe while you turned on your side. The satin sheets hugged you softly and you rested your head on your hands. While your eyes were closed, you announced, “I’m actually rather tired now.”

“Oh. Well actually, I had one more thing planned for you.” Came the response from inside the wardrobe. Your eyelids flickered open and you propped yourself up to see Baekhyun emerging from the wardrobe with a box in his hands.


“And this is to go with it.” Baekhyun placed the box on the end of the bed. You reached forward and pulled it into your lap. It was like a large shoe box with a large navy bow tied delicately around it.

Encased in exquisite tissue was a dark blue velvet dress. It wasn’t long, falling somewhere around the thigh. It was simple, but beautiful. You gasped.

“It’s beautiful,” you repeated your thoughts.

“I’d like you to wear it tonight.” Baekhyun smiled softly, pleased with your reaction.

“Are we going somewhere?” You asked.

“Yes, at eight o’clock.”


Baekhyun only smiled in return.

After having a power nap, it was almost time for you to leave. Baekhyun shook your shoulder gently, as if you were going to break, whispering your name.

“Y/N, it’s time to go.” His breath made you shiver, the warm air tickling your neck. “If you’re too tired – we don’t have to.” You tore your eyes open, slowly returning to reality. He planted a kiss on your forehead. Determined, you pulled yourself out the bed to get ready. He wore a plain black suit and a navy tie to match your dress.

You’d put on the dress and found a pair of heels that, by chance, went with the dress. Baekhyun looked at you with passion and adoration that you hadn’t even caught a glimpse of when you were out in the city. He was looking at you as if you were gold and Paris was only merely gravel. You shone and glimmered in his eyes.

“You’re so beautiful,” He breathed, snaking an arm around your waist. You could only smile and blush, tipping your head to look at the carpet. With his other hand, he tipped your chin up to face him, letting your eyes meet two dark irises looking at you in desire. He let his lips meet yours and you melted into the kiss.

“We really should go,” he said, somewhat breathless from the kiss. You nodded.

“One second.” Pulling yourself from his grip, you rushed to find something in one of your suitcases. You found the small, delicate, silver necklace you’d been looking for, locking it round your neck. He gasped as he noticed it adorning your neck, resting along your collarbones.

“It’s the necklace I bought you when we first got together,” he addressed.

“It is.” You smiled, bringing your fingers up to touch it.

Outside was a taxi waiting for you. The two of you sat together in the back, holding one another lovingly. You couldn’t help but watch Baekhyun adoringly again as he looked out the window and gaped at the lights sprinkled over the buildings outside. The sky was now pitch black, although a soft yet luminous yellow glow comforted you.

The taxi jerked to a halt. You looked out the glass window, eyes falling on extravagant gates that led to a twisting path to what looked like a restaurant. Inside, polite waiters guided the two of you upstairs. Baekhyun had kept a hand on your back the entire time, discreetly claiming you as his own.

Finally arriving to where the two of you would eat, you rose a hand to your lips. The scenery was serene. A small table draped in white stood in front of you. On it were two glasses of champagne; some candles that flickered in time with the stars, and a bouquet of white roses. The Eiffel Tower stood proudly, watching you in the background. Its golden lights shone lustrously while the sun was sinking below it. You were rendered speechless.

“What do you think?” Baekhyun asked, his hand now running up and down your back.

“It’s – it’s… Wow…” Baekhyun chuckled.

“You like it?” Instead of replying, you whirled in his grip and pulled him closely to you. Your lips crashed together and your fingers found their way to his hair. He grunted in shock but soon he was kissing you back with the same fiery passion. You two were burning.

A waiter coughed politely and the two of you pulled away from each other. You could feel your cheeks scorching in embarrassment.

The food was at a grand standard and you tried to avert your mind from wondering how much it’d all cost. Baekhyun sent compliments your way all night, comparing you to the moon, the stars and the poised demeanour of the city.

Baekhyun’s persona that evening contrasted heavily to earlier in the day. He’d been excitable and loud, cohering with the frenzy of the city’s earlier buzz. But now, he was calm and collected, mature. You gazed at him, fixing your eyes on each of his features. He looked so handsome tonight, you thought. His hair was parted so that his fringe curled over to one side, exposing his forehead.

As dessert was served, Baekhyun couldn’t keep his cheek back. “Looks almost as tasty as you,” he chuckled, raising his eyebrows. You smiled, rolling your eyes.

“And you were doing so well,” you sighed. Baekhyun laughed.

Instead of returning to the hotel in the taxi, you both agreed on strolling back yourselves. The sky blanketed you both. While you’d expected drunks to be milling around the streets, it was surprisingly quiet. Baekhyun’s hand didn’t cease to cling onto your back tightly though, protectively. At one point, you’d taken off your heels and decided to walk barefoot – all aspects of class gone. You rested your head against his shoulder while he gently hummed a love song, echoing and bouncing off the buildings.

“Thank you,” you said, as the two of you found your way into the hotel bedroom. You became wrapped tightly in his arms and you both stumbled your way towards the bed. You were giggling together, crashing onto the mattress and moulding yourselves into one another.

“It’s alright. It’s my pleasure to make you happy.”

Under the bubbles of champagne and the company of the moon, you entwined your bodies together.

She has got a boyfriend, anyways [Bucky Barnes]

Bucky Barnes x reader, Wade Wilson x reader
Requested: Could you make a story about Bucky having a crush on the reader   and discovers that she already has a boyfriend Wade Wilson and ends up being disappointed and the reader ends up feeling bad for him and tells him don’t worry you’ll find someone someday.

Bucky Barnes is in love with [Your Name]. The realization hits him like the train. He has never actually been in love before so it was hard for him to realize that he was in love with you. It is still hard for him to say what love is and when you laugh or smile because of something he did or say, his thoughts just scream “This, this is the girl I am in love with.” Apparently, love doesn’t give us much choice.
So, the first time Bucky gathers up the courage to tell you that he loves you, fate had to slap him, hard. Well, the day began something like this, He had just finished training and he was moving towards the kitchen. In Kitchen, Natasha stood with a bowl of cereal and she was still in her catsuit. Her hair messed up and she has got blood on her boots. She probably just returned from a mission.
“Hey,” Bucky says. Natasha looks up and nods at him. Bucky pours himself his own cereal and sits on a counter. No one said anything for a while and then Natasha exclaimed, “You are in love.” Bucky smiled out the cereal.
“Wh-what? What the hell are you talking about?” Bucky said running his hands through his hair.
“You, one of the best assassins in the world is love with someone. You were just humming a love song and you were blushing. so, tell me who were you thinking, Bucky?” Natasha raises her eyebrow.
“You are talking no sense, Natasha,” Bucky says, running his hand through. Then he says, “Was I really doing that?”
“Yes, you were.” Natasha smirks, taking place the stool next to Bucky, “So, are you going to tell me about the girl?”
“Well, her name is [Your Name]. She likes wearing sundresses. Her favorite color is Yellow and she likes matt red lipstick, she says that she makes her feel like she can rule the world,” Bucky says recalling his conversations with you. He smiles at the thought of you, “And well, she owns a small cafe. It pays her well and it is really peaceful. It was her mother’s dream to built a cafe like that and after her mother died, she built the cafe.” Bucky stops for a second and pictures you in front of the small cafe, wearing a yellow sundress with your hair let loose, talking to people. Oh god, you were everything.
“She seems wonderful. How long have you been together?” Natasha asks, not realizing that Bucky never told you about his feelings.
“Yeah, about that,” Bucky says, nervously, “I never actually told her about my feelings.” Natasha gasps, dramatically.
“Why not?”
“I mean, she probably doesn’t even like me and I don’t want to ruin our friendship.” Bucky tries to reason.
“Don’t you dare be one of those clique guys, Bucky. I know you and I know that you are nothing like them. You are bold and sometimes, romantic. Go for it. If you really love her, don’t let her slip out of your fingers.” Bucky smiles,
“Maybe you are right.”
“There is no maybe Bucky. I am always right.” Natasha smirks.
“Don’t get cocky now, Natasha.” Natasha just gives him a cocky smile and leave.
That is the moment, he decides that he will tell you about his feelings. He sighs. This is going to be harder that he thought it would be.
In the afternoon which is usually the time that you and Bucky meet up. It was needless to say that Bucky was nervous. You were sparkling today, Bucky thought. It was something about your movements that made him happy because you were happy. You were wearing a baby pink sundress today, making small conversation with people sitting there booth. There wasn’t much crowd in afternoons that is why you both met in afternoon.
“Bucky!” You exclaimed when you saw him standing there. You were radiating with joy, Bucky smiled for no reason.
“Hey, doll.” He says you hug him.
“Oh, I am so happy today. I think I can do anything right now. I am so so happy today, Bucky.” Bucky laughs that you enthusiasm. You were a ray of sunshine, he wanted you to be his ray of sunshine.
“Yeah, I noticed that, doll. What’s the occasion?” You open your mouth to tell him but a hooded figure enters the coffee shop calling out your name.
“Wade!” You exclaim as you leave Bucky and run towards. Bucky looks in confusion at the beginning but his heart breaks as he sees you reach up to kiss the guy. Bucky had had his fair share of beating, a lot beating in fact but when he sees the girl he is love with someone else, he feels all the pain together and it is a lot of pain.
“Wade you are here. I am so happy, you are finally here.” You tell Wade Wilson, your boyfriend of two years.
“Oh, [your name], I missed you so much.” He cups your face and kisses you again. You realized that Bucky was there, you thought that it was the time that they both met.
“Bucky, this is-“ Bucky cuts you off my saying, “Wade Wilson.” You sigh.
“Wade, why did you try to kill Bucky? Who gave you the contract this time?” Bucky was shocked that your knowledge of Wade’s business. Everyone knew that Bucky was winter soldier but the way you talked so casually talked about Wade’s business was shocking.
“You say like I know the names.” Wade shrugs not looking your eyes and you knew that he was lying. Wade was never a good liar regardless of his work.
“Wade.” You say in a warning tone.
“It was this woman called Katherine, she worked with HYDRA and she thought that Bucky knew a lot of things.”
“You told me you never worked for HYDRA.”
“Well, I never did, technically. They assigned me one job and I didn’t do it, look Bucky is alive.”
“Wade, you promised that you would never lie to me.” At this point, you and Wade forgot that Bucky was there.
“I am sorry that was the last lie, I promise.”
“You said that about last 20 lies too. Wade, you need to get your shit together.” You tell him.
“Let’s not fight right now. I just came back.” Wade says and you sigh in frustration.
“Yeah, right. When are you going back?” You ask him, rubbing your nose.
“Tomorrow morning,” Wade says, he rubs his face, frustrated at his own words.
“That is too soon. We even have enough time, I promised Bucky that I would hang out with him today.” You look at Bucky and give him a smile. The side of your eyes crinkle overtime to smile at him and it happens only for him. It didn’t happen even you smiled at Wade or any of your others friends. It seemed it was something that was there just for Bucky and no one else.
“No, no. I mean, you spend your time with Wade and we will hang out tomorrow.” Bucky says you open you mouth Wade butts in.
“Thanks, mate. We both know that she would have chosen you over me.” Wade says as he puts his arms around your waist. You laugh at his words, not denying or confirming his words. Maybe, Wade wasn’t there you would have Chosen him.
“I will see you tomorrow.” Maybe, tomorrow would be better, Bucky thinks.
“Oh, Bucky. Thank you so much. I promise that I will make up with you.” You say as you hug him and you smell like tulips, coffee, and vanilla. He likes the way you smell.
“Sure, you will, doll,” Bucky says.

“I think that we should do it, Steve,” Natasha told Steve who stared at the text on his phone screen. It read:
To: [Your name]
My friend, Bucky Barnes, is harboring a crush on you and he doesn’t want to tell you for the fact that he fears rejection and doesn’t want to ruin the friendship you have.
Natasha told him that it was too formal and he should say that Bucky has a crush on him and it feels like Steve is writing a love letter to Bucky’s girlfriend, which is not appropriate. Steve argued by saying that it seems respectable and is straight to the point. “No one writes like this anymore, Steve.” “I don’t care. I need to uphold my values.” Steve argued. “Fine, do what you want.” That was the end of one argument.
“It seems like we are betraying Bucky. And how do you even know that she didn’t reject Bucky?” Steve question.
“Because, when I asked him if he told her not, He said and I quote, ‘no, the timing wasn’t right,’ translates to ‘No, I chickened out at the last moment.’”
“I don’t even know how does that even mean that. Maybe, Timing wasn’t actually right or she told him that she is into someone else.” Steve argued.
“For god’s sake, Steve it is one button press it. Why did I even include you?”
“So that you can blame it on me when the time comes.”
“Sounds Valid. Just do it.”
“Okay, I am listening to you this one time.”
They both knew that it wasn’t the last time he was doing Natasha’s dirty matchmaking work. Rumour has that Peter Parker has a crush on someone too.

The next day, Bucky looked himself. He knew that he was hurting inside and this time no number of painkillers, hugs or chocolate can help him. On second thought, Bucky thinks, chocolate might do some good. He runs to the fridge in order to get the chocolate ice cream.
“Oh, hey coward. I almost didn’t see you there.” Natasha said and Bucky glares at her.
“What do you want, Natasha?” Bucky asks.
“Well, you could just tell me why didn’t you confess your love to [Your Name]?”
“Well, it doesn’t matter because I know for a fact that she doesn’t like me.” Natasha opens her mouth to argue but Bucky’s next word silence her, “She has a boyfriend anyways.” Bucky eats ice cream and Natasha is shocked by the information.
“Who is it?” Natasha asked after a brief pause.
“Well, it is Wade Wilson,” Bucky said, still concentrating on his ice cream.
“Deadpool?” Natasha ask in shock, Bucky nods, “Does she know?”
“Well, she must be one hell of an understanding person. Well, What do you think about them?” Natasha asks feeling guilty about the message that she made Steve send.
“They are a mess. I mean, the way he treats [Your name] is disrespectful. He constantly lies to her and he hardly gives her anytime.” Bucky pauses, “I am not saying that I am better than him, we both have pretty messed up past. I can treat her the way she supposed to be treated.” Natasha raises her eyebrows as if as asking how is supposed to be treated. “You don’t know, she is like everything that is good in this world compiled into this one girl.”
“Woah, she must be special.”
“Yeah, she is.”
“Then you would be mad at Steve if he messed it up, won’t you?” Natasha asks, she shrugs her shoulder like she doesn’t care.
“What did you know Natasha?”
“I didn’t do anything. Steve sent a message to [Your name] telling her that you have a crush on her because he thought that you chickened out.”
“Why would you do that?” Natasha opens her mouth to blame Steve but Bucky interrupts her by saying that, “Don’t even dare to blame it on Steve. I could kiss [Your Name] in front of him and he would think that it is friend thing until I tell him that I am dating [Your Name].”
“I see your point but I am sorry, okay. I was just trying to help. I thought that you didn’t tell her because you checked out. I never thought that Wade will be the reason for that. It reminds me that I have some personal business with Wade.” Natasha says clenching her jaw.
“And that business involves?” Bucky raises his eyebrow and he smirks at Natasha, she hates unfinished business.
“It involves his blood on my hand and his head beheaded.” Natasha gives him the murderous look that makes him shiver.
“Anyway, I gotta go and explain [Your name] why Captain America sent her a message saying that his best friend, that is me has a crush on her.”
“Hey, Buck,” Natasha calls him out.
“Yeah.” He answers looking at her.
“Do you remember that you said Wade lies to her all the time. Don’t be him, be better than him. Truth upsets but it is better than lies.” Natasha gives him a soft smile.
“Who knew that Natasha, one of the best assassins in the world has a motherly side?” Bucky teases.
“You tell it to anyone and no one would remember who Bucky Barnes was,” Natasha states in a monotone. Bucky moves out giving her a nervous smile.
Outside the tower, he whispers to no one, “Sometimes, I wish I could lie to her.”

By the time, Bucky reaches your apartment there is a downpour. As if, his story couldn’t get anymore clique. He was about the enter the building when he heard someone call his name. He looks back, only to find you wearing a yellow sundress and drenched in the rain.
“[Your Name], Hey.” He says, putting his hands in his pockets. His gray shirt sticking to his body.
“Hey, Buck.” You smile and the corner of your eyes still has crinkles. It is still Bucky and your’s thing. He cannot understand if you have read Steve’s message or not.
“So, I got a really weird message from Captain America telling me that you have a crush on me. Were you guys playing drinking games or something?” He can still get away by telling you that you were playing some stupid truth dare game and Natasha dared Steve to do it. But then he looks at you and he doesn’t want to lie to you. You don’t deserve lies.
“I was going to tell you, [Your Name] but then I came to know about Wade yesterday and I swear to go I am not going to come between you guys. I know you love him, I really do. Then Natasha thought that it might a good idea to tell you without knowing the whole story. I promise that it won’t come between our friendship.” Bucky touches your shoulder and you don’t tense up under his touch, in fact, you seem to relax.
“Bucky, I am sorry that you developed feeling for me. Honestly, I think you deserve the world and I want to give it to you.” Bucky’s heart accelerated for a moment, “But Wade needs me. Wade will always need me. I make him better and I love him.”
“What if I said that I need you, [Your name]?” Bucky couldn’t stop himself from asking it. You let out a small giggle at the question.
“You don’t need me, Bucky. That is the most wonderful thing about you.” He raises her eyebrows at her, “With Wade, I have to be this girl who saves him and helps him out. I accept him and I love him but it seems like it is always me supporting him and he is never there for me. With you, you exist without me and I exist without but it is like our paths are intertwined and woven together. You bring out the best and worst of me.” Bucky doesn’t understand what you are saying.
“I don’t mean to give you false hope, Bucky because Wade needs me but maybe someday if stars favor us.” You run your finger over his collar bone, “Someday, maybe.” This time it felt like you were reassuring yourself than him.
“You mean, in another world, you could have been mine.”
“I would be yours in every other world than this one and I am sorry for that.”
You both stand in a rain for a few more moments before you separate, just to be brought back together.

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