humming love songs

You know that place between sleep and awake? That place where you still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you. That’s where I’ll be waiting….

reaction compilation #77

Some very passionate reactions to page 38! Chara finally catches up with Frisk.

Never bring a snowball to a knife fight.

Was there ever any doubt?

I’m an adult!

No matter how dire the circumstances, true comedians never miss a pun.

* Can’t move your body.

Ah, that comment about the cover makes a lot more sense now!

I knew you were trouble when you walked in!

From personal experience, I can attest that adrenaline plus running at a full sprint will prevent you from feeling the cold.

(This is brilliant.)

Even though a bunch of Chara’s misdeeds are listed here, it’s interesting that the one thing not mentioned is the time they stabbed Frisk (twice).

Forgot the tune. Then press my ear to your ear and sing what you hear.

—Sing me The Song of Songs. 
—Don’t know the words. 
—Then sing the notes. 
—Don’t know the notes. 
—Then simply hum. 
—Forgot the tune. 
—Then press my ear 
to your ear 
and sing what you hear.

~ Vera Pavlova, from “If There is Something to Desire: One Hundred Poems.” Translated by Steven Seymour. (Knopf, January 10, 2012)


if aneksi was a mermaid;

being a mermaid was, to aneksi, a dream. not only was she a bookworm on land where she could barely contain her curiosity, but under the sea she was so much more: able to explore the life under water, the history and remainings after tragic incidents. collecting ancient and recent artifacts was something she did every day as she dived deeper into the blue, swimming alongside fish-animals. her huge, red tail and glowing red eyes was something that brought the attention of many animals, and sometimes, unfortunately, of men and women on the shore.

“red: this color is a warm and positive color associated with our most physical needs and our will to survive. it exudes a strong and powerful masculine energy.”

Can the Marauders sing?
  • <b> Sirius:</b> can sing and will sing, all the time, everywhere.
  • <b> James:</b> can't sing, but still sings till your ears screech
  • <b> Remus: </b>can sing, but won't sing in front of anyone
  • <b> Peter:</b> can't sing, won't sing
  • <b> Lily:</b> can't sing, but knows all the lyrics and will correct you
Domestic Destiel

Sam notices it. He notices the way that Cas’s eyes get just a little bigger when Dean walks into the room. He notices that when Dean wishes them goodnight, his hand stays on Cas’s shoulder just long enough to be more than a friendly pat. He notices the way that when Dean does leave, Cas’s eyes follow him all the way until he’s out of sight, and even then some. He notices the way that Cas starts smelling like the soap Dean uses. He notices when Dean is cooking in the morning that he begins to put chocolate chips in the pancakes, and he’s never done that before. He notices how Cas always volunteers to wake Dean up. How Dean gets into the habit of sleeping in since this started, never waking before Cas. He notices the way that the time between finishing a hunt and calling Cas to let him know they’re safe diminishes to nearly nothing. He notices the way that Dean stops going to bars and coming back in the morning covered in red lipstick kisses, instead dragging ‘the whole gang’ along when he wants a beer. He sees how the waitress hits on Cas, and the way Dean looks at her, almost a glare. He notices when Cas sits down right next to Dean, their thighs pushed against eachother despite the booth they share being big enough for both to have plenty of space. He sees the way that Dean doesn’t move away. He sees how Cas is always ready to hand a napkin or hot sauce to Dean, before he even asks. He notices how when Dean jokes with sam, he smiles more than usual. He notices the way that Dean doesn’t smack his hand away when he goes to turn the Metallica song down. The way that he drives with his right hand, the left one hanging down, hidden from sam’s view by the seat and the rest of Dean’s body. He takes note of the way that whenever he does this, Cas always seems to sit on the left side of the back, his hand hidden too. He notices the way that Dean hums love songs as he cleans. He notices the way that Cas gets them stuck in his head too, even though he’s never paid attention to the lyrics before or gone out of his way to hear it. He notices the way that Dean leaves his bedroom door open at night, 'in case there’s an emergency’. He sees it when Cas starts making the coffee extra black, instead of with lots of sugar the way he prefers it. He hears it late at night when Cas walks across the hall and into Deans room. He sees when he goes to bed, the two of them lying in deans bed, Castiel Curled up and looking small for the first time. He sees the way that Deans arms curl around him like a shield. He hears them snoring together, tangled together under the blanket Cas must have brought from his room. He notices in the morning when he finds Cas back in his own bed, with his own pillow. He notices the way neither mention it. He notices when Dean doesn’t complain when Cas steals his bathrobe, or when he uses his shirts without asking. Sam notices when Dean and Cas bump into eachother while making dinner, both crashing to the ground. He notices when Dean looks at him, and then back to Cas (who is still in his lap from the fall). He sees it when Dean grabs the angel’s hand. He notices it when Dean opens his mouth to tell him, and Sam just shakes his head and smiles. He notices when the two start holding hands in public. He notices when Cas sits down on Deans lap and smiles more than ever. He notices the sparkle in Dean’s eyes when he looks at Cas, always like he’s seeing him for the first time. Sam notices it. And Sam is happy with it, because truly he’s okay with anything if it makes his brother happy. And God above, he’d never seen his brother more happy or more in love than with Cas.
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Mature, ~5.5k words, ereri

Eren had been like this for as long as he’d remembered. Whenever a baby in the daycare would start crying, Eren would wail along with them. He remembered passing by old men telling bawdy jokes as a child and he would laugh along with them without knowing the punchline. When his friends hit puberty that was an awkward time for him. But it made him a better brother to Mikasa, because he knew exactly how she felt when a boy was mean to her (and…maybe he used his fists to settle that). And when Armin was cramming for a test, he was stressing right along with him, poring over notes for a final he didn’t even have.

This way he had, of feeling what others were feeling, grew. He became more aware of it. He knew when Jean had a crush on Mikasa. And he knew before Jean when he had a crush on Armin. Sometimes it was a blessing. Most times…it felt like a curse. Because when you’re a child that cries when someone else cries, they just call you sympathetic. But when you’re a grown man who has just watched a child drop their ice cream on the ground, it’s weird to cry too. But then, there were days he couldn’t help but enjoy. Passing by an older couple still holding hands and so in love with each other had Eren humming old love songs all day.

More often than not, these feelings lasted for a long time. It wasn’t just like a flash and then it was over; they lingered, floating around in his head, turning over and over. It was like running your tongue over a jagged tooth, or a song on the radio that you just can’t get out of your head. They were persistent. They were overwhelming. They were confusing. But he dealt with them.

That is, until the man in the elevator.





“Okay, I just got Y/N sent to the back of the line for lunch,” Liz Allen stated like it was no big deal to all of your friends, “Now why do you think she’s acting so strange?” They wanted to figure what could making you act differently without you at the table.

Y/N Y/L/N is one of the most popular girls at school. You weren’t mean at all, but everyone looked up to you and wanted to be with you or be you. You were just as confused as to why you were so popular. While you couldn’t say you were friends with everyone, you tried to be nice to everyone you encountered.

Lately, your friends noticed how strange you were acting. They caught you humming and drifting off into your own world more times than they could count. You seemed much happier than you normally were, which is saying something. Liz knew something was up.

One of your friends piped up, “I asked where she was going after school and she just giggled! She didn’t even answer my question.”

“Yeah! She was also wearing a new dress that’s fancier compared to what she normally wears.” Your style, while cute, wasn’t full of designer shirts or dresses. You preferred casual and comfortable clothing.

Liz thought over the information she was given. The way you were acting made her believe that you might actually be going insane. You were humming, dressing up for seemingly nothing, and barely talked anymore. You smiled at nothing and have a weird obsession with sweet songs about love.

“Wait!” Liz exclaimed, drawing the attention from some of the tables nearby, “I know what it is!” Your friends all started to ask her. She smirked smugly at her realization. “She likes someone! It’s so obvious.” Liz stands up and starts listing the facts. “Y/N has been considerably happier and basically singing love songs. How could we have missed it?”

“Who do you think it is?” Your friend asked curiously.

“Well, it has to be someone new,” Liz suggested, “We would have noticed if it was directed at someone we see as well.” She looked to see where you were in the line before she spotted Peter Parker.

Since the two of you lived in the same building, you considered Peter a friend, but he preferred to sit with his other friends at lunch. Liz didn’t think it was him so she called, “Peter! Come here!”

Peter looked up, very confused. Ned elbowed him and pointed to Liz. She waved him over and he came, as if a teacher was calling him to their desk to scold him. He shoved his hands in his pockets and asked, “Uh, why did you call me over?”

Gesturing to a seat, Liz asked, “Have you noticed anything different about Y/N? Or have you seen her with anyone besides us?”

Of course it was about you. You were the only link between Peter and Liz Allen. He flushed red slightly before answering, “She’s been a bit weird. It’s almost like I’m not there most of the time.” He laughed a bit. “She hasn’t been as talkative lately and we haven’t been hanging out as much.” Peter frowned a bit. “She’s been humming like -”

“Love songs?” Liz suggested, knowing he was going to say that.

He looked confused. “Yeah, have you noticed?”

“Anyone can see it,” Liz started as the people at the table started laughing or giggling, “Y/N likes someone! We think it’s someone we’ve never met so we were wondering if you saw anyone with her.”

At the mention of it, Peter paled a bit, but not for the reasons the table thought. Liz continued, “It’s fine, Peter. She likes being your friend. She wouldn’t abandon you for whoever she’s crushing on.”

“Yeah, o-of course,” Peter stuttered a bit, hoping they wouldn’t notice.

“So do you have any idea who it is?”

“N-n-no idea.” He cursed at himself for his awkwardness. Out of the corner of his eyes, he could see you finally get out of the lunch line and approach the table. “Uh, I have to go to the library. You know, studying. See you.” With that, he left the cafeteria without saying bye to any of his other friends.

What your friends weren’t aware of was that a certain masked hero of New York had started coming to your window, bleeding or worse. The first time, it seemed like an accident, but since Peter had no clue what to do when he got hurt, he continued to visit you, someone who wouldn’t ask questions.

You never asked who he was or tried to find out, something he appreciated. Conversations ensued as Peter recovered from the patching. His little crush for you grew into actual feelings. Bring Spiderman gave him confidence to talk to you in ways that he wouldn’t dare as Peter.

Even as Spiderman, he wouldn’t dare to think that you had feelings for him, until you did something about a week before Liz Allen asked him if he noticed anything different about you. Peter leaned his head on his arm as he recalled the night in the library.

It had been like any other night when Peter visited you. After you patched him up, he was leaning against your bed, looking at you get rid of any supplies you couldn’t explain to your parents. His side was a bit sore from being thrown to the ground and began to excuse himself when you stepped closer to the hero in your room.

He kept his eyes on her, not like you could see his actual eyes. Raising your hands slightly to the bottom of the mask, you froze when Peter placed a hand on your wrist. He had assumed that you were trying to remove his mask and he wasn’t ready for his secret identity to spread any more. You tried to maintain eye contact and stated, “I’m not going to take it off all the way. I want to try something.”

Peter’s heart was pounding and he didn’t trust his voice to respond. Multiple theories ran through his head, but he trusted you to not remove his mask. Still unable to properly respond, Peter released your wrist and nodded.

You took a small breath before slowly rolling up his mask so it stopped a bit below his nose. Moving his mask made the eyes not align with his actual eyes so he was practically blind and extremely shocked when he felt your lips meet his. Peter might have jumped back, but Peter in the suit found confidence and kissed you back while placing his hands on your waist to pull you slightly closer.

After that fateful night, you and the masked hero shared a few more kisses and Peter started to worry that you’d want to find out who exactly Spiderman was. Burying his head into his arms, Peter must have looked crazy in the library, yet he knew he was dealing with something more crazy.

He might just be competing with himself for you, and he appears to be losing.

Enchanted // Moon Bin


the prompt: may I please request the mermaid/enchanted voice au with Moonbin of Astro??
(from this au) “I’m a mermaid/merman, and you’ve fallen in love with my voice. How do I break it to you that you don’t actually love me, you’re just enchanted?”

words: 3922

category: fluff + angst

author note: have you guys heard the new astro songs yet? the aroha song is so sweet! for this scenario i decided to make moonbin the mermaid rather than the reader, which i feel like was the best decision bc now i’m in love with this mermaid au. also, i might do a spin-off of this for eunwoo?? or a sequel for bin?? probably both?? anyway, pls enjoy merman bin~

- destinee

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StarkQuill: Tony and Peter bond over Asshole fathers and their moms/love of music

A/N: Very minor spoiler for GOTG Vol. 2

Fooled Around

Peter’s hands roved under Tony’s shirt and touched muscles that were hidden by a well worn ACDC shirt that should have been thrown out months ago, but Tony refused to toss it. Lips pressed against his, with just the right amount of pressure and a hint of tongue to tease Peter. He groaned and ground his hips against Tony’s. The action kept Peter away from his bunk, while also pushing Tony’s back against the wall.

Peter loved that his bunk could just barely fit two. It gave him the perfect excuse to press up against his partners as much as possible.

Tony broke their kiss and chuckled. The smell of alcohol was strong on his breath. It was equally prominent on Peter’s.

Tony’s lips drifted to Peter’s neck as his fingers tangled in Peter’s hair. “I’m going to need you to change the music.”

Peter’s alcohol addled brain needed a few extra seconds to process Tony’s request. “Dude, you don’t like ‘Cherry Bomb’? What kind of heathen are you?”

Tony fingers fiddled with the waistband of Peter’s pants. He hummed lazily. “Love the song, but can’t get it up if I’m picturing my dad walking in on me with a girl and the shouting that followed.”

Peter winced in sympathy.  The memory of Yondu walking in on him when he’d been masturbating floated to the surface. Yondu had taken him to a whorehouse after that. It had been both an awesome and traumatizing experience.

Peter leaned over Tony and pressed the button on his tape player in the wall and skipped the song. “Right, no daddy issues allowed while we’re making out.”

Tony quirked an eyebrow and feigned surprise. “Just making out?”

Peter grinned. “I wouldn’t want to presume.”

Tony chortled and kissed Peter.

Peter and Tony fooled around, shedding their shirts and unbuttoning their pants when “Brandy” came on.

Peter instantly rolled them over so Tony was under him. Tony let out a sound of delight and surprise, but the sound was short-lived when Peter jammed his finger into the skip button.

Tony whistled appreciatively. “So… not a good song?”

Peter tried to keep things upbeat. He smiled. He splayed himself over Tony and stole a quick kiss. “I’d be breaking the daddy issues rule if I let that one play.”

Tony made a sound of understanding. He ran his hands up and down Peter’s spine. “We need to make a new mixtape for you, or you could let me install a whole new music player into your wall. Set it up so you could have every song on Earth come out of these speakers.” Tony patted one of said speakers for show. “We’ll make playlists. The first one being a sex playlist.”

Peter laughed at that and relaxed on top of Tony. He interlocked their hands and kissed Tony’s knuckles. “Yeah? What songs would we put on it?”

“Marvin Gaye and Barry White.”  


“There’s a reason for that.” Tony wrapped his arms around Peter’s shoulders and pulled him down into a long and languid kiss.

The soft melody of “Fooled Around and Fell in Love” trickled into the background, and Peter slipped his hands under Tony’s waist and hips, hugging him as they made out. The slow song just felt so right.

a few reasons why viktor is yuuri’s favorite husband

- watches trash reality tv with him and doesn’t give Yuuri a hard time about his addiction to it (and in fact gets equally as invested, scoffing and yelling at the screen because seriously Tyra is a real model ever going to have to walk a runway through the frozen tundra barefoot? are ratings really worth frostbite??)

- will spend the whole day in bed with him on Sunday, passing the time with sex and video games and private salt sessions about their rinkmates and doesn’t once mention that they’ll have to make up for their laziness tomorrow at the rink

- listens intently and asks questions (!!!) about Yuuri’s video games even though Yuuri knows he has zero interest in the topic

- is learning Japanese and calls Yuuri’s Mom at least once a week unprompted

- when he can, makes Yuuri’s important phone calls for him

- doesn’t make a huge dramatic deal out of Yuuri’s shaking hands or random crying fits, especially when they’re in public, and doesn’t get offended when Yuuri can’t handle being touched in those moments. (does stand by Yuuri’s side and offer hugs when Yuuri’s ready, for as long as he needs them)

- unconsciously hums old cheesy love songs whenever they make dinner together

- is Yuuri’s biggest cheerleader and advocate and is always quick with compliments and words of appreciation to combat Yuuri’s persistent self-hate (actually gets teary-eyed for Yuuri’s sake when Yuuri will let slip some of the negative things he thinks about himself).

- writes love notes in the shower steam on the mirror

- is often more proud of Yuuri’s accomplishments than Yuuri himself

- genuinely laughs at all of Yuuri’s stupid puns–a crinkle-eyed, snorty laugh that makes Yuuri feel so special because he is one of the few people that has the honor of seeing this (adorably cute) side of him