humming fish

Seeing Stars

How long had it been? Four or Five Years since you became his caretaker? Five, but the last year seemed like a blur. A wonderful blur, but a blur nonetheless. Now, the merman considered you more than a friend or caregiver. You were his mate. And he made sure to show it and let any staff member know if they even looked at you with a lustful gaze.

He was a special case. He was sentient and had the ability to speak. Though he often refused to. So, the staff members allowed the relationship to form. And when your manager saw his drastic improvements - he urged you to take it much farther than just friends.

He was a deep sea Mermaid. Unlike the reef mermaids who were predominantly female and brightly colored. His skin was desaturated and light grey. His body was muscular, but athletic. He had: black hair, a Spiney tail with bioluminescent scales that formed a pattern, sharp teeth, webbed hands, and pink eyes that dilated and contracted in the light. And his species were predominantly male. They rarely ever came to the surface unless in need of help. This Merman however was caught in Reef Mermaid Territory and they nearly ripped him limb from limb. His injuries had been life threatening, but thankfully since he was a rather large size - he was able to the operated on and saved.

When his time came to be released back into the wild - he relented. He wanted to stay and learn more about humans. And the aquarium allowed it. In return he just had to show off every once in awhile for an audience; something he was fine with doing since it was only for an hour three times a day.

However, he was picky about his humans. Only certain ones could give him medical care. And only one could teach him. And that was you. And he fell for you very quickly. He would always bring you gifts or ask certain staff to give you cards he came up with. Or even give you a bag of his favorite human snacks. And in your fourth year, you started to fall for him slowly. He even gave himself a human name for you.


He didn’t understand the concept of gender. Biological sex yes, but gender was something he honestly didn’t care about.

You looked out and saw him break the surface his pink eyes just watching you. You watched him go back under. Something was up. You took off your jacket and set his meal aside. Then your shoes before carefully wading into the water.

He popped up again this time in front of you. He looked flustered.

“S-sorry.” he mumbled, “I’m not feeling the best today.”

“It’s alright, are you feeling feverish? Bloated or?” you asked him.

Your aquarium knew a lot about his biology, but there was one thing they could never figure out and that was mating cycles. They weren’t like most animals where it was yearly or even monthly. Their cycles had to build up. And something in the back of your head told you - you were about to find out all about his biological mating cycle.

“Bloated… is a very good word for this love.” he chuckled softly, “Tell me what is the moon phase?”

“Full, and the fifth Anniversary of you being here.” you said blinking curiously.

“Mmmm that would be it…” he said, “Love it would be wise if you were not in the pool with me. I’m sentient, but still wild in my own way.” he gently pushed you into the shallow end.

It clicked. And your face was crimson red.

“O-oh!” is all you said.

He nodded, “I don’t want to risk hurting you.”

You scrambled back a bit, and he followed, but was still a few feet away. He just gave you a gentle smile.

“Sweetheart, you know you can ask me anything right?” you asked him softly.

“I do, but I know not how human anatomy would work with mine. I cannot risk hurting you or feel the heartbreak of an unviable brood. This will pass I promise.” he said albeit eerily calmly.

He looked over and saw the bucket of fish and hummed. He grabbed it and devoured the entire thing. Which was odd for him as he was a light eater. Yet this time he left nothing but bones.

“I-i mean… if human males can inseminate the Reef Mermaids… it should work for us yes?” you asked him.

He licked his fingers, before cleaning up his mess and setting the bucket aside. He crawled up further to you. He smirked.

“See, they are built like whales or other fish. My kind… we’re a little different. Being all male we have a different system that can work with each others anatomy.”

A webbed hand ran up your abdomen and gently pushed it. Like as if he were testing something. He hummed idly.

“Technically we’ve not consummated - so… I-i…” you murmured.

He heard this and perked up looking down at you, eyes bright and surprised. His skin filled with blood and turned red, his bioluminescent parts lighting up. He seemed to really appreciate that offer. He lowered down and kissed you.

“Tell me are you truly that serious? My kind mates for life. And if we do this~” he cooed.

You giggled, “Of course, I love you Star.” you said throwing your arms around him. You pressed into him, “T-that and to be honest I am rather curious… if it hurts me in anyway we will stop.”

He chuckled and gently tugged at your wetsuit.

“Promise?” he asked, “And should I explain… or?”

“No, explaining anything. It might scare me off, if I have questions I’ll ask as we go along. And I promise.” you chuckled nervously reaching up and unzipping your suit to reveal your breasts.

“Alright, but if I don’t stop just punch me in the nose alright?” he asked.

You playfully roll your eyes, “Alright. Jesus, for a creature that’s not supposed to be intelligent you’re smarter than most of my species males.”

He chuckled and ripped off your suit deeming you were being too slow. “Well we do love our partners. They come first.”

He looked over your body, gently touching every area he could to get a gauge on what felt good for you. Your neck, your thighs, the small of your back,and even smaller areas most humans forgot about. When he found all your erogenous zones he went to work.

You were quite surprised by how quickly he found everything. You moaned when he nibbled at your neck and shuddered when he kneaded your breast. You could barely return the favor as you ran your hands down his chest and over the sensitive gills causing him to gasp slightly and moan. However when you got too eager and moved your hands lower he pinned him above your head.

“No, not yet.” he said groaning slightly, he just wanted to take you, but he knew enough about humans to know they needed a little help to be prepared for sex.

You pouted and huffed, but respected his wishes and he let go. You leaned up and kissed him, but this time there was a thick mucus like substance. It tasted like kelp.

He chuckled, “Trust me darling you might not like the taste, but it’s going to make this process much easier and far more enjoyable for you. Now, since you’re about as clueless as I am on anatomy, please present yourself.”

You chuckled and nodded, “You’re sweet, Star.”

He just smiled down at you, “No, that would be you. You’ve been nothing, but kind to me since coming here.” he pushed himself back fully, examining you. This was rather different. So, many choices. What to play with first.

A cramp in his abdomen made his choice for him. There wasn’t anytime to experiment, this was getting painful for the merman. He needed to release his eggs and soon.

He gently rubbed two fingers over your folds causing your hips to buck up. You whimpered softly.

“O-okay, see the soft nub at top? That is a very sensitive place for us, and the middle hole? Thats our-”

“Mmm needn’t say anymore love.”

Before you knew it, your legs were over his shoulders and his long tongue was working you. The mucus made everything so warm that all you could do was moan as the pleasure became stronger.

When he nibbled and sucked at your clit you cried out in pleasure. Your hands reaching into his: medium length, black, wet hair. You pushed your hips into him. Guiding him as he asked what your liked. Of course, you hadn’t known at first due to inexperienced partners in the past, but oh boy you were beginning to find out.

“P-please just let me ride your tongue.” you moaned out softly.

“Mmm my pleasure dear.” he said and pushed what he could of his tongue into you. Salivating even more at your taste.

It formed more mucus that made your insides warm and seep in its own natural lubricants. And if that wasn’t enough when he started moving it, you felt like you were going to go right over the edge. Yet, no matter how much he teased you couldn’t. Even with the mucus causing your pleasure sensors to reach unbelievable heights.

When Star was satisfied he pulled away, he looked at how dazed you looked and then down at how soaked and engorged you were. Even your clit had enlarged before it had been barely visible, but now - it was triple in size and that’s what he had wanted. You whined spreading your legs more.

You were a little embarrassed, but heavens it felt wonderful and you trusted him not to belittle you for being so needy. He leaned over and bit your breast leaving some teeth marks, he sucked and gently pulled causing your back to arch.

“F-fuck Star!! Please…. Stop teasing.” you cried out.

He pulled away and licked up the blood. The mucus stopped the bleeding immediately. Good, he had no worries everything was compatible so far.

“Sweetheart, we can not do it like this, I will crush you.” he chuckled lifting your head.

You nodded, wrapping your arms around his neck and chuckled.

“How is it you can turn me into a goopy mess?” you smiled and kissed him, your core still aching.

“Mmm usually I ask that.” he said and looked around, he found a rock out of view, and gently took you to it. He carefully got onto it and then got you situated as well.

“H-heh so like this?” you asked, “M-makes sense since I can’t… nggh breath underwater.”

“Are you okay?” he asked a bit worried.

“I’m fine just… please…” you whimpered.

“First look down.” he cooed softly, he had been very good about hiding his arousal, but now some of it was peaking out, “You get to curb your curiosity.”

You scooted a little and looked down between you and smirked seeing it. So, it was fairly standard to most whales and dolphins. That made you less nervous. You hummed moving your hands down and rubbed around it looking up seeing his eyes were closed.You giggled and grinded on him and looked down seeing it fully emerge. It was hard to miss against his black scales. It was a flushed pink that matched his bioluminescence.

Your face flushed, oh he was large. No wonder he was worried. You snickered gently wrapping a hand around it, and felt all of the delicious ribs. The tip was thin and tapered which would make this a little bit easier, the base was slightly bulbous which confused you, but you rolled with it. You heard your mate moaning your name softly his pink bioluminescent features gently rolling in a soft soothing pattern.

You went a bit harder and faster, when his eyes shot open. You saw this look and stopped immediately. He grunted softly and sat up slightly pulling you into a kiss. You shuddered and kissed him back moaning when he shoved his tongue into your mouth. You felt his hands move you over him.

“Are you ready?” he purred softly, “Now remember if this is successful you may not be able to go back to a normal life. Nor can we break our bond.”

“I Understand love, just please, be gentle.” you said smiling.

“I love you.” he said and kissed you.

“I love you too.” you kissed him back, “I-i do have one request, could I maybe face the other way. You are a bit large so it will be easier.”

He nodded smiling, “Of course dear.”

He shifted you around carefully so your back was against his chest and his head rested on your shoulder before he gently lowered you onto him, his mucus and your own lubricants made the shift painless. And each little rib hit all the right places inside. You moaned out and leaned back slightly and began grinding into him. He did what he could, but you had to put out most of the work. Maybe one day they’d have a breathing apparatus you could use this would be much easier. For now this would have to do. You panted as you moved your hips, but you were wearing out rather quickly. It was then that you felt your mate’s hands come around your hips and begin lifting and plunging you onto him.

You leaned back onto his chest, arm slung back to stroke his cheek. Your breathing was becoming hard. You could feel your body coming so close. But, it was still so far and it was frustrating. Even with the rougher and faster pace your body was just not reaching.

“S-star please, I want to cum so badly.” you moaned.

He smirked, you were begging and it was kind of cute. A nice reversal as well, usually he was the one begging for attention. He hummed gently working himself deeper and deeper, the thin tip pressing pass the cervix he came to a grind not wanting to risk hurting you. He moved his hands around to spread your lips apart and rubbed at your engorged clit taking the large nub between his fingers giving you a mini handjob. If this was going to work, he needed to knot you during an orgasm so nothing spilled out. He grunted bumping into you faster his knot growing his fingers working your engorged clit more and more until.

“STAR!” you arched back and came clenching around him, barely even noticing the knot inside locking you into place until you tried to lift your hips and cried out again, you kept grinding into your mate setting off his own orgasm and moaned feeling the warm liquid seep into you. There was an unusual pressure however.

You glanced back at him, “L-love?”

He just kissed you gently, “Is it uncomfortable?”

“No, just odd…” you breathed whimpering it still felt oh so good, “How far are you in me?”

“Past your barriers darling.” he cooed moaning softly, gently grinding into you, “We’re not done yet.”

You were shocked by this, at least until you felt the knot expand even more, spreading you out. You felt little bumps in his shaft and it hit you what was happening. And now you knew exactly why he was concerned. However you were in too much pleasure to even care.

“Ahh.. fuck please fill me up.” you whimpered as he bit into your neck and thrusted only once and the eggs started moving into you. Every time one popped in you felt heavier and heavier. You noted his stomach flattened out as yours got bigger. You begged for more, but as soon as your womb was full, but not stretched too far that was all he had, he rammed into you bringing you to another orgasm as well as himself filling you up with more fluid to round out the small pooch you did have.

You cried out his name as he pulled away from your neck and licked it. Once he was down from his high he immediately tended to you.

“Sweetie, are you okay?” he asked rubbing a hand over your now obviously bloated abdomen.

You managed a nod as you felt his knot decreasing and him slipping out of you, which made you whine. You wanted more, “Mmm it feels so good still.”

He kissed your shoulder and gently rubbed your clit, it was still engorged, the mucus was almost washed off though perhaps he could bring you to another orgasm. “Patience love.” he hummed and rubbed at it, making sure to hit all the right places until you came again shaking against him.

He pulled away when you cooled off and just rubbed your abdomen, “Oh my my, you took the entire brood! Oh, they’re going to be so cute. Your dna mixed with mine.” he was just fawning over you now. He nuzzled your cheek and licked it, “I must get a bed put in here for you! Or a pool  in your place for me! I want to be there watching you grow as you carry my fry.”

Your face flushed as you leaned back onto him looking at your own abdomen you looked four to five months pregnant. “H-how big will they get?” you asked worried.

“Not very, they will fill up their egg, maybe double in size. You’ll lay them and then they’ll hatch!” he hummed, rubbing your abdomen.

“O-oh good… my body can handle that.” you chuckled smiling, you looked back at him, “You really think I look good like this?”

“You do.” he cooed kissing your lips, “Maybe next time there will be more!!”

“N-next time?” you asked.

“Mmm yes, once every five years we must somehow remove our brood whether it’s implanting or naturally disposing of them…” he hummed kissing your neck, “And please don’t stress, not many survive. It’s not like you’ll have dozens of babies. And not all mating cycles work… to be honest… if they are viable it’ll be my first time too.”

You actually felt kind of sad, but understood what he meant, you nodded, “I actually like this feeling…” you smiled and looked back at him, “I love you Star.”

“I love you too.” he said and shifted so he could kiss you deeply and tenderly.

The months passed by and you had been able to talk the aquarium into letting Star take Parental leave until the small merbabies were able to function well and were healthy enough to be in the now expanded aquarium tank with their father. He was sitting in the salt water pool making sure his aquascaping would be safe for them. He even made a small area just incase they needed more time to hatch. He was so excited. He hummed and looked at the ring on his finger. It was his idea, he wanted to marry you in the human way since you went through with what his kind did for mating for life. Luckily since he was able to prove his sentience easily you were able to find a priest willing to do the ritual.

He looked over to you as you just relaxed in the shallow end of the pool. You looked about eight months pregnant now. He swam over sensing something in the air change and pushed himself up so he could be sitting with you. It was almost time.

He had been doing some reading on human births and found your systems were very - unethical as he called it. The pain he read about scared him, so he had a plan. He kissed your neck and up to your cheek giggling.

“Star, what are you….” you winced feeling the pressure in your abdomen.

There it was, Star cooed, “It is time I could smell it!!” he said and kissed you, “Darling, come into the water.”

You obliged and gently waded in. Star managed to push himself up enough to hit a button that would close any open blinds. Then another that dimmed the lights in the pool. He let the overhead lights stay the way they were since they weren’t very bright currently. He swam back over seeing you were already starting the breathing exercises. He was working up that kelp flavored mucus. He was hoping to make this as painless on you as possible. He hummed kissing your cheek sloppily.

“Darling take off your bottoms. I have an idea.” he said gently trying to reassure you.

You nodded and took off your swim skirt and set it to the side. The labor pains weren’t as severe as they could have been, but still had you close to tears. You were relieved when Star told you about his plan and hoped it would work. This was too much and it wasn’t just one baby it was a brood of eggs.

You felt star rubbing at your lips and groaned, what was he trying to pull? You weren’t in the mood for this. You looked down at him and he just pulled your legs over his shoulders.

“S-star what are you?”

“If the mucus worked before maybe it’ll work here.” he said before plunging his tongue into you.

Now that made sense and you felt your sore body immediately take in his little quick fix and warm itself into pleasure. Oh, if this was how it was going to be everytime viable or not you wanted him to stuff you with his brood every time. Within five minutes you were moaning out his name. Your vagina, lips and clit engorged even more than before. He spent about ten or so minutes doing this until you were an absolute mess of pleasure. He noted how long it would take you to become near unresponsive for future reference.

But, now came the fun part. Star shifted so he would be able to help adjust your legs into a proper position. He even moved his hand between your legs to hold your lips apart as he would’ve done for a another mer partner. However he decided to help coerce the eggs out and gently rub your clit and lips.

While this seemed odd you were grateful. You’d rather be put into a stupor with pleasure than pain. And would have to do something for him later. You felt the eggs line up in your canal and soon it came time to push. Stars fingers did not relent on your engorged clit. However each wave of pleasure helped you push a jumbo chicken sized egg out and through your vaginal canal into the water. Luckily they were rather spongy so they were able to gently and carefully fall to the bottom of the pool.

Stars little plan was working. It was making this process painless and much quicker than it would have been otherwise. He never let you come to orgasm. He mentioned something about saving that for the last few difficult ones, but you were to busy focusing on the pleasure and process of laying the eggs to really pay much mind. When you were nearing your ends he felt of your abdomen. Just as he thought. There were a few stragglers. However that just meant you’d get to enjoy yourself to the fullest.

“Almost done love, you can do this.” he cooed and kissed you nipping at your lips and neck before his hand moved from your vaginal lips to your two inch clit.

This caused you to scream in pleasure as your hips moved in time with his movements helping the trouble maker eggs line into your canal in a large bunch. He was rather rough with you causing your orgasm to be so powerful you squirted and the very last few eggs came out in one go.

He cooed softly and slowed everything to a stop and came up and laid your head in his lap. He stroked your wet hair, pink eyes looking down at your filled with absolute adoration that you could birth so many. He looked out at the pool and noted sadly; that a good 80% of the brood was unviable. They were floating a top, but that was alright. He would clean the mess later and more closely examine the others and cull the ones with any imperfections or the ones who wouldn’t survive.

He looked back down at you, your breathes heavy from the amount of work you just went through. You gently shifted so you could lay against his chest. Body now numb from everything you did. You looked up at him with tired eyes and smiled.

“Thank you, that little plan of yours helped so much. Mmmm and felt heavenly if I do say so myself. I could get used to this~” you said with a worn voice.

He chuckled and kissed you gently, rubbing your back, “You did good. I will be transporting them to their little place soon love. For now you need rest.” he said and smiled helping you get back into your swim skirt, “Not here though, I can’t risk you drowning.” he cooed. “I love you.”

“I love you to.” you said.

Carefully stood up and kissed him one last time before heading to your room. You had no idea what to expect when you woke up, you only knew that you were happy. You fell onto your bed not caring you were sopping went and fell asleep. You loved your merman husband and little soon to be children very much. And it was hard to believe it was all because of an assignment.

Art by:

Lets Begin - Ruby Rose

Idk I got bored :) It’s based off the recent photo on Ruby’s Instagram of her flying to Sydney :) She just looks so fuckable!! (Wouldn’t mind joining the mile-high club tbh)

You had been called into work last minute by your boss, being told that a celebrity had booked a flight last minute and they needed you there to take care of her. You had gratefully taken the shift, mostly because you needed the money to pay off your college fees, but partially because it was a flight to a country you had never been to before; Australia.

“Lookin hot Y/N,” Steve, the pilot winked, making me roll my eyes, and mess up his hair.

“Stop lying,” I scoffed, taking a sip from my bottle of water, feeling parched from running through the airport in a hurry to get onto the plane on time.

“Hey, I’m gay, not blind,” he pointed out, fixing his hair so it looked ‘as good as his ass’. “Did you hear who’s flying on here today?”

“Some stuck up celebrity no doubt,” I rolled my eyes, lifting myself onto the small kitchenette bench, swinging my legs childishly.

“Actually, for once, it isn’t,” he leant on the wall across from me, raising an eyebrow. “She’s quite lovely… Very much your type.”

“Don’t even think about it,” I warned, glaring at my co-worker. “You’re not setting me up with another customer. Don’t you remember what happened last time!”

“How was I supposed to know she was a convicted criminal,” he pouted, straightening up when he heard voices outside on the tarmac. “She’s hot, successful and the sweetest person you’ll meet. Just give her a chance.”

“She’s also probably got thousands of models falling at her feet,” I rolled my eyes, throwing my drink in the fridge and smoothing out my uniform.

“None with boobs and an ass like yours,” he winked, patting my shoulder as he returned to his seat. “Just flaunt it and she’ll be all over you.” I let out a deep sigh, plastering on a fake smile and standing in the hallway, hearing people start to walk up the stairs.

“I think I’m just gonna sleep the entire flight,” a soft voice hummed, stepping through the doorway, my eyes immediately widening at the sight of this girl. “Hi!”

“Uh h-hi,” I blushed, feeling my composure crumble to the deep pits of hell after one look at her. “Um, would you like me to take your bag?”

“It’s fine,” she grinned, patting my cheek as she passed me, making me freeze at the feel of her soft hand. She flopped into one of the seats, grinning up at me and gesturing to the one across from her. “Take a seat.”

“O-oh no I’m not allowed to,” I shook my head, squeaking when I felt someone nudge me from behind.

“Yes you are,” Steve appeared behind me, pushing me towards the seat. “You girls enjoy yourselves.” He disappeared back towards the front of the plane, turning around and making a rude gesture, increasing my blush.

“Do you want a drink or something to eat first?” I shifted slightly, not daring to look in her eyes.

“Are you on offer?” she asked, making me attempt to stutter out a response, her cheeky smirk making me even more embarrassed. “I’m kidding. Well I’m not really, but I’ll take you on a date first before I do something like that.” She stood up, standing infront of me and cupping my warm cheeks in her hands. “Sit down and I’ll get us something.”

“But it’s my job to get it,” I frowned, watching her scamper around the kitchenette, sitting down in the seat to make her happy.

“You’re stuck on this flight for hours on end with me,” she turned around, cradling several packets of food in her arms. “So you can sit down and relax and I can get to know you.” She threw the food on the table separating us, collapsing into her seat and staring at me.

“If I’m gonna sit here with your beautiful face, I’ll need a drink,” I hummed, fishing through the mini fridge, pulling out a bottle of rosé. “Do you want a glass?”

“I don’t drink, but I’ll have a bottle of water please,” she grinned cutely, resting her feet against the edge of the table and watching me get our drinks.

“I’m just warning you,” I threw her the bottle of water, taking my seat again. “When I drink, I get super sexual and don’t really have a filter.”

“That’s fine with me,” she winked, making me blush and take a gulp of my drink. “Let’s begin.”

“So you’re telling me you were given the opportunity of participating in a threesome with Victoria Secret models… And you said no?” Ruby raised a brow, her thumb rubbing small circles into my clothed hip. I simply nodded, resting my head on her shoulder, the wine starting to make me drowsy. “Are you stupid?”

“They’re too conceited,” I screwed my nose up, placing my now empty wine glass on the table, pouting at the completely empty bottle. “There’s no more wine.”

“I think you’ve had enough,” she chuckled, tightening her grip around my waist when I tried to get up. “Where are you going?”

“T’get some more,” I slurred, whining when she kept me pinned to her chest. “Let me gooooo!”

“You’re keeping my lap warm,” she hummed, manoeuvring my body so I was straddling her lap, her hands resting dangerously low on my back. “That’s better. Now I can see you’re beautiful face.” I blushed a deep red, wiggling in her lap slightly to get more comfortable, squeaking when her hands slid down to rest on my bum, stilling my movements. “I think this is one of my favourite things about you.”

“I work very hard on it,” I grinned, squealing when she squeezed it, her right hand smacking it a moment later, making me moan softly and bite my lip. “W-what was that for?”

“Just felt like it,” she shrugged, rubbing the spot she hit softly. “Sounded like you enjoyed it though.”

“I like things rough,” I shrugged, attempting to hide my blush by burying my face into her neck. “Don’t judge me for it.”

“Oh I’m certainly not judging,” Ruby chuckled, shifting forward in her seat, hands cupping the backs of my thighs and holding me firmly against her, standing up from the seat.

“Where are you going?” I wiggled slightly in her hold, my arms automatically wrapping around her neck, legs doing the same to her waist.

“We need a bit more privacy,” she hummed, kicking open the door at the back of the compartment, revealing a small bedroom. She threw me onto the double bed, kicking the door shut behind her and crawling onto the bed so she was hovering over my sprawled out form. “I want you to be as loud as possible. Let the pilot know how good I’m making you feel… Can you do that for me babygirl?” I simply nodded, whimpering when I felt her fingers dance up my sides. “Good… Now let me treat you like you deserve to be treated…”

Fish Tank (Part Three of the Spideypool Series)

Part One  Part Two

Hay guys! (see what I did there? Hay? Because it’s fall??) Nevermind. This one-shot is my first time writing a poly relationship, so I’m sorry if I did it wrong. Best wishes, and enjoy the story!

Warnings: Fluff without plot, polyamory, maybe some swearing.

“Aw, dammit,” Peter said, slumping defeatedly. “Wade stole my toothbrush again.” He didn’t sound surprised, just resigned.

You didn’t look up from the bathroom mirror; it was too normal an occurrence for you to bother getting upset about it.

“Wade,” you called through a mouthful of toothpaste, “Did you take Peter’s toothbrush?”

Wade, unmasked and shirtless, strolled to the bathroom door with the stolen object between his teeth.


Peter rolled his eyes. “Come on, man, that’s gross. I don’t want your spit in my mouth.”

“But I kiss you every day,” Wade pointed out. He spat thoughtfully in the sink, then glanced from Peter, to you, and back again. “I kiss both of you. A lot. Why do you keep forgetting this?”

You took a swig of water, spat it out and wiped your mouth. “I haven’t forgotten anything,” you informed him. You tugged his hand and pulled him in for a kiss, then leaned over and kissed Peter too.

“There. Now we’ve all swapped spit. Can we go to bed now?”

“Not quite,” Peter said. He kissed Wade, and then you again. “Now we can go to bed.


Honestly, bedtime with these two was one of your favorite things in the world. For one thing, you’d finally managed to find a bed big enough for the three of you, so now you could actually take turns with who slept where.

Tonight, it was your turn to sleep in the middle – and as such, have both of your shoulders snuggled to death as you read a few chapters of your book out loud. Currently, you were about halfway through Daughter of Smoke and Bone, and the loveliness of the words made everyone drowsy.

It was kind of difficult, though, because right now there were infinitely more interesting things to think about.

Like, for example, the feeling of Wade’s bare, scarred chest against your arm (which he was using as a teddy bear) or how much you wanted to put down the book and run your hand through Peter’s messy brown hair. Like the way Pete’s eyelids fluttered as he fell asleep, or how Wade had actually started to smile in his sleep instead of crying.

You stopped reading; they were both asleep anyway. The book was open on your chest as you listened to the music of breathing. Wade’s was deep and rough, like the bottom note of a harmony, while Peter breathed with light, quick little puffs out his nose and mouth. And your deep, even breath added a note of peace to the symphony. You blinked sleepily. God, you loved them so much.


You startled awake. The book was still open on your chest. Your boys were still sleeping soundly, the light was golden-dim and the soft, bubbling hum of the fish tank made a pleasant white noise.

Someone must’ve gotten up and turned off the light. Or – you glanced over at the switch and grinned – someone shot some web at it to turn it off from the bed.

The goldfish in the tank swam busily from one end to the other. Your eyes felt heavy. You looked from side to side.

Wade’s rough-skinned face was peaceful for once; Peter was drooling and dead to the world. You kissed each of them on the forehead, and snuggled in between your boys to sleep.

The fish tank burbled peacefully on.

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6. “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?” Theo Raeken

You hummed as you fished your car keys out of your purse, jumping in surprise when you saw the big furry monster lying on your porch.

The dog looked up and let out a whine, tilting its head to the side to look at you. It had a rope wrapped loosely around its neck, tied to the post of your patio.

“Hi baby.” You took a step forward, holding out a hand, and the dog moved forward to sniff it. “Who do you belong to?”

You looked down and saw a folded sheet of paper lying beside the dog.


You frowned, not remembering agreeing to watch any dog, but shrugged and let yourself in, the dog following behind you.

“Dad?” You yelled. “Did you agree to watch someone’s dog?”

No one answered, and you figured your parents weren’t home yet. You walked upstairs into your room, the dog following behind you. He trotted in like he owned the place and jumped up onto your bed, making himself comfortable.

“Welcome.” You laughed, watching as the dog did that weird rolling thing on its back on your covers. “Have fun.”

You walked into the bathroom and stripped out of your work clothes, walking into the hot shower and letting the pounding water remove your stress. After twenty minutes you left the shower feeling refreshed and ready for bed. Wrapped in a towel you walked back into your room.

“Alright Wolf, are you sleeping with me tonight or what?” You asked, towels drying your hair.

“That would be great.”

You screamed, your head snapping up to see the tall, smirking boy lying on your bed.

“Holy shit!” You shrieked. “What the hell Theo?! Why are you naked?!” You tossed the towel you had been using to dry your hair at him.

“I can’t exactly carry clothes as a wolf now can I?” He draped the towel across his waist, hiding his… you know. “Do you have any pants I can borrow?”

“Theo!” You snapped, your shock turning into rage. “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

He shrugged. “I’m hiding from Stiles and Liam. So keep it down.”

“Oh my god!” You threw your hands up. “You’re insane!”

“Does that mean we won’t be sleeping together?”

“Get out!”

This was not the gif I wanted, but it’s the only one I could find that I liked. I would take the time to find the right one but its late and I’m exhausted. Maybe I’ll change it later. This was for angels—demons. i added it before but it screwed up my tumblr app so I’m adding in again. Enjoy!

A New Man (Genyatta)

A request from an anon. 

Zenyatta was never one to venture too far from the temple in Nepal, but when he did, it was to visit the waterfalls that cascaded down the sides of the mountainous cliffs. The mist rolled along the pools at the bottom of the various falls. A gently wind blew the perspiration along the ground, and Zenyatta hummed, the orbs around his neck spinning with his thought as he moved through the small clouds of water. The gold aura glanced through the mist as the omnic moved around to go and sit by the water’s edge, his hands pressed together as he floated above the soft earth. The mist was thin by the water’s edge and Zenyatta chuckled as a fish swam up to the surface. Dipping his metallic fingers into the water, the monk wiggled the appendages just below the surface and hummed pleasantly as the fish opened its mouth, mouthing his metal fingers curiously. Zenyatta carefully tugged his hand away and watched the fish circle before it flapped its tail and disappeared back beneath the crashing water.

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Want You So Bad

Hey fam, could you possibly do a kinky teacher frank smut where like y/n is late to class and he tells her to stay back after class and then he like goes all dom on her?, thx. Could it be like revenge era when he had like black and blonde hair- teacher frank anon

Yes I can! I am so Here For This! And Revenge Era Frank? This one is going to be so much fun! Hope you enjoy! Xx

Warnings: Filthy smut… and some pretty dirty language coming from a Geography professor……

Swearing under your breath, you dashed down the now empty halls. Turning to the staircase, you took the steps two at a time until you reached the top floor. Heaving the oak door open you stepped out, panting hard, trying to calm your breathing as you made your way to the last door on the right.

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But yo Alicia is Clarke the husband and Elyza is Lexa? And like elyza stumbles upon a lost dog somewhere and decides to bring it back because who gives a fuck really? It’s cute and it needs help and she can take care of it? But then Alicia loses her shit and she’s like : wtf Elyza why did you bring a dog back? We’re in the middle of an apocalypse we don’t have time for this! It’s not a damn fish, it’s a godamn dog and it makes a lot of noises and needs a lot of food and jfc Elyza
And Elyza would be like : hum I’m sorry? FISH! come here boy :)

And the dog trots happily back to Elyza and Alicia is face palming because like : wtf elyza. And Elyza is all like : I introduce you to Fish! Our new companion. See? It’ll be easy, it’s just like a fish. And then she starts patting Fish and making weird faces at him and Alicia is angry but at the same time she’s not? because come on who could possibly resist that level of cuteness