Remember The Hummer HX Concept? It’s Now Official!

You guys remember that sick ass HX Concept from before Hummer went under? (If not, see last image)

US Specialty Vehicles must be telepathic, because since I saw the first images of the Hummer HX years ago, I’ve been walking around thinking to myself “If Hummer would have just built that HX, my life would be complete” <–not really but you know what I’m saying. 

Lo and behold, USSV recently announced they’d actually be manufacturing something that looks very similar to the HX Concept!

It’s called the Rhino XT and it’s now available for reservation with a $2,000 deposit. And while being blatantly built on a Jeep Wrangler platform might sound like a bad thing, it might not be.

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Rufous Hummer 5110 by Jeff Brough
Via Flickr:
Closeup of a Rufous Hummingbird