Sugar is Brittana’s love child; Rory is Klaine’s; Madison and Mason are St Berry’s; Jane is Quinncedes’; Spencer is Quick’s; Unique is Kurtcedes’; Myron is Hummelberry’s; Alistair is Kadam’s; Kitty is Quinntana’s.

Smooth Criminals (A Glee AU)

Santana Lopez and her New York roommate, Kurt Hummel, are two masters of disguise who make ends meet by pulling off high-stakes heists on Manhattan’s shadiest elite. How long can they keep it going without getting caught, or turning on each other?

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First Listen Friday: Wheels

Another episode where I only care about one song.  Essential Glee right here.

Ah, the humble beginnings of Hummelberry (so many pointed looks) and one of the many times Kurt seized my whole heart (in an awesome sweater).

The 2010 Glee Live version is excellent.  You can jump down the youtube hole and watch all of them to see how good this was live.  I wish I would have gone to this tour.

This one is sounds/looks especially good.  Hit that note, kids.


Kurt Hummel chose his soulmate too early. Blaine Anderson thought he’d never have a chance to choose one at all.

This was developed as part of a collaboration with nadiacreek, who approached me with a song and a request to create a video for her gem of a fic, Catalysis. This had me internally squealing for two reasons: one, this was my first ever video commission, and two, this was a story that I had already read and loved. 

I have loved getting to create this little labour of love, and getting to work with a fantastic author in the process. If you have not encountered this beautiful story yet, you really should. And if you already have, then maybe it’s time for a revisit.