Guys, I feel the need to make sure everyone knows that I really, really love Hummelberry, ok? Their relationship is so fucking important, it had such an amazing journey, from the fakeover, to duets, to working on their dream, to living a new life, to grief, to teaching together, to her helping him make his family.

They had been so shitty to each other, and so supportive of each other. It’s had so very many ups and downs. I am still sort of amazed that it became probably the most prominent friendship on the whole show, from where it started.

It’s just so beautiful.

[F2F HummelBerry | Hung Up]

[Kurt laughs, pulling Rachel off the dance floor as the Madonna numberends. Despite the day of the week there’s still a small crowd at the club, mostly local college kids with nothing else to do. Kurt can see Blaine and Leah off in a corner, distracted in each other, and thinks now is the perfect time for a break.] I’m gonna grab a drink- I need a breather. Want anything? [Kurt fishes his wallet out of his back pocket but nudges Rachel towards a few of the high top tables beside the bar.] Just grab us a seat? My treat.